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The DISTURBING Onision Problem, YouTube Rewind 2019 Reaction, PewDiePie, BTS, & French Protests

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Philip DeFranco (2 months ago)
The show. ITS TOO BIG! We can't control it. EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD FOR THEMSELVES!!!! Also these kinds of videos, given the final topic sometimes get hit by Youtube so maybe be more inclined to share this episode today. Love yo faces! Timecodes: YT Rewind (00:08), France (4:17), TIA (7:53), Onision (9:06)
Dookie Bonds (1 month ago)
Philip DeFranco you look and sound like a lesbian
kara sprouse (2 months ago)
stopped 13 minutes in you had that fake shemale gay man speak for trans. You fool,
kara sprouse (2 months ago)
Oh it gets so much worse. Try stomaching this pedophile He admits to raping a child and fingering a dog. He bragged about raping a child who's age has gone from 13 to almost 16 over the years. a child advocate told him he needs to take a test to prove he is not a pedophile and he got angry. a police officer said he is a child predator and did commit a felony ( unfortunately not in his state ) but Tom got angry and said he should sue the police officer for calling him a pedophile. https://youtu.be/7O8d1kgEDig This is toms last words on age of consent where he wants it lowered to 16 and if a judge signs off on her 9 years old. In his words to protect poor adult men from little lolita's
Drink Your Nail Polish (2 months ago)
Thank you for the time stamps 👍
Grey Girl (2 months ago)
2019 rewind..it was missing a TON of ads, drama, cancel culture and demonetization of creators. Thanks for adding pewdiepie back but leaving congratulations out was lame.
HxCxDxE (14 days ago)
I haven't seen a Phil video since his SxE Phil days.... what happened to his voice did he take up smoking a pack a day?
Samantha Walters (16 days ago)
I don't know how anyone has ever liked Greg, he's been a creep since day one! It's crazy how long it's taken for people to see how shitty he is. He's always been a disgusting, hateful person
Samantha Walters (16 days ago)
Someone should call protective services for the kids, this can't be okay for them. Also Greg probably made Lainey turn into a guy, he always wanted the girls to dress like guys, I would believe that. I think he's that manipulative that he would pressure her to do that.
Samantha Walters (16 days ago)
Your hands are so distracting 😳🤯🛌
Janice B (22 days ago)
Rewind 2019 would have been a perfect time to do a "decade of YT" tribute. Now to un-pause and watch the rest of this vid.
Billy Giuliano (24 days ago)
Phil, I wish you had covered the sexual allegations on Survivor from this previous season.
Brock Awesome (25 days ago)
You get Vin Diesel to ADR your voice?
Droemar (28 days ago)
Saying "You need to be punished" for ANYTHING is a giant red flag. No one who loves you willingly wants to hurt you. I don't give a fuck what "mask of virtue" it's under: to improve you, to help you, etc. You DO NOT punish someone you claim to love and are in a relationship with. PERIOD. That's textbook abuse. That alone is enough for me to claim probable cause. Look into his phone, his computer. He's got shit, guaranteed.
that omnic mechanic (29 days ago)
Anyone got any funny markiplier vids i can watch....
Dustin Whitt (29 days ago)
The psychological therapy bill after interviewing him would cost more than $10K.
Peter Pike (30 days ago)
YouTube bans Alex Jones for stating kooky conspiracy theories, which are protected statements under the First Amendment. Onision is credibly accused of engaging behavior that literally breaks federal law. Crickets from YouTube. Yeah, let's let them be the gatekeepers of the internet.
SlikSilk 15 (1 month ago)
I like that your not super loud like most YouTubers, and you actually explain things with actually facts and cut things down which is a god sent for a ditz like me. You gained a sub 🖤🤍
Job sih (1 month ago)
Onision looks like a vampire.
Strawberrypocky911 (1 month ago)
I want Onision to go to JAIL!!!
AL C (1 month ago)
I disliked Youtube 2019 rewind because of the way these top 10/5 videos made it to the top. Youtube’s shitty algorithms silenced great/better up and coming artists in favor or more commercially-friendly channel creators. This is why most of the the more popular youtubers are so 2-dimensional and Youtube shows no interest to fix/apologize/understand this, which i think is pretty upsetting. (Also fuck Onision)
DarkWarchieff (1 month ago)
this man's voice is the most sensual ear sex I heard in years.
