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How To Get FREE Cable Tv Channels September 2019

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PLEASE SUBSCRIBE WITH NOTIFICATIONS !!, SHARE , AND LEAVE A LIKE !! Sub4Sub and Watch ! https://youtu.be/Vawn-EUOKp8 FOLLOW MY TWITTER : www.Twitter.com/EpicHandouts HOW TO GET FREE HDTV FOR FREE USING ONLY A WIRE !!! Link to Part 2 !!!!! - https://youtu.be/PtD8aRGCqR0 Donate to future projects here ! https://paypal.me/romero337 I was sitting at home bored and was wondering how i could get free cable, so i started off with a paper clip and realized it would not work probly because of the type of metal. I then realized i had some copper speaker wire. I decided to give that a try and within a few seconds i was catching 3 channels and then seconds later more channels, i caught up to 11 !!! It really is amazing how easy you can catch HDTV for FREE with just a wire ! Filmed in Vermilion Parish :) FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM ! : @justin_romer0 FOLLOW MY TWITCH ! : http://twitch.tv/justinromero337 Please LIKE , SHARE , And ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ Freetv freecabletv tvnobox hackyourtv Tvwithapaperclip #freetv #freecable #howtogetfreetv #howto #youtubete free cable tv free cable tv apps free cable tv for life free cable tv box free cable tv for seniors free cable tv antenna free cable tv devices free cable tv streaming free cable tv for low income free cable tv low income free cable tv live get free cable tv free cable tv on firestick free cable tv stick free cable tv internet free cable tv on the internet free cable tv on ps4 free cable tv on roku cable-free live tv is here free cable tv black box free cable tv for android free cable tv apk free cable tv.com free cable tv without internet get free cable tv illegally free cable tv websites free cable tv download free cable tv app for iphone free cable tv on firestick 2018 free cable tv guide free cable tv hook up free cable tv and internet free cable tv for roku free cable tv on phone free cable tv for firestick free cable tv broadcasting software free cable tv over the air best free cable tv device new free cable tv box free cable tv for home free cable tv 100 legal free cable tv canada free cable tv converter box free cable tv hack free cable tv in canada free cable tv pc free cable tv using antenna freeview tv cable free cable tv on iphone free cable tv shows online free cable tv on apple tv free cable tv shows nasa free cable tv free cable tv for low income families free cable tv streaming sites free cable tv app for smart tv free cable tv software download free cable tv montreal free cable tv login free cable tv australia free cable tv box singapore free cable tv box uk free cable tv in nigeria free cable tv india free cable tv ireland free cable tv las vegas free cable tv philippines free cable tv software free cable tv through internet free cable tv toronto free cable tv uk free cable tv with skywire shaw cable free range tv free cable tv for pc free cable tv in australia free cable tv in pakistan free cable tv in south africa free cable tv malaysia free cable tv online free cable tv playout software free tv / cable online over 3000+ channels free tv no cable free tv vs cable get free cable tv uk how to get free cable tv on your computer kanchanamala cable tv video songs free download youtube cable free tv youtube cable free tv price youtube cable free tv reviews #reccommendedforyou #applespecialevent2019 #trending #freeinternet
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Text Comments (2868)
Dawan Jones (11 hours ago)
"All ready caught 3 channels "😂😂😂😂
Karl Means (17 hours ago)
Helped me. I don't have any manuals anymore!
Epic Handouts (16 hours ago)
Glad to hear ! 😁 Please share !
