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The Truth About Working for UPS EXPOSED!

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David talks about what it was like working for United Parcel, which is a tough, dirty under-appreciated job.
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Atari5732 (4 days ago)
interesting, I worked for GoodWill picking up donations on a truck for about 3 years. We spent 10% of time packing the truck correctly, nothing ever fell out of the truck when we unloaded. And we picked up everything from pool tables, to large glass, to clothing. So it wasn't even in easily stacked boxes.
David Gudgeon (3 days ago)
You were probably never rushed the way UPS employees are. With them, speed is everything, even if it compromises quality.
Benny Robinson (4 days ago)
I never had any desire to drive for UPS, there are better driving jobs!
Amithrius (4 days ago)
Negan for president
David Anderson (7 days ago)
With your 9+ dollars an hour you also got health care benefits, retirement contributions, paid holidays. Better than Fed-Ex.
Jared Ramsey (8 days ago)
Amazon, for its Now service drivers is using a 1099 subcontractor model where you are responsible for your own vehicle and insurance. Its a part time job, where you could work full time hours. The warehouse workers can not be classified as subcontractors given their working conditions so they rely on large numbers of entry level workers. And therefore some benefits by ACA order. What giant super inflating corporations do is build on large numbers of entry level paid positions and marginalized subcontractors to grow market share. Their retail business operates operates on profit margins below 2%. Their Server farm business is however more profitable, not mentioning the Amazon Prime TV business. Amazon is less than 20 years old. But Has grown exponentially expanding into many industries. Like a bubble, and they tend to pop. UPS is a infrastructure rich, cash rich, 110 year old company that has innovated most modern shipping practices. Its employees are mostly unionized permanent employees (except management and seasonal hires who get first crack at permanent positions) who enjoy generous compensation packages for their hard work. Which include paid holidays, personal days, sick days, paid vacations, healthcare; vision, medical, dental, mental, and prescription coverage, Union 401k retirement savings plan, and company Pension contributions, also basic catastrophic life insurance to cover employee burial costs. And if they follow the contract grievance guidelines and stand up for themselves when an errant management employee acts up they enjoy union representation. And many excellent opportunities to keep their jobs after sometimes they may make grave mistakes. Top pay in my district is approaching $37/hr. WE just had a record Quarter. WE just scored a couple key retail contracts. WE ain't going nowhere.
Howard Whatley (9 days ago)
i'm glad that a lot of you like working there.but your company is last on my list, i live in a rural area,if anything is shipped UPS i won't order it.in one case we saw him pass and my wife waited for his return the road dead ends he said he sat it by the mail box at the end of our road and was not going back for it.i went no it wasn't by a mail box he tossed it in the weeds i'd never found it expect i knew it was there somewhere.i you pick it up at the ware house you only have a small window like 4;30 to 6;30 pm
David Gudgeon (7 days ago)
They can be rough on packages, that's for sure...
Pxndx Lunx (10 days ago)
i would not last as a preloader, my back is already bad as it is, mechanic it is
steve evans (14 days ago)
I would never work for UPS
ebarnes419 (15 days ago)
$37 an hour?????
ebarnes419 (9 days ago)
David Gudgeon I interviewed for a delivery driver yesterday. had to go get c class license today. wish me luck!!
David Gudgeon (14 days ago)
For drivers, I'm in the Chicago area.
Cj Cook (15 days ago)
I've been working at UPS for 4 months now at the airport. The job is hard labor at first but if your actually bending your knees and actually using the 8 keys to lifting and lowering you'll be fine. Yes management is on your ass that's because they want to keeps there job 2 it's about the customers. At the end of the day if you get your package late you don't care why someone is having problems or the work is hard you want the product you payed for so take that how you like. I've been moved from loader to pick off which is a dollar raise. Work hard , don't bitch it's a WAREHOUSE not home . If you don't like it leave but Know you'll wish you had stuck it out and make sure to wear gloves whatever department you're in.
CEF Fr (17 days ago)
Anyone watching this video thinking about UPS employment I have some advice (Varies from hub to hub) 1. Unloading on Preload is the *EASIEST* job at ups period. because A) Unloading is the easiest job... and B) Preload (this guys sort) is the easiest operation. 2. NEVER ARGUE WITH MANAGEMENT... If they cross the line ask for your steward and say nothing else. 3. (and most important) *ALWAYS FOLLOW SAFE WORK METHODS NO MATTER WHAT* It is always possible to finish the job on time with a safe and team oriented attitude anyone who tells you otherwise is a fucking retard. Like everyone else said it is a hard job mentally and physically however because UPS and the teamsters are BOTH very very shady organizations you have to develop solid relationships with both your stewards and management because they cut corners, lie, and cheat to do what they need and protect their own asses. *AND ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS MEMORIZE YOUR CONTRACT AND KEEP YOUR CONTRACT ON YOU AT ALL TIMES AT WORK* --Oh I almost forgot If you're a fat piece of shit, an elder, or a pussy do everything you can to get your sorry ass in small sort where you belong XD Nice vid btw pretty accurate :p
*Epic_Penetration* (20 days ago)
I'm sorry you had to go through all that Sh!t BROOO...
