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The Truth About Working for UPS EXPOSED!

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David talks about what it was like working for United Parcel, which is a tough, dirty under-appreciated job.
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xczamora (20 days ago)
Then again I’m working at a small hub in Texarkana
xczamora (19 days ago)
Coffee Talk i bet!
Coffee Talk (20 days ago)
There's a lot more pressure in the bigger hubs apparently.
xczamora (20 days ago)
I’ve never gotten searched
xczamora (20 days ago)
We get 5 mins. I never put the boxes in order or write the spaw numbers lol fuck them
indoctus41 (20 days ago)
UPS is as bad as it gets.
mexica 87 (21 days ago)
It's call modern day slavery 😂🤣😅
w777w (1 month ago)
UPS is a racist organization
Michael Knabusch (1 month ago)
This guy is a fucking pussy
WarInSpirit (1 month ago)
This is accurate.
Mr. Stangs (1 month ago)
Under Paid Slaves
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
At my hub someone had actually written that on the wall!
Wild West (1 month ago)
Yeah 10 minute breaks for a job that hard? Thats ridiculous. no lunch even? I wouldnt be working there long
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
Not even ten when you count the two minute safety meeting...
Matt Williams (2 months ago)
Just Quit? Army is more intense and less money though! ;)
Hyrum Beck (2 months ago)
UPS had a new contract, and now all new hires make $15 a hour.
Coffee Talk (2 months ago)
Well that's better than when I was there anyway.
Carl K (2 months ago)
Get the feeling you are one of those can't hack it cry babies.
987 Chicago (2 months ago)
The Amazon driver's in my neighborhood always get arrested by the police because the city police are racist against Amazon Driver's
Coffee Talk (2 months ago)
That's interesting...
Joe Spina (3 months ago)
Oh boo-hoo....UPS like FED-EX , DHL, or any other high output work place is a grind. That's the deal. Don't work there if you're going to whine.
Miss Not Of This World (3 months ago)
I bet you did a great job Coffee Talk. The only problem I have is that they need to quote a realistic time for Deliveries. They need to be more organized. They should provide a disclaimer: The delivery requested is 2ND DAY AIR/NEXT DAY AIR However We can't guarantee that the package will be delivered on time as requested due to heavy workloads.Please be patient and we will try to the best of our abilities. Thank you for your patience. People are going to be angry and even be put in potential danger due to lack of medical supplies or business documents not delivered. It could ruin gifts also! It also would be great idea if they wouldn't give someone a sticky without REALLY ATTEMPTING DELIVERIES! They should still have ethical and proper business practices without compromising integrity of workers. They don't need to treat their workers like Santa's Elves in Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Cruel and degrading. Silly Example I know! Best advice SPLIT FROM THE UNION! Humane Labor Laws needed. No more Wage Slavery.
Jason Reavis (3 months ago)
Blame the unions all you want but it's the unions that keep lazy fucks like you employed
Jason Reavis (3 months ago)
This guy is the biggest whiney piece of shit I've heard of, I work for the same company and all I know is if you can't keep up get your lazy ass out of the way, if you don't want packages delivered to your doorstep I suggest you shut your whiney ass up and carry your ass to wal-Mart.
Coffee Talk (3 months ago)
Another brilliant rebuttal from a UPSer union thug. All bold talk, nothing to say...
Based God (3 months ago)
But can you recommend a better job than this is the question
Stephen Gallant (4 months ago)
Hahaha.. The union only wants to represent the driver's. Hahaha.. I beg to differ. When I got wrongfully terminated the union sided with the company from day one
Rahjee Brunner (4 months ago)
The dislikes are from the load supervisors.
Rahjee Brunner (4 months ago)
My supervisors weren't so bad. But it's hard to relate, since I was a seasonal driver's helper.
Coffee Talk (4 months ago)
It figures it would be the guy who does the least work...
Timur Mazitov (4 months ago)
UPS sucks balls.
Hygge Musings (4 months ago)
My manager stole money from the hotel safe. He did a runner and fled to South Africa.
Naturenerd1000 (4 months ago)
Lifting 50,70,100 lbs packages barley making above minimum wage. That's terrible. Should be at least 15 or more an hour for that. And no breaks for 12 hours is illegal. Not even a lunch?
Coffee Talk (4 months ago)
It's a crappy part time job that a lot of UPSers think is fantastic because there is the "possibility" of being promoted to another department someday.
Malicious Asshole (4 months ago)
Loading fucking sucks.
