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The Pilot training industry is BROKEN!

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Sign up! 👉https://mentourpilot.com/flight-school-funding/ The Airline Pilot training industry today is seriously flawed. In todays video I will outline the 4 biggest problems that people, who wants to become pilots, faces today and hint at my plan to solve them. It is vitally important, if YOU want to become a pilot or if you know someone who does, that you sign up to my news-letter. I will use the amount of signatures I get, to leverage the banks into providing the funding and help we need to get this project running but I NEED YOUR HELP. Please sign up and SHARE the link and this video to everyone! The more signatures we have, the more I can motivate our case.
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kandelábr (1 month ago)
It's awesome, that you care about others, you have my full support with that project and I'm definitely signing it :)
Ep1cSh0tz1 (1 month ago)
I'm 21 and going through private pilot school and man is it expensive. Hope this works out, I've signed.
QuadcoptersNL (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot in The Netherlands there's no problem so..
Jerry Bryson (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot Sharing. I'm 79 so won't be in it, but this needs to happen - in all professions.
Charlotte Petersen (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot I've signed up. Not because I'll be in it, sadly I'm too old for that now, but because what you're doing is amazing. Love your videos and your passion for aviation and improving standards. As a keen traveller, thank you!
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Excellent! Please help by sharing this video with as many people as you can. The more we get to sign up, the more powerful we will be!
Christopher Moore (5 days ago)
I'm 48 years old. Very interested in becoming a pilot but money is holding me back. Tried to sign up, but it keeps saying "unauthorized". Maybe I'm too old :(
Sally Hillal (7 days ago)
The good old when ex military pilots did the flying..
ian folan (20 days ago)
that is what happend to me , i went to the pilot training college in Waterford ireland for 4 days had assessment and aptitude test , passed was afford a course paid for it and 6 weeks before my training started they went bust and took my money with them
Lucas de Cardoso (21 days ago)
In Brazil we have a total caos in aviation industry.We have lots of pilots unemployed and because of that if you want a job as a regional pilot they ask you for 2000 flight hours, type license and ridiculous stuff. Sometimes there is one pilot flying 2 or 3 airplanes and they don’t want to help and put a new pilot in the right seat to teach him and give him experience because they are afraid to loose their job.
TJ Figueroa (21 days ago)
@Mentour Pilot I was diagnosed with cancer while getting my single engine IFR license. I completed it but the after-effects of 7 years of cancer treatment left me paralyzed from the legs down. The dream of becoming a professional pilot was my one great passion in life and losing that is one of the great pains and disappointments in my life. You are living my dream every day you go to work. Never take it for granted and more importantly, enjoy it! Thanks for all the great content.
Roosevelt Brentwood (23 days ago)
If you have an aptitude for it i hear the military will teach you to fly for free. there is a small risk of getting shot though.
Celtic Warrior33 (23 days ago)
At the most it's got thirty years left as a profession , they basically fly themselves now !! And within three decades they will all be pilot less , so as we get from here to thirty years time !! The job will see increase wage supression until ultimately the job is turned to machines only
Al Noé (28 days ago)
I signed up but didnt get any mail...is that normal?
Al Noé (27 days ago)
@Mentour Pilot thanks a ton for your effort, greatly appreciated!. I have been recently rejected from a sponsored program for no clear reason after excel at my pilapt and having a masters degree in engineering and would really love to be hable to finally make my dream of becoming a pilot come true. You are the best mentourpilot!
Mentour Pilot (27 days ago)
Yes, you will get an email as soon as we have some news to share.
AWeebPilot WithNoLife (28 days ago)
This is why I became an AMT instead then took up flying. It was much easier. But man, it really showed me how easy things are if you came from a rich family or know someone in the Airlines. So many of my mates whom are rich got their hours and modules wayyyy faster than normal people like me.
Jake Peters (29 days ago)
He’s literally talking about socialism with how “everyone should have access to training”
TheTraveler (29 days ago)
I think AI programming on all newly manufactured plane is a big part of the problem
TheTraveler (27 days ago)
@appleglory Artificial Intelligence!
appleglory (27 days ago)
TheTraveler what AI?
Carlos Silva (29 days ago)
In Portugal, is not uncommon that TAP professionals come from airforce...
BuckeyeBowers (29 days ago)
If you are an AOPA member, you can actually get loans to pay for a few of your ratings! They offer financing options for private, instrument and multi!
