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UPS Drivers Awarded for Driving Like Grandma

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UPS driver Ronnie McKnight has one of the longest safe-driving records at the company. And he's achieved it by driving through Manhattan for more than 46 years. Subscribe to the WSJ channel here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy Visit the WSJ channel for more video: https://www.youtube.com/wsjdigitalnetwork More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://online.wsj.com/home-page Follow WSJ on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wsjlive Follow WSJ on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+wsj/posts Follow WSJ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJLive Follow WSJ on Instagram: http://instagram.com/wsj Follow WSJ on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/wsj/ Follow WSJ on Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/wall-street-journal Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://www.wsj.com Visit the WSJ Video Center: https://wsj.com/video On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wsj/videos/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJ On Snapchat: https://on.wsj.com/2ratjSM
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Text Comments (113)
Shawn K (1 month ago)
His pension must be sick!
del trotts (2 months ago)
Good man.........
L-Mighty Effect (2 months ago)
I shook his hand yesterday he's at 51 yrs now
Odie Miller (3 months ago)
I’m trying to get on as a UPS driver but I don’t see too many openings for a position. I have my cdl and endorsements and hopefully I can get a dock worker spot and work my way up
Odie Miller (1 month ago)
I just bought my own truck this week. Definitely not worth it to me to go through all that
Masxn (1 month ago)
Starting as a feeder or helper is a typical starting point, UPS does like hiring from within so I wouldn't expect to be hired a driver off the bat
Jonathan Lewandowski (6 months ago)
As Amazon driver Flys by!
Alan Mott-Smith (7 months ago)
Oh bullsh_t. I know a UPS guy and he's telling me right now to type 'BULLSH_T!!!'.
Willreal (8 months ago)
Shame for UPS, guys working 30+ years unable to retire. Some will say they want to work, ok fine then retire and volunteer somewhere since the pension is so good, or is it.
life sucks (9 months ago)
Well I hope they don't mean my grandma. Mine drives very very fast meaning 50 on back roads and 95 on the highway has hit multiple things in parking lots from yellow poles, shopping carts, and cars. Also she has hit a deer. She tore the front end of her car off in her works parking lot by driving over the stone at the front of the parking lot and more. Her car still looks new though she keeps the body shop in business and her car is only 5 years old it's a 2013. All within the last 6 or 7 years
D. Martin (11 months ago)
How many lives has he inconvenienced over the years by interrupting traffic flow to make unnecessary overt safety maneuvers? How many accidents has he caused as a result?
Gail Cook (4 months ago)
Are you saying inconvenience is worse than unsafe driving? Idiot
Keith B (4 months ago)
Probly none the ones in a hurry are the ones to cause accidents
Joker Claus (1 year ago)
2:24 - 2:34 I work at UPS and this is something everyone learns at some point. I learned this before my first year and I've been with the company 3.5 years so far. I stand by it 100%. 📦
sly1x (1 year ago)
Why country boys make the best drivers
Cesar Santos (1 year ago)
Too many years giving smh crazy. !!
Mike The Mic Guy (1 year ago)
Where’s Marlin??
JohnsRadios (1 year ago)
Driving in Manhattan for 46 years. That deserves a medal on its own.
NumChuck Lee (1 year ago)
great job, safety is best
Shane Miller (1 year ago)
How everyone should drive. duh!
Kaynos (1 year ago)
Awesome !
flafla fluehie (1 year ago)
UPS has a motto hurry up and take your time. If you move this slow everyday you're going to get dragged into the office and threatened to speed it up or else. Happens every day 4 years ago UPS was different world now it's absolutely a prison
kseries1981 (1 year ago)
dude ain't retired yet?
John Wigren (11 months ago)
I'm a retired UPS driver. I retired at the age of 50. I couldn't imagine myself working into my late 60s or 70s. Life is too short. Retire when you can. I was burnt out the Last 5 Years. I got tired of coming home between 8 and 9 o'clock every night. Now I'm living the dream. Great pension and benefits.
audoir (1 year ago)
100 an hr O.O
N /A (1 year ago)
kseries1981 it came out that some are making $100 an hour plus in Manhattan
Jessie Sineath (1 year ago)
good job Ronnie
Chris Cooper (1 year ago)
sounds like my dad lol
Maximo Collao (1 year ago)
this guy have not life
Frank Contreras (1 year ago)
For those of you that think he only delivers 30 stops a day. I'm sorry, but you just don't get it. I've been at UPS 36 years and and in that time ridden with hundreds of drivers. Getting stops off in an URBAN area has little to do with how fast you drive. It's about the smoothness and the methods being exact and precise. Very little time is made up by driving fast. Much more time is wasted on excessive customer talk time, looking for packages in the cargo area, and running the route in the wrong order.
