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wakesurf testing + suck gate

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So this video does not really give that great of perspective. After today I would say if everyone on the boat surfs the same side I would just list the boat and surf. If i bring goofy and regular riders, then I will evenly weight and use the wake gate. What is my favorite wake to date? I would say evenly weighted with the gate. This might be because I have 350lbs additional weight over my norm listed surfing. The wave had lots of push and was plenty long. Happy Surfing!!
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Robert Guba (3 months ago)
liquid force board? that's the board we all learned on, now only the girls and people who can't ride the skim, or hybrid board. Still cool to see that board.
Loren Stout (10 months ago)
What lake is this?
onetonk5 (10 months ago)
Loren Stout - Green Peter reservoir