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Gatorade | Heart of a Lio

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Glory only happens when you sweat for your dreams. Gatorade presents Heart of a Lio, an animated short film about Lionel Messi. #HeartOfALio
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Inas Sajidah (36 minutes ago)
Messi is the best
Navin Pradeep (15 hours ago)
Edward wong (18 hours ago)
it's a dumbest thing I've seen in my life :D
Farhan Ahmed (19 hours ago)
People I hate: 1. People who are Muslims 2. People who are Ronaldo fans 3. People who like their own comment 4. People who will never achieve success 5. People who is from a country that will never play for the FIFA World Cup. PS: I'm a Ronaldo fan from India, but I will always be a failure.
GAMIN WITH ALEJANDRO xavier (1 day ago)
leo messi talks spanish he from argentina
Extreme Brocoli (1 day ago)
Did you guys notice the ball it looks like the brazuca
JOHAN DE GUZMAN (1 day ago)
0:51 reminds me of that scene in ant man
Niko Sakaone (1 day ago)
3:31 yodel yodel yodel Lol
Angel Mandujano (2 days ago)
Messi es el mejor jugador de futbol del mundo
Mahir Labib (2 days ago)
0:37 Fellini beside the coach😂😂😂😂
Gipsy Danger (2 days ago)
1:40 says goat
Stick is Life (4 days ago)
If you have a dream to chase no one can stop you
JanCool_ 29 (4 days ago)
Im watching this again and again cause i like the scene that: If u have a dream to chase NOTHING CAN STOP YOU
Technical brothers (4 days ago)
My fav energ drink drink as much as can
Thavisha Dilan (5 days ago)
Messi is historical and good challenger of football
Edusampa2 (5 days ago)
the best animation of soccer
Gaming Sheldon (6 days ago)
Where can I find Gatorade in Singapore?
Rabeya Kulsum (6 days ago)
I am a huge fan of Ronald but this video is awesome
Amexican Fym (7 days ago)
Bruh the worst part was at 4:22
Mike Cadile (7 days ago)
I invented Gatorade
Ramiro Godoy (7 days ago)
Corine_Funes (7 days ago)
messi the best
Jai aaditya purswani (8 days ago)
Ronaldo pleasee
Эльдар Неджарахов (8 days ago)
Леганесси о таком мечтать и мечтать)
Want A Hair Cut? (8 days ago)
Hamu Koiza (8 days ago)
How to stop ronaldo
NSK GP (9 days ago)
Can you do life of Christiano he help people the earth and he kid he poor
marmar talaat (9 days ago)
No offence but 1:58 that was Ronaldo's double kick it's cheating. This animation movie is really brilliant but don't do that
Ryan gaming show (9 days ago)
Легенда 1960х (9 days ago)
siddharth barua (9 days ago)
This was awesome
Sansith Senevirathne (10 days ago)
Sir Leo is truly a champ!! YEET #pro #barca
Sansith Senevirathne (10 days ago)
The fact that sir Messi faced failure and extreme harassment but still managed to come through even stronger shows that God is truly absolutely right at all times because Lord knew he would emerge a thousand times more awesome and skilled for that is his destiny. #God #Divine
Onyx Mach (10 days ago)
Carla Hay (10 days ago)
I Think its Better Then SFM
THE FZ (10 days ago)
now salah salah salah
shonta riles (11 days ago)
Messi Messi messi
shonta riles (11 days ago)
Messi the king of soccer
lionel messi (11 days ago)
#Gatorade best ad #messiforlife
Alvaro Diaz Canales (11 days ago)
si digo que Messi es mejor que CR7, entraria en debate, pero puedo decir que es orgullo tener a dos grandes futbolistas con ello en una misma decada y para colmo, con historias muy inspiradoras, que viva el futbol carajo!
Kazi Abdur Rahman Tahsanian (11 days ago)
Golden Minecart Gold (12 days ago)
I drink Gatorade Orange Flavor. It's so tasty! I love it!
Jacob Shamoun vloggar (13 days ago)
Mangesh Lawati (13 days ago)
Ha Argentina already lost means Messi already lost.
mikasa jaeger (14 days ago)
A huge Ronaldo fan myself but I still put some respecc on other players too. Go Lionel, Go Cristiano!
