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The Truth About Working for UPS EXPOSED!

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David talks about what it was like working for United Parcel, which is a tough, dirty under-appreciated job.
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MJ DAMAGE (10 hours ago)
I work at Amazon right now & you guys got it easy lol.
3cressidas (6 days ago)
I was 1 of 3, out of 50+ applicants for a maintenance job with plant engineering, that passed the written & hands-on testing. I have 30 years of experience in big, automated industry, and always excelled at any task I was given.Was hired away from a good paying job, with false offers, and vague promises by UPS.Engineering was a cluster-fuck, no one had any real idea what was going on.Today I received my first pay check, but it was at less that promised pay rate.What a bunch of con artists !Told them to stick their job up their brown ass.........
Wyatt Nelson (8 days ago)
"they got in trouble two suvs in drive plus a moto bike life for believing UPS runs not by robots but humans that applied
Wyatt Nelson (8 days ago)
"world wide services" '.. intelenati.. 'illuminati project' what did that mean again??
Wyatt Nelson (8 days ago)
beepBeep 'lets go get em' is it like adult level big driving ppl r going to stop 'nope watch.. it just like goes by itself 'beep' not even time to round the wheel its not sized for big road single and seeing if humans rly don't speak English
trabakollias (11 days ago)
come on too work in greek u.p.s....with subconstractors.....its hell..6oo dollar per month...the best horror company in the world....
Coffee Talk (11 days ago)
Sorry to hear it's so rough there...
Lx Beltran (12 days ago)
UPS are hardworking folks, I love them.
Coffee Talk (12 days ago)
Yes they are, but many of them are taken advantage of by the company.
Rehman (15 days ago)
This guys a pussy
Coffee Talk (15 days ago)
I'm not clever enough to make a valid rebuttal, so I'll make a lame insult instead... Way to go Rehman, when you aren't smart enough to make a point you add credibility to my statements!
Carriers Rea (15 days ago)
I've been working for ups for a year and I got called for feeder driver position.
Coffee Talk (13 days ago)
You lucked out!
sugar mag (18 days ago)
Really... I have worked harder for less money. I have a college education and I'm currently seeking employment with the USPS because I don't make shit as a Medical Assistant...with my associates degree 😤
MJ DAMAGE (9 hours ago)
i'm driving for Amazon right now (not amazon flex) & it's a lot of work. we have to load our own trucks/vans and deliver almost 200 packages within 10 hours.
sugar mag (10 hours ago)
MJ DAMAGE...sad but true my friend 😕
MJ DAMAGE (10 hours ago)
i respect you for getting a degree and being a medical assistant but someone with your resume & education level shouldn't get paid less then UPS drivers or any other carrier company
qbconnect (21 days ago)
I've worked for both UPS & FedEx and I can say this with no favoritism, UPS SUCKS. They create a climate of management vs subordinate employees. They look for ways to make up ridiculous military style rules just to keep an atmosphere of psychological droning over workers. Plus why no dam air conditioner in the trucks unless you live in Arizona. Billion dollar company, pitiful. And if you like spending time with your family on a work day or having the energy/time to get in a workout or even if you like to sleep a standard 8hrs forget it. By the time ur finished sweating out 50-65hr work weeks ur gonna be paying someone to do everything from mowing the lawn to screwing your wife for you!
Coffee Talk (20 days ago)
I've heard that a lot about UPS, that even when you are making the good pay it isn't worth it because you have no life of your own.
Alfred Hernandez (21 days ago)
It's a good job if you stay in it for the long run, if you become a driver, with overtime, you can make some good money. There's no such thing as a 40 hr work week though, those guys work minimum 45-60 hrs, that's one big reason why they can make $100k+ a year, a lot of it is overtime, at 40 hrs a week it's about a $66-$70k a year job, not bad, but if you have a college education and/or some other useful skills, you can make that without breaking your back doing something else. Not a bad gig though for someone with only a HS diploma and no other skills, the wait is long though, during that time you can go to school, learn some other skills, have some options. The benefits are great though, especially for being part time.