MeroVago (29 days ago)
Hello, I'm Jairo from Colombia. I really wanna know about scholarship for study aviation. Here in my country it's not possible, please I need your help. God bless you!
TNVolFisher (1 month ago)
At 40 years old, I may be too old to be a viable candidate to most airlines, if I were to attend flight school now, but I’m still interested nonetheless. I’ve owned a trucking company for quite awhile. I’d like to pilot something a little bigger and faster now. LOL
SenselessUsername (1 month ago)
I think you have to consider broadly similar situations elsewhere. For example, is this 'professional screening' available and trustworthy? If you look at academic researchers (where their publishing == your passing screening, broadly) there you see a sudden proliferation of so-called 'predatory' journals, pay-to-publish... Once screening is needed, you will get pay-to-pass ones, or grey areas.
Christian Cayot (1 month ago)
True...so many candidates right now should just not sitting in an airplane...I've seen the difference in the last 5 years, as experience level is decreasing at an insane level. Now how much money will you make for every successful candidate you refer to an airline? You really want to help?
Stuart Anderson (1 month ago)
Fantastic content sir I wish you every success in this endeavour.
Jordan Costabile (1 month ago)
Important question, is your red pillow always on the port side and the green on the starboard or do you ever mix it up 🤣😉
Fab Lagrande (1 month ago)
if i know that there's a company ready to hire at the end of the training program i would spend the money to be a pilot, but i think that this kind of cost and exposure hold back so many of aspiring pilots.
Caner Guener (1 month ago)
Eric Galvez (1 month ago)
Yes please!
peter p (1 month ago)
The pilot training industry is broken because there is no GA in Europe. Countries like Italy,Spain even Greece had to be the leaders of pilot training. Unfortunately flying in Europe is a privilege that only people wealthier than average have.
Tejraj Deshmukh (1 month ago)
Got signed up definately and shared 👍🙌❤ appreciate you're efforts with all support ❤
The Magic Short Bus (1 month ago)
You're wrong, it's the large addition of automated flight systems have created LAZY pilots.
Ryan (1 month ago)
Hey Mentour pilot , I am a commercial pilot student in Canada and I totally agree with these points, specifically with the funding points. I have been struggling through my training to find the funds to keep going and it is very stressful for me. I finished my private license on the minimum hour requirements and therefore it has been a long grind for me to build my hours and get closer to that 200 mark that in Canada gets you the commercial license. I'm currently nearing the completion of my group 1 instrument rating and have already completed my night and multi-engine rating. at the end of my IFR i will be around the 135-hour mark so that leaves quite a bit of hours to go and quite a bit of money to go. If you have any tips for me on this funding point i would love to get in contact with you. Aviation is something I live and breathe and would not want to do anything else. This is just my story but I know there is many more students in my situation.
Tiffany n Nathan Josiah (1 month ago)
What is a good suitability test/screening that you would recommend? Thank you for the impact you are making in this industry!
cozma catalin (1 month ago)
Thank you captain 😊
Barbora Oravová (1 month ago)
Hi Mentour! Thank you so much for doing this. For me money is also the only thing keeping me from pursuing my dream. A year ago I passed a screening for a major airline at a really good flight school (including the job interview), but got stuck on the fact that at my young age (I was 20 at the time) and with no rich relatives or friends whatsoever, I just wasn’t able to put together the 90 000 € needed for the training. So I put flying big metal birds on hold, meanwhile I’m trying to finish college and figure out a way to the money, but so far it’s been just dead end streets. So I really appreciate your efforts, it means a lot. Thanks ! ❤️
Jacob (1 month ago)
I am about to graduate with a bachelors degree in the US and just earned my PPL. I want to go into a full immersion program like "ATP flight school". I will have to finance it with a loan by myself. Do you know anything about this school or any others? I find it hard to find very reliable information about these programs because I just don't know many people who have first hand experience with them.
Joeys48 (1 month ago)
How and who would judge abilities, attitudes and aptitude?
Santiago Ornelas (1 month ago)
Very very true am a current high school senior and funding is the main reason that made me backup on an career in aviation. Aviation is a topic I have enjoyed since a child but it is just so much more accessible to go into criminal justice or other similar fields
Uncle Ruckus (1 month ago)
got atp ? YES got typed in a320 ? YES got 500 hours on type ? NO SORRY NO JOB FOR YOU !
alternateskywatch (1 month ago)
After job interview: you didnt make it because some good looking and more charming guy but less experienced, who knew someone in the company, got the job. Later company regrets it because that guy has disciplinary issues like pulling sick alot time, disorderly conduct and disrespecting the senior crew. Awesome I guess some airlines want poster boys and models.
kufre ibanga (1 month ago)
This came really late. So damn late. Hope happened much earlier when I looking for funds.