Kyle Hunt (22 days ago)
Go work for the big boys over at Fedex
houstonfob2FOREVER (24 days ago)
Holy shit dude you must of gotten the short end of the stick because I work there in small sort and it's easy as pie.
garycoulier (29 days ago)
EXPOSED?  What did you expose?  It's hard work and doesn't pay a lot to be a loader at UPS?  Your title makes it sound like something illegal was going on.  I worked a job for 8 years that was physically and mentally draining.  I worked 14 to 16 hours a day during the spring and fall, and at least 12 hours during the summer - and it was a salary position!!!  Yeah it sucked big time.  Want to know what I did about it?  I got a new job.  I don't mean to sound insensitive, I know jobs are hard to find right now, and believe me I do feel your pain, but give me a break!  Anyway, hope you now have a job you enjoy and pays more as well.
Joe Cally (29 days ago)
when Wall Street runs your company you have no chance everybody is a number . including management part Times full times and the Union is a non-factor, try filing a grievance you are harassed and followed until you're fired
jeffw1267 (1 month ago)
If the waiting list is so long to become a UPS driver, then apply for the post office. Once you become a regular, which usually takes about a year and a half, you have the same rights as all the other regs (though you have to be a reg for 12.4 years to max out your pay). You'll get all your breaks and the union is very strong. You start out as a CCA at $16/hr and max out at $28/hr. We also sometimes work in low-light situations but you can wear a headlamp. The trucks and stations are filthy here too but that's part of the job.
Anonymous Anonymous (1 month ago)
177 butthurt sheep 🐑!
joe vaughn (1 month ago)
Been a package handler for UPS 8 months now and going to Intergrad in 2 weeks to become a driver. Becoming a driver only after 8 months is just the luck of the draw or good timing but it is awesome. UPS has the greatest benefits of any company out there.
King Reef (1 month ago)
i sense a pussy can handle a man job
Jacob Stull (1 month ago)
I really don't understand. A job is a job. You don't go to work and expect to get a manicure. This is how people get their deliveries. Focus on your job, don't cry to your mom, don't cry to the Internet. No one cares about how you broke a nail. This goes for every job. 12 hour job, 20 minute break? you want 3, 15 minute breaks, and a 30 minute lunch? Good luck living in your fantasy world.
Payton Hedrick (1 month ago)
Your just a pussy
one shot (1 month ago)
12 hour shift and you get a 20 minute break 😂 I'm getting a job with ups! "Dream job"
Samira Scarlett (1 month ago)
and UPS will give you $25,000 for your education, to those calling them uneducated. its up to you if you want to sleep on that.
Samira Scarlett (1 month ago)
I currently work in the primary (unload) and Yea its hard work. some trailers are a mess, some are filled with smalls that take forever to get rid of, its dirty..you get dirty...you will eff up and lift incorrectly..hurt yourself...but at the end of the trailer you feel like you've accomplished something. at least I do. I'm 33 and definitely wish I had started working here when I was 18. its better when you're younger. regardless, I still would like to stay and move up. it's a great company in general. there's money to be made if you can hang in there.
R. H. (20 days ago)
Samira Scarlett I have worked in many places... and considering the level of labor with the rate of pay... UPS is by far the worst job I have had...
deadbeat1980 (1 month ago)
HAHAHAHA!!! I've worked in the UK for UPS for 10 years and it is EXACTLY the same!! I do morning and evening shifts and try so hard to make things work, but the conditions are terrible.In the evenings, I load 3 trailers on my own, handling an entire warehouse of parcels and it's mental!! I know perfectly well how to load a trailer properly.....but it's not possible, also they have don't have nets to hold that shit in, that's why you have 12 feet of parcels falling on top of you. Morning shifts a bit better, but it's the 'luck of the draw'. I'm lucky at the moment, my line-manager's real cool and so are my drivers........but most of them are complete wankers.
Lukas L33 (1 month ago)
True about Teamsters. They suck. When I got fired they didnt want to take my case to arbitration. It took them 2 months to see my manager AFTER I got fired. Teamsters are biggest legal criminal organization in the World.
David Gudgeon (1 month ago)
Here's a link to my union video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq3rO3ldb74
David Gudgeon (1 month ago)
I've got an entire video talking about my experience with unions, (I have been involved with four of them). Whatever they were when they were first needed back in the 19th century they are not that anymore...
Crab ppl (1 month ago)
So you're a pussy?
NoneOf YourBuisness (1 month ago)
You basing all this on just your experience,so if the job sucked you made it suck.I worked for UPS on and off since 2004 and they work you no different than any other place works you.Good luck getting a job in the future,nobody is going to hire someone who complains about having to work on Youtube!!
Feeder Driver (1 month ago)
Wow, might want to consider a career in bloviating, your good at that.
Richard Closure (1 month ago)
Fuck UPS! I used to be a Package Car Driver and Air Driver. Fired with negative rehire status...
Richard Closure (1 month ago)
David Gudgeon FUCK EM!
David Gudgeon (1 month ago)
A lot of people seem to have that attitude about UPS...
Kevin Bengson (1 month ago)
What a weak little worm of a man.
Cliff Fowler (1 month ago)
Rick Grimes used to work for UPS?