Alfred Hernandez (21 days ago)
Coffee Talk I'm out of Baldwin Park, Ca. It has its bad days, I've been there five years now, but I went to school, got my bachelors, I'm now applying to some government jobs with the state, I'm not in it for the long run with UPS, but if I only had a HS diploma with no other skills, it's probably my best bet.
Coffee Talk (21 days ago)
Fair enough. The hub I was working in happened to be particularly bad. I get a lot of feedback about other hubs that are run the same or worse. And sometimes that a hub is run smoothly. So true enough that the experience is better or worse depending on where you are posted.
TommyOC (23 days ago)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Love you as Negan, big guy!
Juan Trujillo (23 days ago)
Sir you sound, very antiunion, are you sure your arent getting paid to make this video???
Coffee Talk (23 days ago)
I wish they would pay me!
Keith B (25 days ago)
wah wah wah I worked there for 25 years. work to hard for you
Coffee Talk (24 days ago)
Oh look, another anonymous YouTube troll tried to insult me, I'm so devastated...
Dr. Dave (25 days ago)
I worked for UPS for 38 years and in that time I never had someone hold a gun to my head and force me to come to work. If you are not happy, suckered it up and take your skills elsewhere... Too many entitled snowflakes these days!
J Dixon (25 days ago)
I can't lie. UPS ask you to do a lot and the check don't seems worth it at times. But with good sups and coworkers it's doable. The benefits are great. But he has good points. The drivers get most of the good stuff far as pay. The sups treat them more with breakfast etc. but with that they are worked hard spending most of their day away from their family. Work load is a mfer lol. Unloading those feeders is tough stuff. And at our facility you don't get to rest In between truck move. You either dump bags jump to another truck or help with irregs. This is my number one complaint when the sups come asking why I have been in a truck past a certain time. But his experience is a lot different from mine. Most days I can just leave and my work day is irrelevant. But some days when every sup is on another level it's frustrating. But all in all the job isn't bad. Just some bad times and misunderstandings from sups who never done the job
mikey mcconahay (26 days ago)
Try ups freight that shit is the easiest job and I make 15.50 to load shit with a forklift going to Indy Louisville and Dayton and the union is strong as fuck they will save you from anything but stealing company time
Marcos Bobadilla (26 days ago)
Do women get it easier than men working there ? Or do they treat everyone equally. Do they get easier job than men do
Coffee Talk (26 days ago)
I only actually saw three, two were scanners, (which isn't too hard by comparison) and the other was a pre-loader and she kept up with everyone else.
Byron Lee (26 days ago)
I am 19 years old and I currently work at UPS, the benefits are worth the amount of labor. They tell you up front "it is a tough dirty job and most people hate it" . The job is worth it as long as you have the work ethic and stick it through
Dwight ScatPack Toledo (26 days ago)
Coffee Talk (26 days ago)
max dorse (28 days ago)
Sounds like pre-load, sorry they tortured the shyt outta you
Coffee Talk (27 days ago)
Wouldn't have been so pissed if they were at least honest about it.
Joseph Almazan (28 days ago)
try working delivering appliances
Ale Olmos (28 days ago)
THis not my profile for those whom wonder. In the union and management meetings employees go this way "You fire this 3 employees and we keep this 2 that pay union dues.