Sweet Leaf (3 days ago)
King Super Saiyan (3 days ago)
Or you can buy a cheap tv antenna from a local electronics store
King Super Saiyan (3 days ago)
@Epic Handouts Hey I'm not trying to force you do it
Epic Handouts (3 days ago)
Waste of time and money 🤷🏻‍♂️
kombucha! (3 days ago)
Nice job! Thanks for sharing. The boomers in these comments are mad af! Their selfish asses hardly taught us life hacks like these, so idk why they're coming out the woodwork now trying to take the credit lmfao. 😒💁
Epic Handouts (3 days ago)
Thanks ! Agreed 😎💙
Janice McNutt (8 days ago)
Thank you very much, it worked for me. I got one local channel which is what I was looking for
Epic Handouts (8 days ago)
Glad it worked for you ! You’re welcome ! Please share the video ! 😁
Randall Ainsworth Sr. (8 days ago)
well for me it was knew because my wife is always done that starts order stuff at home for the kids I've always been at work so he was a big help to me after 60 years
Epic Handouts (8 days ago)
Glad to hear ! Please share for others 😁
Randall Ainsworth Sr. (8 days ago)
I watch the one about the homemade antenna great idea I'm going to try it myself and see .
Epic Handouts (9 days ago)
Thanks Randall 😁👍🏻. Let me know !
Smug Smugly (9 days ago)
Oh, I don't know could it be SATAN?
billman2112 (10 days ago)
Or just put hook up a coax cable in the back of your TV and re-scan.
AJ's Green Topics (12 days ago)
This might be old school but you have a lot of views. Keep up the great work. 😎
Epic Handouts (12 days ago)
😁 Thank you ! I love bringing back the old school stuff ! Please share !
abel anso (13 days ago)
lo puedes grabar en castellano??? please :v
Janie Harris (15 days ago)
I have a old TV I don't have a flat screen TV I wonder who was that help me get channels on my old TV I don't have time to get a flat screen TV I use what I got so I'm trying to get channels on it
Mike Dollars (15 days ago)
That was funny😂
Melanie Washington (16 days ago)
Dude, you've gotten over 8 million views!!!👍👍👍👍👍
Epic Handouts (16 days ago)
Michael Jerry (16 days ago)
This so cool just received a hack of $24,999 from maskoffaid,com
eddo demi (16 days ago)
Typical farmer😂
Epic Handouts (16 days ago)
Yee yeet 🤣
SAMURAI SOLDIER (17 days ago)
can i use aluminum foil rolled up?
Epic Handouts (16 days ago)
I haven’t tried it. Give it a try and let me know !
miguel velez (17 days ago)
Nice work
Epic Handouts (17 days ago)
Jose Nieves (17 days ago)
You think people are going to believe this crap you to dum dum dum dum to make it work
Brent Beatty (18 days ago)
Thank you for the insight and time making this video
Epic Handouts (18 days ago)
😁👍🏻 Absolutely. Glad it helped. Please share it ! 🙃
Kevin A (18 days ago)
My IQ literally dropped 5 points watching this video. It could also be from me wasting my life on YouTube though..
Epic Handouts (18 days ago)
Kevin A 🤔 i would assume with over 8 million views it would eventually leak out to those in need. Here you are 😋
Kevin A (18 days ago)
@Epic Handouts Probably. I am your target audience though, right?
Epic Handouts (18 days ago)
Is it -5 now ?
Park Jimin (19 days ago)
Dave Morgan (19 days ago)
In the UK this is called FreeView
MONEY TALKS (20 days ago)
Friday for alll
Roigloire Duff (20 days ago)
These makes a lot of sense to me, I love it.
Epic Handouts (20 days ago)
😁 Please share !
Rhonda Zappa Lewis (21 days ago)
I used a paperclip and got 4 channels, I'm trying your ideal! Thank you so much! Hopefully I can get a little more channels. 😀
Epic Handouts (21 days ago)
Rhonda Zappa Lewis (21 days ago)
@Epic Handouts I surely will! Thank you
Epic Handouts (21 days ago)
Paperclip is a hit or miss at times. Thank you for watching 😊 Please share the video !
MartinBlanford (21 days ago)
No, you can not get ANY cable channels for free with an antenna! All the channels you will get are free for anyone, anytime.
Willy Torres (22 days ago)
haha I am in ColombiaYou have discovered the 80´s method .. el metedo de la pelota de letra de la edad de la guayaba.