Michael Pare (1 month ago)
I agree, aviation is very unforgiving, and expensive so unless it’s a religion and you sell you’re soul to aviation, it’s just not worth it.
Roman Zarenok (1 month ago)
In my country the problem is that there’re no places where you could be funded by someone except for the country budget, for now we are ended up finished our entire course to become helicopter pilots ( that one last for almost three years because it included getting college degree) and for now we’re waiting for the flight practice for more than a year. No one in here seems to notice this problem exist. I’m from Russia, attending Omsk flight college now.
Roman Zarenok (1 month ago)
In my country the problem is that there’re no places where you could be funded by someone except for the country budget, for now we are ended up finished our entire course to become helicopter pilots ( that one last for almost three years because it included getting college degree) and for now we’re waiting for the flight practice for more than a year. No one in here seems to notice this problem exist. I’m from Russia, attending Omsk flight college now.
Sinan Şenkul (1 month ago)
I loved this video. You're wise sir!
Allinone 2.o (1 month ago)
I wanted to become a pilot as well. But paying for the training, not knowing if you get a job after that and decreasing salaries stopped me from keeping that plan. So I am doing training as an air traffic controller right now, which is paid very well from the first day and if you pass the training you will be guaranteed to get a job as an air traffic controller. And because I have a private pilot license, I can still fly and actually have fun while doing it, which I then can afford easily as well. But I really hope that something changes with the Pilot training industry, you are absolutely right that there are so many talented guys out there who would fit perfectly into an airline cockpit, but they just can't afford it.
Mckinnley Annas (1 month ago)
Is this available to Americans or just European interest?
IHaulBoxes (1 month ago)
Why limit your sources? I'm sure the majority following this channel is EASA oriented but that doesn't exclude the fact you might bump in to people who happen to know exactly what you need. Aviation is a really small world so chances are actually quite high! Give it a try, nothing to lose.
Makuo Ike (1 month ago)
This makes me very happy. I'm 21 and I have been obsessed with becoming a commercial pilot since I was 12 but the funding has always been a wall in my path. But now, I'm happy that you are talking about it and potentially bringing about a real solution. I signed up and I wish every success on this endeavour. Thanks for caring enough to seek solutions for people like me. Keep up all your good works.
G.O.G (1 month ago)
True my previous school “dean international flight school in florida“ declared bankruptcy and they didnt return a penny had to scrumble to finish thus year
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
And that’s EXACTLY what we must make sure never happens to our members.
Mariusz Habowski (1 month ago)
You are doing great job on this chanel 😊
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Thank you!
Norman Fuller (1 month ago)
Hi, Where can I do or find aptitude tests , to see if I fit what airlines are looking for?
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Check out Cut-e or Compass testing. I believe “Sky tests” has a website as well
King (1 month ago)
If you want your pilot pay and compensation to go up. Don't fix it. Pilot shortage is good for pilots.
BSchultz (1 month ago)
It took me almost 4 years as a full time flight student to be come a single rated CFI. The school had 6 week wait times for stage checks, and two/three month wait times for check rides. It took me to near bankruptcy and my marriage nearly failed. I am now working for said company because I have no other choice (finances won't let me move). Flying for the company that almost ruined me has been one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. But the goal is the goal. I just hope this movement prevents this kind of thing from happening to anyone else.
Jan B (1 month ago)
A clanmate started with KLM and had to pay the license back from his paycheck. he was done within 3-4 years. now flying a 777.
Vladimirs Platacs (1 month ago)
We have plenty of those organizations already who put you through meaningless aptitude tests. more money you have better the results gets
Bd h (1 month ago)
Will proceed
joey monne (1 month ago)
If the money isn't the problem then the next problem is that I wasn't that good at school. I think I can do it but there is not 1 flight school that invite me for a screening because of my school history. But I have signed up for the email!
