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Logan Paul Claims "Creativity Is Being Stifled" & Brother Jake DEFENDS YouTube

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More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Logan has been facing consequences from YouTube as a result of two of his recent and highly offensive Vlogs--one in which he showed the dead body of a suicide victim, and another in which he tased a dead rat multiple times on his property. The backlash from the videos has caused YouTube to take action against rule-breakers on the platform. A statement shared by YouTube read in part QUOTE, “Recently, we faced situations where the egregious actions of a handful of YouTubers harmed the reputation of the broader creator community among advertisers, the media industry and most importantly, the general public. In light of this behavior...we’re introducing new consequences to apply in the rare event when one creator’s actions harm the entire community.” Logan wasn’t specifically named in the statement, but it’s probably safe to say that he’s the reason YouTube felt compelled to tighten up their community rules. Logan has had ads suspended on his channel and has had other YouTube projects shelved as a result of his recent Vlogging antics, and he is NOT happy about it. His latest Vlog, ‘In response to KSI…’ which fans assumed would be him announcing that he would agree to fight fellow YouTuber KSI in a boxing match, turned into a complaint-fest for Logan in which he read out a letter from his lawyers, who made him take out a number of scenes in the Vlog to make sure it was viewable for ALL audiences. Logan may be complaining that YouTube is “stifling his creativity”, but one person who is defending the platform is Jake Paul. TMZ caught up with Jake at LAX, and asked him if he thought YouTube was being unfair to his brother, and his response was very surprising. For once, we completely agree with Jake--even if he is saying this to protect his own brand from the hammer of YouTube. Of course, if you guys think all of this is going to stop Logan from his outrageous Vlogging, think again, because TMZ also learned that he was in search of a REAL albino woman for a music video he was recently shooting. The casting called for an African American or Caucasian albino woman, and we don’t even want to ask why. But we do want to ask Logan to make sure he thinks twice before doing yet another offensive thing, because as the saying goes--three strikes you’re out. Or, in his case, suspended yet again. Alright guys now I wanna hear YOUR thoughts on all of this--are glad YouTube is taking some action against Logan? And do you think that casting call is going to lead to more trouble for the Vlogger? Sound off with all your thoughts and opinions below, and after that click right over here to see the CEO of YouTube explain why logan hasn't been banned from the platform. Thanks so much for watching, and be sure to subscribe for more News Feed. I’m your host Naz Perez and I’ll see you next time! For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those who are missing out http://facebook.com/clevver Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverTV Website: http://www.clevver.com Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverNews Tweet Me: http://www.twitter.com/Nazperez
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Text Comments (171)
Yunggin Queen (9 months ago)
Paul and Jake are family yes but they aren’t as close. And it’s obvious Jake is always wanting to be better than Logan but thanks to Logan he has a platform. Jake is all about money,Logan is more humble and love able to his fans.
logan johnson (9 months ago)
So By Jake's Logic, Disrespecting The Dead Is Creative WTF
Eleanora Martínez (9 months ago)
Wait... what is so bad about tasing dead rats? Plz tell me I need to know.
MSPupdates (9 months ago)
Saray Rosado (9 months ago)
OMG! Stop this I'm unsubscribing why is this channel hating so much on Logan!
Camila Bastos (9 months ago)
Enough of them... seriously
basic bandwagon Person (10 months ago)
I bet you he was dropped on the head as a kid
Makeup_Junkie 87 (10 months ago)
Omg Jake Paul's PR team must be crying tears of freaking joy. That's the most reasonable thing that either of them have ever said.
lindsey clauw (10 months ago)
Whats creatief about filming a dead body and showing dead rats
Cat Valentine (10 months ago)
It's a dead rat come the fuck
Shyl3h Rae (10 months ago)
You guys actually went out of your way to edit out sence from his vlog. Clevver News your not so Clever. He was being stifled because Youtube wouldn't let them upload a skit about a Haunted Robot. Has nothing to do with the rats. Don't believe everything you see on the media.