David Gudgeon (1 month ago)
You've got to start somewhere!
TRILLIN FLOSSIN (1 month ago)
Dude you should be contacting the Labor Board if they were denying you breaks. I work at UPS (driver) and we take all of our state labor law breaks everyday. I look forward to going swimming during my paid breaks everyday during the summer. Sounds like you had a really shitty experience. I only had to work part time a for a short time before going driving, I was very lucky. Honestly I probably wouldn't have stayed if it was a 7-10 year wait here. The preload seems like a total clusterfuck.
David Gudgeon (1 month ago)
I've had a lot of feedback on the UPS videos. Evidently some of the hubs are run well, and others are worse than my experience. I guess it depends on where you are and who's running that particular hub.
Garrett Ferguson (1 month ago)
Never once in my life working at UPS heard of a hub sort working more than 12 hours, especially a preload sort. And never getting a break? Every sort has a mandatory 10 minute break and if a sort is over 8 they usually give two breaks.
watcher206 (1 month ago)
Indiana is a right to work state. However, the only regulations that they have for breaks is the federal laws. The only thing the Federal laws say that if breaks are provided any break under 20 minutes must be paid. So the breaks in Indiana are unregulated for the most part, yikes! However, they do have break requirements for those under under the age of 18 but that's a different set of laws.
mike watters (1 month ago)
this moaner is the reason u go to school
mike watters (1 month ago)
i used to work for fex ex until i got fed up
HeadrushProductions (1 month ago)
all Hail Neegan!
David Gudgeon (1 month ago)
If I could just get a little "kneel" from you...
Guitarriff1988ii (1 month ago)
They didn't make you turn in your badge?
David Gudgeon (1 month ago)
Evidently pre-loaders aren't important enough to worry about a badge.
bevan rogan white (1 month ago)
I work at a supermarket in NZ i'm not a manager or supervisor and i earn $16.75 per hr. The NZ minimum wage is $14.75 Everytime i hear how much people earn in america I gasp! 9 dollars an hour for the kind of work you were doing??? that's just freaking nasty. And the firing culture in america! Compared to my county it seems waaay too easy to get fired in america.
David Gudgeon (1 month ago)
There are more workers than there is work, so people with unskilled jobs become expendable. That's the reason so many Americans are concerned about illegals from South America crossing the boarder and taking jobs. It's like, the average labor jobs are already worthless, how much cheaper can they get? Just as an example, I talked with a former UPS employee who had the same job I did but he started in 1980, at $12:30 per hour!!! Now 30 years later the same job starts almost $3 less, (and this is with a union)? Something is really wrong with all of it...
Magikzz32 | Gaming (1 month ago)
you look like negan in the walking dead
David Gudgeon (1 month ago)
I've been getting that lately.
Kialen055 (1 month ago)
Worked at UPS and FedEx and Airborne Express/DHL in my 20's...They were bad places to work Fedex being the best out of all of them and DHL being the worst. Looking back on that time I would never want job security that bad. Stay in school and finish your degrees it pays off way more.
anthony ritter (1 month ago)
so glad i work at fedex
anthony ritter (27 days ago)
David Smith thats awesome man. my manager told me to stick around more hours will come but its just a waiting game. i really enjoy the job. i work one of the hottest doors in my facility. its just fun. itll go from an even flow to just getting fucked with a million small packages that gotta be scanned before that next load. its more of a game/work out that i get paid then a job. i just love it man
David Smith (27 days ago)
Ahh, that's pretty lame. Im a courier in Wasilla, AK. Our station is really small with maybe 12 of us so hours aren't an issue hete. We also do all the duties instead of seperate positions, but we all make over $20/h because of that so its really good here.
anthony ritter (27 days ago)
David Smith its great. sucks dick right now because we have way too many employees at my facility so youre only getting between 9 and 16 hrs a week. a facility closed and joined with an existing facility because plans fell through so now theres almost 3x the required employees. i make 12.85 right now. few more weeks itll be 13.10. peak season was great. i was pulling 600 to 700 take home a week.
David Smith (28 days ago)
anthony ritter Right! I love working for FexEx. I've also heard alot of bad things from the UPS driver on my route.
Larry Martin (1 month ago)
ups for the long haul fed ex if you want the quick money. (or a beard as a drive lol)
Tyler Caban (2 months ago)
I don't know where you people work for ups but over here in ny, seasonal drivers get 18.75 an hour and preload gets 11.50 and driver helpers get 10.15
Brian Brown (27 days ago)
Tyler Caban I think it goes with the cost of living. Employees in more affluent areas make more to keep up with the cost of living. In Chgo, we make about $35phr but in the south they probably make less because the cost of living is less.
Tyler Caban (1 month ago)
jeffw1267 and your absolutely right. i agree with you to an extent. for driver, 18.75 is worth it when your guaranteed 8 hours and you only have 140 stops and your done by 3:00. however during peak, it's not worth it. as far as preload goes, it's not worth it. i have a full time job and i'm just working preload for the benefits. it's pocket money the money you make as a preloader/package handler. literally spare change
jeffw1267 (1 month ago)
$18.75 sucks considering the difficulty of the job, and $11.50 and $10.15 is a joke.
gatewaysolo104 (2 months ago)
Unions are horrible. They are just as bad as the employer. They just suck up the dues so they can load the pockets of the big union boss and give all dues to political candidates that don't represent me or my values.