Ale Olmos (28 days ago)
This is 100% true except he did not experienced the supervisor take on this. I worked Twilight, night sort, preload HILEAH, on road all as full time supervisor for a total of 17 years. I do not consider my self a super star but I ran every shift if a building That works 24 hours a day. The only position I did not worked was the Guard house because is not part of the job. I read some messages stating its a great company and pays well. Sure I was a full time on road supervisor in the lakes center HIAFL after 17 years career operations Some of my drivers made $95,000 in one year. A driver made more money than me.What is incredible about all this is all were house P/T employees made no more than $ 16,000 in one year. I know because I paid them. I completed all couerses as an on road supervisor including post,safety training and many other courses requierd to be an on road full time supervisor.P/T is more intense and physical demanding than a driver who only see their boss once a day for an hour if that. A I do not want to put down a drivers job because I did it.I deliver under the rain and 95 degree weather but you are your own boss and no one telling you LETS GO! LETS GO! OR PAY YOU 9 DOLLARS AND HOUR FOR EVERY SEMI TRAILER YOU UNLOAD AN HOUR. Some of you comented "UPS PAYS GOOD(YES) and is a great company with benefits( NO)" Whait untill your body breaks down and they put you throught their work comp doctors hire and pay to do what the company wants. Please write back after they do not need you any more or you find a whom do not like you, The way you talk or the color of your skin. Yep it happend to me and will happen to you because at the end of the day you are just a number....................GM
Coffee Talk (28 days ago)
I forgot about those "company doctors"! I never had to deal with one personally, but there were lots of complaints about how they never approve anything...
Eric Ordaz (28 days ago)
Why believe what i like. I'm telling the truth. .. ur video is too old. Dont insult us with that 70k a yr bs.... We all make 100,000k a yr or more in cali....
Eric Ordaz (29 days ago)
People who complain is becuz they r weak drivers, and dont want to do the job. They want the $ but not the hours......pussy man the fuck up We all waited 7-10 yrs to go driving now u complain cuz us drivers make 100,000k or more a year...stfu
Coffee Talk (28 days ago)
Not the point of the video, don't care how much the drivers make. But believe whatever you like.
Eric Ordaz (29 days ago)
One stop at a time. That's the way i roll. As long as I have my radio, im good 10.5 all day. Fuck that 9.5 overtime relief bs
Mike Smith (30 days ago)
Coffee Talk (30 days ago)
Hi, I'm another mindless UPS drone that isn't articulated enough to make a point so I'll just make a lame insult instead...
Mark Steffen (30 days ago)
It's been a great career for me. 27 years now.
r draws (30 days ago)
I work at UPS. Loading and Unloading trucks I saw as a workout because I couldn't afford a gym membership. And it truly worked for me. Started when I was 19. No I've been a feeder driver for 3 yrs and 21 yrs of employment. Warehouse work is not for everyone.
David Hames (30 days ago)
I would never higher this guy.
David Hames (12 days ago)
thanks for the correction.
Coffee Talk (30 days ago)
It's "hire". If you're going to run your mouth, at least do it right...
Jay Santos (30 days ago)
This is whyI never buy big heavy boxes online. Those shitbag drivers would drop and smash my packages 1/2 the time.
Coffee Talk (30 days ago)
Odds are it's broken before they even get the box on their delivery truck...
miamisburg1985 (1 month ago)
Dont worry, some inmigrant would take his job. Right???,.
whatisthisnonsens100 (30 days ago)
waaaaah! I'm unappreciated! waaaah! I had to carry an ID! waaaah! I didnt make enough as an unloader. Guess you should have studied harder in school if you didn't want to work for a living.
whatisthisnonsens100 (30 days ago)
I can imagine so. By your video you definitely sound like someone who's been pampered and becomes easily distraught. I'm sure you've never found an easier part time job with better benefits, either.
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
Oh gee, I'm so devastated that some random nameless faceless person sitting in front of a computer in a dark room 2000 miles away insulted me...
Coleman Adamson (1 month ago)
Good video. Every word true.
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
A lot of complaints about this video, but a lot of the hubs are run very badly. And my hub was run badly!
ScratchGolfer72 (1 month ago)
I've loaded and unloaded... unloading is 10 times better than loading, mate
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
And sometimes longer! True enough that most of the unloading crew are out early.
ScratchGolfer72 (1 month ago)
Lifting boxes up over your head is easier then lowering them, plus loaders get out 30min to 90min after unloaders.