Dillon Kowlessar (10 months ago)
Omfgggggggg just leave him , I know he has done some dumb stuff like really and utterly forgivable but as they say put it behind cus yesterday is history tomorrow a mystery but we are in the present
heyitsyzaa (10 months ago)
Can clevver just talk about different news and talk about something relevant🙄oof
Scarlet Wood (10 months ago)
heyitsyzaa inittt
Lashelle Coleman (10 months ago)
What seriously what about all the shit jake does
hmm mmm (10 months ago)
Why you all still in 2017
Scarlet Wood (10 months ago)
kevin 133600 😂
Josh Duda (10 months ago)
I just wish they died with vine
Melanie BEE (10 months ago)
lol Jake is a hypocrite he shouldn’t be talking. Of course more drama between bros. Anything to make. Sure his channel gets more viewers
Scarlet Wood (10 months ago)
Melanie BEE well he got more subscribers then you wait a second I have as well and wait a other second I don’t even like Jake Paul sooooo fuck Jake Paul fuck Jake Paul he makes this shitty songs and only get views on them bc people like to shit on them so go and fuck Jake Paul go and fuck Jake Paul he stirs his shit to make drama drama fuck Jake Paul he need to quit youtube he gets more hate on his videos then love bc no body loves not even his “wife” snake bitch
brianna leah (10 months ago)
What’s wrong with Jake Paul’s hair?
Eliza Schuyler (10 months ago)
How did he “grow”?
Carol ine (10 months ago)
I understand about the suicide forest but wth cares about dead rats
Jess QH (10 months ago)
Clevver News is getting THIRSTY AF
Meghna Mathur (10 months ago)
YouTube should delete ur channel. Causing too much drama! @YouTube
Meadow Balmat (10 months ago)
I don’t get at all how him casting an albino women is going to cause trouble. Movies do the same thing when they’re looking for someone specific like what’s the problem 🤷‍♀️
Meadow Balmat (10 months ago)
Now clever is just trying to get views with putting Logan and jake’s name in the title pls stop it annoying that u guys r doing this like I’m over it pls fucking stop
Angelica Taylor (10 months ago)
tazing a dead rat is not creative....get the fuck out...why are people still watching these morons
Dessi Lungley (10 months ago)
It was a fucking rat! People are taking this whole thing way to far
Sia (10 months ago)
creativity my ass..
Vchema 76 (10 months ago)
Oh poor spoiled D-bag.
obey trillz (10 months ago)
Am I the only person who didn’t find the dead body video offensive???
C0_0KI3 (10 months ago)
Honestly it was kind of shitty of him to do that but I think the internet is taking it way too far.. he already got his punishment like why do they keep want to see him suffer ?
Carol ine (10 months ago)
nope..you're not the only one. what he did was wrong but people are so affected its like the man is their family
Clay Brice (10 months ago)
And the drama continues.
hanafrei (10 months ago)
Stop featuring him because he loves this attention..
Nikhil Sonavane (10 months ago)
Creativity😌 well okay.
Mistress of weirdness 84 (10 months ago)
Logan creative??! That’s a joke ...
the100contes on instagram (10 months ago)
Tish Lynn (10 months ago)
He’s not being stifled he’s just got boundaries which clearly is a FIRST for him! #GoodJobParents
Comedy Sushi (10 months ago)
🤔🤔🤔🤔 Don't you have to have creativity to my stifled? Just saying...
Endless Summer (10 months ago)
Art is supposed to push the envelope, break past boundaries, stretch the imagination etc. Making fun of suicide is NOT art or creative and defiling a dead animal wether it be a rat, dog, cat etc is NOT CREATIVE it's INHUMANE. Now I don't fucking like rats and if i see one of them its FREE SMOKE: but i'm not going to mar or sully a carcass for profit.
Kitty Cake (10 months ago)
Hey Jake Is the Mature One now!
Moonlight Ari (10 months ago)
I actually am agreeing with Mr jake paul ..........KILL ME NOW
Leo Barrales (10 months ago)
Devante Caprice (10 months ago)
It's about time for once YouTube is taking actions against Logan Paul what he did was unacceptable behaviour towards his fans and his is obviously right what is best for him for a I would consider him to think before he act. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
TheOneAndOnlyOmelette (10 months ago)
Oml can everyone stfu about Logan Paul he made a huge mistake but now everything he says is being criticized give the man space if u don’t like him don’t watch him
C0_0KI3 (10 months ago)
I honestly never realized how much people could hate someone they don't even know.. Everyone makes mistakes. Worry about yourself instead.
