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Sumatras Last Tigers - The Secrets of Nature

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While tiger populations around the world are crashing, tiger numbers in a remote nature reserve in Sumatra, Indonesia are increasing. Here even man killers are being rehabilitated and released into the wild. The man behind this unique conservation project is Indonesian tycoon, Tomy Winata. Tomy’ s ambitious plan now includes releasing a tiger born in captivity into the wild, will it survive and can the experiment transform conservation practices and save the Sumatran tiger?
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Text Comments (2341)
Mean Streak Fields (10 hours ago)
Great video! You go Dr. Pickles.
Roblox Cringe (1 day ago)
who saw that guys nail oml
Ruroni Kensin (1 day ago)
Coba kenalan sama ehsan / jinora.... Biar ga garang gitu harimaunya
Topax Balack Mental (1 day ago)
save harimau sumatra , hanya demi uang kau rela bunuh hewan yg seharusnya anak cucu dan cicit nanti masih bisa melihat jangan jadi manusia bodoh ,hanya karna uang fuck you 🖕 im from indonesia , im like flora and fauna indonesia👊✊
Jimin's gray hair (1 day ago)
Thank you so much Mr. Tommy Winata for helping the tigers
T. L. Y. (1 day ago)
After all the persecution the Tiger has severed from humans, is it any wonder that is trying to defend itself and it’s family from being wiped off the planet? What are those people doing living so close to a tiger preserve?
JStar98 (1 day ago)
I really would like to know how they are doing after the release!
mylostworld xxx (1 day ago)
They released only panti and her 1 cub. What abt the other 2 cubs?
Kiladel Fuck12 (1 day ago)
My profile pic is how I feel about animal hunters
samuel muiruri (2 days ago)
that caged tiger is like, wait until i get to you, you gonna feel some pain. as for trophies why kill an animal to put it on you wall instead of leaving it to roam?
Najib Muhammad (2 days ago)
When I saw the tiger and leopard head's I just thought that was creepy-crawlies what weirdo would want them (no offence to 🐅 or to 🐆 I love animals)
Usman Affandy (2 days ago)
Rakusnya manusia yg tak pernah terpuaskan Hukuman yg pantas bagi mereka yg memburu dan membunuh harimau endemik Sumatra , biar harimau yg membunuh dan memakanya
Izwana Kamana (2 days ago)
Persetan bagi pemburu hariamu, mati saja sana kau laknat!!!!!
Arwan Pawar (2 days ago)
They just pretending to save tigers, tigers do not bothering human, but human take place tigers teritory. Would we let them alive???
Fontenoy58 (3 days ago)
Conflict tigers should also be returned to wild..coz they belongs to jungle and people entered and occupied the tiger land..Save these beautiful creature called Tiger..
Melva Julie (3 days ago)
Fact: Tommy winata is one of the richest buisnessman in indonesia..
TheDesta82 (3 days ago)
Problem negara miskin
Mohan Kumar (3 days ago)
Tiger Woods Dr Tuber to Kanchi Shankaracharya jayendra Saraswati Puja vidhi
Ujang Firmansyah (3 days ago)
" Kita bunuh ,kita ambil dalamnya,kita kulit² kita jual " SUKAMTO...cocotmuuu asu .... Walaupun kau sudah berubah tetap saja jiwa ku berontak ...salam dari Palembang Sumatera Selatan .
BH (4 days ago)
Poachers are indeed criminals but they would not have come in that business if there was no buyer for their product. There should be a bigger penalty/punishment for all those who are the ultimate buyers.
Lino D (4 days ago)
The savagery of humanity destroying innocent life. Death penalty for the poachers is not enough justice.
Paulo Gilvan (4 days ago)
esses video que conte morte de animais era pra ser apagado isso mostra que o homem e matador de animais quem mata e o homem mal . o homem de bem cuida da natureza e da humanidade .que deus abencoe todos os animais ( brasil )
timjaymc (4 days ago)
Who will be the first to volunteer to be tiger food?
Diya Ayu (4 days ago)
The question is how the hunter arrive in that island and why they don't get realized our jungle was in critical status?🤪
Diya Ayu (4 days ago)
Big Kitty 😭😭
Diya Ayu (4 days ago)
Muhammad Ahdan Kelas B (4 days ago)
Di lampung gaess
kepala kentang (5 days ago)
the ex poacher could possibly be a double agent
Rudy Hartono (5 days ago)
Mohamad Fauzi (6 days ago)
Thank you mr winata
ROHANA siti (6 days ago)
smg sllu di lestrikn.genrsi2 bru..buat ank .ccuku kita bs mliht..kkayaan hewn indonesia...mju trs
fauzI rachman (6 days ago)
Bagus kaya tentara penjaganya
John James (7 days ago)
People can be so stupid. Considering hunting an animal with a long range weapon and using traps to snare the creature is definitely not trophy worthy. If you go in there with your bare hands and fight one to death then maybe thats more of a trophy worthy event. Regardless though, just leave the freakin animals alone.