Coffee Talk (4 months ago)
It's not the best job, that's for sure...
Texas Patriot (4 months ago)
I am a UPS driver at my center if we don't take our break during non-peak we get in trouble. During peak they don't push the break. UPS Trucks have lights in them. The center is lit fine. There is no dust. Engines aren't aloud to idle indoors, it has to be off. During peak the loads are huge. You can't fill a grand with 1k packages, unless they are all small. 1-3 misloads are ok, anything more is nuts. We don't have security at our center. You should work at a small center. You are a piece of shit, when you are at the bottom. Managers have been there longer than you, so they are going to have more privileges. This is all I care to comment. I will answer questions.
bones007able (5 months ago)
Rode with a route driver one day, the next they gave me a route with over 100 stops, at about 8 o clock I went back to the terminal with 2 stops left, because I could not see addresses in the dark.... the supervisor who I never met before called me everything under the sun... I walked out and never looked back... union will do nothing as UPS is about the only company supporting the Teamsters health and welfare... so if you file a greivence, they ignore it ....
Coffee Talk (5 months ago)
Thanks for stepping up and saying that. I've heard about the major micromanagement that drives are put through and how taxing that is. Sometimes a little extra money isn't worth it.
CB313 (5 months ago)
Since you weren't always working fulltime it sounds like you weren't technically in the union. Pretty sure you have to be fulltime. And yes even tho u pay union dues doesn't mean you're covered by it.
CB313 (5 months ago)
Coffee Talk i think the dislike you have for the union isn't because the union yet the companys itself. You gotta think at ups u were teqnically part time so yes they would treat u not the same as the fulltimers like drivers. Unless it was the specific people running the union there and they weren't doing what they should be i don't see any other reason since I'm in the same union and with us there is facility's of the same positions they get worse pay and benifits. It's because the strength of the union and our contracts.
CB313 (5 months ago)
Coffee Talk if you're in the union the coverage of its suppose to be no different then any other position. It really shouldn't matter to them. For us it's merchandising, warehouse, and drivers. Drivers being paid the most and merchandisers the least even tho they all make pretty good money there is a big difference in pay and there isn't any difference in the way the union treats/protects you in my experience.
Coffee Talk (5 months ago)
You are in the union, (I was sure paying dues). But it's not the same deal for warehouse people as opposed to other jobs.
CB313 (5 months ago)
I'm in the teamsters union for coke and we do get protected and get good benifits and pay. We get 2 10min paid breaks and a 30min unpaid lunch every day and take it at ANY time. Litterally can drop ass to take it. 80/20 health care with $300 deductible EVERY holiday is holiday pay and if u work double time plus it. And this is any position of it wether a merchandiser, warehouse, or driver. We are protected strongly and get good benifits and pay.
CB313 (5 months ago)
And like I said about the 6000 deductible we WOULD of had if it wasn't for the union, there would of been many more things we would of had worse if it wasn't for the union. The proof is in the company of the facility's in different states that aren't union with the lower pay and benifits. I mean it's significant
CB313 (5 months ago)
If I wasn't in the union are deductible would be $6000 rn. It wasn't the unions fault man.
ShouldbeNews Reality News Media (5 months ago)
Did you get denied worker comp? These companies are all globalist as a smart war has been waged for cheap labor and to weed out those who disobey there new Global Kings https://youtu.be/Wma4euICtDQ
316lawdog (5 months ago)
World Rockumentary Channel™ (5 months ago)
Here yah go, FedEx rejects Highly qualified Professional UPS driver,  ADA violations, Disability Discrimination, Breach of employment contract, Interference with a third-party contract. Forced Economic Poverty. A weaponized system used by Corporations for their protection ONLY! https://youtu.be/ljsOWMq6lR4
1Klooch (6 months ago)
Ordered two small items from Amazon. No Prime, so I paid for shipping to my home. Was coming via UPS. Got an email, (no note on the door), from them, "We couldn't deliver", "We tried". Bullshit! I was home all day! A friend of my works for the Post Office. She says when UPS is booked up, or the driver feels like dissing you they dump your stuff at the nearest USPO and tell you to, "Go and get it". I paid full price to have this stuff delivered to my door. Wasn't anything that needed to be signed for, had other stuff delivered in days recent, no problem. They "tried", I have to spend more money to get my stuff. IMO this makes UPS not only LIARS, but THIEVES also. Beware of buying from on-line retailers who use UPS, like Amazon.
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
That's a really undesirable business model. With so few options for delivery services I guess they figure they can do as they like.