C0_0KI3 (9 months ago)
clarification for you, The definition of "mistake" *an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong* And no. It hasn't really harmed any of us as much as it has harmed the victims family and his own self. Ironically the hate carried out in sentences are most of the times reasons why people commit suicide. Yeah... what are you really fighting for?
Vânia Borges (9 months ago)
You really have to check the definition of “Mistake”...
Dessi Lungley (10 months ago)
Random Disney (10 months ago)
Me when i actually agreed with Jake Paul Me: wow i actually agreed with a Paul brother ummmm guys i am starting to have feelings whyyyyyyyyyyy ok this might actually be good sense all anger doesnt have to be all on 2 block head brothers makes it less tense
A R (10 months ago)
Literally this is so enjoying. They should stop reporting about Logan Paul “being up to no good” and find something different to talk about.
Mirza (10 months ago)
I honestly don't think he knows what stifling means, lmao
Jahmeil Ennis (10 months ago)
Honestly this is annoying if you dont like logan paul stop watching his videos your just increasing his views and money how do they know so much about his vlogs
jalen tyler (10 months ago)
We're not "STIFLING" any so called "CREATIVITY;" we're stifling the harm you can do to this world
RyanA (10 months ago)
Lol these bros arent even loyal to each other
xx_Azaria _xx (10 months ago)
It’s a fucking rat are ppl serious? This world going down and it’s going down fast
Erin Lee (10 months ago)
Maybe the casting call will finally get his channel suspended. Someone better tweet this video to Youtube so they can stop him.
C0_0KI3 (10 months ago)
Erin Lee there's something called laws that you need to abide or else YouTube would end up getting sued. 😩
Dani P (10 months ago)
I feel like this is getting out of hand, like you just make a video every time he uploads a new vlog to criticize
Jaynab Chowdhury (10 months ago)
So creativity= 1. Showing a man that was suffering thus ending his life 2. Showing dead rats
Lamooshy (10 months ago)
Omg Jake Paul is so stupid he's obviously just trying to be the "nice" guy by defending his brother but we all know he's happy that all the hate is off him and he things this is the perfect time to try and be good
Scarlet Wood (9 months ago)
Selenator Forever yeah in like one video the rest Logan’s just round his house
Lamooshy (9 months ago)
Scarlet Wood ya but in other videos he is defending him idiot look it up
Scarlet Wood (10 months ago)
Selenator Forever 🤦🏼‍♀️ his not defending his brother you acc idiot he is defending youtube for the actions they are using against Logan idiot
Mrs Dolan (10 months ago)
He’s defending YouTube now but when they remove his channel he’ll start complaining. Love to see that.
Yazzy Straker (10 months ago)
why would he want a women with albinism? and this is what happens when someone like logan is given everything he wants for so long! he thinks he deserves everything now, including forgiveness. and absolutely what creativity was there in the first place?
Klas Kitsune (10 months ago)
I think you can be creative without being an ass but I guess Logan Paul thinks otherwise
Alyssa J (10 months ago)
Yesssss because videoing a suicide victim is "creative"...Logan can suck a big one😒😒
Annie music LOVER (10 months ago)
Thats not creative.
The Game Detective (10 months ago)
Aodhan Cotter (10 months ago)
Some children are dropped as a child, he.....was thrown at a wall
Kai The Nugget (9 months ago)
Aodhan Cotter and bottle fed bleach
LY INAMII (10 months ago)
C0_0KI3 True but accurate
C0_0KI3 (10 months ago)
Your comments are way more disturbing.
Emily A (10 months ago)
Aodhan Cotter and chucked off a cliff
sxrendipity x (10 months ago)
jake is right for once...... i wanna die
Brendyn 02 (10 months ago)
His name is all over the damn place
The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic (10 months ago)
Logan Paul is the disease and death of Youtube
Scarlet Wood (10 months ago)
The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic he is going to be the reason YouTube shuts down because his gonna make such a big fuck yo that the government just take down youtube
cassyluv Sanchez (10 months ago)
I'm really disappointed in that YouTuber
Beatriz M. (10 months ago)
The amount of Logan Paul in this channel is just ridiculous. Putting his name on the title is really paiyng you you're months rent.
kita rossouw (10 months ago)
Stop taking things out of context . get some real news
мíυ ìяυмα (10 months ago)
Did I just agree with Jake Paul...?
