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Police Buys Lemonade At Girl's Stand & Returns Next Day But Not To Buy More

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Megan Kester (1 day ago)
You Are Never Going To Guess Who The Best Person God Made Is (Read the first 2 words)
Megan Kester (1 day ago)
my school, there's a big closet in the hallway, so all the kindergarteners & 1st graders went in that huge thing. While all other classes go into the BATHROOM. And that was an awkward moment. Leave a like if you have ever experienced an awkward moment. LOL. Wait nevermind dat was my old school XD
Conner Widhalm (2 days ago)
God bless you who's watching and reading this comment... Have a good day...
Say Ř I know you can’t (3 days ago)
4:17 Měšťák #CZ
Newer Account (3 days ago)
Cop wants to fuck woman on porch so goes great lengths to make a sweet hearted approach. Meet zack robos
The Kids (3 days ago)
why on 4:12 they show an officers BUTT!? inapropriate!
suleban farah (5 days ago)
Kristen Shugrue (7 days ago)
Edouard Melvin (8 days ago)
America salutes this guy (✓°-°)
Lara Hussain (11 days ago)
Sure I am beautiful are you Read it the other way 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Lara Hussain (11 days ago)
You Are Probably Wondering Who The Best Person In The World Is ( Read the first 2 words to find the answer ! )
uwu (11 days ago)
0:53 *that 3rd officer is looking at that kid with explicit intent*
sentaiga (12 days ago)
God bless you all
Kenny Nguyen (13 days ago)
Happiest story ever!!
Valentina Iakovidou (14 days ago)
When I saw the thumbnail I thought he would arrested her or something😂😂😂
Potato Legend (15 days ago)
I wish that that happen to me😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄
hey hi (16 days ago)
Prospere Kabongo (16 days ago)
Brightside wanna-be (sorry)
Khaila-rae Polack (16 days ago)
4:15 EHEM why u showing us his butt 😐
richard fote (17 days ago)
Two things. First. Junior. Achievement. Is alive. And we'll. Second. Local. News. Won't. Mention. This. What a. Unselfish. Young. Lady.
Gabriella Henderson (17 days ago)
Jimmy ZHOU (17 days ago)
God bless that sheriff!
Matt ii_JustinLaw (17 days ago)
Because of the title, I thought she was going to get arrested because of it. But it really touched my hesrt, and made we start to tear up. I am happier than so have even been in my life just to know that there is a person, kind enoight, just to do that door a little girl. God bless that man.
Marcus Bacon (17 days ago)
Oh wow I am so happy
spikey mikey (17 days ago)
good and cool
Courtney Behrens (19 days ago)
You I love
alan mines (19 days ago)
what happened is the officer went home to find his old i-pad but it didnt work so he went to a local store and asked the manager to pitch in on helping her get it and she got it. sorry for the run-on sentence lol
Life as Danielle (19 days ago)
I love this video!! Also,My dad is a police officer. Shout out to you dad, love you❤️
Samrath bery (20 days ago)
Good bless u and ur family
Annabell Wright (20 days ago)
Pouring ghjhb
Annabell Wright (20 days ago)
R9 Gage (20 days ago)
Hehehehe peensville ohio...did tfue grow up there?
Baruch Mamre (20 days ago)
You Are Never Going To
Tina Martinez (21 days ago)
The girls that sell lemonade disliked the video
remy renoir3 (21 days ago)
The shocked nappy-haired dude!! LOL!! 😂😆😂
Supergirlygamer 1234 (21 days ago)
How's Muhhbhhhn know
Patricia Letort (22 days ago)
This is just about the sweetest thing! He is a blessing!
Taylor Wilson (22 days ago)
That is so nice like in 2019 people don’t care about people that is wut we need more of
Milanek00 (23 days ago)
I love candy I like this 🍔🍟🌭🍕🍝🍡🍧🍨🍦🍰🎂🍬🍭🍫🍿🍩🍪🍹
GAMING IS AWESOME subscribe (23 days ago)
Lets give a shoutout to deputy Rapos
masterblox1003 (23 days ago)
so sweet, Jesus is so amazing
Little Dingo (23 days ago)
This is so sweet
Wallace Velie (23 days ago)
Fantastic! He is the example of the type of officer we need to replicate. Wow, imagine a whole force of officers like him. I would certainly pit my life on the line to save this man, society needs him.
Mickey Crouch (24 days ago)
thats real sweet of him
Burned Noodle (24 days ago)
What happened to the First Gen iPad? Don’t throw it!!!
Prentis Goodwin (25 days ago)
Probably trying to hook up with the kid's mom.
Wayne Maine (25 days ago)
I saw minecraft and shadow fight
Hudson Tottman (25 days ago)
Im in war right now i snuck my phone in
Shadow 303 (25 days ago)
4.3M views And 90K likes?!?!?