Christian Nerey (6 months ago)
NOT EVERYONE BLEEDS BROWN..LOCAL 542 so cal. Proud 12yrs.. and still going..
Ricky Ricardo (6 months ago)
Management is always cackling about safety, but they ramrod the delivery drivers with phone calls designed to push the drivers mentally/physically and to the point where they are insinuating that laws need to be broken. UPS needs to stop using stops/deliveries as a number base, and start using packages delivered.
Ricky Ricardo (6 months ago)
UPS is top heavy with management. To much micro management. Technology has not been friendly to the delivery drivers.
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
The old "too many Chiefs, not enough Indians" scenario.
Pamela Ash (6 months ago)
I'm a contactor with ups as a driver ... I would never work for ups bunch of cry baby idiots
Tom Foster (6 months ago)
10 years in.
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
Glad it's working out for you
janjancummings (6 months ago)
union system is underdeveloped in the usa. where i live the members of the union have to vote to accept or reject the deal that the union make. and it is divided into what type of job it is (so a trucker can not vote on deals for packers and vica verca)
janjancummings (6 months ago)
well depend how you look at it. in my eyes it has always been underdeveloped for the task it is suppose to have, even back in its hayday . and today,as you said . it has sacrificed its core purpose to become a tool for collecting fees and dues. not to help the worker have a safe work environment, and a livable salary
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
Actually I think it's a bit over developed here. Whatever it started out as has been stripped away and all that is left is a system designed to collect fees and dues.
jaime adametz (6 months ago)
Yeah that's messed up ive worked for ups in raritan center in nj. I did the christmas help so i was helping the driver. The uniform there they gave me there smallest uniform i was swimming in.I swear every door i would go to the people would say oh how cute U no ive got the hat on this over sized jacket and pant's it was ridiculous.I had went to work one day i guess i met my driver around 3 or 4 and i worked I think i worked 6 or 7 hour's with my left hand in a cast. I broke my wrist jumping out of the car. long story. but anyway they called me into the office the next day and apparently had to let me go which was bull shit I even told the boss or supervisor whoever it was hey look i had no problem what so ever working yesterday. I was able to manage even with the biggest packages. and what the boss told me was we cant be liable or responsible if something happen's. And i was livid really what the hell else is going to happen. Ive already broke my wrist and it was my fault.Plus with a solid cast on my arm up to rite before my elbow so i could still bend it what was really going to happen my arm is was protected buy the cast.Ups sucks ass. They can burn for all i care.
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
People are very divided over what I had to say about UPS. Lots of people agree with my comments, and there are some who are die-hard UPSers that are pissed with me for the expose, (even though they never deny the working conditions, they just cuss me out for not liking it).
Will Powers (6 months ago)
I've been at UPS since 1985, it's a very tough job. The failure rate for new drivers is 85%. It seems farm kids or ex military are the only ones that seem to succeed lately. Our hub is very short drivers this peak and many part time and full time managers are doing routes. This job will break you unless you are physically and mentally tough. 3 years to go and then I'm going to enjoy my well earned retirement !
El Mofles (6 months ago)
He'll UPS is not everyone. F*** yeah it's hard at the beginning at least. Been there since high school. Worked the local sort and pre load for 11 years. Now 31, making bank with gravy routes of 60 to 80 deliveries . With 230- 300 mi a day 😅😣. Well now with peek hitting 90 to 115 deliveries. Same amount of mileage 😊
Danny G boxing (6 months ago)
I just quitted ups yesterday i worked there for about a month and a couple of weeks and let me tell you it fucking sucked especially right now since its peak season its super busy. it was horrible i had aches and pains and bruises all over my knees and body my supervisors were actually cool but i could tell they had a shady side a couple of days ago i worked from 12:00–10:00 pm and i asked one of the supervisors since the coordinator wasnt there hes the one who lets people go usually but he wasnt there that time So I asked one of the other supervisors if I could go home and she said nobody’s leaving yet and I’m like are you serious ive been here for 10 fucking hours and she said well our system is fucked up like thats not my problem i worked over time im leaving so i just left and ohh i never got my pay stub ive asked for it several times never got it apperently they dont have them which is a load of bullshit fuck UPS
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
I was never able to get a pay stub either. They kept telling me to use one of the kiosks, but they would never print.
Berlin Rebhorn (6 months ago)
I was a seasonal helper for two days until they started scamming us out of our paycheck. They didn't give us time cards, employee IDs, nothing. Told us to be there at 8:15 and three hours later we were sitting on our asses with the HR people wandering aimlessly.