EXCALIBUR CHAN (7 days ago)
RANGER: "The poachers must be given the maximum punishment"
EXCALIBUR CHAN (7 days ago)
save nature.. how i wish all humans will go extinct
Abhinav Kaul (7 days ago)
After giving birth..she was given a live pig baby to eat...but she didn't bite his throat but instead started licking it....was it mother instinct? Or is this normal behaviour
Fast Link (8 days ago)
pollis good
RJ (8 days ago)
Serious fingernails 11:19
MIF GRIND (9 days ago)
Oww sad 😫 17:25
Noob player (9 days ago)
Jangan sampai anak cucu kita kelak melihat harimau sumatra hanya gambar saja.. Jangan sampai nasib harimau sumatra seperti harimau jawa dan bali !! #Savesumatratiger
deka hariyanto (10 days ago)
Jng sampek pemburu berjaya d hutan indonesia....sikat habiss mereka ...tumpas jg para pembelinya
Anti Viral (10 days ago)
"perduli betul sama hutan" OTAK MISKIN!
Danniswara Muhammad (4 days ago)
Lu ngapain su?🤣🤣
Sudhakar G (10 days ago)
@37:29 ❤️
Sudhakar G (10 days ago)
@28:51 Tiger: You f***** humans! You guys are spying in my Kingdom! 😆🐯🐅
Sudhakar G (10 days ago)
@18:17 F*** Chinese demand Traditional Medicine.
Hridoy khan hk (11 days ago)
Save nature Save tigers ❤
Triana Nobarini (11 days ago)
Jgn salahkan macan klo bunuh org..manusianya yg jahat merusak habitatnya karena serakahnya manusia..KARMA
helen elliott (11 days ago)
plants are medicinal only some one that is truly STUPID would think that animal parts are medicinal !!
helen elliott (11 days ago)
sadly the only ones that need to die are the ones with the taste of human blood,all animals with the taste for human blood must be put down
Dinasty's (12 days ago)
Di tempatku baru ada kejadian harimau menyerang 8 warga, 4 di antaranya meninggal. Sekarang 2 ekor sudah di amankan. Banyak spekulasi berdar bahwa ada sekitar 6-7 harimau baru di lepas di kawasan bukit barisan (sosopan-kab. Padang lawas-sumut). Karna terbatasnya buruan di hutan makanya lari ke pemukiman. Dan sekarang sudah aman kembali
Tina Smith (12 days ago)
Ahmad Muharom (13 days ago)
As indonesian,we're feel ashamed to the world..because we're can't save our nature..
Eric T (14 days ago)
What? In the first year of life a healthy human baby will gain 25 times its birth weight? So an eight pound baby will weigh 200 pounds as a one year old? LOL @13:24
vinnyzan1 (14 days ago)
15:36 If your last name is pickles and you have a son and you don't name him Tommy or Dill then you failed in life
Da’Ladybug E (15 days ago)
THIS IS CRAZY ! I am ROOTING for the TIGER LEAVE THEM ALONE What Do you EXPECT when you live where they LIVE ?
Ryu 662 (16 days ago)
Duh jd sedih liat keadaan mereka. Ga kerasa jd nangis. Mudah2an bisa berkembang biak dan ga punah buat semua hewan2 dan hutannya aamiin ya allah
Emilda Surtadjaja (16 days ago)
Thank's a lot😊
King Eris (16 days ago)
STOP TAKING AWAY THEIR LAND. So unfair to call them Man Killers. they are not. They don’t go looking for man.
King Eris (16 days ago)
:11 seconds. I was definitely not ready for that. So sad. Also it makes me so angry. How can anyone be so cruel.
Fikri firmansyah (17 days ago)
Yg ada translatenya dong
Victor P09 (17 days ago)
Every country in the world should legalize a law that poachers are legal to be hunted down&killed. But make it legal (permit) for responsible hunters (reporting their hunt).
Aqdi Karomi (18 days ago)
Save sumatran tiger,sngt nampak perbedaanya mna yg hnya mau mngexploitasi belaka dg yg ingin mmberdayakn...dpt mnjd contoh bgmn mnyelesaikn mslh tnp hrs mnimbulkn masalah,smua itu terukur sberapa kearifan kita sbg manusia
Carl Heinz (19 days ago)
Magnificent creature... 🙏🙏
Lucius Avenus (20 days ago)
Such an excellent effort!!
Seeker (20 days ago)
Traditional Chinese medicine is the main cause of animal extinction. Why is no one pointing the finger and demanding this stop? It's sickening!
David Pool (20 days ago)
China, you suck. Get your shit together.