David Gudgeon (2 months ago)
Unions are how you end up with your candle being burned at both ends. The employer on one side, the union on the other, and all the labor in the middle.
cvc (2 months ago)
People would steal so easily at our UPS. They'd toss the product over/under the fence, wayyyy before the shack. I'd find electronics all over the place at the edge of fences.
cvc (2 months ago)
My best friend got hired off the street. He was so lucky....he fucked up 4 weeks into it, and got into a small wreck, and was put into gruntwork, and quit in a week.
cvc (2 months ago)
I did the same thing when I was 17, was a grunt, barely out of HS. Same exact thing. Started with long trucks, then moved to air containers.....ALWAYS air cointainers for me. I honestly didn't mind as much as the other guys, and the taller guys and I would gladly swap sometimes. I could fit inside the air containers with very little effort , yeah I'm short. heh
David Gudgeon (2 months ago)
I'm like 6.1 so the air containers were tough on my back.
Randy Beltran (2 months ago)
10 years ago, A UPS driver rear-ended my sister-in-law and totaled her SUV. She was okay, no injuries. The driver who was African American, was actually upset even though it was his fault! Since then, I haven't seen that driver.
Kittymeister 〈EpicMoon339〉 (1 month ago)
yeah race has nothing to do with that
cvc (2 months ago)
Because he probably lost his job.....wouldn't you be upset? Just had to bring up race in it didn't you....
HasinaiMan (2 months ago)
You're preaching to the choir, brother. Good post btw. I endured three Xmases at UPS in night sort, preload, etc. Cracking the whip, mistreatment and disrespect was the typical modus operandi of management who seemed very unappreciative, often accusatory and unfair. After my first Xmas, my roommates thought I should have gotten into body building because I was ripped with the six-pack to prove it but it took a toll on my body. (btw don't you think it's foolish for wimpy male management to anger and physically challenge someone as physically strong as most of the people who move heavy boxes for 6+ hours?) After the third Xmas I swore I would never go through another one and never have. Btw the union was a joke out West, on the East Coast I worked in a strong union city and the union had my back but you're basically a pawn between the union's and management's games, no matter how good of a worker you are. Initially, I got lucky and had a good upper management guy who looked out for me because I worked hard, but after he retired I was left twisting in the wind. As for the searches, after getting the third degree needlessly once without absolutely any merit (being an honest person scores no points with these cretins), I was stopped at the guard shack, where they were searching everyone, I stated, "I've clocked out, I'm on MY TIME and I'm leaving. That's my car over there, call the police and have me arrested so I can sue you for false arrest. DO IT, I DARE YOU!" Of course nothing happened, they've got no huevos when it comes down to it, besides they know they mistreat people for no reason, they deserve the bad employees they have because they run off the good ones by treating them like caca.
David Gudgeon (2 months ago)
I've heard from lots of UPS employees, (former and current) who say that I'm pretty much spot on. I also get a handful of people saying that I'm a wimp because apparently I didn't like getting ground up by UPS, and I'm supposed to like it for some reason...
Ninja Man (2 months ago)
im a seasonal driver helper and every year they lower the pay this year the lowered to 9.75 from the 11.11 and took away our uniforms. we were supplied with nothing except a flimsy little vest with holes. its crazy how UPS expect to delivers in a brick loaded box truck full of shit with next day air in the center of it in one day. i quit friday
Problica (10 days ago)
I was a driver helper and got $15 an hour
sneakergod the great (1 month ago)
Brandon Mitchell I did it weeks
King Reef (1 month ago)
Ninja Man pussyyyyy
Brandon Mitchell (1 month ago)
Ninja Man I was going in at the hub as a pre loader and get off then do the driver helper all peak long. I worked 21 hours one day
Be No (1 month ago)
its 15/hour for driver helper here
Nick727 18491849 (2 months ago)
they treat drivers like dogs. till you are cripple. claim all about safety all bullshit throw in truck. when you get hurt it's ur fault accident. it's ur fault I drove for 17 years clean. (no accidents) I have scene mangers that can't drive personal vehicles tell YOU things about safety that they read off paper. memorize but couldn't demonstrate to save life if u. clueless female than they promote you to center Manger FINALLY GOT JOB STILL WITH COMPANY. 22 YEARS RAMP WORK. 2 DIFFERENT WORLDS. THEY ACTUALLY SEEM TO LET YOU BREATH.
Battle Cam (2 months ago)
I almost worked there, I walked out of the interview after I found out it was going to be part time...
David Gudgeon (2 months ago)
Just about everyone in the distribution centers is part time.
Adam Tattrie (2 months ago)
You gotta be tough both mentally and physically for this job.
Tristan Long (1 month ago)
especially a route driver i went ofr my 30 days this past summer. the hardest thing i have ever came acrossed
TheCheck43 (2 months ago)
Yup, he seems older, so its not as easy for him.