I am alive. (6 months ago)
Knowing where you're going and getting the box(es) to the customers' location is where you save time.
Colby Kelly (11 months ago)
He’s right. I’ve been a driver for 10 years and did a lot of University/downtown stops. Driving speed had little effect on time on road.
N /A (1 year ago)
In Manhattan he's very close to the terminal.... I can't see him driving more than 15 miles a day total maybe 25 if it's a lot of back tracking
Paul Dillon (1 year ago)
True but you better at least get moving as quickly as possible first thing for those Airs. And don't forget time wasted in getting legitimate signatures.
Hei Hei (1 year ago)
Must be nice to have a truck that small.
N /A (1 year ago)
Hei Hei easier to park in Manhattan dude. What do you want them in the 30 footer trying to parallel park or go down very very tight streets?
ASSASSINS CREED9000 (1 year ago)
Wow ups
Martin Gonzalez (1 year ago)
God... I’m the dirtiest driver ever... lol
Squid (1 year ago)
Moving like that i bet he has about 60 stops a 5 pickups lol
Lorddoritos1 (1 year ago)
thats being generous lol
UPS drivers here in salt lake city drive like assholes.
The94GTC (2 years ago)
It is only getting harder with half the other drivers on Facebook and texting driving down the road
Sho Bud (2 years ago)
woooooooooow thats crazy i worked @ the same hub a couple of years ago as a preloader & 1 thing for sure they mos def honk around every corner in that hub
twistr (1 year ago)
Sho Bud yeah it got annoying
Pablo Clavo (2 years ago)
Oh look its wsj... Looking for stupid things to poorly report
California Waste Solution Of San Jose (2 years ago)
Yah ups
rocker 69 (2 years ago)
cant fire you for following methods no matter how slow you are.
falcondriver100 (2 years ago)
How can you grow up on a farm and move to a hellhole like NYC??
Edwin Hernandez (6 months ago)
Just because he grew up on the farm doesn't mean it was theirs. Also even if it was, financial issues might have forced the family to sell the farm. Last but not least maybe the farm was his parents and he moved to the city to make his own life. He got used to the city life that he had no intention of returning. I don't think people choose to leave a better life for a worse one but sometimes circumstances force your hand or adventures change the path your on. Either way UPS drivers get paid more than 50% of America so I think he's doing alright.
Kobe Wade (1 year ago)
Most, black people did it back in the day.
twistr (1 year ago)
falcondriver100 get tired of being on the farm
BigBoysClimbOnBigRing (3 years ago)
You'll make more money driving for ups than any 4 year degree from college. Fuck college go get some real money.
matty t (1 year ago)
+Sadeth Cheng you mean a worthless degree like liberal arts is not worth the paper it's printed on.
Gregorio (1 year ago)
Sadeth Cheng thank you for your service good sir!
Sadeth Cheng (1 year ago)
I think what people need to realize is that a college degree is not an all-powerful tool as it once was. A college degree is not a complete useless, but you have to complement it with skills, experience, and personal talents. Kids have been brainwashed since childhood to think that just having a college degrees will guarantee them a good paying job after they graduate.
Gregorio (1 year ago)
Capt Murphy yes
Lorddoritos1 (3 years ago)
Super seniority lol ...10 year safe driving in downtown nyc
MASERATI BOYZ (3 years ago)
Man I swear if college doesn't work out I'm going to make a career outta UPS lmao, it'd be my dream to have a delivery route in the Loop or a hipster neighborhood in Chi town
Gail Cook (4 months ago)
I work for u.p.s. GO TO COLLEGE!!! Use your brain because eventually your body will break down.
RiruKrypto Tempest (1 year ago)
If you like heavy lifting and organizing packages, know how to drive then yes this job is for you!
Eddie - (2 years ago)
Lol stay in college man ups is not fun work
joe ramone (2 years ago)
@MASERATI BOYZ Hey how about that. You name an intersection in the city of Chicago. I'll bet you refer to Lake Michigan as "Lake Michigan". Bwahahaahaha. Typical suburbanite dork.
