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Gatorade | Heart of a Lio

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Glory only happens when you sweat for your dreams. Gatorade presents Heart of a Lio, an animated short film about Lionel Messi. #HeartOfALio
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Les 3 gamers Du 37 (1 day ago)
Johnny Walker Jr (1 day ago)
The greatest of all time.
Reibar Mousa (1 day ago)
اعلان شركة طيران🤔
Messi moments 10 (1 day ago)
Phoenix_Plays * (2 days ago)
No one MESSIS with Messi
AminTube Gaming (2 days ago)
Tarun Chakraborty (3 days ago)
When you have a dream to chase nothing can stop you
Bonamaris Maritime Services (3 days ago)
JEETH DAS (3 days ago)
This Is The Best Short Film Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yordi Acevedo (3 days ago)
After 2023 Messi is the King of Soocer The G.O.A.T.
João Cavalcante (4 days ago)
Melhor propaganda esportiva motivacional Messi gênio
Liga Mx Skills (5 days ago)
Song of messi in plane scene?
teags mid (6 days ago)
lionel looks awesome playing
Farhan Ahmed (6 days ago)
1:06 Fake, he used growth hormone supplements.
SÛPRÉMÊ mmj (7 days ago)
SÛPRÉMÊ mmj (7 days ago)
Sue Au (7 days ago)
This is the best and so cute
juventus kumar (7 days ago)
make vdeo on cr7
Farid jamal (7 days ago)
why did number 7 get ubeed of for messi MMMMMM
Hollywood like a boss (7 days ago)
The doctor said he will not grow anymore and when the future Messi came he had more hight and size than the present messi
Deb Bijoy (8 days ago)
messi my heart
yiiiipeeeee (8 days ago)
nothing can stop him except international football
Introverted couch Potato (8 days ago)
The goat
Xxy (9 days ago)
Thumbnail looks like a wizard of Clash royale
J.J Plays (9 days ago)
1:59 Messi has never scored a bicycle kick in real life
I am a ronaldo fan but i think that messi is unstoppable
Malik 13 (10 days ago)
Ronaldo better than messi
Cool Guy (10 days ago)
I would prefer if was ronaldo instead
CTK Joe (10 days ago)
No.1 in universe
Kushagra Tiwari (10 days ago)
4:20 long 🌿🌿
SniperBuddy 1160 (10 days ago)
how do they make animations like this
XD BLEACH XD ._. (10 days ago)
For some reason i thought it was an ant man trailer Because of the red and black and the drowth thing ma bob
soradx1000 (10 days ago)
but that world cup is still missing
Daniyal Adil 1245 (10 days ago)
Wow its such a motivational video
lezang (10 days ago)
Everything in Messi life can only happened in animation and how lucky we are to see that in a real life, the things only players can do in animation.. Messi does in real.. it’s looks like a story which GOD had scripted.. will never ever be any Messi in future so guys enjoy..
The unspoken Dragon king (10 days ago)
So inspirational 😭😭😭😭😭😭 wish I and that courage
Juanjose Arbelaezromero (10 days ago)
Que motivación
Natalie Glasby (11 days ago)
This is some cool video
Tin Học Và Game (11 days ago)
Nothing can stop you
Bob Sun (11 days ago)
Even god hates messi :(
Aarush Singh (12 days ago)
Gatorade ; someone copied this. Amazing work though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahmad fazal (12 days ago)
Messi is amazing and a legend forever
fernando sanz 99 (12 days ago)
Buen video Gatorade.. me gustaria q hicieran uno de Cristiano Ronaldo porfavor ..
kloo Paw (12 days ago)
At 158 there a word cause word for real hear it
kloo Paw (12 days ago)
Messi never give up messi beat christiano Rolando
kloo Paw (12 days ago)
I knew it
ASAM :V (12 days ago)
No me acuerdo como se escribe
ASAM :V (12 days ago)
Esta bien messi pero el no es el mejor, el mejor es ronaldihno
gaming mahdia !!! (13 days ago)
I look at Messi coz i am short and my perents say that that's why i am not aloud to play soccer.But seeing that he is one of the best soccer players in the world i know i can prove them wronge.