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
Unloading is more physical work, but there's less to think about, so from that perspective it is better.
Dennis Jones (1 month ago)
I see a lot of UPS and FEDEX violate the law by not stopping at stop signs and speeding. I have even stopped and confronted them about that person for not stopping. The drives need to obay all traffic laws.
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
The drivers are under a lot of pressure to make up time. Doesn't surprise me they take shortcuts...
Brandon Carraway (1 month ago)
Lol at the damages. I agree with this. Especially during peak. Wow. The sorter at the load belts will walk all over packages unscrupulously.
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
I have seen a lot of stuff getting busted up.
Brandon Carraway (1 month ago)
Turnouts are expected. Your working on a federal level. As for mgmt not getting searched, they have the privilege because well, they are mgmt. Also, there are fewer mgrs than "grunts" which is easier to control. It's the hazard of the job. I get your frustration, however, I feel that your expectations of security are unrealistic. Just my opinion. Haha
Brandon Carraway (1 month ago)
I rather enjoyed working at UPS. I worked at the one in Central Austin, which was a rather large facility. Was it rough? Yes. Was they pay amazing? No. Did I get a free workout? Hell yea! I got real fit working there. And it really teaches you commitment. We started at 12am. Worked to anywhere from 6-9am.
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
My particular facility, (Palatine) was notorious for being a disaster area. Although I heard from someone who started there just recently and said that the training regiment has been completely re-tooled, (and much better) due to considerable complaints from employees and a very high turnover of new recruits. So at least there's that!
Richard S (1 month ago)
I listened to 5:33 and had enough. This guy is a snowflake pansy. Bitch,bitch ,bitch.Don't know how long he lasted probably long enough to collect unemployment.This is a level entry job that pays well. If you can't do it don't cry about it!
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
Love it when a UPS wage slave tries to throw in their 0.02 cents and all they can do is make pitiful insults instead of making a point. Little do they realize that all it does is add credibility to the story. But then if the bulb wasn't so dim to begin with, they wouldn't kill themselves at a thankless job for just above minimum wage.
DeathBomb669 (1 month ago)
ryan rus (1 month ago)
you can thank the consumers to have a job like that bud
Austin Parrish (1 month ago)
Sounds to me like you're just a little pussy who couldn't hang.
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
More brilliant dialog from a UPS wage slave. Thanks for the comment.
Omar Osmani (1 month ago)
I've been working at UPS for a while here in Canada, honestly just do your job and try to move up in any company you work for. That's how life works...some people want everything to be served on a gold platter. I'm going into the real world soon and I'm excited and nervous at the same time but that's life don't get complacent... we're all human fuck labor fuck management
Miss Spencer (1 month ago)
thanks for the inside story. i'm not surprised. these types of stories is exactly what i thought it is.
Coffee Talk (1 month ago)
The pay isn't worth it until you've been there for years. The question is, is it worth it in the long term?
Todd Krough (1 month ago)
i made 11.53 an hour not 37 16 was the top pay then.
Todd Krough (1 month ago)
alot of people get injuries they hurt theyre back twist there ankles its hard work
Todd Krough (1 month ago)
i worked there too as a christmas driver 5 years it was a nightmare. all the packages kept falling off the shelves i once brought my truck back with 70 packages undelivered, my boss about had a heart attack lol
Allen Watkins (2 months ago)
What is top scale pay for a truck driver, I heard $37hr after 4yrs in Chicago....name more cities so we can be informed.
Allen Watkins (2 months ago)
What's Phoenix, Atlanta, Memphis, Charlotte, Houston, Dallas, Maryland, Florida, Minnesota...
Eric Belec (2 months ago)
Great talk. Thanks for making the video.
Coffee Talk (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Banter (2 months ago)
He kinda looks like Negan from the walking dead
Coffee Talk (2 months ago)
I get that a lot!