Adam Tattrie (2 months ago)
Im very young so I like working for UPS. I am currently a preloader and I get paid $11/hourly. Theres also a $100 weekly retention bonus nowadays :) the only thing that really sucks is the holiday season. Im trying to fit close to 340 packages on each of my trucks! It's crazy man but nah UPS is a good job. I can see myself chillin here for a while
Larry Martin (1 month ago)
hang in the bro.. i almost quit like 5 times now that the recession is over driving positions are coming a lot faster than they did for me.
dave miller (2 months ago)
I worked for ups for 20 years. as a driver and it sucked.those trucks are ovens in summer ice boxes in winter.i remember delivering at 1 in the morning at Christmas Eve.ups sucks.my son was in hospital and had to have surgery on his lung and I was told that if I didn't come in and do my route I would be fired that's after 20 years well my son comes before a brown box and the next day I was called in to managers office snd was told I no longer had a job there and I said bullshit you cocksucker I quit.fuck them.the Dame thing happened when my mother died it took them 4 hours to come out to get me that was before cell phones 1987.they treat you like shit.and fuck the teamsters they don't do shit for you.a and I scratched every single day and always delivered my air on time.christmas time I would go out with ,300 stops and they give you a helper for 3 hours big fucking deal
David Gudgeon (2 months ago)
There are a lot of people who worked for that company who have a lot of negative things to say about it. It's a shame. I know that when you get the better positions there it pays more, but sometimes the extra money isn't worth it.
Christopher Diehl (2 months ago)
If you're a college student this is the perfect job for you working in the warehouse they help pay for school and it's helped me out so much! I work local short but it's peak season so I'm doing both for extra money. I have no complaints it's actually not that bad of a job. I've had worse.
ITz LDUBZ (2 months ago)
my problem is my team leader or anyone that comes into my trailer to help me keeps giving me misloads on purpose to test me and they keep getting me and the people who come into help me also talk to me so I end up scanning misloads cause my mind ain't properly on the job.
ITz LDUBZ (2 months ago)
David Gudgeon I totally agree.
David Gudgeon (2 months ago)
I've had that one. They are put on your trailer to help but they don't care and they make a mess...
alex black (2 months ago)
In Toronto Ontario very few drivers make the top money because they have supervisors making sure you never work there for more then one year, so UPS don't have to pay top dollar for drivers. How do you know? UPS is always hiring drivers 50 of them every 6 months. The Union sucks. I was the last driver to quit after 49 other drivers were let go just b4 me. UPS only hires on the p/t basis even when they make you work full time hours.
Andy England (2 months ago)
This dude is a joke bc it all depends on the facility you work for. Some facility's do a lot more packages then others. As a driver you make triple time on holidays. As part time I get full benefits. Vision dental and health and I'm givin a retirement plan all for part time
Chris Ryan (2 months ago)
Man, Ive seen tv's and computers thrown like its nothing. When it's clearly a fragile expensive electronic too. Theres no regard for things. May be some what of a personal question but what did you do for work after leaving UPS?
David Gudgeon (2 months ago)
jose dominguez (2 months ago)
fuck this job thanks David Gudgeon
David Gudgeon (2 months ago)
It's not easy and the rewards that they promise are years away if you can stick it out. It's not for everyone, that's for sure...
david williams (2 months ago)
As a drivers helper. Im considering this. I just started yesterday and im already being rushed about the damn diad
Devin MC (2 months ago)
The hub isn't the best place to work far from it. However, I don't mind being a driver helper that much.
David Gudgeon (2 months ago)
Some of the hubs are pretty rough environments.
Gesse Jilmore (2 months ago)
I once had 7 trucks at once for like 2 weeks straight. it sucks
David Gudgeon (2 months ago)
Yes it does!
Daryl Presley (2 months ago)
I work for UPS David and I'm really considering leaving the job
Paul Pivaral (2 months ago)
on my contract it says a 10 min break every 3 hrs...dont know why you arent getting a break...only full time get a 30 min break every 4 hrs
Maurice Gamble (2 months ago)
I've been a preloader for 6 wks now and I was surprised that we don't get a break during the 1am-9:30 shift. I currently work 3 trucks, I couldn't imagine loading 4-6 trucks. I'm waiting for my background checks for both American Airlines and TSA, I hope to be leaving UPS by January. This job is really hard on the body
David Gudgeon (2 months ago)
A lot of people don't seem to like the job, although I hear my hub was particularly bad.
Ronnie Morse (2 months ago)
how long did u work for ups?were u fired or did u quit?while some of ur comments were true a lot of ur facts are not.ups is meant to get in young and get out young just a thought.
Sh4rp27 (2 months ago)
Also, as for not receiving a break, I find that hard to believe. Unless you have terrible union reps on site, here you get 10 minutes every shift (less than 6 hours), after 6 you get another 10 minute break, after 8 you get a lunch (30 minutes). We have to payout grievances for shortened breaks when our announcements run over.