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
I've heard a lot of complaints about problems with their payment system.
Lance Surgeon (6 months ago)
How about some cheese with your whine?
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
The "cheese and whine" bit? Hardly original. But then I shouldn't expect much from your type...
john smith (6 months ago)
was your dad a delicate little flower, that complained about every second he was awake too? or did you become one on your own? if you cant take a joke you shouldn't be one,
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
Was that so hard to make a legitimate argument instead of just hurling insults? You like the job, that's fine. Your hub is run better than the one where I was stationed, that's fine too and I can respect that. But just insulting people because you don't like or understand what they said doesn't help you make any kind of point, it's a waste of time, and that I can't respect or take seriously.
john smith (6 months ago)
not sure havn't seen him since i was a kid, know he was a drunk, and a drug addict, since the internet is a little past his time i'm guessing not a troll, just a worthless @$$hole, point is i've been at ups for a couple of months part time, best company i've ever worked for not making much now but with a little luck (AND HARD WORK) will be hired full time sooner or later then benefits great pay etc....it's hard in the begining, but look at all the people that stuck it out, where else can you make what ups employees, make without a college degree, besides it's not that bad, maybe your just a wuss
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
Was your dad an anonymous YouTube troll who insulted people instead of making legitimate points? or did you become one on your own?
Rayne Cloud (6 months ago)
I have worked at UPS now for 2 months and I work inside the warehouse as well. I load trailers, residential trucks, scan the boxs, unload and sort. We get paid $11.50 an hour. It is a job that requires heavy lifting and patients. There are good and bad days. There are days where I have to run up and down conveyor belts and days when I'm so bord I sleep standing up (not really). I go in at 3:00am and leave at 12pm. Cyber Monday is so far the only day we have to be there at 1am. I recently got hit in the head with a 50lbs box and received a concussion, they have been nothing but understanding and helpful with the long process that take for one to get better with such head injury. The company is paying for the physical therapy and doctors appointment due to being injured. They constantly take the time out to make sure you are being safe, they have lights that are adjustable shining into the truck, they do random quizzes on training scenarios, they even show you better more effective ways to do your job. Management are the nicest people I have ever met. The driver's are the people who bitch and complain about anything and everything they can. Hell they even do prizes for perfect attendance. THIS HAS BY FAR BEEN THE BEST JOB I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!
Gary Powell (6 months ago)
I unloaded train cars in Texas when a thermometer would bust in 15 minutes. Cry me a river pussy.
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
Look at me, I'm a such a big shot shooting my mouth off over the internet where it's safe and anonymous. It's really easy to insult someone from a thousand miles away...
Jeff Cotton (7 months ago)
I️ve never seen a more whiny bitch
Coffee Talk (6 months ago)
You mean you've never met your dad???
Nick T. (7 months ago)
The new extender belts for unloading at our plants now go all the way to the front of the trailer. No more rollers. Have had them for a few years now. And the newer plants have a lot of auto sort equipment. Yep your local is not doing they're job, that's why some say your union is not a good union.
Coffee Talk (7 months ago)
Is that a newer construct? I heard the plant I used to work in still uses the rollers...
Nick Moranis (7 months ago)
Incompetent fuck heads. UPS are like that friend that always let you down. I hope they go down. The drivers are total dicks too.
Limited Issue (7 months ago)
I love watching these fucking pussies complaining about working for ups, man this is what happens when u let bitches do a real mans job, these dudes would probably be takin it in the ass way back in the ole days where there was nothing but hard work
Coffee Talk (7 months ago)
The video is not about drivers, pay attention if you are going to criticize. And who knows what you are? No real name, no real picture, no videos, no subscribers, for all I know you're a 12yo kid trolling around YouTube trying to pick fights. Lord knows you're sure acting like one...
Limited Issue (7 months ago)
Coffee Talk being a driver sure as hell aint "sub-standard" pay, preload was a bitch but it was worth the wait. Maybe start working like a real man, take your time, work hard and maybe you'll get somewhere in life cunt.
Coffee Talk (7 months ago)
Believe it or not I love getting comments like this. Reason being that it actually helps prove my point. Only a mindless UPS wage slave would make comments like this because they lack the cognitive ability to either make a plausible argument or provide any constructive criticism. All they can do is hurl insults and or make threats. But then, if they were any smarter, they wouldn't be killing themselves for a sub standard wage and free insurance, (which they are going to need when their bodies begin to give out)...
