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Sumatras Last Tigers - The Secrets of Nature

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While tiger populations around the world are crashing, tiger numbers in a remote nature reserve in Sumatra, Indonesia are increasing. Here even man killers are being rehabilitated and released into the wild. The man behind this unique conservation project is Indonesian tycoon, Tomy Winata. Tomy’ s ambitious plan now includes releasing a tiger born in captivity into the wild, will it survive and can the experiment transform conservation practices and save the Sumatran tiger?
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Text Comments (1731)
Aniket Paithankar (20 hours ago)
awesome effort. best luck.
Generasi IND (1 day ago)
Tiger Sumatera 👍
Dr. abid hussain (2 days ago)
Save water save tree
Dr. abid hussain (2 days ago)
Save water save life
Dr. abid hussain (2 days ago)
Save life save tree
S P (2 days ago)
Great guy
Mattack (3 days ago)
Even male tigers are mistreated. smh
Dragox YT (4 days ago)
People are dumb..
I'm Aaron (5 days ago)
Most beautiful lifeform on earth. 👍🏿 Their eyes turns my blood into ice 🤤
Shakir Essa (6 days ago)
Go away tiger no body needs you
WiDwi (6 days ago)
Bapak2 yg bilang "peduli amat ya sama hutan?" ngajak baku hantam ya :)
Muhammad Ali (6 days ago)
Suka sedih klo denger harimau jawa udah punah..panthera tigris sondaica(java tiger) 😭😭😭
N S (7 days ago)
Don’t save them They belong to wild If They can’t survive in wild then that’s not worth saving
eddy (7 days ago)
that little pig got bodied 💀
chanel tv Sihombing (7 days ago)
Aziz Wiranda (8 days ago)
Peduli betul sama hutan? Pantek kau, kalo ga ada hutan kau gak bisa hidup
Joshua Oropeza (8 days ago)
Good fuck those ppl we’ve taken too much from animals already “they cared too much about the forest” fuck outta here dude smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Berto7x (9 days ago)
latest info/update I could find regarding Petir online: Recently released Sumatran tiger got confused in the wild (April 13, 2015, +4 years ago) “We detected that he was still at the plantation, hiding and won’t come out on Friday (9/4),” said Wilantara adding that they tried to lure him with a chicken but won’t bait. At night, Petir went to Wonosobo market and even sat in front of a bank office. As other attempts to lure him back to the cage was unsuccessful, the team agreed to shot him with tranquilizer under strict permit from central government. It seems the release wasn't successful
Luis Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Damn, that sucks..! Thanks for the update 👍 Poor 🐅...
Barbara Ley (9 days ago)
Dear Mr. Tomy Winata, you have my most sincere thank you, you have restored my faith in humanity that was lost long, long ago and my heart and soul is overflowing with absolute emotional joy once again, and the tears that are pouring out of me are tears of Love and Hope, for it's because of your selfless, earnest commitment to the survival of this majestic beautiful creature, The Sumatra Tiger of Indonesia! I now believe, once again, that there is a future where humans and wildlife co-exist in harmony with one another.
Richard Harlan (10 days ago)
Kasian harimau di rusak hutan nya aduh
Julanda Zachary (10 days ago)
Saif Ali (10 days ago)
Heartbreaking..! dont they..! animals, have equal rights in this earth as like we humans..??? Shud they suffer so much pain to survive in their habitat.? Every humans are responsible for this painfull encounter.we gonna pay for this one day severely.;
Silva Lula (11 days ago)
Save sumatran tiger 🙏
jannis joplin (12 days ago)
Why is that tiger keeper's thumb nail so damn big?
jannis joplin (12 days ago)
EBFilmsMan (12 days ago)
Those baby tigers were soo cute! But I think I'll have to settle for a bengal domestic cat...
Valerie S. Katz Keller (12 days ago)
Dragonfly universe
Wahyu Purnomo (12 days ago)
Save javan tigers
Kim Willis (13 days ago)
SMH... Humans are the worst, eat all of them.
Harold Go (13 days ago)
It’s sad you can see the fear in the tigers eyes 😢
DreamWarrior (15 days ago)
Richard Joyce (15 days ago)
The penalty for killing a tiger should be death.
HK L (16 days ago)
Thank you! Please protect tigers. South China tiger had big population in China before but now there is no South China tiger in the wild. There are only 100+ captive South China tigers, because they are all offsprings of six tigers, they have trouble to reproduce, they are on the way of extinction very soon. It is really sad to see that is happening
Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes (16 days ago)
Such a beautiful place 🐯
Asian Dude (16 days ago)
Endengered animals are always in southeast asia...