Larry Martin (1 month ago)
usually in the building they just pay you out your breaks instead of you actually taking them.
sportsfan6554 (2 months ago)
Sh4rp27 you really don't I know from experience
Sh4rp27 (2 months ago)
Your write up you mention for misloads is not disciplinary. Your signature is used as proof that the misloads had been reviewed with you. The only time those forms would be used against you is if you developed a pattern of misloads which is hard to do unless you truly don't care to do your job right. Then those forms would be used as evidence so that the union could see that the company took all available measures to correct the problem and that you were made aware of the problem. Granted, if your particular hub/center doesn't utilize scanners to track who loaded what or the misloads were unscanned then they shouldn't be having you sign them they should simply be reviewing them with you as well as anyone else who was loading that truck.
Jon Segoviano (3 months ago)
Your a pussycat........ that's it. work is work..... UPS IS THE SHIT FOR HOW WANTS IT........ UPS UPS UPS
Reydesel Valdez (3 months ago)
I'm going to be honest I don't believe your exaggerating. But to be fair it also depends on the hub that you work for. It appears to me that you worked in a hub with a broken system. I'm a supervisor at UPS and trust me when I say this in that my hub is extremely regulated and the union does a wonderful job in protecting and bumping raises for laborers. For every 60 cent raise a supervisor gets an hourly gets a dollar. Yes it is true that the drivers get the real money and yes at the beginning the job is very hard, but that's the point. Everyone and I mean everyone starts as a grunt as you called it, but once you have an opportunity you apply for another area. Lastly I'm confused by what you meant about misloads. In my hub every loader has a scanner on them with their ID submitted into the system, so when a loader gets a misload it identifies who last scanned it. Every supervisor is required to meet production and service numbers and it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and our workers accountable, however no supervisor must abuse the laborers and instead we must learn to coexist and reward our workers accordingly. Lastly, you mentioned that you never had breaks, now this is a problem that must be addressed in your hub as they are required to give you a break(my hub gives breaks). I appreciate your opinion and enjoyed your video.
steve b (1 month ago)
Reydesel Valdez Misloads aren't just things in the wrong truck. In the wrong PART of the truck also counts.
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
Not all the hubs are the same, my stories are based on my personal experiences. And I didn't leave on account of the labor either, I left because of a 100% garnishment on my check. I tried to reason with payroll & human resources both at the hub and by calling the headquarters, but they would not make an adjustment, (even just enough for gas money, was costing me $25 a week round trip). After a couple of months of this it just didn't make sense to stay there any longer. I have a video showing my zero UPS checks.
Reydesel Valdez (3 months ago)
David Gudgeon, Ahh thanks for that information and I'm glad you left that abusive hub sucks you weren't in mine Dallas Texas Hub. Anyways I subscribed.
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
My hub was in Palatine Illinois. I am no longer working there now.
lanteri salvatore (3 months ago)
I'm soon entering my 7th year it's been nothing but a ride since it's demanding it's hard work back breaking nerve racking you got be up and ready everything it will possibly throw at you each and every day definetaly not for everybody but it's a good job
lanteri salvatore (1 month ago)
+steve b just started my 7th year at ups yes it's hard but worth it
steve b (1 month ago)
lanteri salvatore It's GREAT for people who want to work for ONE THIRD of what the job is really worth.
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
It's not for everyone, that's for sure.
Luke Tecpa (3 months ago)
David you literally just stopped me from proceeding with an interview I had scheduled with ups. thank you for saving me the headache
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
A lot of people give me a hard time about the UPS videos, they think I'm lazy because I didn't like it. But those same people don't really contradict my description of the working environment.
TehKillerKitteh (3 months ago)
can you buy mail trucks? like on of the usps mini trucks?
TehKillerKitteh (3 months ago)
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
I'm not sure if they sell their surplus trucks the same way that usps does.
Tone Knee Lee (3 months ago)
I worked UPS for a year as a truck loader back in 1999. I did an average of 1,200-1500 boxes a shift. Being skinny is the best body type for the job. I eventually became belt sorter. A little more pay but it was more stressful mentally. I now have carpal tunnel now because of that job.
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
Ouch, sorry to hear that they burned out your nerves. Any chance of disability from them?
Viktor Jamison (3 months ago)
David, how long did it take you to fully get the hang of the preload position? I've been working at my local UPS as preloader for the past 3 weeks and I just can't get the hang of it. The heavy physical part doesn't bother me, it's having to keep up with all those damn boxes and packages bunched up together on the belt, and making sure you put them away in the right truck and shelf before the rest of the other boxes on the belt don't end up out of your reach. I'm going to give it until the end of November, and if I still can't get the hang of it by then, I'm just going to put in my 2 week notice.
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
It took me about a month, but I was being divided between two different departments. It may take longer in your case because you are coming into the holiday season, so there will be more and more stuff coming in every week increasing the work load as Christmas approaches.
Robert Henry (3 months ago)
Given a choice between union and non- union I'd pick non-union. I've worked in both environments and the thing that stands out the most from my experience is that in a union shop every one is treated equal, regardless of your performance (seniority rules). And there is typically this friction between management and labor. In a non-union shop everyone is treated based on individual performance. There's more of an open-door policy between management and labor. I'd take the less money any day. And the union is just "Controlled Opposition". They give the illusion that the employee has a voice. They don't!
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
In the hub where I worked you got more for helping. I'm not sure about the driving history. There is a waiting list to become a driver, the length of time may differ from city to city. In ours it was a 7+ year waiting list.