Richard Deeb (7 months ago)
Yup! Been there done that!! The rollers in the trucks sucked also and one person unloading per truck
Coffee Talk (7 months ago)
When you get down the end of those rollers you're better off carrying the damn boxes!
zerosev (7 months ago)
lol sounds like your a wuss.  UPS is not hard.  its labor work that requires muscle.  after 3 weeks you get used to it and its like exercise you get paid for.  good luck working at mcdonalds... bet they have many career opportunities for you!
Coffee Talk (7 months ago)
What? Another UPSer who isn't capable of making a viable argument so they hurl insults instead? Why am I not surprised...
Texas Patriot (7 months ago)
In regards to shit falling out. They are supposed to use the retaining net or the bar to prevent this. I cant see it being UPS fault that someone didnt do their job. I work as a loader when I am not driving. Yea its a pain in the ass but not something worth coming on youtube to bitch about. The health care is worth every ounce of sweat. Drivers Cap at $35 an hour.
art s (7 months ago)
MrSafetyForever (7 months ago)
Slave Labor is a real and present reality in the U.S.A.
Coffee Talk (7 months ago)
It's always been present, they just call it something else now.
scott mcphee (7 months ago)
U.P.S. it's is own military outside the ARMY,NAVY,MARINE CORP,AIR FORCE....job is intensely physical & mental....and they drill the hell out of you and you have no Life outside of work.
Coffee Talk (7 months ago)
I've heard it described that way.
duzty122 (7 months ago)
so what do you do now?
Carl Kay (7 months ago)
Sounds like a can't hack it whiner.
Queen K (7 months ago)
sue them
Coffee Talk (7 months ago)
That would cost more than it could possibly be worth.
Brandon d (7 months ago)
This guy does not know what real work is. he should just stay indoors, and go back to college or something like that .
Marty Marsh (7 months ago)
Teamsters are the most corrupt union in the country, they now protect corporate America only the members get to pay for it. On the other side of the argument, if you could have gotten one of those high paying jobs you would have sold your soul to the teamsters and they would have been the best thing since sliced bread. Meanwhile, the teamster are hacking away at pension across the country. I only get 200 bucks a month and they stole that. Also anyone that represents the union, is told, baffle these clowns with bullshit, after all they don't care about you, they just need a warm body to be able to collect the protection money, they changed that to dues to make it legal.
Marty Marsh (7 months ago)
LMAO, even if you mess up? Just one more reason they are failing.
Nick T. (7 months ago)
It goes both ways. Without the Union UPS takes advantage of workers and can fire you at will. So the Union is a necessary evil, that if you're in good standing will fight for your job back even when you mess up.
Marty Marsh (7 months ago)
You won't get an argument from me about that, but, because of all the corruption they are losing their hold on that.
Coffee Talk (7 months ago)
Any organization that tells me I can't work or have a job if I don't join their "club" and pay them dues and membership fees is corrupt in my eyes...
John Barker (7 months ago)
Not sure how bad it is at UPS, but with fedex the ground trucks at my terminal are loaded by the package handlers. I am a new driver and it is a nightmare for me to find stuff. I haven't heard of any of our package handlers getting write ups because they mis-loaded something. Its a fairly common occurrence, I guess UPS got tired of it and started disciplining people. They are unionized though so I would have thought that would be more rare. Do you not have a steward on the job there or something?
Nick T. (7 months ago)
Wow, it's so different down here in Texas. Most trailers I pull have retainers, the Union helps you out but you have to do your end of the paperwork, same with the stewards. As a delivery driver you can even request shorter days if you think they're overworking you. The employees that know the system use the Contract and Union to their advantage.
Coffee Talk (7 months ago)
There is a steward, if you like hearing pro union rhetoric mixed with excessive cuss words from someone with a thick Chicago accent who does nothing outside of talk...