Maurice Wilson (2 months ago)
I went threw security no check to 🤷🏾‍♂️😆
Ricky B (2 months ago)
Fuck UPS, I've worked for them since 2006, they treated me like shit, fuck them..
cplcabs (2 months ago)
Fuck UPS, they are incompetent fools who think its ok to deliver to the neighbour and consider the package delivered even though a signature of the receiver is required. I will never ever use UPS ever again.
justin beam (2 months ago)
exactly like walmart vary pushy
yuppppp (2 months ago)
bryan hippler (2 months ago)
your fault you didnt join unoin .week link money talks the union guys still have jobs you dont so go work for fed -ex for lower pay
bryan hippler (2 months ago)
so i c u like lower pay
Coffee Talk (2 months ago)
It's Illinois, you can't bag groceries here without being union. I wouldn't be allowed to work at UPS unless I joined the union first. Had to fill out the union card before I even finished my application!
TheHeart9 (2 months ago)
honestly ive been at ups for 1 year now. its not that bad. 11.50 am hour. start around 330 or 4 am until 9am. I unloaded semi trucks by myself... split the belt... split smalls... do bags.... amd now loading 3 trucks.... its easy once you get a rythym going. some people get 4 trucks..
Double Ghod (2 months ago)
Let me tell you why I've come to dislike UPS. Here are my top 3: 1 They almost always blow their horn when they pull up to a commercial bldg; I have heard that UPS HQ instructs them to do this and it is f'n annoying 2 They think nothing of leaving your package outside; last year I had a violin delivered when I wasn't home. The UPS driver left it in front of my house. By the time I got home it was buried in snow. 3 Their semi drivers are rude and obnoxious. I drive an 18 wheeler and my experience with UPS drivers on the Interstates is not positive .
Chester Smith Jr (2 months ago)
I wonder how many people watched the whole video before commenting, and disliking?
Coffee Talk (2 months ago)
Very few of them. Often multiple comments are made across several videos by the same person in rapid succession, which implies that they could not have possibly had the video running any longer than it took to type out the comment.
leota baca (2 months ago)
Cry cry cry cry. Get your crying like I sissy. You do not have to work any where. Quit and find a job you can do. If you can qualify you could drive. Maybe they want people that don't cry all the time. I am a woman and I worked right beside guys. I was the only women working. I worked in dirt it did not hurt me. I worked a lot of times 12 hour days.. Never could understand men like you. Cry baby. I did and lifted more than than the guys. I worked like this for 15 years I retired when I was 58 loved my work. Men like you were very hard to work with. I would just as soon you would leave the area so I could load the truck myself. If you don't like the heat get out of the fire.
Racer X (2 months ago)
Labor intensive? Lots of minor injuries? Hahaha stay in a cubicle you cry baby!
John Grepo (2 months ago)
the only employees that don't get wanded or walk through metal detectors are pregnant women. this happens in Los Angeles
shadaw savige (2 months ago)
ups is not a bad job
John Grepo (2 months ago)
all employees go through the metal detectors. management included
Coffee Talk (2 months ago)
Not where I was, management was never wanded by the guards on the way out.
Jared Barriere (2 months ago)
Probably a biased opinion on my part, but i enjoyed the heck out of working inside. Did it for a year. I was 19 at the time and i suppose i looked at it like a challange and a work out. I blew away the MARs (min acceptable requirements) and did it with a smile. 16 years later i'm still with UPS but i'm an applications architect. Big company, lots of opportunity. I went back to the operation as a 34 year old during peek, to me anywhere, the job had gotten a little easier. Now we have PAL labels and HAL labels so you dont need to memorize a sort chart. In some ways, sure, its a hard manual job... in other ways though - if you are remotely in shape its pretty easy to exceed the requirements. IF you can work hard when you need to, be on time always and have a good head on - you can do well for yourself. **milage may vary**
AlienFan (2 months ago)
Lol so many management people in the comments. Bunch of f***ing ****suckers
Steve The Man (2 months ago)
David's experience is a little more different than mine. While working for UPS is very tough I will say that if you stick it out it does pay off in the end to become a driver. Not only that but the center I work for only has one gravity feed belt on it the rest is more advanced even for how old the building is. We have the belts that you pull a directional pad much like a video game console and it moves as far as it can then stops but they do go very far into the trucks if the trucks are lined up correctly.
