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Doritos® - Oh man Oh man Oh man -- Crash the Super Bowl 2012

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A baby doesn't want to be delivered until given the proper motivation. Cast: Cavin Schneider Laney Smith Stephen Gresser Rita Kurtz Raj Suri - www.RajSuriActor.com Directed by Ryan Andersen Written/Produced: Raj Suri
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Text Comments (49)
SAIKO - Twitch.TV/c4t_m4n (2 months ago)
What's her insta?
Christy Wakeen (2 months ago)
this is so ridiculous I love it
Angel Ramirez (2 months ago)
Anthony Grasha (4 months ago)
David Groves (4 months ago)
LIKE IT A LOT BUT C'MON, you see mine? haha guys! great stuff
jameel ji (2 months ago)
David Groves
Lam Huong (4 months ago)
Kouakou Marius Kouakou (2 months ago)
karam tagore
karam tagore (2 months ago)
karam tagore (2 months ago)
Telhsxxx Telglvsxxx
toan cao (4 months ago)
Lam Huong u
Fathur fathur. rohman (6 months ago)
i. like. banana 🍞
Awaah Edie (2 months ago)
Катя Катя (7 months ago)
Stop pls eat doritos!!!!
Siti Norazean (7 months ago)
I love this girl who gives birth
jameel ji (2 months ago)
Siti Norazean
Boya Ramanji (4 months ago)
Siti Norazean
janet echeverria (8 months ago)
odio el sonido al mascar snack por eso yo nunca como
陈华凯 (5 months ago)
janet echeverria hhhhhbbgikjfhhggggghbbhhjnvI wasLala Lala really mean it does say a lot like you like to go
박종환 (6 months ago)
janet echeverria 080747)ㅡ365 8 080,ㅡ365 080ㅡ365ㅡ6666. 0 656 042.,,
asya cell (6 months ago)
janet echeverria hksjooi
Morgane Boyer (9 months ago)
erumie. 😈
Guldane Bilen (8 months ago)
Morgane Boyer niloya
Pop (9 months ago)
I laugh because the nurse that is black when the girl was trying to push the nurses face was so funny XD
Kalyan Thakare (22 days ago)
Ajay Tomar (2 months ago)
muhammad annisa nurus syifa (9 months ago)
Cozy Gaming (11 months ago)
Lindsey Zastoupil (1 year ago)
(crunch) ooooffffffff ( baby born thron to doctor)
khizar khizar (1 month ago)
+Yaman Kavur ful
Yaman Kavur (8 months ago)
Yaman Kavur (8 months ago)
Yaman Kavur (8 months ago)
Lına Soy
Morgane Boyer (9 months ago)
Lindsey Zastoupil ueue meuueuem moueuee mousey. me use. oeueue use ueue. oeeueue. aeeue mouse. oeueue mlieueeuue. muuuee moeueem ueueene. ieueeue. seeuuee. muuuee. blues. poooume. Ioeueeuemeue euueuue muue. use. see oeueuennde. keueuem 😈
latino heat animations (1 year ago)
I love this girl who gives birth
Terry Campbell (11 months ago)
takkyuu geinin 2
Megan Lavoie (1 year ago)
Do Doritos really work for this situation?
Coka Cola (2 months ago)
Sheri B. ់់់់13+?+?( 1ា
Sk sahabuddin Sk sahabuddin (9 months ago)
Sheri B. Wwww
Lindsey Zastoupil (1 year ago)
Sheri B. It might work who knows nowone does so peopleif you ask them what will they say? They will say IDK (I don't know)
Renda Yigit (1 year ago)
definitely, its 100% accurate
Adel Hamli (1 year ago)
Sheri B. 0
Caitlin Grace (4 years ago)
Ikr she's my teacher too :|
farelane (4 years ago)
she is my lit/comp teacher  
Attangk Pairing (1 month ago)
Nanda Soares (2 months ago)
farelane sxkakow, imzx
Shannon Hartin (5 months ago)
farelane i3jjwgwoavkabsisv
Dragica Kostic (11 months ago)
farelane kf