Tech Prth (14 days ago)
best thing to see so inspiring
Mohammed Id lahcen (14 days ago)
Nice video can you make one of CR7
BiggityBoy'sADiggityDog (14 days ago)
Get paid Get laid Gatorade
Nightwalker 52 (14 days ago)
This is insane
RCYT (14 days ago)
Great animation, I want to be as good as this when I'm older :)
Zayyar Naing (15 days ago)
everytime i watch the end i get this feeling and goosebumps on my skin. its just sooo amazing
Game Side 00 (16 days ago)
Lionel Messi SUCKS
phong nguyenviet (17 days ago)
Young Metro (17 days ago)
Now am never gonna buy Gatorade cuz am Ronaldo fan
diego 39 (17 days ago)
02:04 faltó que levante la copa del mundo
PALIOS El problema (17 days ago)
una mierda Messi es re fiero
OliverCantu C.D.S. (17 days ago)
Squarelens (17 days ago)
This would have been so much better if my boy was able to win the World Cup this year 😭 This video was AMAZING 🙌
Bin Shooters (17 days ago)
What an ad
lana vargas (18 days ago)
Pero es una decepción con argentina
Anu (17 days ago)
¡Yo aprendo Español en mi computadora en casa y comprendo este!
Marica Jovic (18 days ago)
part 2 15 minutes
rucoy alberto online roberto (18 days ago)
Ági Love Dogs ツ (18 days ago)
JJSS Games (19 days ago)
this Is nothing to do with gatorade
Luís Rafael De Lima (20 days ago)
Messi e meu herói
Duglas Escalante (22 days ago)
Xushnud Keldiboyev (23 days ago)
messi #uno
DE MAZIO (23 days ago)
Wow 😍 😍
Grijesh Yadav (23 days ago)
Do for ronaldo plzz
Sr.Globito Gamer (24 days ago)
No ganó
MHMD (24 days ago)
if nothing can stop you then win any cup with your country team
MHMD (24 days ago)
misse looks too tall in this he looks as tall as CR7
Wyang Dorjee (24 days ago)
0:01 That guy on the right side of Leo is definitely Ronaldo.
Claudia Cardenas (24 days ago)
Thing ends at 4:20
Dabbah Cyber (24 days ago)
Best player ever seen and heard ,Legend🔥⚽⚽
JB etc (24 days ago)
Messi is god of football ❣️❣️❣️
Mhd Hafiz (24 days ago)
Nothing Can't Stop You
pvp master (24 days ago)
Messi is my hero
Jessica Playz lumine games and more! (25 days ago)
Wait how is future Messi taller then kid messi???? He must still be growing
ᄐ92ᅳ3 (25 days ago)
I thought this ad is fortnite
john weinwr (26 days ago)
wht kind of joke is tht?
pump shotgun (26 days ago)
The 2k dislikes are real madrid fans
Hassan Chaudhry (26 days ago)
1:36 2:21
Sagnik Roy (26 days ago)
Lionel Messi OMG!!!
visit_top_ destinations (27 days ago)
Ohh wow perfect, beautiful 😍😊🔝🔝Keep Going, good vibes for you. 🤙🏻🌎@ Gatorade👉✨
William Wesemann (27 days ago)
should of had theodd1sout animate this
Ξένια Αρμπιλιά (27 days ago)
This is the best animation I've ever seen in my whole life🔥🔥🔥🔥 It's also so touching when adult Messi gives the ball to young Messi to keep him strong and then when he grows up young Messi does the same❤❤❤ It's just amazing!!!!! This is our king!
thebrothers (28 days ago)
Alguien me puede decir el nombre de la musica que sale al final?
Icesag Rocks (28 days ago)
00:50 Messi went into the quantum realm
강희구 (28 days ago)
MeminBlack (28 days ago)
🇩🇪🇨🇱🇫🇷 = the Executioners of Messi
Kevinzz ns (29 days ago)
U have da wae to chase noting can stop da queen
Галина Петрова (29 days ago)
А то что небесные силы препятствуют, это смешно же ведь!
SansTino (29 days ago)
Едик Пашаев (29 days ago)
Гений Лео
Ilyas Kazimov (29 days ago)
Ветер который подул наверника это был Криши Роналдууу ;)))))
KIRTI CHANDRA (30 days ago) - Lio shirt buy now
tevekkul agalarov (30 days ago)
David Scott (30 days ago)
Ayan Boishakh (30 days ago)
2:16 God is evil....