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This tiny electric car is made for the city

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At the 2019 New York Auto Show, Hyundai-owned Genesis unveiled an all-electric two-passenger concept car.
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Dan (4 months ago)
Hello youtube, I'm an avid follower of car news (especially electric) and was reading some comments from people who are less aware of motor trends and thought I'd share what I know and answer some of your questions. Q. why aren't they making a normal looking ev?; why are they making luxury ev? why not making cheap ev's? A. they already are making "normal", "cheaper" cars. The parent company hyundai has ioniq and kona ev. their other company kia also has soul ev and niro ev. All models are already in production and are sold worldwide in select markets. Their latest kona ev and niro ev electric crossover models are getting rave reviews for their high range, good practicality and great value. This car is from their new genesis luxury brand and is competing for the luxury ev segment. Q. Why scissor doors not hatch? why smartcar-like 2 seater car? A. the genesis mint was designed to be a small, compact city car for dense urban living. making the car smaller with only 2 seats(or one in this case) should allow the car to fit into more parking spots. the designers had thought that the cars in the city would be parallel parked often on the curb-side of city streets and front-to-back with other cars. Being small has the advantage of fitting more cars in dense urban streets AND the rear scissor access doors for the storage compartment is so that you can access the storage from the street without having to walk around to the back in such a parking scenario where a car directly parked behind may hinder you from walking behind the car. Q. Will this kill tesla? A. Genesis/Hyundai/kia isn't the only major car company making electric driven cars, with basically all major car maker (nissan, volvo/polestar, bmw, merc, audi, VW, etc) making electric-powered vehicles, tesla will need to stay on it's heels to solve production issues and innovate further if they wish to survive in the long run. However they won't go out of business anytime soon (unless model 3 production fks up bad in the near future). Tesla still has a great headstart in one of the most important factors of electric vehicles: charging infrastructure.
Rich Pasquin (4 months ago)
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Raymond Lee (4 months ago)
Why wait till 2022? Crowdfunding?
Its Me Booch (4 months ago)
Straight out of Demolition Man. Exactamondo
Spooky (4 months ago)
we can write off pseudo pacifism
Armchair Racer (5 months ago)
With that name it should sell well in northern England
Damnit Bobby (5 months ago)
I like the car but it needs better paint color and needs to be a hatchback instead of those two little reverse lambo doors on the sides. The steering wheel is silly. The gauge clusters are clunky. It needs a single large screen like TESLA sells.
John Bolton (5 months ago)
Tesla > dog shit > more shit > everything else.
miniimufin (5 months ago)
This isn't tiny lol...the BMW i-series is smaller than this (it's also electric)
127 127 (5 months ago)
Always crying like a baby. Just accept it and appreciate it moron and stop crying
Thomas Smith (5 months ago)
Tiny, goofy-ass "Smart Car" vehicles just aren't viable. An electric car has to look cool, or at least "normal". Tesla has proven that.
Thomas Smith (4 months ago)
@John Mendoza It's just reality. People want a Tesla. Nobody wants that goofy BMW electric thing...
John Mendoza (4 months ago)
Thomas Smith Open your mind man it's allmost 2020.
arti (5 months ago)
High-End ? f**k high end. Just make a cheapes electric car you can make and hope it will take off. Just some normies looking to get quick buck. Gl
John Mendoza (4 months ago)
arti True very true.
Dreamy (5 months ago)
Concept cars are not worth reporting on because almost all are pure bullshit.
Bucatti (5 months ago)
Can anyone really beat Tesla at this point?
Kabulput (5 months ago)
If Elon Musk remains the CEO
Joshua Graham (5 months ago)
Nothing lasts forever
Justin (5 months ago)
Lime Light (5 months ago)
Model Y> Hyundai Kona
k tmln (5 months ago)
The second car for city residents? Where they gonna park it?
Damnit Bobby (5 months ago)
I imagine the price tag is so overpriced the buyers aren't concerned with paying a lot of money for parking.
انا الكريمي (5 months ago)
Kabulput (5 months ago)
CNN fake news
John Mendoza (4 months ago)
Really open your mind man it's allmost 2020.
Matthew Burroughs (5 months ago)
Eugiene (5 months ago)
Tell me more