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The Real Reason Why I Had To Delete My Videos!

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THE REAL REASON WHY I HAD TO DELETE MY VIDOES! Ive gotten this question often and i haven't really addressed it. If you enjoy this video smash that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button! INSTAGRAM, -https://www.instagram.com/cthompson1135/ TWITTER -https://twitter.com/CThompson1135 SNAPCHAT - CTHOMPSON1135
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Text Comments (16)
Zach Wachs (4 months ago)
Are they switching scanners at your terminal ? I've heard bad things the new scanners coming to my terminal in Arizona.
CThompsonTv (4 months ago)
Heard they're coming to us too by 23rd
Philip Dolan (7 months ago)
Why don't you put some of the videos back up if they're letting you do FedEx now. Secondly I can see a federal lawsuit happening where you sue FedEx for them trying to stop you from making videos. You are a contractor you're not an employee of FedEx.
Big Boss (9 months ago)
Friend?? Then give her my number. Does she like men with one eye? I wear an eye patch 0:44 😗😗😍😍😚😚
Laii Gonzalez (9 months ago)
The first school you went to was the school I go to and I was in P.E the time the kids said you were on YouTube 😂😂😂
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)
Ha. Yeah, I remember going there. Sub to the channel!
Megan Reeder (9 months ago)
I started almost 9 months ago.. and your videos were part of the reason I didn't quit in the first week. 😄😎
Scott D (9 months ago)
life as a FedEx driver... I remember it well. Part 1 and 2. Haha. #KEEPUPTHEGOODWORK #CTHOMPSONCLAN
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)
Best videos I made lol
Carl Jordan (9 months ago)
Carl Jordan (9 months ago)
Apparently they’re changing our scanners soon and they’re not sure if the cables will be the same to transfer our scanners to the gps...😒 I’ve been on 3 different routes in 3 days. One guy had a medical issue, one guy is on vacation, etc etc...
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)
That's my reaction. 🤔
Pierson Barnes (9 months ago)
Pierson Barnes (9 months ago)
Oh I know the real reason now.
CThompsonTv (9 months ago)