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Dark Secrets Of The Vatican Revealed

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Reaching back through the history of the Vatican, there are some very dark moments. Setting aside the abuse scandals you've definitely heard about already, there are plenty of other gross things the Vatican would rather you not know. Here are a few dark secrets of the Vatican revealed. When looking at the secrets held within Vatican City, perhaps the most logical place to start is the Vatican Secret Archives. The name itself evokes mystery, and many theories have naturally popped up about what might be held among the 53 miles of shelves and 12 centuries' worth of documents only available to a select few. It doesn't take a lot of effort to find people claiming the Archives contain evidence of extraterrestrial life, proof Jesus never actually existed, or the true secret name of God, which has been handed down from pope to pope since 463 AD. But the Archives aren't really secret in the sense of being hidden from people. The word "secret" in this case means something closer to "private," because officially they house paperwork and correspondence relating to the pope. That said, the Archives are not fully public: they're only open to scholars who have passed a strict vetting process, and journalists were not allowed to see the contents of the Archives until 2010. Plus, documents within the Archive only become available for viewing even to this limited audience after 75 years. The Vatican claims this is because of the amount of time it takes to process the massive quantities of documents coming into the Archive. That said, this also means most documents relating to the church's numerous abuse scandals are still restricted from view - for now, at least. Watch the video for more Dark Secrets Of The Vatican Revealed! #Vatican #Pope Secret Archives | 0:15 Army of Exorcists | 1:38 The Vatican Bank | 2:49 Smuggling Nazis | 3:57 Holocaust Money | 5:12 Leaking secrets | 6:02 Read full article: https://www.grunge.com/166673/dark-secrets-of-the-vatican-revealed/
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Text Comments (153)
Grunge (9 days ago)
What do you think is in The Vatican's secret archives?
Jose Ruan (5 days ago)
Evil and God an invention to manipulate people
White Mountains Of Arizona (6 days ago)
Gnostic Nicholaitan garbage The Papacy is Antichrist (Anti- fake replacement of)
Bdhjdjdhshsh Bsbsjjdhshshshdh (6 days ago)
Ok dumb protestant
Ddub1083 (6 days ago)
"They are secret in the sense of being hidden from people... documents from the archive only become available after 75 years" ummm. Seems secret to me.
spaceartist 89 (8 days ago)
Americans cant take that there is power in world they cant conquer..
Midway (8 days ago)
Bergoglio is a communist and evil man
White Mountains Of Arizona (6 days ago)
He is a Nicholaitan Luciferian
Flaca .B (8 days ago)
The music ruined the video :(
William Sifton (8 days ago)
Justin Rennie (9 days ago)
Ah some of the cruelest people I’ve ever met are the ones who go church
Lizz Doe (9 days ago)
I wonder if all the harm and abuse priests have done are recorded there
Lizz Doe (5 days ago)
White Mountains Of Arizona Thank you!! I am working on understanding the Bible in a deeper way and learning more. But I’ve believed since I was a child. ❤️ I just haven’t put too much thought into Revelations. It’s rather intimidating but I’m ready to learn 😁
White Mountains Of Arizona (5 days ago)
@Lizz Doe I no longer observe December 25th, instead I do as commanded, I observe the Domestic Passover in my home, I can learn about hannuka, I keep my faith/religion in my home as also commanded. I am Monotheistic, as the number of God is One. I study the Reformers and their works, they are prophesied by John in Revelation Chapter 11. The 2 witnesses of REFORMATION. I am here if you have any questions! Welcome to the truth...
Lizz Doe (5 days ago)
White Mountains Of Arizona The second one!! It’s a bit intimidating to watch Revelations come true!! It’s also really sad that such a beloved holiday is based of an originally Bad this!!
White Mountains Of Arizona (5 days ago)
@Lizz Doe nuts?? Meaning "it is not true?" Or Nuts the "truth is hard/nuts to believe!" ???
Lizz Doe (5 days ago)
White Mountains Of Arizona Whoa... that’s nuts!!
Lizz Doe (9 days ago)
I believe that God reveals Himself to us. He doesn’t hide himself from us. He loves us and wants to know all about him. So with than in mind what would be filling the Vatican??
Tellim Hacim (9 days ago)
I never knew the vatican was pro-nazi. I learned something today.
the therorist (9 days ago)
the name of God.....Mark 16:9-20
Bennie Laars (9 days ago)
One of the secrets kept by the Vatican is that Man created God and not the other way around.
Jarkko Louhe (9 days ago)
They should be dragged out of their catacombs and hanged publicly.
Nicolai O. E. (9 days ago)
The Vatican openly supported Hitler and Germany. It wasn't a secret at the time or now for that matter.
speedy pete (9 days ago)
When all of these guys hit the final jury .our lord my God will say .who are you .I do not know you.
Newzionis (9 days ago)
How about making dark secret video of non-christian ..... .... I guess GRUNGE are coward to do so...
Dr.Rockso (9 days ago)
Shake them down for what’s in the real interesting books... Storms the Vatican!!!
Minecrat Silent Build (9 days ago)
so the Vatican is like Mormons
White Mountains Of Arizona (6 days ago)
They are Nicholaitan Luciferians. Mormons are just another Jesuit offshoot. Revelation 2.6. They are the modern day theological descendants of the Nicholaitans. aka: Trinitarian Gnostics of Egypt.
Kathleen M. Higgins (9 days ago)
You know, after hearing of even greater deceit and despair, perpetrated by the Vatican Mob familia ~ My heartache just hurts worse. It's past time for us all to genuinely care about one another. We may not like each other or have an interest in hanging around lots of kinds of people, at all. Nothing wrong or unkind with that. Yet, if we honestly have come to believe and accept, our Loving Creator God does love, forgive, and accept all we human beings, no matter how degenerative one's past has been. In prayer, at least, I too can practice loving the world. Now is the time for caring about all humanity, in our prayers ~ at least. See you!