Le Beluga Caviar (7 months ago)
David: you are not mentally and physically capable to work at a place that only a few with the right genes and vision can actually love coming to work at UPS. You know who you are and if you are in a position of loader or similar position knows that there are benefits and opportunities available in the near future and to have the knowledge that NOT EVERYONE can be hired at UPS. When you have emphysema, cancer, erectile dysfunction, depression, bipolar or get a hospital bill for $200,000, the benefits at UPS works like this: you pay $0.00. Did you like that? That is what you missed, among other things. And for the naggers, there is a way to let you know that a manager or supervisor has THINGS to do on a timely manner and the way to get it done is....being an asshole. Just be a jerk, do not even look at the naggers and YOUR job is already defined: unloader, then look for every truck on your assigned belt line (100 to 300) and unload! For the next 3-5 hours, your job is to go from one to the other. Not talking, no fooling around when you have boxes in the trucks to be unloaded. When 9 pm hits, then relax a bit. THAT IS YOUR JOB. Then you can go back to your landscape, hospital, wife duties. when you get home David, you husband will be very pleased to see you. If you have a VALID question, then look for a manager or supervisor BECAUSE, if you don't, then HE OR SHE will find something for you like DAVID! Are you doing something? uhhh, no. HELP JACKSON LOAD THE TRUCK! It is 8:50...the truck leaves at 9:00 pm ON THE DOT! There you are David, sweating like an iguana loading boxes of 1 lb, 25, 70, 100....like it is a sheet of paper. MOVE IT!! LOAD IT!. FAST!!! NO STOPPING! LOAD, LOAD!!....AND...what was your dumb question? WHAT TIME CAN I CLOCK OUT? That is the answer why supervisors and managers MUST act like the worst or assholes, TO THE POINT so they will not track of all the emails, calls, deadlines and good for nothing elements like you DAVID. i would recommend for you to go to work at Goodwill centers. There, they can ACCEPT that you are slow, take your time, and support your mental state or HANDICAP. Maybe putting sales sheets inside the newspapers. That is a job for you! UPS...no. Only the few and the strong can work for UPS. AND I am not talking men. WOMEN!! One can look at the eyes of a woman working for UPS and you see something different. She can be white, black, yellow, brown. tall, short, heavy but she has her POWER. I see it every day. Remember: you are already a UPS reject. Don't you ever forget it.
Coffee Talk (7 months ago)
You messed up, your comments should have read: Hi, I'm an anonymous faceless YouTube Troll who has so little to do I sit alone in a dark room and try to goad other YouTubers who actually have videos, (since I have nothing on my channel) into deliberating with me after I've insulted them with paragraphs of nonsense...
K Pierre (8 months ago)
Fuck working for UPS! Damn slave job, go ahead and kill yourself for 11 an hour, ha!! Work smarter not harder I say. I worked four hours today and made 150... 150!!!! 4 hours!!! Four hours at UPS would've been 44 bucks and a full is is only 88 bucks! Smh. Again, work smarter not harder. All those saying he's a pussy, UPS is perfect for y'all. Hey, someone's gotta do it mine as well be y'all lol.
Coffee Talk (8 months ago)
A lot of them like to pick on me for my comments, but they never deny my description of the working environment.
987 Chicago (8 months ago)
I have been working for UPS for 11 years in Illinois
logdon17 (8 months ago)
Here is the problem, you seem somewhat intelligent and of a mental capacity to work in a job that is considered normal. But you took a job that is meant for people that are either out of prison, on drugs, or borderline destitute. You need to find a line of work that is above that level, otherwise suck it up and admit you are that low.
fezbot100 (8 months ago)
Coffee Talk (8 months ago)
Gee, another "original" insult from an anonymous YouTuber, I'm sooooo devastated...
Frank Abagnale (8 months ago)
Work is for jerks.
Tavita Farani (8 months ago)
You are welcome to USPS the real Post office they treat their people great and the union are great for their employees
KoG GoK (6 months ago)
you have heard wrong its worse then ups you dont even get to go career for years. you will be working 6 days a week 10 hour days and have no benefits
Coffee Talk (8 months ago)
I've heard that they are a lot more easy going.
Jason Woods (8 months ago)
This guy had limited experience in UPS. I have worked at 3 different facilities and have done pretty much every job you can do as a union employee or management in my 17 plus years of working at Ups. Without the union the pay rate and the benefits would be shit!!! I am currently a full time management employee. And you need to read your union book. I would go into detail but there is no need. Just know that UPS is not for everyone and this guy did not have a good experience. It is hard work and it can be shitty but overall it’s a good place to work. There are people who work as loaders in the building (not drivers) making 30 plus $$ an hour. You have to stick it out for a few years at least to see what it’s really about.
Nick T. (7 months ago)
+Jason Woods, well said. Been doing it almost 39 years and never had to go through what he did. Unloaded, loaded, sorted, delivered and feeders. It's a hard job but well paid and with great benefits. Once you put your time in you pick what you want to do and make a good living.
Michael Winter (8 months ago)
Sounds a lot like working for any shipping or logistics company. Don't like it? Don't do it.
devon teller (8 months ago)
You a bitch
Coffee Talk (8 months ago)
If you have an actual point to make then make it. If all you can offer is a lame insult then you are wasting your time as much as mine...
