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Inside a $35M Hollywood Mansion With a 2 Level Glass-Bottomed Pool | On The Market

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Today we take you to 1369 Londonderry Place, a $35 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills above Los Angeles, California. A short walk from the Sunset Strip, the property boasts 6 bedrooms and 10 baths across 14,000 square feet of space, complimented by a unique double-decker glass-bottomed pool. The wellness center has a hot yoga room with living walls, providing fresh oxygen at all times. A $50K cryogenic chamber is perfect for rejuvenating skin cells, while the swim up bar is ideal for rejuvenating your guests’ cocktails. This fully-automated, luxury smart home needs to be seen to be believed. Still haven’t subscribed to Architectural Digest on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2zl7s34 ABOUT ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST The leading international design authority, Architectural Digest features articles and videos of the best in architecture, style, culture, travel, and shopping. Inside a $35M Hollywood Mansion With a 2 Level Glass-Bottomed Pool | On The Market
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Text Comments (1505)
Simon Bohan (2 hours ago)
It even has a sex dungeon 😮😂
Lurre _ (4 hours ago)
That guy is cringeworthy... I’d think this was Vice, not AD.
Janelli Marie (6 hours ago)
This dude said “Live life in God mode.”
Jess Mae (11 hours ago)
Looks like something off Entourage
MA TOOO (12 hours ago)
the guy remembers me of Willis from Far Cry
Regina Phalange (1 day ago)
This house is so gendered. The guy kept saying "he" when he was talking about the office and there were a bunch of playboys on the wall. Kinda annoying to have this in the 21st century
JohnnyW8175 (1 day ago)
Come follow me... while I sleaze all over you... can you afford to buy this house? No... then GTFO!!!!!
Joshua _30 (1 day ago)
is the red room a strip club?? 10:13
Jessica B (1 day ago)
Why is there no pool fence?
Raaj Singh (1 day ago)
But it just doesnt feel homely.
Ashleigh Lyn (1 day ago)
'live life in God mode" typical hollywood..
Liem Nguyen (1 day ago)
Very nice house.
Danny S (1 day ago)
pretty sure those towels are embroidered with the year I started watching this video.
Danny S (1 day ago)
say 'space station' one more time! We get it. You had to settle for real estate after NASA sent you the rejection letter.
Danny S (1 day ago)
"here's the pool caBANGya"
Danny S (1 day ago)
I swear to god-mode, if she says 'modern' one more time...
Danny S (1 day ago)
"everything is on one level on this level"
Sunny_of_Oz (1 day ago)
How do you keep flies out of your mansion?
fiLthy (1 day ago)
Love the coke tray with the Viagra & Quaalude containers on it @ 6:54
DANIELGT GHOST (1 day ago)
I’m here just to check how broke I’m and I just confirmed that I’m a homeless.
Robert Black (2 days ago)
I cant even run one off the wrist in the living room without anyone with a semi decent pair of binoculars seeing the whole show.
Esther Mtz (2 days ago)
I think this is the home Jaclyn hill is renting 👍
John jon (2 days ago)
Frankly I much prefer former times when those of great wealth had a chapel incorporated into their home and knew who to thank and how to behave and personally nursed those in hospitals which they built and supported.
Carbon Instinct (2 days ago)
Partying with my plastic friends lol
His.Love.Casts.Out.All.Fear (2 days ago)
This looks like the house from Hands to myself by Selena Gomez
Willy Milano (2 days ago)
"The world's most seductive L.A. views". I'm sure he didn't think that statement through.
jira mito (2 days ago)
That’s real Cool 😎
Peter Fox (2 days ago)
It is a mancave for boning hookers - that's it!
mm s (2 days ago)
Franklin’s house
Sidigh Jignawi (2 days ago)
Who imagines the vast difference Houses of millions of dollars, and many others and I are unable to pay the rent for a two-room small house in Africa However, we are happy with our situation and are satisfied with it Praise be to Allah
Zack Bernardez (2 days ago)
Would be so lit for parties. Imagine Travis Scott performing on the roof w a huge moshpit going under it!
Peter Bernardino (3 days ago)
i always go straight to the comments on AD vids because everyone just clowns
Peter Bernardino (3 days ago)
her: yoga studio! him: sex dungeon...!
Cristin Sunshine (3 days ago)
I remember when this house costed 26 milion 😓
Ja'Nasia Price (3 days ago)
bruh do women not buy houses or something?? 💀💀
Kirsty Mackenzie (3 days ago)
Came for the vid, stayed for the comments
Modern Soccer (3 days ago)
When you live in this house you dont stare at Los Angeles, Los Angeles stares at you
Milu (4 days ago)
I would give you 5k $ deal?
Andrew Xu (4 days ago)
Pick your poison? Damn this guy knows his target costumer
The Night Life (4 days ago)
i need this
Leonie Sutton (4 days ago)
Now there is a man who thinks money can make you happy , what a sleezebag,, not much of a home , ill keep my cottage in the west of Ireland with all it cosy features and country views thanks 😀
Sergio Espejo (4 days ago)
I knew that this guy was scummy but man 2:28 was too much
Abdul Basit Shaikh (4 days ago)
That guy has sold properties to Trump, Weinstein, Epstein and Satan.