Humera Anjum (14 days ago)
Lyrics Anderson (14 days ago)
When you have a dream to chased nothing can't stop you
Israel Boluwade (STUDENT) (14 days ago)
Messi needs help from God.
sudhita talluri (15 days ago)
Story on Kohli
larry the cumcumber (15 days ago)
1:37 "he's gonna miss he's gonna miss he's gonna miss he's gonna miss. GOAL!"
Zimri Neftaly (15 days ago)
You should have played for Spain
milo20060 (15 days ago)
Aaand all gone.
hypedphantom 797 (15 days ago)
He has no international trophies but Ronaldo does
Adam Musmar (16 days ago)
Ronaldo better
Amad Abraham (16 days ago)
hey plz make this on cr7 also...
Alex Espinosa (16 days ago)
When you have a dram to chase noting could stop you
Csozombie (16 days ago)
1:07 awkward. messi never say like that. he is fainthearted
El Zukastrukas xd (16 days ago)
Qué hermoso la concha de la lora
Jess Morrison (16 days ago)
Don’t give up on your dreams, take drugs so you’re taller
Gibran Otway (16 days ago)
Too bad he lost again. And terribly too
nahome bruk (16 days ago)
watch everybody this will be me in 6 years i have a dream to chase and i will keep on going until that dream gives up and the dream finally comes true. Messi para siempre!!!
Yuzi C (17 days ago)
Messi had long hair
eu aici (17 days ago)
1:06 motivation
MR GURUNG (17 days ago)
0:01 to 0:04 you can ronaldo complaining haha Anyone here after 20 years hi kids we live in messi era
Downtime World (18 days ago)
Anick Mim (19 days ago)
Davit Sibashvili (19 days ago)
Who thought that thumbnail was Wizard from Clash Royale.
Daniel John Shaw (19 days ago)
00:55 Ant-man!
Juann (20 days ago)
W O T (20 days ago)
I'm a Messi fan but, Messi is depressi
Facundo P (21 days ago)
El mejor de la historia
숙녀요조 (21 days ago)
첨에 대한민국이라고 들림
강건 강건 (21 days ago)
what is musik in movie? Please tell me i think this is Populer musik :)
JE VB (21 days ago)
Eres el mejor
JustGolden (23 days ago)
As a Ronaldo fan this movie is awesome #RESPECT
ANi (24 days ago)
2:15 Still hurts ☹️damn it
Chace Marquez (24 days ago)
God, why did you do that😡
Iman Leeclc (25 days ago)
Even the clouds want to stop the plane
Syed Rafay Uddin (25 days ago)
Subscribe to me if you like lio
Rahul Raj (25 days ago)
lionnel Farhan (25 days ago)
I will subcribe because this video is about me
Tundra Gaming (26 days ago)
"When you have a dream to chase nothing can stop you"
Nintendo Nintendo (27 days ago)
Why i order gatorade
Salanツ (27 days ago)
1:57 eso nunca paso :v
Shinchan -My Roblox gameplays and Shinchan videos! (28 days ago)
meeees5 (28 days ago) .....
Mohd Najib Zakaria (29 days ago)
I like you Messi
Devilled King (29 days ago)
Video will be much much better if Argentina won the world cup..
Mohammad Nabil (1 month ago)
Mohammad Nabil (1 month ago)
Argentina did not have World Cup
Mohammad Nabil (1 month ago)
I hate when god of football wind on ball to Messi score a goal
Mohammad Nabil (1 month ago)
Messi say: when you have chans nothing can stop you
Mohammad Nabil (1 month ago)
I saw Messi say here is
Mohammad Nabil (1 month ago)
I hate when Messi his body stop growing
Aliya Shahira (1 month ago)
god messi
fireden20 (1 month ago)
*-When you have a dream to chase, nothing can stop you-*
Sid Lopez (1 month ago)
Nice video man!