2wetfingers (2 months ago)
i got FEDUP with FEDex
Guru La (2 months ago)
Yea ups is a fucked up company. I did work for them and it was the worst shit ever! The lazy supervisors would sit on their asses at the office talking down bad to under employees..
Elaine Watts (2 months ago)
I am a team leader at ups in the uk and the way the trailers are loaded is dangerous,and being a team leader me and my other colgues are spoken to like crap.With me being a female in a mans work place I get pushed to one side and get left to do the filing.I have been with ups for nearly 10 yearsNeed more women in the warehouse.
Dave Woodbury (2 months ago)
Ha Ha u puss....
Tim Martin (3 months ago)
You need to work for ups freight all of their Dock workers use Fort lifts to load and unload truck. They get a break-in the morning a break-in the evening and a 30 minute lunch break.
Tryhard TM (3 months ago)
Fuck I just applied but you know what I'm my boss at the end of the day if I don't like it I got the option to leave to a better job
Rick Love (3 months ago)
Its hell, but I've been doing it for 8 years. It's a young mans job. You will hurt, but you can get ripped. I work the night shift. I grab some zzz's and I'm good by 10am. We get breaks, (1 hour) and raises. I don't do unload now. Only once and a while. If you are fit it's not that bad. It is dirty, and dangerous! The worst is how braindead some of the staff is, but not everyone. That's all jobs! I have a degree, and I'm a freelancer in the day. I won't be there much longer.
Ccc Ccc (3 months ago)
I work at ups as a preloader right now and it sucks
Greg Sta (3 months ago)
Come work for me in the oilfield in South Texas for real money....
Greg Sta (3 months ago)
I worked there for 6.5 years as a driver...I was injured sever  (my back) after 2 years of rehab YES 2 Years off work they settled...wow looking back I should have had a Lawyer...but I still got the money Oh and the Union local 988 did nothing for me...Go figure...
Coffee Talk (3 months ago)
Lots of big union supporters out there don't like what I say about unions. But in my experience I have never seen them do anything besides cause more problems. I did an entire video on my experiences with four different unions.
mcbride12577 (3 months ago)
The union is only as strong as you make it. Some of the complaints that were made are against contractual agreements. File a grievance. It's a formal complaint and the formal way to hold the company to the contract. If you feel your steward doesn't fight for you in the grievance meeting then get an election for a new steward. Get involved in your local union. Show up to the union meeting. Get to know your BA. Learn what your rights are and create a voice.
Ray Haynes (3 months ago)
Dave, You may have heard their was a UPS shooting rampage by a Driver (Jimmy Lamb) in the San Francisco UPS Hub last week. From the news reports i have watched he was a disgruntled employee who filed numerous work grievances with the union regarding overworking issues. He killed 3 co-workers & injured several more & then committed suicide. Does this surprise you this happened at UPS ? & can you make a video on violence in the workplace & how ups mgmt. provokes & instigates its employees into such workplace catastrophes. Thanks
Coffee Talk (3 months ago)
Interesting ideas for a video, thanks
Google User (3 months ago)
who thumbs this down? Union idiots
Coffee Talk (3 months ago)
There are some die hards out there that can't face how badly they are used.