Nicole J (20 days ago)
She is smart
Ivan Bojhon (20 days ago)
I,m People from Sumatera.. Sava Harimau Sumatera
Pace Gaul (21 days ago)
save sumatera Tiger
Mac Man (21 days ago)
If poachers wanna hunt them we should hunt the poachers
Samyak H P (21 days ago)
Salute to Tommy winnata
Samyak H P (21 days ago)
Indonesians kinda look like Indians in many ways even their culture is similar, not surprising, given their history and common background of Hindu Dharma.
Andrew Robertson (21 days ago)
The footage of the ensnared tiger was so f*cking disgusting. I don't mean it was inappropriate, I mean it made me feel instant rage, sickness and sadness. Goddamn it, we don't deserve to breath the same air as creatures like that. Shitty, murderous species that we are.
noobmaster69 (22 days ago)
Why chinesse eat everything it’s need to stop
Rizky Firmansyah (1 day ago)
And they got coronavirus
testosterone proponet (6 days ago)
That why they get corona virus
Mustaq Ahmed (8 days ago)
They eat everything that moves except vehicle, airplane, ship & boat. More than a billion of them & there is no stopping. I saw a documentary where they were talking out some part of liver of a bear every month to make their traditional medicine. That was a real horror to watch. After all these years I couldn't forget the helpless look of that bear, they didn't even use any anesthesia to perform the surgery.
Anggun Vrism (22 days ago)
They're heroes. For the keepers, it must be so sad to let the tigers go back to the wildlife :( but you've done a very good job. Mr. Tommy is one of the few tycoons. Good job
Cm Yadav (22 days ago)
Great can any one tell me what is the current condition of panti ,and her cubs , please I m dying to know about them
ahmed duale (22 days ago)
Save the wild animals please
Susi Susi (22 days ago)
Di buang sayang🤣
TigerRefort (22 days ago)
This is so sad Save The tigers!!!🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯💗💗💗💗💗
lone wolf (22 days ago)
People should move it seems like those people who want to live close to the animals
Shniping (23 days ago)
I declare war on poachers! Who's with me?
Eko Setiawan (23 days ago)
17:35 🤧🤧🤧
Abbie Sudarno (23 days ago)
ahir tahun 2019 dan awal tahun 2020 bayak konflik antara tiger sumatra dengan manusia bahka sudah memakan korban. semoga kedepanya bisa diselesaika dengan baik.
Giallombardo (23 days ago)
I'm sad and upset by extinction of Bali & Javanese Tigers they were such a majestic creatures, and with Sumatran Tiger criticly endangered makes me even more upset i loathed the humans who keeps on poaching and killing them and sell them for merely $8000 not a very fair price to kill such georgous animal. I sincerely hope Indonesian government put some serious thought here on conservasing Sumatran Tigers take an example from India they succeded on breeding tigers and their popultion growing stupendously ! Just a thought though, maybe add rule to shoot on sight to whoever selling, poaching and hunting Sumatran Tiger for whatever reason, don't act too late until the population down below 100
Mochamad Farid (23 days ago)
Those who hunt tigers...I pray for you...I hope your life will suffer in the world and the next life. Aamiiin yra!!!
London Delight (24 days ago)
Chineese medicine are behind most of this poching and killing.
Jack of Blades (25 days ago)
0:43 that man has developed wiskers
John Smith (25 days ago)
Aren't there already wild tiger's living in that area?? They didn't seem to concerned before, did they?
Andre Susanto (25 days ago)
Tai bgt yg bunuh"in:(
golden freeza (26 days ago)
Gantian orang nya jerat
Mannix Mannix (26 days ago)
Save the all wild cats from idiots monsters called parasite (inhuman being) invaded the planets.
Anthony Reyes (27 days ago)
what ever happened to the other 2 babies?
Mike Fela (27 days ago)
Pigs be like wish they release these mf soon tired of being food
gibran siregar (28 days ago)
Javan Tiger,Sumatran Tiger,Bali tiger.all of that Tiger originaly from Indonesia only Sumatran Tiger still exist Please save Our last Tiger Species 🇮🇩🙏😔
Paramee Samarathunga (28 days ago)
WOW! I am impressed by not only Tommy's vision, but his team's determination.
bLu (28 days ago)
Y'all humans keep playing I got Thanos from The avengers on speed dial
Chris A (28 days ago)
Thats a beautiful place my goodness the nature is perfect keep these poachers at bay efffing bastards thank God for Tommy hes doing a great thing
lala mo (28 days ago)
I'm feeling so proud dont know why
soren neros (29 days ago)
manusia predator tertinggi, harimau bukan tandingan
Wael S (30 days ago)
Average birth weight of human baby: 3.5kg Gaining 25 times birth weight = 91kg by first year Disturbing 13:31