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Salem's History: So Much More Than Witch Stories | Stuff You Missed in History Class

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Most people immediately think of the 1692 witch trials when they think of Salem, Massachusetts. But the town has a rich history far beyond those events, from its maritime and literary roots to some of the birth of the National Guard and the first urban planning in North America. MUSIC: ‘Part I’ by Jahzzar Salem's History: So Much More Than Witch Stories | Stuff You Missed in History Class https://youtu.be/ibmxzKX4ses
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Longhairbear (3 months ago)
Thank you for posting these, my hometown. The first long distance phone call was demonstrated by A.E. Bell at the Lyceum on Church St, now a restaurant. He called Boston, and reported the local weather.
Joseph Massaro (3 months ago)
I've been to Salem a number of times. Salem is very, very touristy. Heavy accent of the witch history. There are some very nice historical/architectural spots in the city and the Peabody museum has an excellent example of a large Chinese family home from 200 year ago. It was brought over to the US and reconstructed. You can go in it and see what life was like. Overall, the witch history is the thing, but a lot of related stuff like pirates, modern witchcraft shops, horror movie themed museums are a staple in the city. They also have a very large comic shop called Harrisons Comics. Some nice restaurants. It can be fun trip with things to do outside of the witch tourist thing. I suggest staying in a colonial B&B in the sleepy town of Marblehead, 10 minutes away. Its waterfront is entirely under the historical preservation society and is a great place for colonial historical architecture that people still live and work in.
Colm (3 months ago)
i like me some good architecture
hypsens88 (3 months ago)
At 0:55 timestamp, spell check captions please. There's a typo.