Bruce McAfee (1 month ago)
No! You're wrong, respectfully, wrong. #1 has been tried decades ago when there were severe pilot shortages. All the interviews and aptitude tests won't work because it's been tried to failure by all the biggest carriers decades ago. Today's training aircraft are far too expensive to fly and build. Instructor cost is a small fraction of total cost for a license. Check it out. More than half the price of small airplanes are for liability insurance paid by the manufacturers who use parts that cost a fortune to cover liability all over again! - Giving us simple single engine airplanes costing ten times the price of a good, much more complicated car. $250,000 for a simple single engine training airplane is madness!!! Cut the price of that radically and you will radically cut training costs. Just ask Piper or Cessna or Beech why their airplanes are so ridiculously expensive. Other countries are worse with even more regulation! They don't build airplanes at all!!! Then, eliminate college as a requirement. College indoctrination has nothing to do with being a good pilot. Nothing a pilot does requires more than 2 or 3 years of High School but, loads of good judgement, brains, guts, and skill from good training. Training not college. Young people can go to vocational school, be making good money in 2 years and then pay for all the flying they want to do, as well. Ask Mike Rowe. Presently, it's rich kids with college degrees for showing up in class, then going to outfits like Flight Safety for another $100,000 and in a few months going on to Commuter flying who have never flown inverted or spun an airplane! But they have a college degree! Today's airline pilots without military training have never flown inverted or spun an airplane!!! -Witness the Air France a few years ago that stalled thousands of feet into the ocean in an over-engineered Airbus by a copilot with a control stick not matched with the captain's stick! -Witness the over-engineered Max 737 with an MCAS system entirely not needed for more than getting around the FAA requirement for a new type rating that the FAA could write new rules to avoid. FAA incompetence not recognized to avoid LAWYERS. Price of liability insurance for LAWYERS. MCAS was to get around the FAA's new Type Certificate. -Witness the NTSB not sighting the DC-10 design flaws decades ago to avoid blaming the FAA approval of that airplane. IT'S MADNESS. The DC-10 was an accident waiting to happen and it did, over Chicago and Sioux City, Iowa. No manual locking slats, no backup control cables. Simple, obvious stuff to any pilot - but not the engineers or the FAA.. Forget the college degrees and train pilots how to fly already simple, less expensive airplanes. It's called stick and rudder skills that pilots love - and keep us all alive. Not to mention Congress comprised of, yes, you guessed it - Ivy League LAWYERS who will kill any tort reform. Wake up. We are asking the problem for a solution. And, don't say FAA personnel are underpaid with gold plated benefits and immunity from getting fired that none of the rest of us have. Meaningless college degrees and no tort reform is killing us and other industries.. We could have $50,000 training airplanes with highly trained and skilled pilots by using America's finest talent we all know is out there. We have the best Military pilots in the world because we have the best training. Why not civil aviation, too?
News that matter (1 month ago)
They need to have a process that's just medical school in America.
Alan Williamson (1 month ago)
I learned to fly on Microsoft Flight Simulator
Juancarlos Rodriguez (1 month ago)
this is not the problem, the problem its why airlines need more than 1000hrs ( Usa - EU ) im a FAA commercial pilot and the only way to get into right seat its getting your CFI license, what about those who doesnt want to be a Intructor ?? instead South American airlines they give you the chance to put you in the right seat with 250 hr on your commercial certificate on B737 or A320
José Vasco (1 month ago)
No one talks about this but the truth is that 80% of people don't have all the funding resources needed to become a pilot and the wealth becomes the main filter of this industry, and not the skillset and attitude of the student. Next January I'll start my ATPL thanks to my parents that will make a big financial effort to make this happen, but I'm sure there's a lot of dreamers out there that can only just dream because they can't afford it... It's sad man. Thank you for putting it out
Jun Ren Ong (1 month ago)
I wanted to be a pilot, but unfortunately one of the reasons I gave up is the huge amount of money needed to just go and get licenses.........
Jose Luis (1 month ago)
Good idea
j O (1 month ago)
O I see a big video game
j O (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot a big screen and a seat And virtual world and controls to manipulate said virtual world yea your right it's not like a video game
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Not really, but still...
Saymon Attalla (1 month ago)
You don't explain what you define as "professional screening?'' What do you mean by suitability test? and "proper screening"?
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
There are designated test companies trained to do this. Check out Cut-e or Compass testing for example.