Chris Shervin (3 months ago)
sounds just like when I worked at Cintas.we had to swipe out at lunch and go back to work we had two ten minute breaks but worked up to 16 hours a day.and due to lack of proper managment we had to fix their fuck ups ups and had to stay longer,they forced us to do over time, plus they let you know they feel above you.tons of micromanagement it gets almost degrading.place over all sucked but do say I made some good friends with my peers
duramaxwelder (3 months ago)
This guy is actually very intelligent and cares about doing quality work. Hats off to you. Fuck ups
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (3 months ago)
UPS is one of the worst run shitty companies in the world. I was a loader/pre-loader in Sunnyvale in the late 1980s/early 1990s (probably the same job as you). Boxes fell on me and injured me. The old days were worse. It seems like they never had an OSHA inspection. Those big semis, as well as the delivery trucks are/were all lined up in this massive warehouse, running, the exhaust fumes literally almost killed me. I have bad COPD now (even though I was a world class athlete), and I attribute it to UPS. The carbon monoxide levels I'm sure were through the roof. I myself and others there would get dizzy/sick, from it. Unions are worthless. I believe that UPS is still using most of the same infrastructure they used as far back as the 1960s/1970s. UPS prays on young people and employee turnover literally. That is why they pull this shit. They know they can always get new kids fresh out of high school. @ 2:35 = Acid trip. Good stuff man. I though I was breathing carbon monoxide again. All these delivery services suck, but UPS is by far the worst.
Coffee Talk (3 months ago)
The turnover rate is very high, true enough. I get ribbed a lot for apparently being too old to do it, but most of the people on the dock were around my age and even older. College age kids rotated in quite a bit, but mostly didn't last the day. They would disappear after break...
OH Yeh! (3 months ago)
Maybe we need unions again
Coffee Talk (3 months ago)
UPS is union.
Hetman J. (3 months ago)
Definitely not for everybody. But if it you can make it work for you and stick around it's worth it. The longer you're there, the more seniority you get and better positions open up along with better pay. After 17 years as a part-timer I was making $45,000 with great medical, vested in a pension, 4 weeks paid vacation, 5 paid option days and 5 paid sick days. I drove Next Day Air during the week when needed and on Saturdays at over $26 dollars per hour. Decided to go full-time driving, not the best decision. Lost my part-time seniority a lot of weight, free time, and gained a lot of stress (more than I care to even think about). Good thing is that I kept my vacation time and sick days and happened to luck into a feeder slot (Tractor Trailer driving) and currently training for it. I hope I make it. I dread going back to package.
Coffee Talk (3 months ago)
Thank you for making a decent argument. I say that because most of the comments made on the UPS videos by so called "die hard UPSers" are so vulgar and offensive that they never even make it on the message board, (YouTube automatically filters them out). Nothing wrong with sticking it out if you are comfortable with that sort of thing. And I didn't leave the company because of the working conditions, I left because my check was being garnished 100%, so after basically working there for free for a few months it was just too much to bother with.
Leo Padilla (3 months ago)
This is very true I'm just really glad I'm a Porter
Leo Padilla (3 months ago)
It not that it's better, it just less stressful work environment it's a nice work for a janitor LMAO I would never be a able to become a driver unless I want to lose my in building seniority and start over for the reason I'm not in the same teamsters also I think I would have to jump union but I'm not really sure. I've only been there 4 years being 25 it feels good to know I have a pay check every week wish I could make more over all but just really thankful I have something...! I just became full time 5 month's ago and I still need a part time on top of that. @everyone if you work for UPS let's just remember why you at UPS for your Family's for our self's but if you find something better witch I'm always looking I'm out its only been 4 years 😨
Coffee Talk (3 months ago)
I've heard that's a better position.
Carl Leonardi (3 months ago)
Hello David how are you, I'm 59 years old I just retired after 35 years as a journeyman electrician with the international brotherhood of electrical workers for a major electric utility company. I just went through the interview process for package handling at UPS here in Florida, I don't agree with what you were talking about your local teamster union, you have a problem with MANAGMENT it's your job to fill out the grievance form and present that with with your union steward as representation, never talk to management without union representation, that union Stewart has training that you don't have in those sensitive employee supervisor situations. Thank you for posting your video if they call me and offer me that package handling job I'm going to turn it down I know it's bust ass work and my 59-year-old knees I don't think can take it anymore, I have climbed plenty of steel structures and worked out of many bucket trucks on or near very high voltage, I was looking for a part-time UPS job to have fun, looks like it's not for me.