River Goodwin (25 days ago)
#deputy ropose 😎🤩😗
Hannah Qualls (25 days ago)
I'm watching this on an iPad LoL
Hannah Qualls (26 days ago)
Awwww that's so cool he is now my fav police.
lps stone (27 days ago)
Omg this officer is so nice
yur mum (27 days ago)
what if I like the upside down button🤔🤔😂😂😂🤔🤔
Adelaide Gehant (27 days ago)
THIS IS SO PRESIOUS! Leave a like for the kind officer!🙂👮🏻‍♂️
Even Likcly (26 days ago)
I left the only like and comment
monakem akhem (28 days ago)
Matthew Rowland (29 days ago)
i am a nice person if i am subscribe Matthew with my ramen
Isaac Lin (29 days ago)
I’m not crying your crying🥺
the masked potato French fries (29 days ago)
I am a beautiful person. I'm sure that the new year to the right now. I'll try again tomorrow morning and then you have a lot more to discuss this further with a little kid .
Gerry Clemons III (29 days ago)
Cops can't do that
Gerry Clemons III (29 days ago)
Cope chould not do that
Alana Reardon (30 days ago)
You Are Never Going To Guess Who The Best Person In The World Is. Hint: Read the 2 first words
Kay Kay (30 days ago)
Kay Kay (30 days ago)
That’s rude
Awesome Tech Gaming (30 days ago)
You Know Who’s Cool 😎 Read 1st word
XxKingZaerxX (1 month ago)
I fear cops more than gangsters now😪
KreekCraft Fan (1 month ago)
Fuck whoever disliked this video
Ethan Brown (1 month ago)
I know best peeeersooooonnnnn Innn universse Reed firstt leter
Fortnite Husky (1 month ago)
John Paul Cabarus (1 month ago)
your mom
traci wagner (1 month ago)
I Love you.
blablabla blablabla (1 month ago)
Adam Jerdee (1 month ago)
dont call me weird
Adam Jerdee (1 month ago)
I guess 6 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴I mean 7
Adam Jerdee (1 month ago)
because there are 7 comments
Adam Jerdee (1 month ago)
you know why there are 7 comments
Adam Jerdee (1 month ago)
on one of these 7 comments
Adam Jerdee (1 month ago)
what it is
Adam Jerdee (1 month ago)
I hit the like button, subscribe button and notification bell. P.S. I hit the comment starter thing tell me in my comment comments 🦎🐴
EmSketchr6578 AwesomeSauce (1 month ago)
Is this supposed to be bad or good
Jason Witucki (1 month ago)
i think this guy shows some pitures an makes up a story
2024 Johnny Salza (1 month ago)
fuck the police fuck the police fuck the police
David Watson (1 month ago)
Good one Lara
FearFacto5 YT Channel (1 month ago)
from the title i thought she was gonna get arrested for selling faulty lemonade lol
Dexter Soulakham (1 month ago)
wow u are so right police are nice
Joey Nijem (1 month ago)
Officer sees homeless child: *ignores* Officer sees child wanting an iPad: Oh my you poor child whatever will you do Still a heart warming story tho
my life (1 month ago)
You are not going to believe who's best (read first two words)
Kevin Lin (1 month ago)
I have a iPad Pro why am I watching this
carlos Daniel (1 month ago)
Every week my mother gives my brother around 10 €but not for ,e
carlos Daniel (1 month ago)
And when she gave me 10 euros and didn't have enough money for gas I gave it back to her , like how that unselfish child did , u rarely see this happening but when it happens it's quite amaizing
Grace Dobak (1 month ago)
You Are Never Gonna Guess Who Is The Most Beautiful Person Is
Grace Dobak (1 month ago)
I mean read the first two words.
Grace Dobak (1 month ago)
Read it backwards!
Grace Dobak (1 month ago)
TakersMissy (1 month ago)
Aww! Wat a GREAT story! Police officers are like any other group of people: there are good ones and a few bad ones. But one thing all police officers have in common is that they vow to serve and protect We the People. Many of them put their lives on the line for us EVERY DAY. So, it just disgusts me how some radical SJW idiots, antifas, and other police-hate groups treat police officers disrespectfully ...then they fully expect them to help them if they're in trouble. Usually the offices do help them, but ...ouch. God bless our police! #BlueLivesMatter.
Sean the American the american (1 month ago)
i'm a police exploer and i want to be him
TRL Fungi488 (1 month ago)
Brian Joslyn (1 month ago)
This 'cop' did not do what he did, according to this video, as a 'cop.' He did it as himself, who he ('really') is. Due to corruption (on the entire Earth), those who are smart will, or at least try or do their best to, hold 'cops' accountable. Corruption is not new. It has always happened. Just not as much as it has in the past 'several' years.
A&L ASMR (1 month ago)
i want a flippin ipad i am 5 years old and my name is hober kiniman
drake paul (1 month ago)
*Sure I’m beautiful are you?* _Read it backwards 😄_
Twyla Beachy (5 days ago)
Uoy era lufitiaeb mi erus
cat fluffy.j (8 days ago)
You are
cat fluffy.j (8 days ago)
buffalo gamer (8 days ago)
Some people interpreted this wrong! 😂 I am drake paul but on another account. You don’t read the LETTERS backwards, you read the WORDS the other way round!
Malick Mbye (9 days ago)
drake paul Thanks
Shawn Kaeser (1 month ago)
Did anyone notice the the narrator kept saying Gabriel and Gabrielle.
FAITH LOPEZ (1 month ago)
i subscribed
Id Id (1 month ago)
What shits is this
Karen Wiseman (1 month ago)
With police officers like him, all law abiding people are so very lucky to have our very own “guardian angels” here on earth. Thank you.