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Police Buys Lemonade At Girl's Stand & Returns Next Day But Not To Buy More

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Text Comments (4862)
Anung Tilson (7 hours ago)
My dad's a officer but he's a law enforcement officer
Lydia Newman (11 hours ago)
Lydia Newman (11 hours ago)
I subed
Roy Browne (18 hours ago)
You are a shining example of a true police officer. May God bless you and your family and always keep you safe.
Turtle Boi (2 days ago)
*buying lemonade* Police chase with helicopters pass by *_WE NEED BACKUP!!!_*
Sydney Frost (2 days ago)
we have a cop at our elementary that I go to and he's awesome. to bad i'm going to middle schoolErwin valley in new York
matilda barnes (3 days ago)
I subscribed!!!!!!
Robert White (4 days ago)
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kind
Aaiyian Gupta (4 days ago)
Stoner Jay (4 days ago)
Gerry Hargis (4 days ago)
How sweet the police is!In the next video do a slime tutorial
sour cream151 (5 days ago)
i am new on your channel factverse but i wanna say suprise
Audra Knipschild (5 days ago)
bless officers im crying tears of joy❤😂
lisa anne (6 days ago)
I think that all police departments should be out of doors in our USA communities to do wonderful things, especially the departments whose cities that have the worst reputations; need i name them??? cut the crud & harassment & get out to the folks, you Ladies & Gents officers, or quit your jobs, Please.
Cambria Donaldson (6 days ago)
why was there a apple.
Faith Maley (6 days ago)
Am drinking lemonade 😋
EJ_5527 (7 days ago)
When it said "But Not To Buy More" i thought "please don't tell me it's sad news:("
Ella Brown (7 days ago)
This is so heart warming ❤️💕💟
Kayla Ruttan (7 days ago)
You are REALLY a good you tuber do you know who is really awesome Read the first two words
Jahiem Moore (7 days ago)
Just get to ittt
Manda C (8 days ago)
I swear this kind of felt like click bait....
RavenHeaven24 (8 days ago)
Yet Cop-hating morons will tell you that "good cops don't exist". I know better than to believe their foolish remarks.
Colin Doherty (8 days ago)
Cool story, makes me feel glad that there are kind people in this world, who take time and put effort into helping others.
Gracie Leonard (8 days ago)
Tha was super sweet
Kira Hansell (10 days ago)
Omg this is so cute
Joseph najar (10 days ago)
What can be said for that Officer? A true Christian and a gentleman. God Bless him and I pray that he remains safe doing the job he is doing.
DIRTYGRIME RxR (10 days ago)
Cops are gang memebers
Kit Gundy (10 days ago)
... This made my day. No, it made my month.
Oliver ClothesOff (10 days ago)
Generous men giving to entitled women. Typical!
Bill Olsen (8 days ago)
+Oliver ClothesOff Really pissed you off, good!
Oliver ClothesOff (8 days ago)
+Bill Olsen How's the soy milk? Whipped dog!
Shane Bateman (10 days ago)
Yea my
Cathy Peterson (10 days ago)
Awe. So sweet
chunk_ jr (10 days ago)
That's nice of a cop to do
Josh Quik (10 days ago)
Got any grapes?
corey scheidt (11 days ago)
i lived in painesville my sister still does an its very close to where i live.
InfamousFilms (11 days ago)
Was the intro picture a deputt from franklin county ohio? Im from ohio!
Riley Manwell (11 days ago)
My uncle is a police officer! SHOUT OUT TO UNCLE JARED
Keith Petersen (12 days ago)
It really irratates me how people hate cops so much. One good officer died when a crazy was near my house. We now have a park in his name. Can we please stop with the hating on cops already?
Bill Olsen (8 days ago)
Sorry, the world is full of scum. Many hate cops because they are miserable failures in life.
Jeremy Diez-Luckie (12 days ago)
God bless you Deputy Ropos and Gabrielle!
