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Dash cam Fails Video, October 2018 #857

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Text Comments (97)
peepallgame (20 hours ago)
I can't at 3:34! I jus can't!
JUSAJJ (2 days ago)
7:48 This is Germany. Kamikaze and arrogant to the death
Kaczor Ca (5 days ago)
1:50 shame we cannot see bikers face haha
bb (5 days ago)
2:22 Why is there always some stupid bitch screaming?
Nunya Goddamnbusiness (5 days ago)
@1:42...most intelligent action I've ever seen in one of these.
Mark Sykes (6 days ago)
3:34 Comedy GOLD
Dragonborn 505 (6 days ago)
First one was perfect example for why driving fast in rainy weather is bad and it really needs to stop Obey the rules and the law even if you don’t want to do it anyway or suffer the consequences
korvx (6 days ago)
2:36 крымнаш
Namenloser5 (6 days ago)
10:20 *Alter, Schwede!*
Boom Box (6 days ago)
10:11 its funny how the collision with the car is pretty fast and sounds extremely violent yet the guy floats slowly into the air after the impact.
Branski C (6 days ago)
Loved the ol' boy squishing that nasty bikers bike.
Александр Иванович (6 days ago)
нет не нормально
Benjamin Grimes (6 days ago)
In Soviet Russia, car crashes you!
jerry baker (6 days ago)
LMAO!! Arguing while car is moving!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
jerry baker (4 days ago)
+Christopher U.S. Smith my car is a 2001 I bought it 4 years ago and it had 53000miles on it and it only has 73000 miles now so that will tell you that I hardly drive it's because it's a tiny car and a truck pulled out in front of me and it's mainly garage kept..I wouldn't never part with my car because I wanted one ever since they came out..PS..my son's name is Christopher..😂
Christopher U.S. Smith (4 days ago)
jerry baker The lady had the Nissan clone of the MR2. Not only was she at fault, her boyfriend left an open beer can in the car, so another write up for her. Both our cars were so old, they weren't worth much.
jerry baker (4 days ago)
+Christopher U.S. Smith OMG!! Not good..I hope that they had insurance!? I have a Toyota mr2 spyder and I'm terrified to drive it sometimes because of the idiot drivers on the road!!
Christopher U.S. Smith (4 days ago)
jerry baker I've got a better one... Lady drives down a residential arterial while arguing with her boyfriend... Who is walking on the adjoining sidewalk... Until she rear-ends someone stopped to let a pedestrian cross. Totaled her car and mine. :(
punker4Real (6 days ago)
Beujah OVNI (6 days ago)
2:37 Oh noOoOo too bad fuck!
Beujah OVNI (6 days ago)
3:34 Blaks like this are fucking robot.
Katz (6 days ago)
2:47 that truck might of made it across if that dumbass wasn't in the way. He veered to the left cause he would have ran the idiot over. He should have ran his ass over.
drakionclawers (7 days ago)
Enjoyed seeing that jackass biker get his bike ran over.
BAYERN MÜNCHEN (7 days ago)
2:23 Fuck u bitch
RegularJohn53 (7 days ago)
fucking italians
Chris84Redfield (7 days ago)
All videos stolen from other channels 👎
drakionclawers (7 days ago)
Fuck off
texx1985 (7 days ago)
Some need to be jailed
Xesphere (7 days ago)
Damn. Russians, americans and chinese people can't drive for shit
Logan Cheney (7 days ago)
Why do people feel the need to scream uncontrollably when they watch a car crash into something
Kim Whitehead (6 days ago)
It’s called adrenaline..,fight or flight mode.
Benjamin Grimes (6 days ago)
Because it's scary?
Mema Jean (6 days ago)
I'd have to smack her. Sheesh.
Abradolf Lincler (7 days ago)
10:11 good thing he was wearing a helmet!.. oh wait..
Get Schwifty (7 days ago)
It was one of Rick's experiments
Pavel (7 days ago)
8:13 That is on the camer 100%.
William Vezzani (7 days ago)
Last clip looked like the guys were trying to have sex instead of fighting.
Michael Grant (6 days ago)
Well spotted William! Many of the new intake of Xiaolin monks have tired of the old eagle claw, tiger paw and other moves preferring a new more intimate fighting style called the coitus. If you see any of these monks engaged in battle, do not interrupt them, they may come after you, or is that over you, don’t know yet, it’s still early days.
William Vezzani (6 days ago)
Lol, that's epic. On a random topic, YouTube LORN-ANVIL [Official Music Video]
hansonel (6 days ago)
Yep, even the passengers on the bus were shouting: "Get a room!"
themastertrevor (7 days ago)
since i don't speak the language I always pretend 1xbet is a service to teach dogs in 2/3rd world countries how to walk across the street. Please don't spoil what 1xbet actually is. I don't want to click the link, I already have canceraids.
raulv04 (4 days ago)
Yup, that's right.
Christopher U.S. Smith (4 days ago)
raulv04 booking as in sports betting, gambling.
raulv04 (5 days ago)
It's sort of an "ad" that CC Tube includes. 1XBet is the sponsor of the channel and is a booking company.