HAWG! (8 months ago)
Man you should have went to the military first.
Sean Ramirez (8 months ago)
Sounds like a dude who was just mad he didn't get into ups sooner and drove
billy smith (8 months ago)
quit your bitching
john doe (8 months ago)
ups is one of the best jobs you could ever get. 25k to school. a raise every single year no matter what position. GREAT insurance and health benefits. but it is also an insanely hard job. i work from 10;30 to around 4 am on the midnight shift. i leave every day feeling destoyed. but in my opinion its worth it.
john doe (8 months ago)
i work at ups. im a loader on my dock pd3. there cant be regard for the walls. my trailer gets about 900 boxes an hour and im all by myself. yet they expect me to check every label, sort all hazmats, and make the walls 100% secure and tight. the unloaders have the easier job. their there around 3-4 hours while i spend 4 and a half to 5 and a half.
Nick T. (7 months ago)
john doe+ and I bet the receiving end appreciates the tight loads as well as the feeder drivers. When everyone does their job right it makes everyones job easier. We're almost a 24/7 operation now with Saturday delivery and it's a wonder how efficient UPS is moving all those packages. They're doing something right or we'd be out of business.
Qaletaqa Alvarom (8 months ago)
here in Philadelphia  they hire package car and feeder drivers off the street. the current top rate is $35.76 an hour if you have four years seniority. we currently don't pay for benefits and get a pension that pay out  roughly .005 %  for your yearly contribution. which could be as much as $26,000.
Mark Del Mundo (8 months ago)
I work at Amazon right now & you guys got it easy lol.
KoG GoK (6 months ago)
amazon hires drivers?
Mark Del Mundo (8 months ago)
yeah that's why i chose to be a driver :)
Coffee Talk (8 months ago)
I've heard they have pretty lousy working conditions in their warehouses.
3cressidas (9 months ago)
I was 1 of 3, out of 50+ applicants for a maintenance job with plant engineering, that passed the written & hands-on testing. I have 30 years of experience in big, automated industry, and always excelled at any task I was given.Was hired away from a good paying job, with false offers, and vague promises by UPS.Engineering was a cluster-fuck, no one had any real idea what was going on.Today I received my first pay check, but it was at less that promised pay rate.What a bunch of con artists !Told them to stick their job up their brown ass.........
trabakollias (9 months ago)
come on too work in greek u.p.s....with subconstractors.....its hell..6oo dollar per month...the best horror company in the world....
Coffee Talk (9 months ago)
Sorry to hear it's so rough there...
Lx Beltran (9 months ago)
UPS are hardworking folks, I love them.
Coffee Talk (9 months ago)
Yes they are, but many of them are taken advantage of by the company.
Rehman (9 months ago)
This guys a pussy
Coffee Talk (9 months ago)
I'm not clever enough to make a valid rebuttal, so I'll make a lame insult instead... Way to go Rehman, when you aren't smart enough to make a point you add credibility to my statements!
Carriers Rea (9 months ago)
I've been working for ups for a year and I got called for feeder driver position.
Coffee Talk (9 months ago)
You lucked out!
sugar mag (9 months ago)
Really... I have worked harder for less money. I have a college education and I'm currently seeking employment with the USPS because I don't make shit as a Medical Assistant...with my associates degree 😤
Nick T. (7 months ago)
I got burned out and quit college after switching majors. Was already working part time at UPS so decided to go full time as a driver. Was really surprised at what I was making my first year (40k$) more than what I would have started with a bachelors degree back in mid 80s. So no regrets about going to college or working for UPS.
Mark Del Mundo (8 months ago)
i'm driving for Amazon right now (not amazon flex) & it's a lot of work. we have to load our own trucks/vans and deliver almost 200 packages within 10 hours.
sugar mag (8 months ago)
MJ DAMAGE...sad but true my friend 😕
Mark Del Mundo (8 months ago)
i respect you for getting a degree and being a medical assistant but someone with your resume & education level shouldn't get paid less then UPS drivers or any other carrier company
qbconnect (9 months ago)
I've worked for both UPS & FedEx and I can say this with no favoritism, UPS SUCKS. They create a climate of management vs subordinate employees. They look for ways to make up ridiculous military style rules just to keep an atmosphere of psychological droning over workers. Plus why no dam air conditioner in the trucks unless you live in Arizona. Billion dollar company, pitiful. And if you like spending time with your family on a work day or having the energy/time to get in a workout or even if you like to sleep a standard 8hrs forget it. By the time ur finished sweating out 50-65hr work weeks ur gonna be paying someone to do everything from mowing the lawn to screwing your wife for you!