мíυ ìяυмα (10 months ago)
Disrespecting Japan and the dead is not “creativity”
Gidget Huet (10 months ago)
I think it's disgusting how they're doing him I've watched other YouTubers Vlogs on their channels thats been some fucked shit I don't see nothing wrong with what Logan's doing people just need to get off his ass let the boy do what he's good at
bulin käse (10 months ago)
UGH! Every time I see Jake Paul I feel like I'm getting Sick!!
Ignacio Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Ugh this guy gotts to gooooooooooooooo
cassyluv Sanchez (10 months ago)
What is going on with Logan?
C0_0KI3 (10 months ago)
cassyluv Sanchez hmm he made a few mistakes and now everyone is critizing his every move 🙄🤔 yup that sums it up.
heyitsMinj (10 months ago)
These brothers NEED. TO. CHILL.
C0_0KI3 (10 months ago)
heyitsMinj clevver NEEDS TO CHILL
Tanisha Hillary Bedroom Music (10 months ago)
Give a news about eminems new music video instead of this news🙄
Charlotte P (10 months ago)
I'm sick of this, get over him. If he did any of this crap before the suicide video no one would care. He's not news, I'm sick of hearing about him.
The Game Detective (10 months ago)
i know nobody would have cared. but that vlog (and the rats) have really shown us what he would do for views
Harmony Johnson (10 months ago)
Charlotte P exactement
tedy ryt (10 months ago)
so like a psychopath would like to kill innocent people in creative manners but the society and the justice system will not accept and allow his art and dedication
tedy ryt (10 months ago)
you will not understand until you will go through it
C0_0KI3 (10 months ago)
tedy ryt not everyone responds to change the same way as you or I do. Yes it's good to identify your errors and change but we can't expect everyone to do the same. Because everyones bought up in different environments. They have different perceptions on things. They have had different situations affect them that slowly mold their thinking to be what they are at present. A child's mind does not think of the severity of stepping on a grave. Also there are some graves which aren't funded enough to build even a wall around them. Leading to such a case scenario. But regardless of it, it doesn't excuse anyone to direct harsh words at him just because of his mistakes, especially when that is one of the main reasons for suicide. You are only trading respect for the dead to emotionally stab another person by doing that. It's both wrong.
tedy ryt (10 months ago)
kido i have manners to respect the dead .... past make us learn from our mistakes so if you dont learn from tht ,you are a fool....stepping on someones grave you say......grave yard is not a garden tht you would step on tht easily
C0_0KI3 (10 months ago)
That's the difference. It wasn't my father or brother or sister and while my condolences go out to that family. It doesn't mean that gives others the right to tear someone apart for their past actions. Because regardless of if you want to accept it or not there would Have been times even you would have disrespected the dead by either cursing their name or swearing on it or stepping on someones grave. Now I'm not saying what he did wasn't wrong or to put it better something I would do... I'm saying you are too focused on the past and on what happened that you don't see that you might be possibly hurting a living person by constantly crusifying them for their past actions.
tedy ryt (10 months ago)
kido , i guess if god forbid your father hanged himself then someone makes video on it ..you would be ok with it ,right??
Greek God (10 months ago)
“consequence” ha barley
Nadia Makuc (10 months ago)
again no context. The scenes that were taken out, you commenters, were scenes about a haunted robot- he's not saying the rats were his creativity being stifled.
TRiNI -Contest Master (10 months ago)
My god remember when Logan said that media twists everything. He said that his creativity is being stifled because he had to omit parts from his video so that it will be suitable for all ages. I can’t believe the people at Clevver can’t lie to their viewers for money and views
Kate Pavlovic (10 months ago)
So basically filming dead body and animals is creativity today? 🤔🤔
beachifulsoul (10 months ago)
Kate Pavlovic in his eyes
theylied1776 (10 months ago)
No, you're right, three strikes and Logan Paul is out. YouTube said yesterday he's already got two strikes and one more and his channel is gone.
