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How to convert a UPS package car into a racing truck

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Always up for a challenge, the UPS automotive team in the city of Langenhagen, Germany converted a seventeen year old, retired UPS package car into a powerful racing truck. The UPSers replaced the engine (the four cyl-inders were replaced by a V8 engine with 425hp). The package car was fit-ted with a new rear axle, a flashy bumper, two exhaust pipes, new springs, fatter tires, chrome rims and a new drivers cab. The racing truck makeover did not end there: UPS worked with the Media Design Academy in Düssel-dorf, Germany to find a matching skin for the tuned package car. A longer report which was aired on German TV can be viewed here: http://www.kabeleins.de/auto/videos/sonstiges/artikel/19037/ http://www.ups.mediadesign.de/
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