Best Moment (18 days ago)
Thank you so much, you save the tigers 👏👏👍
CJN4737 (19 days ago)
I love how when the tiger caught the pig she gives it a few licks before she kills it.
heather mcdougall (19 days ago)
look at those young girls - hijabed up, rag-bags around their heads at a stupidly young age. You'll never do anything to reach these people.They will only understand bribery.
Jaspreet Takhar (19 days ago)
these tigers rehabilitate better than humans lol maybe we should give animals a damn chance
Redtailcatboi 930 (20 days ago)
Without predators. Deer springs out in population and eats all the grass. Sorry, if Indonesia doesn't act quickly. One of the last Indonesian tigers will go extinct.
Trey Sosa (20 days ago)
Thank u so much!!! For saving the tigers we need more people like them just imagine all the animals could be save.
Yavuz sultan selim Caldiran 23 8 1514 (20 days ago)
Save all the tigers lions on earth. Well done my friends. You done a great job by saving tigers
Mayo David (20 days ago)
can't get over that watcher's long fingernail, it was as long as his thumb!
Mayo David (20 days ago)
can't get over that watcher's long fingernail, it was as long as his thumb!
Mayo David (20 days ago)
can't get over that watcher's long fingernail, it was as long as his thumb!
Quality Control (21 days ago)
TOO MANY FUCKING ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quality Control (21 days ago)
The tigers should be released in the cities to prey on those fucking primitives who believe in traditional medicines and trophies and keep the demand going. Also, torture the poaching bastards.
Brigadier X PIRA (21 days ago)
Doctor Pickles..LOL..sounds like a Porn Name
Kaci (21 days ago)
What happened to the other two cubs?
circle Vandegrood (21 days ago)
Sayang kalo sampai punah😭😭😭
Keithan Geboyd (22 days ago)
Mann they staged that scene of them "catching" poachers 😒
Lauw (19 days ago)
Of course they do, you don't catch a poacher every day.
Keithan Geboyd (22 days ago)
So no one saw the length of that man thumb nail??
Shyam Golfar (22 days ago)
Yeah yeah "traditional medicine" they say... I bet they dont even work
Kalvakuntla Akhilrao (23 days ago)
All endangered species should be protected
Agna Ilmi (23 days ago)
just eat that evil villager tigers !
Naseem Khan (23 days ago)
I cannot remember a documentary this emotional - to the entire team who worked on saving the tiger, you did God's work - you are what we need, I mean more of you. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.
بیستون (24 days ago)
برای نجات ببر سوماترا بارداری(آبستن . حامله) زنان پیرامون جنگلهای زیستی( رزروات . حریم) ببرها را در کنترل خود درآورید و تا جایی که در توان قانونی شماها جنگلبانان میباشد نگذارید بیشتر از یک تا دو بچه چشم به جهان باز کنند(متولد شوند) البته تا چندین کیلومتر دورتر از پیرامون جنگلهای زیستی ببرها مثلا ۳۰ تا ۴۰ کیلومتر کنترل بارداری زنان را به اجرا درآورید . با سروده(شعار) بچه کمتر ، ببر بیشتر به خانوادهایی که از نگر(نظر)فرزند آوری کمتر با اداره جنگلبانان همکاری و یاری میکنند یک حقوق کوچک به فرنام(عنوان) محافظان ببرهای سوماترا در آینده به حساب بانکی کودکانه آنان واریز کنید و همچنین کارت شناسایی محافظان ببرهای سوماترا برایشان صادرکنید تا از کودکی به خویشکاری(وظیفه) خود آشنا شوند و حتی شوند(باعث . سبب) رقابت در بین خانوادهای پیرامون رزروات پیش خواهد آمد که زایش(تولد) فرزند کم شود به امید پیروزی شماها دلاوران جنگل
J Pennington (24 days ago)
There's NOTHING Controversial about What This man is doing. He's actually a GENIUS. Remove ALL humans from the area to save a species.... Seems more like LOGIC than controversy!
J Pennington (18 days ago)
Lone Ronin I understand that. I wouldn't want a man eating Big Cat released near my home either. But i understand what your saying. ✌
Lone Ronin (18 days ago)
the 'controversial' part was releasing suspected man-eaters. Regardless, I'm on your team.
Kamayaani Express K Exp vittal chary (24 days ago)
Please save the tigers please please
Rastra Dharam (25 days ago)
One Day China Will Use Human Parts as Medicine. Due to these Greedy Countries A beautiful Animal is now At the Edge of Extinction. Shame
Ujha Cee (25 days ago)
Bagaimana mungkin mereka tidak menyerang manusia sementara rumah (hutan) tempat mereka tinggal kalian musnahkan demi keserakahan hidup #savesumatratiger
Shorif Uddin (25 days ago)
Not just tiger save all the animals elephants,rhynos,lions and many fucking more
sasquatch (26 days ago)
Leave tigers alone. Cull the human population there, increase the tigers habitat and KILL POACHERS!!!