Da Crammers (1 month ago)
*sees will smith's rewind time* *destroys like button*
LonelyKnightOfNi (1 month ago)
Haven't watched Onision or you since 2012 and damn has your voice changed. Great video
Steph (1 month ago)
Can’t wait for Greg or James or onion or whatever his name will be to try to represent himself in court 😂😂. You’re screwed inion boy. Can’t wait for the jail sentence.
Xavior the Owl (1 month ago)
This whole Onision situation sounds like a Youtuber version of the Hollywood NXIVM.
Art Pak (1 month ago)
Lol I am the only one with a brain. All these things Onision does are not illegal. Why are we believing these “allegations” with no evidence. Lol even Cristiano Ronaldo gets allegations. It just shows Onision fucks WHEN they are at the consent age so nothing is wrong. Onision is weird but not illegal.
Art Pak (1 month ago)
Another Mortal it only proves he is not a pedophile if he waits till 18. All these accusations are very vague. He can say he tried helping those people. Tattoo/basement maybe true but there is different of saying those things and literally forcing them.
Another Mortal (1 month ago)
Okay well you don't live in the US so you don't know how laws work allow me to explain that to you what he did is referred to as child grooming he had a underage girl live in his home he's had several inappropriate interactions with her including on a live stream which was lucky got busted for it was the very thing they use to convince Chris Hansen to come after him in the first place they showed how physical abuse if he is he literally had a bunch of children who were underage send pictures on themselves in their bras and panties a lot of them were around the age of 15 that's child porn..... and what he is doing is referred to as child grooming which is also illegal having underage minors live in your house with the intention to fuck them when they turn 18 is still illegal quite literally commented on a 15 year olds body when she was unclothed saying she was "fuckable" and "I would do her" .... That is exactly what you fucking said on a live stream and then he tried to delete it and then he tried to delete a bunch of the pictures and videos saying it didn't happen... also the fairy girl in question Sarah was underage at the time they were taking pictures of her naked which is also illegal and he's abusive people literally said that if a girl was really sorry that she would allow him to chain her up to a wall for 3 days in a basement or get a tattoo on her ass saying she's a liar here's an experiment for you Google his name and look up his past start run 2009 work your way up to about a month ago and ask yourself how it feels that you defended a pedophile and that you're a fan of one
Lisa - (1 month ago)
so greg has been problematic, as he's always been also he just uploaded a video saying his content was fake and all the bullshit i.e. he fotgot to cropp out the phone number of the patreon
Mihai (1 month ago)
Every time people speak about Onision, he always reminds me about Luka Magnotta. The only thing that I think stoped him to do much more horrible things, is because he is known in the internet. And he knows that will be immediately charged. But one day, sadly, this will happen. This kind of persons, like him, become much more crazy when they become older, so one day, he will give up to yt, to can disappear and make horrible things. But, like always, he will charged after the evil will be done.
Galactic Lava Lamp (1 month ago)
Hehehehe His Patreon was cancelled and Onision is having a totally not fake mental breakdown that is totally real and not fake at all Like it’s absolutely a real mental breakdown that is totally not just him trying to get us to feel bad for him so we will give everything back
Sithic TV (1 month ago)
How the FBI hasn't taken him down yet is insane. So much evidence and victims saying the same thing from different states, what sick fuck gets a girl pregnant with the intention of getting it killed and then shame the girl? I get the control part if it is a kink but the "no contact with friends or family" thats not a red flag at all.
Sithic TV (1 month ago)
@Another Mortal lmao a paragraph? I'm sure there is plenty of evidence against this guy to at least warrant a search or phone tap.
Another Mortal (1 month ago)
You do know the FBI is not a 48-hour thing or a week thing right they have to take every critical piece of information they have to search his entire life and see if there's been a pattern of this they have to take a look at places he's been if this has happened in other places if there's other potential victims is he selling videos and pictures of kids is he arranging Needham's there's a lot of stuff they have to factor in does he have friends is he in any social proof what is his business how much does he make food easy make money for how does he get the money what does his money go towards there is tons of stuff that they have to look into it's not going to be a quick one-and-done thing this is going to go out for months to a year to whenever they decide they have all of their Ducks lined up when you're taking down a pedophile or an abuser or someone that is connected and knows how to make money for all they know he has enough money stocked away somewhere to just disappear so they have to get all their that's right because if he walks literally there is nothing that can be done and then he would know what not to do so that he wouldn't get caught making it much harder to deal with would you prefer quick Justice with a 50/50 split or lengthy Justice with an 80/20 split and the 80 being in your favor because there's a lot of shit he did that he can't hide that on character information alone paints him as a bad guy and doesn't help him in a court of law
Bannis Ray (1 month ago)
Horrible granny glasses, too many cuts and wierd deep voice compared to 5 years ago.