Ed Sullivan (24 days ago)
So ur stealing from cable co we'll honest people pay for it this reason cable Bill's goes up cause people stealing from cable co
josh powell (24 days ago)
yeah, free television broadcasts...…….. not cable
Prince Charles (25 days ago)
Everyone wondering about this and antennas, I'm wondering if you got a pay check for having 8million views
Epic Handouts (25 days ago)
😎 of course 😁
Golden M.O.S Beauty Venture Mosunmola (26 days ago)
Thanks dear am gonna try this cause this looks so easy and cool to me.
Epic Handouts (26 days ago)
Your welcome 😁. Please share the video for those also who may need 😎
TenderDaddy 69 (26 days ago)
Why does this say 2019? Who else is in November 2019?
TenderDaddy 69 (20 days ago)
MINIGIRL007 H I know I was clarifying my question for you
MINIGIRL007 H (21 days ago)
@TenderDaddy 69 Why are you asking me? I didn't produce this lol
Sharon Gavin (21 days ago)
TenderDaddy 69 (23 days ago)
MINIGIRL007 H why does it say September 2019 when this was made 2 years prior
MINIGIRL007 H (21 days ago)
It states September 2019 they've edited it. I've watched how to get free TV on older Videos. And came here because it's recent
Noah Bolin (29 days ago)
You seriously never heard of an antenna before it's right there on the back of the TV where you're putting the cord in
lia smith (29 days ago)
This is cable channels to me. Thank you
Epic Handouts (29 days ago)
Bruce Williams (1 month ago)
This is not free cable TV it is OTA/over the air
cat 11 (1 month ago)
oh gosh it's now 2017 and you just learned about this ? I've been watching free tv since the 1950;s
NinJazz Rhythm (25 days ago)
@Veli Korkut if you're replying to me, no, im not 67. But i grew up in a 3rd country and I started working from the age to 6 to survive. Nothing is given to me for free and ill earn everything i need until i do.
Veli Korkut (25 days ago)
Bet your not even 67
NinJazz Rhythm (28 days ago)
LoL, millennials really have no clue now this days
Richard Chubey (1 month ago)
You made an antenna! Design has been around for a hundred years! You are now just as smart as the people in the 1950's. Sorry man not trying to rain on your parade here. You helped some folks out here. We are not all educated at the same level. It is a crime and a sin at the same time. Glad you could help a few people out! Please though if your next invention is a thing called a telephone stop! Obviously you made a video and posted it so you do understand tech to a degree. I am glad you were able to help people but you are kind of calling this your work! Tech has been out there for 100 years, you sir should not be the one thanked for it. Never the less you helped a few people out. That I definitely can not complain about. Just dont try and sell this as a miracle is all I ask.
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Dude this Youtube 🤣
ABAzn Man (1 month ago)
hey BUY a antenna from TARGET, WALMART, BESTBUY for $20 . Rabbit--ear too weak. GO for any SQUARE SHAPE for powerful Indoor. ROOF--Antenna give more powerful and more channnels .
Luis R Santana Jimenez (1 month ago)
Old school
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Mark Beckitt (1 month ago)
crackpot, you made a cheap arial, use a metal coat hanger
tulio alejandro (1 month ago)
1001 Secrets (1 month ago)
Free and Cable TV are words you rarely see together
WhiteBoi_Tim (1 month ago)
Need to change the deceptive title of this video.
Steve (1 month ago)
Kenny Wright (1 month ago)
Your post said cable TV
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Deniluc (1 month ago)
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Satisfying Slime ASMR (1 month ago)
Thank you 🙏 I used my old earring and it work
Jake Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Do you get cartoonnetwork
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Aimi Biggs (1 month ago)
Where are you sticking it, since I can't see the back of your TV? How many channels did you have before you thought of this?
cable contractors (1 month ago)
i thought making money online was not real until i cane across officialextremehackers/wordpress/com they are super amazing and simply the best , they sent me $25,700 after a successful hack ! you also should try them out
Nizam A (1 month ago)
Worst 😤
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Steve Espinola (1 month ago)
Does that really work?????
