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Un Film Dove: évolution
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Trailer from this director: http://chip.tl/FDTrailer Check out Body Evolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKQdwjGiF-s Support Dove's work here: https://www.facebook.com/DoveUS Dove Evolution was created for Dove/Ogilvy by Tim Piper who now writes and directs branded films for Piro (www.pirovision.com). Dove Evolution was directed by Tim Piper and Yael Staav for Ogilvy and Dove. Creation and concept by Mike Kirkland and Tim Piper. Yael Staav is represented by Soft Citizen in Canada.
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Text Comments (3722)
Daneidy Mazariegos (2 years ago)
I Remember My 6th Grade Teacher Showing Us This Video
duuduu duuuduuu (2 years ago)
Tyler Barr (2 years ago)
i would do it
II-Braz_ Dilix-II (2 years ago)
mon prof de svt nous a montrer ca mdrrrrr
Eder Ruiz Galera (2 years ago)
Hola kase
JP's Project (2 years ago)
eder guapo t'amo
JP's Project (2 years ago)
hola k ase
Lisa Freleigh (2 years ago)
iam beautiful
Sofia Gidlööf (3 years ago)
La gent es com es i no nessecites fer cap ena de canvi
Sranang Libi (3 years ago)
Training my arm( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Shine Bright58 (3 years ago)
Shéa Abhartach (3 years ago)
they're advertising make up by saying that make up is terrible wow
Samantha Adams (3 years ago)
she barely looks like the same person
How To Make Sushi (3 years ago)
wow, what a difference!
Rotten bleach (3 years ago)
Who's watching this in 2015???
Flossing (3 years ago)
0:32 in this Moment she Looks so pretty??
Alyssa J. (3 years ago)
I remember seeing this for the first time in 2007. I keep this in mind every time I see a model. And I never feel so bad about my appearance anymore.
Christina547 (3 years ago)
They always show this every year at school.
Bella Grace (2 years ago)
+Christina547 AJ Same we did this, this week at school
swagger man (3 years ago)
+Christina547 AJ omfg
Myrlande Kane (3 years ago)
Im watching this for school!
King Veldaban (3 years ago)
This displays the amazing talent of make up artists and photoshoppers. Nice work guys, really transformed her face, kind of crazy. Not to suggest she wasn't pretty to start of course.
King Veldaban (2 years ago)
Yeah it is haha, well spotted
N0valyfe7 (2 years ago)
is that a runescape character from the 2008 HD graphics ??
Muhd Faheem (3 years ago)
Is this advertisement counts as resonance style?
ElVDmLuvfever Fever (3 years ago)
Wow. After watching this, I wanna know. Where is the uniqueness of a human? Pretty much every model nowadays has big lips, small nose and cat eyes. I have all that but this is the way I look. This is the way I was born. Only a few women truly DESERVE to be models and not being models by copying someone else. 😒
A random person (3 years ago)
dear: all ladies, you are just perfect on your own compared to the fake airbrush models.
JohnIsSwag (3 years ago)
never mind
All mobile (3 years ago)
It is cool ... before and after.. :-)
Esteban Orlando Vega (3 years ago)
what song is this ?
mawacaca1 (3 years ago)
+Esteban Orlando Vega It's a piano peace by Benn Jordan don't know the exact name. This is a remix of the flashbulb song tho called 'passage D'
Cloe C (3 years ago)
She turned into another person
aurora felicity (3 years ago)
she looked amazing when they were done with her make-up, why would you want to change her facial structure, why does she needs to become an unrealistic looking alien ?
Smeera Ghuman (3 years ago)
Its interesting how technology can be used to beautify things and sell products. We should use it in our classrooms to make our lessons interesting and catchy.
Cloe C (3 years ago)
Girls are looking at these images and they can't match up because no one can. They use a plenty of makeup to glam up the model's face and then use the computer for retouch. They make the model's face look very unrealistic
outblightbebersal (3 years ago)
Wow. I remember my sister showing this to me in first grade. I dont think I realized the full weight of what it meant.
Kaelyn Scott (3 years ago)
im 11 and my teacher made me watch this it let us lose our self esteem
Katastrofa (3 years ago)
I've seen this a million times & every time i re-watch it im in shock
roy kermode (3 years ago)
Fuk dis amirite Unreel expectatioanes:(
Rebecca Bakes (3 years ago)
this is disgusting its not normal i agree that the scheme to stop it should go on
Ahmed Yanaal (3 years ago)
I don't know what's real anymore.
Ausra Mazeikaite (3 years ago)
VeezNeez (3 years ago)
Very powerful Ads.
Winster Chesty (3 years ago)
I honestly think she looked 10x better before they put all that makeup on her and photoshopped her. I don't really understand the appeal of thick, dark makeup. But hey, to each their own.
john zimmerman (3 years ago)
+新入生愚かしい(C I X I) I do too - she looked "soft" & feminine
Kasie Skolnicki (3 years ago)
May the embedding please be enabled so I can use this in a college speech presentation for self image effects?
CeCe Tyshay (3 years ago)
Well this was a bit disturbing...