Silviu Iulian (1 month ago)
so what if she was 14-16 in EUROPEAN its perfectly normal
Silviu Iulian (1 month ago)
@Another Mortal idk man my GF its 14 and half and we are perfectly happy together and her parents adore me i make the best pizza
Another Mortal (1 month ago)
But in America where he is and where I am it is not and it is illegal and wrong and child pronography is not legal at 13 or 14 in Europe he's in trouble for child pronography and child grooming what you're saying is completely different. Child grooming child grooming is intentionally messing with the mind of a child getting them to join whatever sickshit you're into I'm pretty much becoming your slave you are manipulating a mind whose brain is not develop and is not at the age to make those decisions answer yourself this what you want a big hairy American pounding your daughter in the ass in your home even if that guy was like a 50 year old or 60 year old saying hey don't mind me .....
Pixel Rose (1 month ago)
I saw some of Greg’s videos when I was younger and began hating myself. Today my friends and amazing boyfriend have helped grow. I haven’t self harmed in a year and a half, I eat way better and more often, and finally I actually kinda like myself. For year I thought my self hate was just because of the things Greg said in his videos, I can only imagine the horrors of being around him in person.
Jim Jovial (1 month ago)
Normal people don’t make you sign contracts....
Dog Eater (1 month ago)
Y is BTS in the title
Lauren Nicole (1 month ago)
I feel like we’ve known how sick this dude is for years. Remember when he filmed his gf/wife having that mental breakdown. He should have been stopped awhile ago but I’m so thankful people are speaking out now
Lauren Nicole (1 month ago)
I remember hearing and seeing how creepy onision was years ago so I don’t see how ppl were fans of his. Grooming is so dangerous because I’m positive those girls wouldn’t be interested in him otherwise
Lauren Nicole (1 month ago)
Man I miss being called a beautiful bastard lol I haven’t been watching in awhile but I’m back
Azelia Malene Christensen (1 month ago)
kutangelwings (1 month ago)
Onision has been doing creepy shit on YouTube for 15 years and he’s still making videos. The more people talk about it the more he gets off. The guy craves the attention!!
surfthewav3 (1 month ago)
If everything about Onision is true, i can't wait for him to go to prison.
Patrick Rasnake (1 month ago)
Did they break the law? I mean the dude is clearly twisted but did he break the law ? Idk dude sounds careful. Too bad he clearly belongs in jail
Patrick Rasnake (1 month ago)
Bro 20 people isn’t even that many lol not at 26
Delphine Saez (1 month ago)
France is sinking.... Destroyed by its leader. The supposed failure of the pension system is a scam.
lino kuma (1 month ago)
Thanks Hansen :') keep it up
Maja Henriksen (1 month ago)
He did it. Onision made it to Philip DeFranco's video. He must be excited!!
ruben garcia (1 month ago)
Onision and his used to be his wife Kai need to be in prison separated for life.
1996 Toyota Corrola (1 month ago)
Ya know I've regretted never looking into you because your voice is like rich butter
Lavanda S (1 month ago)
Ok groomer
audie x (1 month ago)
Blaire!! ❤️❤️❤️
blahblah162005 (1 month ago)
What is doxxing?
blahblah162005 (1 month ago)
@Another Mortal oh ok. Thanks, I didn't know that 🙂
Another Mortal (1 month ago)
Releasing personal and private information on the internet example if you release someone's phone number or email address over the Internet or their street address over the Internet that's doxxing
Amy Jones (1 month ago)
The narrator talked way too fast.
eFISHancy (1 month ago)
Phil defranco is worst than CNN and FoxNews combined. He is FakeNews
Monica (1 month ago)
Greg is that guy in class who put his feet on the chair when he sat
Mickey Williams-Turner (1 month ago)
This video was soothing. Just found you and your voice is relaxing.
Lauren E (1 month ago)
I think the 2019 rewind is actually worse because now it's not even memorable. It's just bland and dull, watch mojo is a good comparison Onision and Kai need to be investigated, even if they seriously haven't broken a single law those children need to get out of there
Fabiola Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Cancel Culture needs to happen ONLY to Onision. He's gotta go, NOW.