Tom Korte (1 month ago)
Social Justice policies will destroy any industry that falls victim to them; I've encountered it in other technical industries and it always ends badly. Either the job requirements are watered down to meet the candidate's lack of ability and someone else picks up the slack, or the company's competence is degraded and the risk level up (with possibly lethal consequences depending on the position). D.I.E. Diversity. Inclusion. Equity
Travis Jordan (1 month ago)
My thoughts on the 4 Problems presentation, from a United States perspective: - it seems like the Funding, Aptitude/Qualification, and Enabling Talent concerns have been placed in one box, in terms of public support, which is: Military Aviators. Of course, the vast majority of these slots will be for commissioned officers, with prerequisites of a 4-year undergraduate degree, nearly-perfect health and a flawless personal history. If someone doesn't fit into this box, aviation careers are accessed "on your own" in a risky "buyer beware" marketplace. - I'd suggest pulling back on the "only the best schools" theme. The restaurants, hotels & attire for special occasions/holidays are examples of "the best", but completely impractical financially for everyday use. What we typically seek is excellent-quality in lifesaving topics, good-quality in food & clothes, and effective/reliable quality in transportation. And a new school created by experienced pilot-instructors might be 10x more effective & efficient than an established one that's running just to pass inspections and teaching to test answers.
rickysmyth (1 month ago)
Did you have the money to get an advanced licence or were you in the military?
Jericho (1 month ago)
Signed! Great idea , many thanks
harvey weinstein (1 month ago)
In the USA, almost anyone can take out a loan for flight training.
Tucker Williams (1 month ago)
@Iuliana Schraut ohhhoo okay I see understood. You're right. Going into a whole nother career in aviation after getting loans to go for engineering is asking for life long worth of payments. That's tough. But you could also go with Sallie may or even your bank to get private loans but I wouldn't recommend.
harvey weinstein (1 month ago)
Maybe you can buy a share in airplane and pay as you go.
Iuliana Schraut (1 month ago)
harvey weinstein right; the interest rate is high. When I applied for my student loans, they didn’t check my credit at all. My issue is that I’d have a hard time with financing not due to bad credit, but due to the fact that I already have student loans.
Iuliana Schraut (1 month ago)
Tucker Williams you can only get a certain amount of student loans. For example, I maxed mine out due to having to go to school longer (double major on Astrophysics and Electrical Engineering), so getting a traditional loan wouldn’t work. I think Sallie Mae offers something, but I’d have to find out if they’d offer anything to someone who already max out their traditional student loans.
harvey weinstein (1 month ago)
I was offered a loan for the full amount of ATP's career pilot program while I had a 100k mortgage. That was 10 years ago and I decided not to take it because of the high interest rate. If I had it to do over, I would have taken the loan. To be fair, I don't know what it's like to apply with bad credit, and almost every woman I've ever known has had bad credit.
Ivan Bossi (1 month ago)
I think just because it is so expensive the industry is loosing on great talent that dont have rich parents :/
Gus Hernandez (1 month ago)
The dog is like, omg again?
rishakrisha777 (1 month ago)
Money is the biggest obstacle at the monet. If this project would actually happen, that would be absolutely fantastic!
Goytá F. Villela Jr. (1 month ago)
I would add *5. Attract more women.* While women pilots have become more and more common in recent years, it's still a mostly male profession -- so much that female pilots have to wear only slightly tailored versions of the male uniform, and they look and feel very awkward in them. And as in every profession dominated by males, leaving women out is a total waste of the talents and skills of half the human population.
puschelhörnchen (1 month ago)
Probably some airlines do this, but wouldn't it be the part of a airline to recruit people as pilot apprentices, educate them and have them work for them several years? This is such a highly specalized job...
Mental Meerkat (1 month ago)
link not working
Mental Meerkat (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot Working now thanks. Is this open for say pilots wanting to fly solo. Say charter etc?
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
The page is under your much pressure. I’m working on it. Try again in an a little while. Thank you!!
Andrew Storm (1 month ago)
While I agree with you on finding that is why doctors come from wealthy families
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
There are other factors in play there as well, like the luxury of access to great schools and good, safe home environments that supports studies. Also well educated parents give raise to a higher likelihood of well educated children.