Candace Lions (4 days ago)
No death orders damn fools
Candace Lions (4 days ago)
I own dyson
bangwithcamino (4 days ago)
Houses like this would make me paranoid if I ever got into this tax bracket. All I see are entry points for getting robbed - with or without cameras.
james D (4 days ago)
When the guy trying to sell you an expensive house wears sunglasses inside, that’s a red flag.
Pia Emilia FOR (5 days ago)
I don’t like all the tv’s and how they are placed in the bedrooms
Pia Emilia FOR (5 days ago)
They all look kinda the same, like the shape of the house and the decoration
Omar Rye (5 days ago)
That white apartment complex is an eyesore tbh
babyhols666 (5 days ago)
babyhols666 (5 days ago)
great a pod to drown in
babyhols666 (5 days ago)
this is hotel resort not a home
babyhols666 (5 days ago)
a double decker pool but no slide to connect them
gunrunner morris (5 days ago)
so you are saying I can luck up at girls in the #2 story of the pool I like that =D
Yannick (5 days ago)
12:10 alone would be enough for mkbhd to instantly buy the house
Claudia Njeri (5 days ago)
He looks really hangover-ed
89strangelove (5 days ago)
the male estate agent is JON BERNTHAL
Josh J3 (5 days ago)
back to another episode of ‘watching stuff i’ll never be able to afford’
B B (5 days ago)
im 21 my parents are not billionaires and i haven't yet founded my billion dollar tech company so this is impossible for me now and possibly forever. the revolution has finished there will be less and less new tech billionaires
me me (5 days ago)
Whats in the devils dungeon 😂
Shiben Chakravorty (5 days ago)
$10 take it or leave it
NE555 (5 days ago)
House needs to come with this guy as the ultimate wing man
Skogtjern (5 days ago)
What the hell happened to steve-o?
TheOmniDoll (6 days ago)
Hristiyan Danev (6 days ago)
When you build your house from minecraft irl
Casio Pistachio (6 days ago)
Any reason why that chefs Stove sticks out further that the counter top? Seems like you would keep banging your knees on that thing
Tshering Sherpa (6 days ago)
Cool I will take it.
Tony Ismail (6 days ago)
he is lying, i still go to the office for work :(
Chris B (6 days ago)
Not as impressive as Villa Sarbonne but still a beautiful home.
_ JohnW (6 days ago)
everybody commenting about the guy. So, his voice, and looks...well, he looks like a gangster to me. badass, really. i love the house by the way, very nice.
bangwithcamino (4 days ago)
So did you sell the house yet? 😂
Jan Zacharias (6 days ago)
6:55 What do we have here? The casual box of Quaaludes?
YazzyJ718 (6 days ago)
This guy seems like he got his whole personality from watching every episode of Entourage
me me (5 days ago)
Manu.MND (6 days ago)
They probably had to cut out the noise her shoes make on that floor
Fainted (7 days ago)
This is a bit out of my price range..
Mark Griffiths (7 days ago)
Salesman comes across like a sleaze.
Mari Anna (7 days ago)
As if you're gonna cook if you have a $35M mansion 😂
Mari Anna (7 days ago)
Bachelor pad with 6 bedrooms
hanyasvagytediszno (7 days ago)
At 5:14 that's an outdated iMac! :D
Parker Hilliker (7 days ago)
This is a joke
- Anizia - (7 days ago)
If i could, this would be my house😂🤩
Carson Patel (7 days ago)
what stress would you have if you lived here
Black Swordsman (7 days ago)
this level of decadence is almost sickening, who honestly deserves to live in mansions like this worth millions and millions when so many Americans are barely getting by pay check to pay check and many can't even afford to leave their parents house
Boris Gudev (7 days ago)
Is los angelis not los Santos Just saying
Fine Ok (8 days ago)
She is so professional and well-spoken - and then there's this goon who didn't even take off his glasses? Come on.
Fine Ok (8 days ago)
this guy is so unpleasant, "god mode" - seriously?
me me (5 days ago)
Lily knowles (8 days ago)
Scott disick wanna be
Synonymous (8 days ago)
Ah.. the yes master guy, glad to see him again
Gil Robledo (8 days ago)
whos got more detail on that motorcycle ?
Billyy (8 days ago)
Mr. Grey has entered the chat
Anthony Strunk (8 days ago)
Damn talk about taking a house to another level
cocosam96 (8 days ago)
damn why put those TVs right at the foot of the guest beds, especially in the one with the crazy views. If you're gonna do that and live in a $35 million house, at least splash out for the ones that can hide inside a cabinet
Jaydee Daley (8 days ago)
I would have to be a multi-billionaire to live in such a place doing major charity work, plowing millions into it to avoid God frowning down at me. I think the Red Room is a very telling feature that's all about the SIN of it... I'm not In with SIN...
nate k (9 days ago)
This one of Kobes old houses?
Halo Spyder 10 (9 days ago)
Just a bit over the top
Lydia Ly (9 days ago)
..I’m the only one to believe this is a scorpio house? 🦂🦂
JHaleSLC (9 days ago)
Will it pass the "black light test"? I bet that this pad can be seen from the space station under a black light... Semen on everything.....
Javier Catus (9 days ago)
I’m watching this in God mode
John Smith Something (9 days ago)
You guys are getting really distracted by the guy
Black Jordan (9 days ago)
Guy: "everything is on one level in this level" -this guy knows how to sell ,😂
me me (5 days ago)
I thought they were on different levels when god mode is activated 😆😂😂😂😂