ジョネーJonét (1 month ago)
Onision's name isn't Greg? :o
Goober tuber (1 month ago)
All in due course, looks like onion boy is in trouble now the FBI is involved but they still need to go through the process of gathering all the evidence before they can act on it. It would be silly of youtube to delete a persons channel on what at the moment are allegations he denies. I dont think he is being falsely accused but you wouldnt like it if your channel was shut down solely on accusations made. The law has a process it follows so people just need to let it play out, internet lynch mobs crying for him to be banned before a full investigation into the matter is done is not the way to go, simply dont watch his channel in the mean time. I am sure it will happen in due course if he is found guilty of the accusations. Also if onion boy thinks he is safe because he deleted incriminating evidence from the internet he has a big shock in store for him in the very near future.
Original Asherella (1 month ago)
We need an anti Onision channel called ‘Onision Victims Speak’ or ‘Uhh Oh Bro, You’re finally Getting Exposed’ But I would never want to fuel his narcissistic sociopathic behavior.
spacelion88 (1 month ago)
James Jackson is in fact a VAMPIRE! He is thousands of years old and has been watching civilizations rise and fall, changing his name and appearance. He's playing with you huuumans...
J. B. (1 month ago)
Interesting how no one is framing the 2019 YouTube rewind to model their roots (2010, 2011 rewinds)
Zombie Grandma (1 month ago)
Wtf is happening? This guy is degenerating into someone who needs an institutional intervention. It’s sad, sorry and sick.
ezra zubairu (1 month ago)
Onision's problematic behaviour has been going on for years, he should have been banned from YouTube years ago, YouTube has effectively acted as an enabler giving him a platform for his deprived and straight out disturbing behaviour. Turning a very blatant abuser into an online celebrity as opposed too taking down his content and banning him from YouTube. He now feels he is untouchable that in itself is a dangerous combination.
spacelion88 (1 month ago)
don't blame Youtube. James is a clever trickster playing the system. His little kamakazi-Patreon gave him a good laugh and the silly peasants are none the wiser
WillieManga (1 month ago)
Chris Hansen looks more like a nice lawyer than a reality show host. At least in those videos.
ProfessorM. (1 month ago)
so if you go to someones house by choice, you do their chores and cooking and cleaning and baby sitting by choice. you have a sexual relationship completely out of your own choice, but if they dont pay you, then you are being taken advantage of???
Fox Gamer (1 month ago)
France: Almost 300,000 protestors cause the country to shut down. Montagne keeping defenders away from defuser: Hold my shield...
ed fd (1 month ago)
81 thousand dislikes in Rewind 2019 now
brittany batch (1 month ago)
Iv watched hes recent videos lately just to see whats up and i feel sorry for him ik hes a bad guy and all but everyone is human including him he has fallen into a deep deep insane mental hole you can see hes lost everything im kinda concerned for hes mental health and ik not many people are going to agree with me but hes still human and its hard seeing once a great youtuber who got a million views and who made great videos to now a guy whos acttualy having a mental breakdown its heartbreaking to watch him breakdown like that im not making excuses nor am i on hes side but still eventually he will commit suicide if things dont get any better can people just have a little more heart
Stan Janssen (1 month ago)
he's just acting. he's probably faking breakdowns because other YouTubers will react to that and he'll claim the video so he gets the money from that.
Lori Burnip (1 month ago)
I don't know if there's any hard evidence against onion. He seems to just barely skirt the law. Kai however is guilty of receiving child porn & has sent nudes to minors as well. There's lots of really hard evidence against Kai. I would be shocked if Kai didn't get charged. I hope the FBI also gets some hard evidence against onion. Maybe because he took one of the girls over state lines to a state where it would be 'legal' to have sex with her. Isn't that technically trafficking?
Icicleman04 (1 month ago)
For the last 7 or so years, I was a fan of Onision. I always sided with him, ignored hate, kept on going. But his "content" became boring and useless a year or so ago. Since then, it's just become a total mess. I can say that I'm no longer a fan. To think I even share a birthday with the guy..
jobriq5 (1 month ago)
Damn the French really go hard with those protests
Yuca Fries (1 month ago)
Macron is how I imagine the antichrist will look like
beberoo (1 month ago)
What year was Phil in a YT rewind video?
PK eRACING (1 month ago)
i thought you and Onision were bathtub buddies
nic jones (1 month ago)
26 yrs old and had sex with 20ppl? Isn't that about standard? By the time I got out of HS I had sex with 16 different girls... Plus the avg person is sexually active around 16 which would make her sexually active for 10yrs, so that's only 2 ppl a year....
hassan palomo (1 month ago)
The drunken peasants has been documenting this for years
Ronda Jones (1 month ago)
I really like the way you report the news, I do want to know what's going on in the world and I do care but the traditional news is too sensational and depressing for me. You are still covering very difficult and tragic subjects but you present it in such a professional and easy to follow way. Awesome job man, thank you for all you do and all those who help you produce this quality content.