Red 13 (7 days ago)
7:33 I don't see why they have to pass. Seems like they're going fast enough.
Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra (5 days ago)
Either way the Mercedes driver was reckless & an asshole. I don't know what the laws are like in eastern Europe but here in Australia, its illegal to increase your speed when being overtaken.
Red 13 (7 days ago)
3:35 Why don't you get a dictionary and learn some new words?😄
jimmelay71 (7 days ago)
She only know 241 words, which isn't too terrible for only graduating from the 6th grade.
Red 13 (7 days ago)
2:05 Hit the gas instead of the brake, right? Yeah, happens to me all the time!👌
spencer connell (7 days ago)
2.21 why the hell is this woman screaming??? omg.
Michael Grant (5 days ago)
Viereck 17. There are more men than women with high IQ’s, according to Wikipedia who also write that there are more men than women with lower IQ’s. I’m putting my money on you being in this lower IQ group, you have provided the proof, after all.
Viereck17 (5 days ago)
Cause women are dumb.
Michael Grant (6 days ago)
Perhaps she was following a family member or friend. If not then empathetic or simple, I’ll let others decide.
Apres Midi (6 days ago)
Just to emotional
ChriizBl (7 days ago)
Why do you put happy music in the videos? Lmao
Monique (7 days ago)
I love the dogs! That kid that got scared to cross was so freaking cute! 😂 and that lady that was screaming in the car sounded like a dog. And I’m sure the people at 8:51 didn’t think their game was funny after that. 😠 hopefully all the people in that car were okay.
Allyoman (7 days ago)
It's not a CC Tube video until there are dogs walking across the road
Max (4 days ago)
You like ads for betting sites that much?
Gluteus Illuminatus (7 days ago)
The guy ramming the motorcycle is a little overplayed, but it just never gets old.
myusernameisfig (7 days ago)
Same with the dogs crossing the road..
Abradolf Lincler (7 days ago)
2:23 stop fucking squealing you pathetic shit.. geez..
christofdavid (7 days ago)
11:01 are they fighting or hugging with love, LOL
seker7 (7 days ago)
10:13 Diss is why you wear helmets- dude is either dead or brain dead....
FRED ROGERS (7 days ago)
Martín (7 days ago)
1:41 well done
PD (2 days ago)
Yeah that idiot in the car now gets his insurance hit, insurance buys the guy a new bike well done. Typical gutless passive aggressive brain dead car driver. Idiot almost knocked the guy off his bike which can lead to major injuries, sits there like nothing happened, should never drive again.
Christopher U.S. Smith (4 days ago)
No entitled biker deserved it more. :)
LOBO NEGRO (6 days ago)
Martín Thumbs up to him👍👍😄😂☺
Get Schwifty (7 days ago)
It was so satisfying
Anona Mouse (7 days ago)
Yep. Fuck that motorcyclist. The driver was probably fearing for his safety.
seker7 (7 days ago)
:57 that's the way to do it - make sure that duhh Douche don't get away with it
FRED ROGERS (7 days ago)
Basti Russia (7 days ago)
10:11 min donald trump love this life boom check
Red Salamander (5 days ago)
Moron comment!
Aa Bb (7 days ago)
Такой бой намечался, похлеще Хабиба с Конором в конце)
Fyzzen [GD] (7 days ago)
2:17 wasn't this clip in yesterday's video
M (7 days ago)
I watch these videos all the time and will never get over how awesome it is when animals use the crosswalk! Smarter than a lot of people out there.
Denise E (7 days ago)
Thought something scary was gonna pop up in front of the camera in the garage
NissanSucks99xVT (7 days ago)
3:34 and 8:34 what the hell is going on here?! ROFL 🤣
UNdashcamNRW (7 days ago)
1:20 an impossible man who does not belong on the street but rather in phsychatry 😨 *_COOL CLIPMIX ... ^^_*
Michael Grant (6 days ago)
He needs a spell in prison, possibly receiving psychiatric care, but definitely time enough for him to dwell on what an ass he has become and think about what steps he can take to move away from the silly little man he is.
Branski C (6 days ago)
In what?
pro126 (6 days ago)
At the end of the day all that man needs to say is he was threatened with his life and then his car was attacked by a biker which made him genuinely fear for his life which is why he hit the floor and trashed his bike the courts would see it that the Biker was at fault and this poor man was a victim... Welcome to real Justice
Get Schwifty (7 days ago)
Yeh I was so happy that stupid biker got his bike crushed 😄
Jacob Medrano (7 days ago)
Well hi remember me ??! Like my comment and reply plz
Kevin C (7 days ago)
Funny how the dogs know how to use the crosswalks better than us humans. It's funny yet sad. :-) :-(
NissanSucks99xVT (7 days ago)
Kevin C so true. Most people don’t even use crosswalks.
Molly Lalonde (7 days ago)
lafingas555 (7 days ago)
Mahesh Odedra (7 days ago)
Nice video
Sean Mandebvu (7 days ago)
First View, First Like, First Comment😃
lafingas555 (7 days ago)
First immature idiot more like.