Dydhick AE Channel (26 days ago)
SadarLah 😢😥 Ckup java & bali tiger's yg punah
Majkita25 (27 days ago)
Gee thousands of ppl watching release of tiger. Could there be more so he could be less stressed,?
Mayank Tripathi (27 days ago)
so how did patir fare eventually? ..what is it's status as of now??
Jeffrey Lee (28 days ago)
if i had a power i will choose to kill all the hunter
SteveHermant (28 days ago)
Thank you tomy winata
Adi Nugra (29 days ago)
Semoga selalu terjaga hutan di indonesia
DOLIWALA डोलीवाला Events Company (30 days ago)
Great Efforts save Tiger
Baptiste Diguet (30 days ago)
Save all tigers
Din Besut (30 days ago)
human destroyed their habitat for profit and when they got desperate and killed human, we blamed them. we are the idiots here
HAL 9000 (1 month ago)
31:24 the one moment of comedy in this intense documentary
Hendro Dasman (1 month ago)
Smoga harimau Sumatra slalu ada & berkembang biak di habitatnya & para2 pemburu cpat di ambil nyawa y bila prlu nyawa2 yg suka memburu Hariman di mkan hidup2 sma harimau
the dark card (1 month ago)
what happen to the other two brothers ?
guntur siahaan (1 month ago)
My people kill the presiden is stupid and my people to!
William Farmer (1 month ago)
We need another video showing the results of this experiment
Ronald Stonecipher (1 month ago)
What’s with that guys thumb nail around the 11 minute mark? Wtf?
J T 1 (27 days ago)
It's his magic fingernail for scratching the tiger behind the ear .....hahaha.
bashar haddad (1 month ago)
Save all the tigers especially the Siberian tigers
Zaelani Alvaro (1 month ago)
Save tiger in the world
vi vi (1 month ago)
Aku paling Benci banget banget ma orang berburu, binatang hidup cari makan sendiri tapi kalian tembak Dan loe makan, mending makan sono binatang yg loe pelihara
c ward (1 month ago)
when do they start sterilizing Sumatrans... look at all those kids.... the world does NOT need anymore kids in SE Asia, or anywhere else where they breed like roaches
c ward (1 month ago)
Put a bounty on Indonesians..... the world needs few more of these vermin
anna kim (1 month ago)
tai lu y jlas peduli lah klo g d hutan hujan bnjir luh mati dah lu pak emosi gue😤
Zulkefli Jamil (1 month ago)
...i have to admit that mankind species are much more wild evil beast compare to this wonderful big cats..cant even stand to watch the clips till end...bring tears in me.Woe to you damn porchers # Keep up the great job guys Me salute you
Mario Eskaroos (1 month ago)
What incredible work!
XxxVueXxx (1 month ago)
Save the tigers. Mankind is the biggest virus.
SH_Setia Hadi (1 month ago)
Orang indo like & subscribe
Bruce Rogers (1 month ago)
Makasih pak tony 😭😭😍😍❤❤
Rikki Hutabarat (1 month ago)
Harimau Sumatra emg keren, garang 🐅 Save tiger Sumatra 💙
Raffa Alifa (1 month ago)
aku anak bos kebun binatang
Raffa Alifa (1 month ago)
aku juga punya singa adu sama harimau itu ayu sini
Erikka Kartak (1 month ago)
I want to know why we (Americans) as one of the largest and most reliable consumers of Chinese goods don’t encourage them to stop with this nonsense of obtaining and selling poached animal goods. Can’t we say “hey, stop encouraging this or we’re gonna add tariffs or taxes to imported goods”? I don’t understand how the modern world is well aware of this happening and we complain about it but aren’t actually doing anything to discourage it outside of educating ourselves on how awful it is.
The pilot sumatera (1 month ago)
Please god ... help the tiger ..
The Dashh (1 month ago)
The man who killed six tiger is saying it proudly But deep down we know he is fool
The Dashh (1 month ago)
@Marina Udoekpo We should
Marina Udoekpo (1 month ago)
Kill him now!!!!
Simon Kjær (1 month ago)
Harimau Kalau Gak di Ganggu ya dia gak Bakalan Menganggu.. Insting Harimau Sumatera Seperti Manusia..
The Dashh (1 month ago)
China is killing this beauty for their coats
jalesveva jayamahe (1 month ago)
Those eye killer are so beautiful 😍
Mauk Eks (1 month ago)
Ayo sama2 kita jaga bersama HARIMAU SUMATERA/SUMATRAN TIGER
Shahzain ATV Graph (1 month ago)
Wait tigers 🐯 I will become a good zoologist