Danny Sil (1 month ago)
Youtube Rewind 2019 is simply lazy. The creator must've been butt-hurt from 2018 and thought "fuck it! I'm just gonna copy sshit from Youtube" and that's that. I wish Google didn't buy Youtube because what Youtube is now compared to back then is sad. Youtube, do yourself a favour and put some effort into it. If not then don't bother, or get someone else to give a damn and do the job properly.
NE catfish (1 month ago)
Greg can't afford a team, that's why he wants 10k for an interview
QPoily (1 month ago)
It's been awhile since I've seen a Philly D vid but those time stamps at the start of the vid and in the comments is MUCH appreciated.
bone boi (1 month ago)
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that they are married and he wanted another woman to be involved in their relationship and I hate to say it but it's Greg and Kai's fault more of gregs fault but chi has common sense at least I think they do as Greg spouse she should have said no to the whole Billie thing
Real Daftheed (1 month ago)
"The Onision Problem" yeah that's a cagey sidestepping non-title if ever I've seen one
Svan Vosian Music (1 month ago)
"For those of you who don't know Onision" There's probably two of them and they're both living peacefully on an island
Alysia Mer David-Wasser (1 month ago)
Thx 4 the breakdown. It's too late, tho..I already saw his crazy vids & wondered what was going on.
Monastery in Tibet (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/uLg2zTf3OOo Yoda the office theme 👆
supersweetjess (1 month ago)
His most recent videos on OnisionSpeaks are total attention and views seeking junk. Have you seen his much more sane and relatively “logical content” on Uh Oh Bro? He’s faking it all. He’s desperate for attention and trying to stay relevant, and I’m sure he’s thinking that if he can’t beat the narrative that he’s crazy, he’ll just egg on and exacerbate the narrative that he’s crazy by posting these super whacked out videos. I can imagine this is for 2 reasons. 1.) Control. In his mind, he’s now controlling the narrative regarding his “craziness” because he is purposefully acting “crazy”. Now, he gets to sit back and laugh at you because in his mind ‘how could you all be stupid enough to believe he’s ACTUALLY crazy, it’s a parody. It’s art. It’s blah blah [enter explanation here]. See?! I told you guys IM the sane one and you’re all crazy because I was just joking and you can’t even recognize the joke!” A LOT of projection. Severe projection and victim blaming goes on in the world of Onision/Greg/James. It helps him identify what’s going on so he feel superior, however, keeps all blame off him all of the time. He’s turned off all commenting capabilities for a reason. It may have been this way long ago, but it’s especially effective now. Without being able to voice opinions or thoughts or, even, concerns through his pages, everyone is left to wonder silently or through other mediums he can deem invalid or unbalanced. It’s a tactic for control over the masses. 2.) Sympathy. Underneath all of his BS and need for control, he wants you to feel badly for him. He wants an olive branch. He wants a helping hand. He wants a sympathetic shoulder. Don’t we all? Well, if he can achieve a new narrative, nay-secondary (even) narrative that he’s to be mourned or to have his well being concerned for, he’s now shifted the focus of all the chaos and speculation around him. He’s suspended your perception of him. That’s the goal. Most of this is simple self preservation. Plain and simple. Onision is not something special. He’s nothing new or different. When someone is caught doing bad things, how often do those same people try to get out of the supposed trouble they’re in? Very often. The only difference between Onision and Joe Shmoe down the street is media coverage. That’s it. Let’s not give him what he wants. Let’s all try to keep our wits about us.