Anmol Gupta (1 month ago)
Funding is why i had to drop out of a cadet pilot program 😞
Roland Ondrus (1 month ago)
Dear Mentour, I always used to agree with you and you still are a great inspiration for my training, however with what you say I cannot agree with. 1. Screening Having worked in HR for 7+ years, people will do whatever possible to trick/pissover any type of "knowledge or amplitude" test. It's all about motivation (This part is covered by ATPL HPL even)... The problem with the aviation industry is as with any industry the fact its a business... Meaning as long as you have cash your instructor will fly with you and the person get's their papers. For flight schools great money and a temptation no business owner says No to. Your "under-average" pilots can well come from this...I will cover another part of screening in a later point... 2. Funding I think everyone agrees that aviation training is very expensive but who made it so? Having worked to gain experience at my flight school I witnessed Turks, Russians, Germans, Italians travel to Slovakia or Hungary to save on aviation training costs...is this right? I'll leave morals aside to save time. I see no reason whatsoever to pay 90+k for integrated training if I can get ATPL Frozen without type rating for 36k in Slovakia using a modular method of study(flying Diamond aircraft and using LZIB as training airport). Training quality here being very good with pilots flying at Ryan, Wizz, AirExplore, Go2Sky, ANA etc Now it's very sympathetic what you are trying to do in making funds available but debt is an extremely dangerous co pilot to fly with. Say you take a loan to pay 85k for integrated ATPL, you still have no type rating making your debt 99k(approx). This number is simply crazy! Say you get employed as FO and now start to pay off your debt, how long will it take for you to be 0? Remember you still have to eat, sleep somewhere and get to your flights on time, good luck having a solid looking girlfriend or even a family...As tough as it sounds, not everyone can be pilot just like not everyone can be a professional golf player or sports superstar due to finance reasons...People dig themselves a deep financial grave with debt and its not a good place to be. Imagine the worst case scenario now the person losing his-her medical... 3. ATPL Theory As promised the second part of screening is done right here. The level of English, mind-numbing amount of crap you are forced by EASA to learn and the social life forced to give up filters by far the most people out of commercial aviation. Again, is this right or wrong I am not the person to judge. What I will say is that I am lucky to have studied in English all my life and having a university diploma with the experience of hours of study helped me realize how big of a bear I am wrestling with the ATPL theory. The main problem is that while 40% of information and knowledge you gain with the ATPL theory is relevant the rest is useless junk just killing your time, nerves and relationships in the outside world. Is this done to filter people out by EASA, I am a 100% convinced that yes. The FAA has 8.000 questions while EASA comes up with around 100 new questions every month...current number 15.000+ questions...Are US based pilots less safe than EASA trained? 4. Your first job...maybe. As stated I am in the middle of ATPL theory but can very well feel the stress finding my first job as FO. If you are lucky to have a huge debt to go along with very best of good luck.. What are the recruitment standards? There are 2 ATPL student types out there currently: 1- Me:Learn the best you can and let's just get the damn 75% in all subjects. I rather take more time in the sim or in a real airplane trying to perfect the "on the job" skills. 2- Check any ATPL study group on Facebook and all people talk about is getting the best overall grades from theory, because airlines select based on how people memorize the databanks... What bothers me here is that a pilot is a team player and a person who somewhat has to fit your company structure. Hiring someone based on statistics from a never ending memory game created by EASA seems wrong to me. I am sure you as captain and mentour met people who had great results in theoretical tests but were completely lost in the real cockpit/or sim. Yes the pilot training industry is broken but due to these reasons..
Azzrudin Jamil (1 month ago)
In other words. Being a pilot is just the same as being a singer. You need to have the talent first in order to be one, which is not something that everybody has. Your not driving a car.
Kumar Mayank (1 month ago)
Thank you for bringing up such a wonderful initiative. Hope it to be a great success and make our dream come true to be on the right side seat of a commercial aircraft. I can't go to airforce even if I wanted to because of age restrictions and 6/6 vision without glasses so I heavily dependent upon funding. I am a Mechanical engineer though.
Anupama Jena (1 month ago)
The funding should be lowered
ChiefSquatting Bull (1 month ago)
Look, it is the same w/ education. Same applies to application for jobs, too. Moolah can get one to the snow-coloured house. Just ask that Orange Man.
Juan Lobos Martin (1 month ago)
Ok, I think that this is one of your best videos of this year... I am very worried about the pilot training, and also I know that the plane industry is thinking in make passenger planes with only one pilot because in few years it will be not enough pilots... For me this solution is stupid... How many of the accidents were not prevented by 2 or 3 pilots in the last 10 years? If the only solution is to reduce the number of pilots in the cockpit the number of accidents will increase in the next years.