Letocetum sulley (12 days ago)
God bless though question I'm asking is the mother taking her hard earned $'s :(
Hance Boss (13 days ago)
Oh wow that's shocking
TY Cillo (13 days ago)
When I read the title, I thought the cop came back to arrest her.
Donya Kucirka (13 days ago)
Luann Porras (13 days ago)
This was very Heart Touching of Extreme Of Totally going way beyond the Call of Duty. And the Same sense the Act of Kindness this Officer gave this little girl to better her Education. Brought Me to tears. Yes Not All Officer's Actually give from the Kindness of their Beings. Much Love to this Officer 💖 Thanks for sharing.
Dragon peace vlogs 2354 (13 days ago)
What a nice officer👮‍♂️
Hunter Connors (13 days ago)
Obrian01 (13 days ago)
My dad is a police officer so i always think of them as good people
Steven Smith (14 days ago)
They are hundred dollar bills
Grant Weekley (14 days ago)
thank you for pointing out that there are still good police officers out there.
Alton Williams (15 days ago)
Whoever didn't like this is a selfish jerk
Mason Alleman (16 days ago)
I threw a cookie at a cop... He threw it back
DrAgOn__ bLoOd (16 days ago)
I am 9 years old and my name is Gabrielle ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
219783 sorrentino (16 days ago)
Cops are pigs
Panic at the disco (16 days ago)
NO way
x8_oak_8x (16 days ago)
She told him she only had a few bucks *Shows pic of stack of 100 dollar bills*
Caitlin Sutherland (17 days ago)
if you aren't the best person in this world who is it? - read the second and third word. - jk love you xx
Luther Smithers (17 days ago)
Good cops. Yep, they actually exist.
kader bniahmed (17 days ago)
How nice 🙂🙂🙂🙂
stone wolf7 (18 days ago)
Everybody deserves to be saved
kitty soft (18 days ago)
Ya this guy was really nice. I just wish there were cops like that in Utah Valley! Most of the cops there are real jerks who have way too much time on their hands. For example, a cop in Provo got killed because he didn't wait for back up. I feel sorry for him cuz he died, but he could have avoided the whole thing if he had just done what he was supposed to. I mean, the dude had a family! (i think, don't quote me on that.)
NickySlicky (18 days ago)
Apple stores doesn’t have acces to give out Hald of an ipad... sorry to say, please stop making false stories..
McGuirk73 (19 days ago)
one year near x-mas the police pulled over my moms car which i was in and gave me a gift for no reason i didn't even know him my mom didn't either it was so sweet and its still one of my favorite moments yet
Gachagaming 9340 (19 days ago)
It wont be a surrprise since you told us to like
Elise Simpson (20 days ago)
God bless you
Burger Box 08 (20 days ago)
This made me tear up. God bless you
Night Panthers Leo (20 days ago)
I 💯 agree when I was a kid I had depression and I loved yag so he played tag with me and it went back and forth for years
David patrick (20 days ago)
Wait ✋ he said a couple Dollars and that's a thousands
TJ warrior (21 days ago)
He needs a medal
Savannah Ambroso (22 days ago)
I love police officers. They are so sweet and kind.
gaming penguien 261 (22 days ago)
hen i sqw this i thought of it will be funny i thought he would arest er but hell no it was BORINGGG BOOOOOOOOOOOO
SpizzDizzle (22 days ago)
1:54 .. figures out she gets an ipad
Bobby Kame (22 days ago)
Every officer could learn from this what an amazing officer 😪😪
j l (22 days ago)
Bless that cop,s hart💓💖💛💚💙💜💟✌
j l (22 days ago)
Awwwww that's so nice😊😊😊😊☺☺☺☺☺😀😀😀😁😁
The Pug Leader (23 days ago)
4:15 Woah there, bud.
Douglas Ellianna (23 days ago)
God Bless AMERICA!!!!!!
Jacob Minchuk (23 days ago)
2019 anyone
XPFTP (23 days ago)
local kid had stand setup near fair grounds. they called code on him. he was forced to stop becuse he had no lic to sell ... ballston spa ny look it up. true story.....