Dookie Bonds (1 month ago)
You look and sound like a lesbian
GCT10/31/1990 (1 month ago)
Oh my God, who cares... Honestly who cares. Anyone who gets with Grey knowing the type of person he is gains no sympathy from me... Even if you don't know he's a monster/R Kelly type maybe a little more crazier, you should be able to see red flags and at that point it your responsibility... I say again your responsibility to get yourself out of there, or at least figure out a way to get you out of this situation instead of just now coming forward because it's just too late... People like Greg are intelligent monsters to which these contracts you girls signed will mean something heavily if Greg decided to go after these girls first which he most likely will... Do you understanding how damaging this is? Greg probably has mountains of evidence on these girls including written and video documents evidence which when he goes after these girls which he will believe me he will get in front of this entire thing to kinda save face in our justice system and as a means to make any and all things void whenever these girls have something in court to say about him negatively. People it really doest matter what you know, our court system is set up to award anyone who has the better hand it's no better then poker, this man probably has a lawyer ready to go with more then these girls... As for Chris lol you think he'll be much help?. This is why when your a victim of being in these relationships you always... ALWAYS either collect evidence on them and make sure no other girl has to go through this bullshit or you simply find a way to get away plain and simply, no middle ground... No defending these girls saying "But they were scared or didn't know" unacceptable, because no more girls lives are destroyed from this monster and his pet man/girl thingy who sounds like a charged up Dragon Ball Z attack. I'm calling it right now, doesn't matter what we're now bringing to light, doesn't matter what we all think we know... Onision is already ten steps ahead by now and the only ones here to blame are these girls who victimized and destroyed. News flash, whenever someone hands you a contract to sign at a young age or after sex, while having sex or just before sex... Um... Don't? You dumbass just leave. People went hard after Louis CK or whatever his name is because he invited fellow comics to his room which they all agree to, and walked as he jacked off knowing the door was right there and any one of them could of left no problem... So I say again idiotic women watch a big teddy bear jack off and then reported him afterwards when they realized "I could get exposure out of this :)", That poor Indian stand up comic almost lost his career because of some horrific monster who reached out to a feminist who wrote a blog about a bad date, and some non verbal communication which simply means "we were having sex, we stopped for a bit because I didn't feel comfortable... I rolled my eyed wink wink which is the non verbal communication part and went back to sucking his dick", then she went after him. Meanwhile we all knew Onision was R Kellying his way through young girls and know people wanna stand up? It's too late people. When Onision gets done with these por girls there goes a very important case to which this monster should be locked up, he's one step away from being a pedophile yet he is out here with no care. Thanks to these women and there failure to stand up and actually say something, Greg is gonna remain free and more women will be hurt. Miss me with that whole Victim blaming... In this case, honestly who can you blame other then these girls who failed to step up? Law enforcement, justice system and the police? Lol they will gain evidence on these ladies which will prove other wise so they're really just passing judgment based on the evidence Greg has... What are we gonna blame Grey and Kai Blast? Lol for what being smart and taking certain steps to stop any damages to career, self imagine or jail time. These women knew what they were doing at such a young age, they signed away any means to be taken seriously and now Greg wins which is bullshit. I'm. Beyond mad at these girls. What if it's my daughter Greg goes after next, the person who's reading this daughter? Anyone else's daughter who could of been okay and protected if one less monster such as Grey and Kai blast was put away? This man needs medical attention and sentenced to jail and so does SSJ3 Kai Blast but now that can't happen. Good job girls
Suby2261 (1 month ago)
Onision story at 9:13
Noisy Crickets (1 month ago)
I got 10k ,,let's hear the man out b4 u start this social justice fkshw,,wht? 10k in my pocket atm,,say when
KeybladeScar (1 month ago)
Holy fuck Phillip is still going? 😱 oh shit I forgot this channel existed used to watch him way back when he first started lol
Edgar Madking (2 months ago)
I know you’re sick but I’m liking husky voice Phil
Stella (2 months ago)
Youtube needs to get rid of Onision
Hussein Rizk (2 months ago)
Can’t believe this channel is still relevant
Ty Stomrte (2 months ago)
Man to be honest with you this is way way too big to protect Greg is just a kid that have well basically issues why other people just basically hate on them
Josh (2 months ago)
What kinda glasses does Philip got on, I love them
simplesam01 (2 months ago)
Onion boy needs to be deplatformed on any site that gives him access to victims. He's dangerous. Kicking him off Youtube is long past due.
Sam Johnson (2 months ago)
Hey thank you for making great quality content
I’m Nail (2 months ago)
It’s like onision is trying to be the joker but forgot the “r” and is just a joke
random no one (2 months ago)
Thought youtube was A "family friendly site" they allow this guy to keep his channel up so he can keep grooming.
The Derp (2 months ago)
holy shit this shit is like a tv show recap, the way you ran through that, I never heard of this dude till I watched it on Mr. Obvious
Lijoue (2 months ago)
Sry Phillip the arms are making me dizzy and feel sick. So sorry g2g :(
St. MegaHurtz (2 months ago)
Until France stops economic terrorism of Africa I give 0 shits, it can burn.