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Skumar Patel (1 month ago)
Logo ko chutya banata hai
Martin Golding (1 month ago)
Man I used metal coat hangers with some speaker wire in the 80s worked a dream
denise neal (11 days ago)
wait until you discover aluminum foil, shits amazing for reception lol
Joy titi (1 month ago)
it's really working vastrangelinks com they just got me $6,000 through their hacking tools
anthony pucci (1 month ago)
this guy is full of shit
n kicker always (1 month ago)
Not bad bud. People used to use a coat hanger or foil but copper works better for some reason.
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Thanks 😎
Drucker Richard (1 month ago)
Um sir how old are you? This is how TV works for decades and decades.
Joan Costello (1 month ago)
The problem with this free signal is that it breaks all the time with the wind...mmmm
Osvaldo Cortazar (1 month ago)
30 years late
Bob Harrison (1 month ago)
I'd pull the cord out and see how many channels you get without the cable to compare.
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
No box is connected..
Jeff Chapman (1 month ago)
That's not cable TV that's free to air antenna ya goose
Richard Coil (1 month ago)
That aint cable it regular tv
Alex Reyes (1 month ago)
Ed Longs (1 month ago)
And I was one of the 7M morons who wasted 3 minutes of own lives watching this bozo....
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
It took the whole 3 mins to realize ? Thanks bruh 😂😎🤣
Barry Kent (1 month ago)
What a tit
stu baker (1 month ago)
you can use the wiring in your house as a antenna. take plug and clip one of two wire so that only one plugend has wire toit and plug in to outlet and connect wires to tv. radio aalso.
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Use the screw on the outlet plate cover. It is ground
Richard B (1 month ago)
That's not cable TV...it's broadcast TV anyone can get it with a basic antennae. I pickup over 60 channels over the air where I'm at.
JONBLUERAYSDvD_4K (1 month ago)
well i could tell you how to get more tv channels go buy an tv antenna and you will get up to 50 channels and its not cabel its regular tv
keith schaedel (1 month ago)
There are no more analog signals being broadcast by TV stations any more. I wonder how many people know this. These days there is only digital being broadcast over the airways.
Kenny Mccord (1 month ago)
Man I have antennae, and get that shit
Dustin Shoopman (1 month ago)
You do not need a "HD" antenna to get HD channels over the air. Any antenna will work just fine. The whole "HD antenna thing is a scan to get you to buy a new antenna. Pro tip buy a signal amplifier and you will pick up even more channels!😎
Robert Fee (1 month ago)
Dustin Shoopman k
Keith Sims (1 month ago)
Been doing this a long time buddy run it outside and get at least 40 channels
Paul Velez (1 month ago)
Lmao man this ain’t new
Al antoney Francis (1 month ago)
You tube . Killer jook and use
psychicoutlaw Chanel (1 month ago)
Is there any way to do this an old Sony Trinitron tv? Best tv I ever bought in my life, it will never break and I dont really want cable except for a few channels. Please explore and let me know. TY and have fun!!
Corinne D (1 month ago)
Thank u I will try it
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Glad you enjoyed ! Please share ! 🙏🏻😁
CLB (1 month ago)
Mai la...dat's some channels in Lafayette, dat!
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Mais yeah sha ! 😁
thaintriguing1 (1 month ago)
This dude is like 30 years too late 🤣
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Nah b 😎
J. Richard Moore (1 month ago)
Who were the 36,000 morons who gave this video a thumbs up?!
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
All that matters is, You were one of the morons who commented 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣
C. Kale (1 month ago)
Dude you do know the difference between cable and air , riht? Check yourself before wreck y ourself. ha
Epic Handouts (1 month ago)
Of course 😂. Do people actually believe alot of things ?