W A (1 month ago)
All I am still looking for to follow up on my dream of becoming a pilot is the right steps to take in starting flight lessons. Because I believe it is better to have a few years of flying experience before getting in the large airline industry. Is this correct?
Left Handed Hard Right (1 month ago)
I'll tell you what the problem is; FLYING IS SCARY~!!!!!!
james hanes (1 month ago)
good luck
jozobg (1 month ago)
Funding and insecurity about finding a job at the end - the only reasons separating me through the years with my dream. I'm 32 now and I'm afraid it will be too late, too very soon, for me to have the chance to follow my dream. Honestly, your words, your initiative, brings a lot of my faith back and I'm looking forward to seeing this project become a reallity. I want to thank you for speaking out loud what many of us don't have the opportunity to. You have my vote and I hope you're doing absolutely fantastic.
AapoR (1 month ago)
In Finland there is "free" flight school where you get in by clearing four stages of exams etc. eventually around 100/3000 get in and the government pays the fees
Fellow 7000 (1 month ago)
Same in Russia. USSR legacy)))
Dumb Comment (1 month ago)
Broken or intentional
Capn Carl (1 month ago)
Another option for funding is military service. I came from pretty much nothing and have received millions of dollars worth of training and flight time through the Air Force. I'll have to get my ATP at some point before I get out, but that will even be paid for.
Kenneth Vandergrift (1 month ago)
I am retired & way to old to be a pilot, but I just want to tell you that I think you are such a great guy to go out of your way to help others who are interested in becoming airline pilots!!!!
mBabe (1 month ago)
Aye Captain, now you're talking.
Viktor Vondra (1 month ago)
Thank you, these are exactly the points, more or less one or another, why I struggle to find correct people, correct school. I also tried desperately contact either flight schools or pilots as such, what is their experience, what are the options and ways to achieve the goal but with really no luck. Even thought I consider to concentrate more on CPL(H) I believe there is always a chance to help out (if not me, than someone else) to get closer to what they dream of. Definitely signing in, thank you once more for the review and fly safe!
Go MGTOW (1 month ago)
With so many television news shows doing documentaries about how students can easily spend $80,000 to $100,000 to get trained as a pilot, only to end up being paid $18,000 to $24,000 per year, for the next 10 years while working for a regional carrier, and that with similar training a person can easily make double that amount (or more) simply working as a manager for a nearby fast-food restaurant, is it any wonder more and more people are spending their money to train to work at local fast-food restaurants instead of training to become an airline pilot?
Tim (1 month ago)
Go MGTOW the days of those low first year probationary pay rates that people tend to focus on are gone and have been for years in the US. Now with this pilot shortage many regionals are offering signing bonus upwards of 20k and advertise salaries of upwards of 70k first year at the regional level. That’s about a 300% increase in pay over just a few years. Those that preach low starting pay are still living in the past
T Abel (1 month ago)
Man i think your dog died
IslandSoundz (1 month ago)
When I completed my PPL a few years ago, my instructor who was a very experienced pilot told me that I was one of the best he has seen. I was able to finish at the minimum required hours and my examiner (who was an airline training captain) was also very impressed. At the moment I am not an airline pilot mainly because of funding (that was 10 years ago). I wholeheartedly agree that the system is flawed where people who have the ability are held back because of funding. The aviation industry complains about a shortage of pilots, but they’ve failed to realize that many of us who can one day be good airline pilots and continue to grow as such are sitting around unable to fulfill that dream because of the cost of training. I have no issue with having to pay for my training, but there should be a way for those who lack assets to secure an opportunity, where they can become a pilot and then repay their training cost or be partly funded. Thank you for your effort in this matter, I hope that one day a solution can be found.
Plant Fuelled (1 month ago)
Some can pass all the screening and exams and become pilots, but secretly they are not suitable, unfortunately this is only evident in the worst conditions. The Korean airlines pilot that crashed because he couldn't land is aircraft in blue sky conditions, pilots that in a panic stall condition pull back on the stick. It's all very well to pass all the exams, hang around airports wearing after-shave and tell the auto-pilot what to do, but sometimes the best pilots have that something extra, a love for flying and an extra ability and instinct that's hard to define.
