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1995 Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups Commercial: Spider-Man Peel-Outs

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This is a 1995 Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups Spider-Man Peel-Outs commercial that aired on WPIX Channel 11 during a commercial break of the Duck Tales episode Allowance Day.
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Text Comments (9)
JackGeezy (6 years ago)
The commercials were so much better back then
dcpigpen (7 years ago)
holy crap did you see that fisheye lens 0:18 i don't think they make them that fishy anymore. lullz
Angelo Cordisco (7 years ago)
OMG!!!!! i remember the fruit factory stuff!!!!
PengPeng (7 years ago)
Ah the classical commercial of back then!
VeryFinePoint (7 years ago)
I am eating fruit roll-ups right now
Basenumber16 (7 years ago)
uber haxor nova would sell alot of fruit roll ups:)
BLUE QUARTS 1989 (8 years ago)
wwwoooooowwww! i havent seen this one in ages!
Icer13 (8 years ago)
@PolizeiPaul I thought I was the only one looking for that commercial.
Nick Cagnetti (9 years ago)
This commercial is cool, they got Christopher Daniel Barnes to voice Spidey in it too.