MASERATI BOYZ (2 years ago)
Yeah because Pilsen over on 18th and Damen is obviously a suburb lmao
clonewars22 (3 years ago)
I've been doing preload for about 6 months now and my long term goal is to try and go driver. I'm starting to realize that it's good to have a slower pace as a driver so that dispatch doesn't cram a shit ton of stops onto you. Every time I have a cover driver that is known for working fast, my trucks get more packages/stops added to them instantly because dispatch knows that the cover driver will do them. Kind of the sad truth about UPS that the harder you work, the more you have to do. :/
Jared Langley (1 year ago)
It is the same thing at USPS. It is a little different for us since we deliver mail and packages, but there is no point in doing the routes as fast as you can, because you just end up doing 2-3 times as much for the same pay.
Paul Dillon (1 year ago)
I know this is true of UPS from experience but I can also tell you from having worked elsewhere for longer periods of time that this is universal. Show them you can be counted on and you WILL be counted on! Definitely incentives a slower pace. P.S. save your slow pace for AFTER probation though ...
jlefebre6001 (2 years ago)
been with ups 12 years. this is 100% true.
Aten Akehnaton (2 years ago)
@Jerome Narine lol I get the same thing from my driver. He actually shows me picture of the other peoples load on his phone like I give a shit. I don't get a massive volume it's just you have to be able to really pack it in so it all fits. My truck only has 4 stops and maybe 1000 pieces a day. It's just big heavy boxes.
Erik DeWitt (3 years ago)
Insane! I feel like with 260 stops during peak I can't "drive like grandma" for more than a minute...but hes in Manhattan and there is no place else as crazy on Earth, well done man.
klazzikk (3 years ago)
avoid crossing traffic by making right turns** WSJ
Ozzie Sheppard (25 days ago)
No, left turns. A left turn puts you across head on traffic. It also substantially increases the likelihood of wasted time at stoplights.
Blake Bernard (4 years ago)
I bet this dude clears 6 figs
Vex Shoemaker (3 months ago)
Yup. I make $41/hr.
Noureddine Ouazzi (8 months ago)
New contract with the union will be 41$ / hour after 4 years of service
person4211 (1 year ago)
idk most ups drivers at 4 years make 32 a hr, the guy must have fake watch since its hanging and he didnt take the time to take a link out looks like he got it from canal st
Floyd R. Turbo (4 years ago)
I can't comprehend even 1 year of safe driving in NYC let alone 47 years.
richards555 (3 years ago)
Lots of ganja . 10 hours days with 22 stops.lol and 3 on calls 2 regular pick ups to be fair,
Randy Fields (4 years ago)
Damn! 45 yrs.safe driving!!! I 15 noted for my 25! Lol dude is a o.45 yrs in NYC!!!!! Wow
vikings844 (4 years ago)
47 years of safe driving in the heart of NY! Amazing! That is what you call a professional driver my friends
ydee2010 (4 years ago)
i love being over 9.5 so i no i can get im that young slow driver
Christopher Erario (4 years ago)
Ronnie, do you have change for a $100 
I just got hired at ups I'm a driver thanks for the tip I will slow down because safety comes first
TheVideoGametuts (2 years ago)
@Iman Axbert I'm pretty sure they can't do anything after the first 30 days. They test you the first 30 days to see if you're qualified to drive and then after that they can't do anything about your performance. Then again, you're on call the first couple years so they'd probably just never have you work if you were too slow
Iman Axbert (3 years ago)
Don't be surprised if you get written up for performance. At UPS, you're damned if you do & damned if you don't. You can't win against management.
richards555 (3 years ago)
Great dude no one at ups will ever tell you your driving too slow etc . Only idiots drive too fast like some of the other comments about driving 55 mph load of crap morons w Who don't understand how it works . Safety first . If you miss you miss.
acedogg692005 (4 years ago)
Wonder how many stops he does in a day? 30?. We do on average 130 stops a day at my hub, you have to drive it like you stole it or you'll never get done. Good Job driving safe Ronnie.
Vex Shoemaker (3 months ago)
130 ain’t shit. I deliver at least 200-220 stops a day on my route and finished at 5pm. Everyday.
HUMAN BEING (1 year ago)
acedogg692005 yeap I drive fast on my route at FedEx...lol
doodr (1 year ago)
if you are driving that hard im sure you dont work there anymore
Huevo Duro702 (1 year ago)
Right now at peak season I had over 270 stops!! With a pub
ups man (5 years ago)
U da man good advice. Slow down. Gents paid by hour. Plus. Accident. No good. safty First.