JESSICA ROSE (1 month ago)
Cool but antennas are really not that expensive lol just get the one that has rabbit ears AND the round thingy on it lol
Mrs Mary (1 month ago)
I never thought hacked transfers were real until i came across maskoffaid,com an hour ago i got $30,000 from em
Lori Norris (1 month ago)
Dingus you do realise that on air mode, most modern TVs have a built in antenna which means that this is fake.
knmonlinemedia (1 month ago)
It's an older tv, duh
LaLa RDH (1 month ago)
Mine doesnt work unless i hook up to an antenna
nikita nikitukas (2 months ago)
ya ya this video is posted on 2017 October ... >_<
Lauryn M Hruby (2 months ago)
Hulu premium is almost $50 and Philo is another $20... Cable is about $80 a month so I don't see much of a reason to leave cable.
Benjamin Jones (2 months ago)
I don't see no hbo none of that fuck yo video I'm about to buy the real
Joeki11a (2 months ago)
Speakers wires? lol what?
Epic Handouts (2 months ago)
Yep lol
Harry Parker (2 months ago)
Switch over to OTA and drop cable. There is nothing on Cable. Sports are already streaming on Intenet and Youtube for free.
psychicoutlaw Chanel (1 month ago)
@Harry Parker Thx! I am trying to get cable with one of those digital antennas, all the ones I've seen are very complicated, any recommendations?
Harry Parker (1 month ago)
@psychicoutlaw Chanel Over The Air TV Broadcast... your normal TV channels.
psychicoutlaw Chanel (1 month ago)
What is OTA please?
Bill Jones (2 months ago)
He's never heard of HOMEWORK!
Epic Handouts (2 months ago)
Bill Jones Yea man $20k on this video last year 😁
Bill Jones (2 months ago)
@Epic Handouts My point proven
Epic Handouts (2 months ago)
Just know i manage my taxes brah 😉😎
Betty Schneider (2 months ago)
Thanks for highlighting my comment! 💝 ya that sure was the good old days! .. Lol 😆
Betty Schneider (2 months ago)
Ya that's cool 😎 I bought an antenna 🗼from Wal-Mart store for $40 and it only picked up 3 channels! 📺 but lately I can't get any I tried moving it around! So when it doesn't come in I watch DVDs📀... Lol 😆 ya I remember in 1970s we had a big antenna🗼 next to the house🏠 we had to go outside to turn it! Lol 😆 and later everyone use a coat hanger 💢 then the rabbit ears🐰 then Comcast/ Xfinity came along! 😲 ya thanks for the video 📹... 💒⛪⛪⛪🌈
marine 4ever (1 month ago)
You have to recant your channels by going to set up and click on set antenna digital channels click start and it will scan all over the air channels cable TV charges you to to televise the free channels.
Buy a Magic Stick. I get more than 20 broadcast stations. It is perfect. No HD Antenna crap.
Epic Handouts (2 months ago)
😁 The good old days ! ❤️
Mike Parker (2 months ago)
IT MAY BE FREE BUT ITS NOT FREE "CABLE TV"!!! INSTEAD IT IS FREE HDTV FROM A HOME-MADE ANTENNA!!! FYI u didn't discover anything. What's next for u maybe do something with round objects rolling I know u can call it a wheel!?!
Seba Lokillo (2 months ago)
No lo sé rick
DOC COOL (2 months ago)
Good looking out my friend 👍
Epic Handouts (2 months ago)
DOC COOL thanks ! Please share !
Cara M. Trump (2 months ago)
Yep...this is how we did it way back when...LMAO..
Amelia Pinky (2 months ago)
I just received a paypal hack of $10,000 from zlymohackers,com ,big thanks to them for saving me from debt...,.,.,.,
Daytona🌴Beach (2 months ago)
Saved me some $$$ my dude!!
Epic Handouts (2 months ago)
😎 Glad to hear !! Share the hell out this video 😁
vic (2 months ago)
Do you really think that you discovered this process? This is how you pull in the "over the air" channels with an antenna. I use a cheap antenna in the Houston area and I can pull in 120 total channels. And by the way, you title is very misleading. You are not getting any cable channels; you are only getting "over the air" channels, which everyone can get for free.
Epic Handouts (2 months ago)
🤷🏻‍♂️ every country is different