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UPS and Matternet begin commercial drone deliveries

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UPS today announced a groundbreaking new logistics service to deliver medical samples via unmanned drones through a collaboration with Matternet. The program is taking place at WakeMed’s flagship hospital and campus in the Raleigh, N.C., metropolitan area, with oversight by the Federal Aviation Administration and North Carolina Department of Transportation. Today’s flight marks the beginning of numerous planned daily revenue flights at the WakeMed Raleigh campus. The UPS and Matternet program represents a major milestone for unmanned aviation in the United States. Currently, the majority of medical samples and specimens are transported across WakeMed’s expanding health system by courier cars. The addition of drone transport provides an option for on-demand and same-day delivery, the ability to avoid roadway delays, increase medical delivery efficiency, lower costs and improve the patient experience with potentially life-saving benefits. Video provided by Kyle Peterson UPS ***************** If you would like to support Drone & Sundry for free and browse the internet without being tracked by ads and data trackers, download and use Brave browser: ***************** SUBSCRIBE TO OUR WEEKLY NEWS ROUNDUP EMAIL Stay informed on the Business of Drones Don't miss out on any of our latest videos, subscribe to our channel Other places you can find us:
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Text Comments (12)
Roger Miller (3 months ago)
So sad that a billion dollar company gets to do this first with FAA approval. When a lot of small businesses tried to get this same FAA approval years ago, the FAA would not allow it. All the drone technology that UPS is using came from diy drone hobbiest community. Your welcome UPS lol.
Javaid Ahmed (4 months ago)
where to buy and can we get it by online market
Javaid Ahmed (4 months ago)
how and individual can buy it plz plz plz imform me as early as possible
Commo Mike (7 months ago)
Not groundbreaking.
A-Aron Fpv (7 months ago)
Flying biohazard awesome!
xjet (7 months ago)
But what happens when it hits an airliner? It's only a matter of time...
xjet (7 months ago)
@Drone & Sundry Yes, I see what you did there... I like "Dancing Queen" and "Fernando".
Drone & Sundry (7 months ago)
Is A to B B to A, real innovation though (see what I did there) also it has no future if there must be a qualified person in hi-viz.
NicolaCasetti (7 months ago)
you know why ? because they had 2500 successful flights in switzerland and ONE failsafe over the lake of zurich. and boom they grounded themselves (on BAZL s recommendation maybe ?) for whole switzerland
NicolaCasetti (7 months ago)
that is very interesting indeed ! because here everybody is officially discouraged to fly (or develop drones and test them) albeit the laws are still very liberal (with a constant scare factor of "next year you will need a permit " or "next year there will be a drone registration" @Drone & Sundry
Drone & Sundry (7 months ago)
@NicolaCasetti That's really interesting, the Swiss government were all over the Lake Victoria challenge, if you didn't know better you would think no other country in the world made RPAS.
NicolaCasetti (7 months ago)
thats what I call exporting know how or a shot in the foot (same with the swiss post robot you are showing on the thumbnail - one failure - project grounded, same also with swiss postauto (public car company) that tested automated driving buses, had ONE minor crash and the project paid by tax payers was grounded)