Falo (3 months ago)
+David Gudgeon Here in Riviera Beach, Fl the loader gets $11 p/h 5hrs a day and driver helper gets $10.15 p/h 3-10hrs a day. The closer to holidays the longer day you have otherwise its about 3hrs+ a day. Do drivers need a 3yr driving history before becoming drivers? I just got my license back in February '16.
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
I would lean more towards a driver helper if possible. As a helper the pay is a little better, plus you get some experience on a route which will be helpful towards if you ever qualify as a driver.
Falo (3 months ago)
+David Gudgeon thanks for reply, but should i do both load and be a driver helper?
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
WalMart was fairly easy in comparison labor wise. UPS is very labor intensive, and the management is on you, unlike my experience with WM where the management was no-where to be seen most of the time. UPS will also criticize every single mistake you make, which can be very frustrating at times. UPS does have better long term potential, but you will typically have to wait some time for it to pay off.
John Days (3 months ago)
HOw the drivers go to poop while on duty, in the truck by using a Zipoc BAGGGGG ??? or get the nearest McDonalds in their GPS ?
juice3335 (3 months ago)
lol if drivers have to poop they can go to a McDonald or any public restrooms some do pee in gatorade bottles though, they do sometimes hire drivers off the street but its a rare occasion you can also do driver helper during Christmas time but its just seasonal work
John Days (3 months ago)
So there are better job positions than driver delivery that can match or go beyond that pay rate and I don't wan to poop in Ziploc bags while on duty, no thanks....
Cereal (3 months ago)
ive heard its worth it, but theres a 5+ year waiting list to become a driver. So you have to bust your back for at least 5 years before you get the chance to become a driver
Marvin Calloway (3 months ago)
+David Gudgeon im 19 is it worth it driving the trucks at ups
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
Fortunately I never found that kind of a jar!
elm1sterio (3 months ago)
I work for ups ramp (Louisville) biggest airport facility in the world it's amazing but ups jobs don't work with lazy people that don't want to work and are always complaining
theangryemonerd (3 months ago)
unloading is the easiest job at ups. you were also talking about sorting which are the people in the middle who throws the boxes on the right sides that go into different trailers. im a loader, I scan and load to the trailer. I have to scan at least at 215 pph for now (packages per hour) they want me to go at 300 later on which no one scans at that pace. I go in at 11:30 pm-4 am. I sometimes have to do bulk mail on my own and Im a pretty small. its bullshit because during cornerstone training they lie and say you will have someone to help during bulk mail. the boxes fly out of the belt and my way to exit the trailer is filled with boxes and its hard to get out. I haven't had any misloads yet. UPS is totally bullshit. I don't see myself working there in 2017. Actually you do get a a break. We get a 10 minute break since Im part time. my ups isn't terrible but the job is really fucking hard especially Mondays and tuesdays when we get heavy flow. The UPS here they only hire drivers that have worked at UPS only. They have let me out early lately by like an hour since Im a month new there. they made a new UPS facility near by so lately we have less flow lately which Im kinda glad. those trailers are definitely dark as hell. I get annoyed when my manager and trainer tell me the same shit everytime to go faster. My manager sometimes goes in and even scans for me while I watch him show off his loading skills. it can be annoying. loved this video. There are some things I do agree with
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
Every hub is a little different, but the consensus is that it's not the best place to work for...
ChelesCheryPie (3 months ago)
I hate to break it to you , But the employer does NOT have to give you a break or a lunch and can fire you for NOT working overtime . You failed to mention that if you work over 5 hrs a shift at U. P . S it's overtime and my wife work,s at ups .
Kellie Martell (3 months ago)
hey thanks for the heads up Def having my bf quit today!!! he's a loader and absolutely hates it
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
It's not for everyone, that's for sure...
Jacob Dalgaard (3 months ago)
been a driver for ups, a tough fast paced job but the best pay job i ever had, thinking of going back driving for them, enjoyed the job, the atmosphere and the collegues. edit: didnt quit bc i was a pussy but because of temporary health issues.
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
I was there for over a year. I left because of a 100% garnishment on my check that UPS would not adjust. I have a separate video about it where I show the pay stubs.
Josh Roles (3 months ago)
24min of crying about a job when you could of left and got a diffrent one.
Andy England (2 months ago)
Josh Roles this dude is an absolute cry baby.
john jj (3 months ago)
I worked for USPS as a city carrier assistant. I drove the truck and had a different route everyday when I was 25. Very stressful job and had no fulfillment in my life walking my life away putting mail in slots. I'm 28 and I changed my job to parks. I work outside in nature and I make $65,000 a year. I took some classes at my junior college in the field. Life is what you make of it. If you find yourself not happy with your work, have the courage to change careers
David Gudgeon (3 months ago)
Good advice
OG Juxx Psycho (4 months ago)
Fucking people are so lazy these days.
JMP78 (4 months ago)
Go work for FedEx. It's better cause they are not governed by a union. Similar working conditions yes but they treat you better and they will work with you.