Scarlet Wood (10 months ago)
theylied1776 now we just need him to fuck up and good by Logan Paul good bye the bad side of youtube and how many strikes dose Jake Paul have
JustAHorrorShow (10 months ago)
Elena Cohen Not sure if they can age-gate a whole channel but I think they have finally started age-gating his videos.
Coreyn Marie (10 months ago)
theylied1776 let's just pray for a third one
The Game Detective (10 months ago)
beachifulsoul (10 months ago)
theylied1776 yup. But I think his channel should have an age limit.
Jay-Jo (10 months ago)
Are we really going to pick out everything he says? His content is funny and tries to be different.
C0_0KI3 (10 months ago)
0Flow0 lol in curious to know where you got this info from 😂
Dessi Lungley (10 months ago)
I am glad that someone feels the same way as me❤️ this whole thing has been taking way to far
0Flow0 (10 months ago)
He tortures animals and films dead bodies. That is the behavior of a psychopath.
sasw111 sasw111 (10 months ago)
he makes interesting videos
The Game Detective (10 months ago)
Yeah, because recording a dead body and tazing dead rats is SOO funny
Grecia Santillan (10 months ago)
i didn’t think disrespecting the dead was considered “creative”, but to each their own 😗.
Kitty Cake (10 months ago)
Grecia Santillan Or tazing Dead rat
The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic (10 months ago)
Grecia Santillan true
Dark Sea Marina (10 months ago)
He’s right about being creatively stifled but for other youtubers not his ass
beachifulsoul (10 months ago)
Dark Sea Marina I will agree on that
Everythingspinc (10 months ago)
Can Logan just be banned he's fucking crazy
lindsey clauw (10 months ago)
Ikr he is such a bad influens
Seher park (10 months ago)
The whole pauls brothers should be banned
The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic (10 months ago)
beachifulsoul (10 months ago)
Axnnieistrash He should be
Wasee Rahman (10 months ago)
He right.
Dee S (10 months ago)
Harmony Johnson (10 months ago)
Dee S yup i think he seeks attention/recognition
_Paws_ (10 months ago)
Jake sounds in the right for once
Scarlet Wood (10 months ago)
_Paws_ well they actors so how can we believe them
_Paws_ (10 months ago)
Scarlet Wood - I agree. Is it all just an act or is this how they really are, behind the vlog?
Scarlet Wood (10 months ago)
_Paws_ it sounds like it but he never is
Stephanie Vela (10 months ago)
How is tazing dead rats ‘creative’? This guy needs to go.
Natalia Adamski (10 months ago)
Dani P he did do something wrong 🙄
sasw111 sasw111 (10 months ago)
there was nothing wrong with that. he tased it so he could pick it up
Dani P (10 months ago)
Stephanie Vela Well, as the YouTube CEO said, he didn't actually break any guidelines so you can't just banned him from YouTube because you think he did something wrong or just don't like him
The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic (10 months ago)
Stephanie Vela ikr
brittney smith (10 months ago)
tasing rats and filming dead bodies is so creative
Whatever i guess (10 months ago)
For once i agree with jake paul now i wanna die
Garren Webb (10 months ago)
Zane : yo same
Whatever i guess (10 months ago)
Logan jake the rapist I'm hurrying don't rush me
Beth Beth (10 months ago)
Zane : hahahhaha same
Dreamseksuel ! (10 months ago)
“Creativity”!? Bitch Where?
I am a legendary person And every woman knows me (10 months ago)
Fuck Logan and Jake Paul
Owen's Life (10 months ago)
Ethan Potter (10 months ago)
Owen's Life fuck no
B (10 months ago)
ScarlettP (10 months ago)
Never believe someone that says "I'm a nice guy"
ScarlettP (10 months ago)
Logan needs to be erased from youtube
C0_0KI3 (10 months ago)
Lol then I just hope you don't suffer from high blood pressure and heart conditions 🙈
IITheExiledII (10 months ago)
Well i dont have any so... 😂
C0_0KI3 (10 months ago)
That honestly all depends on your self control.
IITheExiledII (10 months ago)
True but you cant NOT get angry when fools like this guy (Logan) exsist