Coffee Talk (9 months ago)
I've heard that a lot about UPS, that even when you are making the good pay it isn't worth it because you have no life of your own.
Alfred Hernandez (9 months ago)
It's a good job if you stay in it for the long run, if you become a driver, with overtime, you can make some good money. There's no such thing as a 40 hr work week though, those guys work minimum 45-60 hrs, that's one big reason why they can make $100k+ a year, a lot of it is overtime, at 40 hrs a week it's about a $66-$70k a year job, not bad, but if you have a college education and/or some other useful skills, you can make that without breaking your back doing something else. Not a bad gig though for someone with only a HS diploma and no other skills, the wait is long though, during that time you can go to school, learn some other skills, have some options. The benefits are great though, especially for being part time.
Nick T. (7 months ago)
There are positions/jobs that work you less than 45 hrs. I had a run that averaged 42-43 hrs. Like you say though you get used to that overtime pay. You can buy more toys lol.
Alfred Hernandez (9 months ago)
Coffee Talk I'm out of Baldwin Park, Ca. It has its bad days, I've been there five years now, but I went to school, got my bachelors, I'm now applying to some government jobs with the state, I'm not in it for the long run with UPS, but if I only had a HS diploma with no other skills, it's probably my best bet.
Coffee Talk (9 months ago)
Fair enough. The hub I was working in happened to be particularly bad. I get a lot of feedback about other hubs that are run the same or worse. And sometimes that a hub is run smoothly. So true enough that the experience is better or worse depending on where you are posted.
TommyOC (9 months ago)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Love you as Negan, big guy!
Shadow Master (9 months ago)
Sir you sound, very antiunion, are you sure your arent getting paid to make this video???
Coffee Talk (9 months ago)
I wish they would pay me!
Keith B (9 months ago)
wah wah wah I worked there for 25 years. work to hard for you
Coffee Talk (9 months ago)
Oh look, another anonymous YouTube troll tried to insult me, I'm so devastated...
Dr. Dave (9 months ago)
I worked for UPS for 38 years and in that time I never had someone hold a gun to my head and force me to come to work. If you are not happy, suckered it up and take your skills elsewhere... Too many entitled snowflakes these days!
J Dixon (9 months ago)
I can't lie. UPS ask you to do a lot and the check don't seems worth it at times. But with good sups and coworkers it's doable. The benefits are great. But he has good points. The drivers get most of the good stuff far as pay. The sups treat them more with breakfast etc. but with that they are worked hard spending most of their day away from their family. Work load is a mfer lol. Unloading those feeders is tough stuff. And at our facility you don't get to rest In between truck move. You either dump bags jump to another truck or help with irregs. This is my number one complaint when the sups come asking why I have been in a truck past a certain time. But his experience is a lot different from mine. Most days I can just leave and my work day is irrelevant. But some days when every sup is on another level it's frustrating. But all in all the job isn't bad. Just some bad times and misunderstandings from sups who never done the job
mikey mcconahay (9 months ago)
Try ups freight that shit is the easiest job and I make 15.50 to load shit with a forklift going to Indy Louisville and Dayton and the union is strong as fuck they will save you from anything but stealing company time
Marcos Bobadilla (9 months ago)
Do women get it easier than men working there ? Or do they treat everyone equally. Do they get easier job than men do
Nick T. (7 months ago)
In the Dallas area we have a lot of women. Even feeders has a few of them now. Lots of hiring right now and certain hubs have all kinds of rewards for hub emplyees (barbecues, gatorade, fruit, games and raffles etc. In the last few years we've added 2 more hubs and are building another, so it's a good time to get hired if you're young and want the best paying jobs when you get older.
Coffee Talk (9 months ago)
I only actually saw three, two were scanners, (which isn't too hard by comparison) and the other was a pre-loader and she kept up with everyone else.
Dwight ScatPack Toledo (9 months ago)
Coffee Talk (9 months ago)
max dorse (9 months ago)
Sounds like pre-load, sorry they tortured the shyt outta you
Coffee Talk (9 months ago)
Wouldn't have been so pissed if they were at least honest about it.
Joseph Almazan (9 months ago)
try working delivering appliances
Ale Olmos (9 months ago)
THis not my profile for those whom wonder. In the union and management meetings employees go this way "You fire this 3 employees and we keep this 2 that pay union dues.