Mad9977 Productions (3 years ago)
every picture in printmedia or internet, that is used to promote, is retouched. Mostly when you say "Wow she looks young for her age" you know it's retouched. 
Shikha Virgil (3 years ago)
What did I just watch
deicidemaul (3 years ago)
what song is this
Dolly Belladonna (3 years ago)
Now the guys that use Axe will want to have sex with you just cause he sprayed himself .. yeah Unilever is a hypocrite !
robin tanner (3 years ago)
Hello class
julie sheme (3 years ago)
One day when I look at a magazine.I want to see a non photoshopped person on the front cover as their natural self with stretch marks and pimples all the flaws that a human can have.This will send a message that you dont have to be all prettied up or be a certain weight  to be or look beautiful.Embrace your flaws! Yes I am 23 and have skin issues mild breakouts and marjs left over from pimples on my upper back and back of upper thighs I accepted my flaws.... Well peace out peeps
hawazen j (3 years ago)
why not just a hire a pretty women?
Jake Smith (2 years ago)
Even super gorgeous models get photoshopped. All of them are photoshopped it seriously doesn't matter how beautiful you are at the start.
Tiffany Benson (3 years ago)
That woman was already pretty before they turned her into a computer generated copy of herself. What is the point of a model anyway when you can just design the fake, super skinny, perfect person (who represents NO ONE in this world)? Welp, all I can say is, KNOW YOURSELF! Do not let any industry decide who you are created to be!
corentin cauffiez (3 years ago)
J'aime tellement cette vidéo
YaVasilisa (3 years ago)
wow, at the end it's not even her anymore... What the...why stretching her neck??? lift her eye brows??? Could they find different girl or it's never perfect for them?
tinker balla (3 years ago)
How about you guys check out some axe ads? Dove and Axe are both owned by the same company. Unilever can care less about women. Plus, they also test on animals a CRAPTON.
Jack Pavlakos (3 years ago)
steven hicks (3 years ago)
FAKE lawl
juan antonio Correa (4 years ago)
es preciosa aun antes de comenzarlla a maquillar, me e enamorado jajaj
Christina W (4 years ago)
I bet they showed this in every girls health class...
salvador ceja (4 years ago)
we were looking at shcool this vido.mrs kevf said its not real hehehe not real pepol
Dove Soap Coupon (4 years ago)
What is Dove evolution?
Milena Rocha (4 years ago)
Mulheres, se vocês comprarem uma revista e verem mulheres lindas, com cabelos, pele e corpo perfeito, e se sentirem arrasadas por não ser daquele jeito e fazerem dietas malucas para emagrecerem, por favor, pensem bem, tudo que você está vendo pode ser um engano, qualquer um fica lindo de maquiagem e correção por tecnologia. Somos liindas do jeito que somos.  
Waris Yonis (4 years ago)
She was beautiful naturally idk why they put on so much make up and computer editing on her that was just gross
Orphan Fan (4 years ago)
Help The Homeless! (4 years ago)
One of my powerfully favorite commercials!
Dulich DinaTour (4 years ago)
It is very impressive ads!
humor (4 years ago)
Onica Mcbroom (4 years ago)
The woman was beautiful then they ruined it with makeup and photoshop...
J M (4 years ago)
Still a butterface. 
GaryKildall (4 years ago)
So you are actually telling me with Photoshop I can make me look good? :-)
TheTeMaRuS (4 years ago)
what is that song?
pineapplecinny (4 years ago)
I don't get it.. What is the point of "talent scouts" and agencies who want to have the most beautiful models, when everything will get photoshopped anyway? Love Dove btw, they always put out the best campaigns <3
MissyTheDog (4 years ago)
The world has dramatically changed a lot
wolf (4 years ago)
Mona Bahgat (4 years ago)
so, where did this video come from? somebody made it intentionally to show the most extreme possibilities . . . but it is an extreme, right? and it's not a documentary. is it? it was shot to prove a point, correct? of course, it's super interesting, but i think it's important to mention that it is not a look at a "real" process that took place for a "real" campaign (if that is the case). but rather a campaign for a company suggesting that it's campaigns are more "real" than other campaigns. this is not to diminish the subject matter -- conversations on body image and unrealistic ideals are important. just think some clarification would be of use here.
Lourdes Machin (4 years ago)
People tend to idolize and fantasize celebrities when they're common looking people with either a lot of money to buy clothes, to get personal trainers and nutritionists, can have magazines covers with wonderful photoshop and can also afford make up artistis, stylists, etc. Let's not forget the plastic surgery or botox they go through. We have so many beautiful people around us who are even better looking than celebrities and still people obsess in trying to look like them or wishing they could be with them. I think it's ok to have a celebrity crush but to obsess about them when they're normal humans with defects like anybody else and who don't always look like they do in pictures, it's ridiculous. I bet if these celebrities were among us and we didn't know they were famous we probably wouldn't even be attracted to them. Why don't we appreciate the natural beauties we have among us?