Plant Fuelled (1 month ago)
@Mentour Pilot Of course, but there seem to be deeper psychological factors that make an excellent pilot rather than having enough money and passing exams. There are so many great pilots that have for example saved so many lives landing aircraft without fuel, engines and even hydraulics, and so many many more that have those skills and have never needed to use them. On the other hand there have been tiny few that have caused death through incompentence, suicidal depression, poor judgement, poor training or laziness. As part of the travelling public I want those better pilots at least in the Captain's seat, but sometimes I worry that some qualified pilots from some airlines mostly in Asia might make fatal errors in an emergency and their lack of skills is mostly hidden by automation.
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Well, we must do our best to try and find the right people though, don’t you think?
wp r (1 month ago)
Future airline offers frequent fliers and cabin crew training in key flying skills in exchange for lower air fares/better terms of employment. These skills only used upon takoff and landing as the plane is otherwise under auto pilot.
KruddyKamikaze (1 month ago)
I went to this conference in Heathrow called Pilot Careers Live, and they mentioned number one which coincidentally you are making this video, the universe is speaking to me! As for number two, I spoke to a "white tail" student pilot who had his parents remortgage their house for it, and it seems as though I will have to as well, however some people won't have anything as collateral or by no means are able to outright and have to work for a long time to get the funds. There were a few modular courses that provided a partial funding method, however entry, I assume, is tough to get into and even so... Number three: This was covered with L3, CAE and Some others I am very interested. I learned that some modular courses can benefit due to the higher hour requirement, and some others can be very intense and rushed. Personally, I want to take my own time, though that can quickly drain me financially however. Do I study all with one and feel rushed, battle the retention of the information or do I study in time to set the knowledge in stone? Number four: Apparently, airlines "tag" students if they are great, which is very useful to work; I see you get what you paid for and joining those highly connected training facilities can be a good option, and with the assistance they claim to provide thereafter. I also imagine you get what you pay for and going cheap may not work out in the long run. The call of action: YES! I'll gladly join in! Edit: More information, better format.
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Good stuff!
Irish Airlines (1 month ago)
Personally, I feel unless the funding/ pricing of training is resolved.. the number of pilots will continue to decrease. Some airlines have incredible mentoring programs, without these I feel the industry would fall even further. (This is opinion, not fact.. I’d be interested in hearing all of your thoughts/ opinions). I’m very interested in the news letter re funding so have signed up!
elgrigorio1 (1 month ago)
Well here in the states, the problems are not just training or aviation school cost. It's the requirement to have a bachelor's degree plus flight school. Those two together cost about 200 grand and even more money. New airline pilots dont make a lot of money at first and many people cannot afford to take out that great of a loan. Plus college, totally useless unless you're on the ground in corporate anyway.
San Daz (1 month ago)
Maybe they should have pilot scholarships and allocate certain spots for people who are very talented but simply don’t come from a rich background. I really don’t like this capitalist system where money buys everything. It’s wasting the abilities of talented people.
Zsolt (1 month ago)
I really really disagree with the funding part. Because of course not everyone who dreams to become a pilot can afford but with the right mindset most of the people should find their way. What I see is that people sitting around and say oh you’re rich that’s why I can do it. That’s not true. The reason why I can do it is because I haven’t been on a holiday for years to save up money I haven’t spent hundreds of euros for clothes etc. And also if you don’t earn enough you can move to a country for a short period to save up the money you need and carry on. But most of the people want this job this training without hard work. Forget about this. And even this job shouldn’t become easy you must work for it and later on to appreciate how much effort you put into it that’s how you’ll enjoy every day with flying. I found my way sleeping in a truck for 2-3 weeks for 1.5 years to save up the money with my wife and child at home. Was it easy? Of course not. But you must work for it no one should lend the money you want for free. I don’t mean it harsh to anyone what I say is if you really want it you have to find your way. Some people will never get there because life went by but most of the people this way will get there. Amen
S Mahavir Prasad Sahu (1 month ago)
I wanted a career in Aviation as a pilot but the financial aspect really made me reconsider. I have a good background with not super rich parents but rich enough to afford a CPL. Big question for me was do i want to spend so much to earn so little? In an industry that is volatile. Instead of spending that much i decided to be a CPA. Not becoming a pilot will be a regret in my life but looking at it now i earn twice as much than i would have if i was an FO right now. I don't regret not spending 50% of my inheritance to become an pilot and be left with nothing. Finances of flight schools need to change to make it more affordable.
Von W. (1 month ago)
Thank you for this Video, all you said is very true and I can relate to it very much so!!