Jay Dog (3 months ago)
Union at my job is also a freaking joke. Great video man.
Coffee Talk (3 months ago)
People don't realize how screwed up unions can be until they actually need something from them.
H Chambers (3 months ago)
Problem was, you started UPS late in life. You need to start working at UPS in your younger years.
Charles Travis (3 months ago)
Spot on
David Smith (3 months ago)
Everything he's saying is true
How to basic (3 months ago)
You should have demanded a raise as $10 is minimal anyone with any experience demands for any kind of physical labor and your also entitled to bonus so these ups dudes are scamming you
Johnny Gilbert (3 months ago)
I think this is just the UPS you worked for. I worked at UPS on preload and I just started at a different position. But we never had more than 2 or 3 trucks per person. the rollers worked very well and hardly fell, UPS has the highest concern for safety and I've been lectured countless times for performing anything remotely unsafe. The only thing that would be a valid complaint is that the trucks would sometimes Avalanche out the packages but there are many reasons to this. 1. We have thousands of packages and tens of trucks and have about 2 hours to get it done. We are told to try and stack the boxes as best we can and are taught how to get them to fit well but when we are at high speeds loading 10 boxes a minutes we don't always have time to make sure every box fits perfect. It's a conveyer belt so if you're too slow the boxes will keep coming anyway and pile up on you 2. The trucks travel great distances across states and boxes will fall while they're in the trucks, nothing could be helped about that and we do have some tools to help the problem but not fix it. UPS is a hard working, fast pace, manual labor job and you work hard to get paid well. I have been here a year and have not seen anything unfair so far.
Chris Pielacha (3 months ago)
all I know is I'm tracking my force fx lightsaber as I type and if it arrives damaged my driver is getting force choked lol
MeGusta151 (3 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks this guy looks like Negan from TWD lol
R1CAN1 (3 months ago)
All those who are crying. I suggest you spend more time reading your union book and educate yourself. You are protected by the union. You just have to familiarize yourself with the union handbook. This job is definitely not for cry babies and for those that are not head strong. The more you know about the union rules the better you are and you keep all supervision in check. Just ask the veteran loaders who have been there 10 plus years and who don't want to be a driver. And fyi your job performance doesn't hinder your 2 raises you get a year per union contract. Or the fact that you and your family have free benefits. Medical,vision and dental included. It's definitely a physical job but you definitely did not have proper union representation or was not schooled by the vets there on how to defend yourself. Sorry to here u quit but it's definitely not for the weak. Maybe FedEx can help you with there routes that are owned as a bread route and you can be dropped at a drop of a dime because owner of route decides to hire someone else for less or sells his route and new owner of route has other people in mind to hire. And as for Amazon good luck because there whole warehouse will be run by robots soon it's already been implemented. And on the contrary Amazon is looking to do away with FedEx because of poor handling. We are the only ones that have proven to Amazon we can handle the volume. Heck we even deliver to the post office because they can't handle it. But yeah you have to pay your do's I have and I don't regret it. I always spent my time educating myself about what I can and can't do via the union and that goes the same for supervision. And I put them in check when they violate my union contract and get the "RIGHT" Union representation to file my grievances accordingly. Good luck to ya.
Teabagonyou (3 months ago)
They're called air cans buddy. The unload conveyors or belts are called extendos. Pretty screwed up place to work! Lol what do they know? Only a Fortune 15 company thank god there are middle aged workers working for peanuts that can tell the company how to do it. 😂😂😂 Idiot you don't need to sign anything or put RTS. A union steward will do it for you to prove it was reviewed with you in your presence idiot. Bullshit everyone gets searched at my facility and there is a ton of theft at my facility.