David Gudgeon (4 months ago)
Thanks for the tip!
zoecalifornia (4 months ago)
You work your way up in pay. I work the ramp and the hub as a combo. I get paid very well. We will end up at over $30 an hour when our contract is up. I have been there 16 years and only tried package car driver and it wasn't for me, although the pay is much better. lol But I am in the Ontario California hub, we may be paid different than other states and locals. I love my job and I make great money. Oh and I am not a supervisor. 😊
jose ramirez (2 months ago)
zoecalifornia gotta instagram lol
zoecalifornia (2 months ago)
+EJAY199221 lol thanks
EJAY199221 (2 months ago)
zoecalifornia you're fine asf
zoecalifornia (4 months ago)
+David Gudgeon They are David. And in some parts of our sorts are run different. My old sort we took break everyday. My current sort, we don't take break, but they pay us 15 minutes for it. And we never work over 6 hours without a lunch break. If we happen to, they pay us a 1 hour meal violation. But I am in california and our local is 36. They let some stuff slide as long as UPS pays us the extra for it I guess you can say.
David Gudgeon (4 months ago)
I've been hearing that some of the hubs are run differently in other states.
Brian Skeem (4 months ago)
This guy makes a lot of true statements about UPS but this job is not for anyone that is allergic to hard work. I've been working there almost nine years, made my way up to the driver position and my only regret is I didn't start at a younger age. If not for their awesome medical insurance I would owe 40,000 dollars from a personal bad car accident but thanks to the insurance I paid about 50 dollars for a couple copayments. They run a tight ship and get after you for every little thing but if you do your job like expected the pay and benefits are very well worth it.
steve b (1 month ago)
David Gudgeon The insurance is only INdirectly through UPS.
David Gudgeon (4 months ago)
Looks like the insurance worked out well for you.
Patrick Ecraela (4 months ago)
UPS is hiring package handlers would you recommend this job to me? I can work part time or fulltime.
David Gudgeon (4 months ago)
UPS mostly only hires part timers, and their turnover rate is very high because of the working conditions. They will tell you that the job is tough, but they will not go into details about "how tough" it actually is. They sidetrack you by telling you that it's like getting paid to do a workout, which is true I suppose if you think that a medium impact aerobic workout should last 5-6 hours without stopping, (longer during peak seasons). Some people are fine with this so it's really up to the individual to determine if they want to bother or not.
Eric Hoffman (4 months ago)
fucking whine ass. it's gonna be hard work. you knew that before hand. Being a package handler requires no mental skill whatsoever. As long as you can breathe and blink, you have the job. same shit with fedex.
That (4 months ago)
From what Iv'e heard, you just didn't know what a Union Stuart was or how to use them. Maybe also you didn't make it through the initiation fee process till your seniority date so how can you talk shit about a union you never were in? =o
David Gudgeon (4 months ago)
I was there for over a year. I left because of a 100% garnishment on my check that UPS would not adjust. I have a separate video about it where I show the pay stubs.
vikings844 (4 months ago)
Not sure what he exposed?
vikings844 (4 months ago)
They weed out the weak to see who could make it as a driver! This dude failed the first test now he is probably working at Taco Bell
David Gudgeon (4 months ago)
I was there for over a year. I left because of a 100% garnishment on my check that UPS would not adjust. I have a separate video about it where I show the pay stubs.
Raider Chavez (4 months ago)
He is wrong we take all our breaks and lunches. The warehouse is hard work but you get raises every year and options to double with overtime after 6hrs for part timers
ivysj (4 months ago)
You can either hack it, or you can't. UPS employees work as directed. I've pre loaded, I've local sorted, and am now a driver. No job is an easy job. Stick to the methods, get help with over 70's, never sign anything other than your paycheck. If your steward is not doing their job to represent, then file a DFR.
Randy Jimenez (4 months ago)
Is it hard getting a driver position ? Is it worth working there ? Is it true drivers have to shave ?
J Cabrera (4 months ago)
Randy Jimenez i am a driver we shave every morning. Pay is great phenomenal actually not to mention the benefits. I love it. Great cardio definitely will lose alot of weight.
Randy Jimenez (4 months ago)
+David Gudgeon thanks for the information. I also heard delivery drivers have to shave
David Gudgeon (4 months ago)
It's easier to get a driving position walking in off the street if they put out an ad for drivers than it is to be a loader on the waiting list. The waiting list for part timers and loaders/un-loaders is like 7-10 years, but UPS will hire off the street certain times of the year. A lot of people think it's like a badge of honor to kill yourself for little pay waiting for a chance to be a driver, (just because you qualify to try out for a driver position is no guarantee you will get it or keep the job if they give it to you). I personally don't agree. There is this delusion that you are being paid to do a workout, but after a couple of months you start to realize that all you are working out are your joints, and that there are possibly permanent side effects to that. If you are a college student, it is okay temporarily because of the early hours and the insurance and partial tuition payback programs, but I wouldn't want to make a career out of humping trucks. There are a lot of UPSers who pick on me for my UPS videos because I left after a year. They make fun saying I couldn't take it and ha-ha-ha, but not one of them ever disputes my descriptions of the working environments. If they want to get old and worn down early in life for WalMart pay that's their choice. As for the shaving, I've heard that, but I never asked any of the drivers if it was true or not.