Serena Oxton (4 years ago)
Ok, I'm scared to see beauty magazines and ads because of this... It's just so unreal
UnknownUser (4 years ago)
Unser Lateinlehrer hat einfach gesagt wir sollen das gucken xD
SuperAutos66 (4 years ago)
Increíble el cambio, muy bueno!
David Mitchell (4 years ago)
@Piper Thank for keeping this up, I always give reference to it. Cheers
Myhotabsbro MSP (4 years ago)
People need to stop photoshop and use REAL life beauty!! -.-
peewee love (4 years ago)
Condemned (4 years ago)
the flashbulb - passage d
Ai Ayumi (4 years ago)
Photoshop wasnt reallly needed I think.
Sebizzar (4 years ago)
Still one of my top favorite vids on Youtube. I love the music I wish it was a full song lol.
Darius Goodwin (4 years ago)
i'm a man who love this video i go threw this every time i meet a woman online
AmberlyVeil (4 years ago)
A totally meaningless message. Can someone tell me the difference between using make-up to make yourself more attractive, and using photoshop to make yourself attractive?
Dave (4 years ago)
I don't blame the magazine people for this culture of people comparing to themselves to models on the front cover, it's not their fault people are ridicuously vein and care so much about how others look.
Mediocre-Motorcycle-Modifications (4 years ago)
This is why we are deluded by the beauty companies.... buy our beauty products DOVE
Michael Pollard (4 years ago)
The bottom line guys and gals: Dove sells the same dream and it works - just ask any 90 year old who doesn't look a day older than 85!
captainsealed (4 years ago)
Wait a minute, this video isn't about the evolution of doves. WHERE ARE MY DINOSAURS? YOU LIED TO ME!
Outelligence (4 years ago)
So... Photoshop is bad, but using tons of makeup is 'real beauty'? Thank Zeus I'm a man!
Because REASONS!!!! (4 years ago)
Dove is selling a product to make one appear more beautiful then one really is...
morcova (4 years ago)
Photoshop is bad, tons of chemicals on your face and body to alter your look? That's apparently fine.
Benji (4 years ago)
nice greenscreen. the billboard was fake
Indal (4 years ago)
What a bunch of bullshit.And the sad part is most of you dont even realise whats wrong here. Everything is fake and you praise it...pathetic hypocrites
Azael Estudillo (4 years ago)
Fuck it, just C.G.I. the whole damn thing!
henni racik (4 years ago)
Soledad Luna (4 years ago)
Este comercial es un clásico. Creo que marcó un antes y un después. Luego de esto ya no volvimos a ver a las modelos de los anuncios como antes.
Occasionally Wrong (4 years ago)
So Dove is dissing Dove for distorting people's body, now they have a workshop saying "love your body" while they still Photoshop models? Welp, I'm not surprised; They are a Unilever company, who sells "Ponds" bleaching creams all over India, Africa, south America, Asia, and America, and at the same time says everyone is beautiful. wow... this logic lol
Lynna Coupie (4 years ago)
When I'm reading the comment sections, everyone is saying photoshop is a good idea; that THIS is a 'good' idea. Of course everyone is going to say that because the world is nothing but full of narcissists who succumb to nothing but perfection and I feel disgusted to be in the world we live in right now and if I said the media didn't have anything to do with this, then I might as well be waiting to see my plastic surgeon to enhance by breasts and maybe put a nose job on the side too. The media puts a horrendous image of what beauty is like. There isn't a role model of beauty out there because we are our own role models, we have our own picture of beauty. Yeah, slap on some fake tan, wear contact lenses, dye your hair until it falls out or maybe tattoo your whole body, but don't go on a computer to stretch your neck, to enhance your eyes, to strengthen your cheek bones or make you skinnier, and certainly, do not do this to promote make up. And to think, this causes suicides; this causes insecure teenagers, especially women and maybe little girls, to starve themselves to death, literally, and put silicone and plastic into their bodies just to be like those models and pageant girls on T.V. And when the whole world's population decreases because of large number of suicides, I wonder why people kept killing themselves. Oh, I don't know, maybe because bullying, hm, what else, people wanting to be real life dolls, and possibly last of all, wanting to get on a runway. Congratulations, you are officially a murderer.
Sue Burgess (4 years ago)
Okay, I get your point but in all fairness she was not unattractive to start with .. Photoshop has gone a little overboard (in most media) because we as a whole are striving for perfection. However, there ARE still many BEAUTIFUL women out there who do not require this type of make-over. I see them on a regular basis .. so this video basically bashes women and makes men feel as if we cheated ..
WCASA (4 years ago)
Nice article reminding us that Dove is still selling beauty products: http://www.salon.com/2014/03/01/what_dove_gets_wrong_in_its_new_selfie_campaign_partner/
M. Ann (4 years ago)
I think it'd be cool if TrueBeauty did this again, but this time with one of their own models. After everything is done the billboard should be hung somewhere with a lot of people. The model should then proceed out into the crowd and talk about how great she looks up there while no one would believe her because they changed her so much, they couldn't tell it was the same person. I think it'd be a cool experiment to try...