Marissa Vannote (23 days ago)
Shane stein (24 days ago)
All police are good
Avatar Logon (24 days ago)
This is great - Totally inspirational and totaly what to expect for a Real cop - But is he/she good?? Many cops out there that consider themselves good cops won't do what is right when they see a Colleague breaking the law - They have information and evidence that would convict the "Bad Apples" but refuse to divulge it working on the principle that one day they may need the protection from that "Bad Apple" I make this argument - If you report the "Bad Apple" it is removed from contaminating the rest of the batch. you then know that the one beside you caries your values, and would totally risk themselves for you as you would for them, knowing that that person would also have reported the Bad Apple. What do you have then??? Rather than a Rebel Police force, that the public do not trust, you have a Police Service with values Honesty and integrity.where the members know that if they ever were tempted to overstep their boundaries that someone else would be there to remind them, Help them to stay righteous. Do not get me wrong, I love seeing the sort of thing as shown in this video, and i have nothing but respect for honest police and will treat all police with respect whenever i encounter them. But Trust, that is a different issue, and where the word of an officer should be above reproach in a court situation, if a matter came down to the word of a cop, against the word of the defendant, Based on Personal experience, what i have personally observed them doing and what i have heard of them doing, along with the myriad of vidios out in the world that shows them Lying, and bullying, I would take the word of the defendant, over that of the of the cop, it would not matter the charge against the defendant or how scummy i thought the defendant was. This would not be to slight the "Good" cops out there, but because even the good cops by saying nothing, protect the bad ones, and i would have to ask myself, is this cop being truthful, or continuing a lie, have they tampered with evidence or witnesses, are they telling the full truth, or are they hiding information that could potentially prove the defendant innocent. Dirty little tricks like "When i asked the young lady if the defendant had assaulted her, she made no disclosure." rather than say that "she Vehemently denied that the defendant had any involvement in her assault" In law this is essentially the same thing, but in the minds of men and women, even if on a subconscious level it says she remained silent on the matter, perhaps to frightened by the defendant to respond. Sorry people this has turned into a bit of a rant, i apologise - Officer you are an inspiration in this to other officers. and you have my respect.
Abel McCandlish (24 days ago)
Ohio! Thats where i live!
YOU DA MAN (24 days ago)
Fortnite_oG_God Fortnite (25 days ago)
4:15 please no homo
Fortnite_oG_God Fortnite (25 days ago)
I like how he says in the intro “u know what would surprise us, if u liked the video” 😂😂
Tyler MMC MMC (25 days ago)
Ninja (25 days ago)
JustApple (25 days ago)
Sigh, that was was a good officer. You read that wrong You read that wrong Now check to see if you read that wrong too. :)
charlie andrew (26 days ago)
Awesome officer what a nice thing to do for a child. Ps can someone please tell me what the name of the song that's being played in the background.
Deborah Pogue (26 days ago)
I have never met a police man who wasn’t great...❤️
J Douce (26 days ago)
Man sounds like the narrator on Worlds Dumbest
Autumn Sanderford (26 days ago)
This is such a sweet story! 😇
Blue SCARves (27 days ago)
Facts verse presents!: clickbait that's what
Mardan Akrayi (27 days ago)
Hey that’s just dumb idiot stupid and
MostEpicElliott (27 days ago)
U ARE worth bank i am worth noothang
Jarred Smith (27 days ago)
That is so sweet of the officer to get a new iPad for the little girl it shows that there are some good police man still out there. God bless that officer for helping that little girl.
Kiana Tran (27 days ago)
I give my mom my money for food and gas too
Christopher Ruckdeschel (28 days ago)
felix felix (28 days ago)
he bought a lemonade
Mr. Ohpossum (28 days ago)
That's so sweet of the officer ☺
Mike (28 days ago)
Not a huge fan of police, but this was definitely a good story. Fine display of how people should be, from all involved.