Ray Jacobs (9 days ago)
The RCC (cult), has been and still is the most destructive, dangerous religious body in human history. Don't be a Roman Catholic!
asaad hutchinson (8 days ago)
They are THE beast.
JRVBG 9612 (9 days ago)
7:32 we can see His Holiness alongside Pope Francis
MGTOW (9 days ago)
Martin Luther Was Right.. Thank God We Have Got The Lutheran Church..
White Mountains Of Arizona (6 days ago)
Unfortunately the Jesuit infiltrators aka: COUNTER Reformationists have done away with Reformed theology, they are now not the real Protestant Reformers, even the Lutheran church is no longer even Lutheran. 1st item, Christmas celebrated now! Real REFORMATION Protestants reject the liturgical calendar of Rome, We know Apollyon born on December 25th is "The image of the beast"! Keep your faith in your Home, read our Reformers works, they are hard to find, yet with effort we can still find them. Albert close Albert Barnes Henry Grattan Guinness William Tyndale James Wiley List goes On..... The Historist interpretation of Prophecy is STILL CORRECT, NOT the lie of Futurism or Prieterism The Papacy is Antichrist... Modern theological descendants of the Nicholaitans Revelation 2.6
Newzionis (9 days ago)
The lutheren church that put crucifix down so that refugee wont get offended..🤣🤣🤣
Seymour Green (9 days ago)
The Catholic Church is BULLSHIT
Wiztard (9 days ago)
Julia Naylor (9 days ago)
It's just a library. You have to remember it belongs, to an organisation, that has murdered, in the name of religion since before the Middle Ages.
Daniel C (9 days ago)
All religions are based around corruption, and it's gullible follwers. Plus, chomos use religion to escape the ramifcations of being chomos.
Candace Loves (9 days ago)
God Almighty said all hidden things will be revealed..The original history of the nation's are in there I bet..& all the info that history has lied about..Where bible locations truly are..All that info is hidden from normal people.The creator will expose the necessary.Im just saying~
White Mountains Of Arizona (6 days ago)
The finding of The Nag hammadi texts, was a great exposure for Us. Confirmation of these modern day theological descendants of the Gnostic Nicholaitans. Revelation 2.6 The Papacy is Antichrist
Caleb Lewis (9 days ago)
Piss on the Vatican Turn all those little boys. Last time I checked it says in the Bible that you all supposedly go by that you're not supposed to worship any Graven image. Or have any images of Jesus Christ or God? So why would a religion contradict itself? Because it's not the real Church.
Janet Ward (9 days ago)
Sorry - unbearable background 'music'
MadNiceTV (9 days ago)
Should have dove deeper into their lengthy scumbag history of pedophilia
Woodstock G (9 days ago)
How about that they don’t represent the teachings of Christ.
White Mountains Of Arizona (5 days ago)
Correct they are the Fake Christians and fake clergy and fake followers of the fake christ mentioned in the New Testament. They follower Apollyon thier king who comes out of the Roman Catacombs as mentioned in Revelation 9.11. They are the modern day theological descendants of the Nicholaitans Revelation 2.6! Their king Apollyon born on December 25th... the Real Christ born for Us, not born on December 25th but the Sun god IS!
asaad hutchinson (8 days ago)
Considering that Christianity came from them, that would be difficult. The beast will be the beast til it's end.
speedy pete (9 days ago)
Catholic not Christian. Which means like christ. I do not think in any way are they like christ.
Woodstock G (9 days ago)
MGTOW Donald Trump
MGTOW (9 days ago)
Who Are You?
Scott Essex (9 days ago)
Crimes against humanity
Tess Deboutellier (9 days ago)
If you have ever read the bible and understood it, you would know for certain that the catholic church is anti christ. It is seen in everything they say and do and especially their symbolism. Lots of people just follow blindly. My grandfather was a preacher in the Pentecostal church yet his church followed all of the pagan rituals of the catholic church worshipping Baphomet on Sunday, which is the great deception spoken of in the bible. I recommend you come out of her like the book says.
asaad hutchinson (8 days ago)
Do you know the bible came from them?
Tess Deboutellier (9 days ago)
Why would Francis clean up the place when its exactly how they want it?
Michael LeBlanc (9 days ago)
" The best of men are but men at best . . ." and they must contend with Satan who always places his own devils & demons in high positions whenever he can get away with it. Some French philosopher whose name long escapes me, once said something to the effect that Lucifer-Satan popular image is not properly understood. He does not have horns or curious feet or a tail. He always presents himself in a very attractive light - cite the Serpent who 1st led Eve with the most powerful lure there is - tempetation. He was the world's first 'consultant' and must have been wearing a business suit of the finest quality on to impress the young girl and launch her on to an 'edgy' culinary experience. After the fall her first effort was in fashion and she certainly encouraged Adam to get dressed up as well after God left them know they were too far 'left-bank' . The 'free-bees' were over. It was time to get out and work. Voltaire, the epitomy of the 'Age of Reason' and a great enemy of superstition, at the end of his life, admitted life was better earlier in his life when the 'stupid & ignorant' (30% of the population as per current IQ standards), who are always with us, truly feared a greater power was looking over their shoulders and keeping them. Remove that fear and you release the beast.
White Mountains Of Arizona (6 days ago)
Apollyon The Image of the beast Born on December 25th aka: Nicholaitans
Tess Deboutellier (9 days ago)
The only demonic posession is these priests going around with their bullshit lies. The Rothchilds and that cultural bag of lies related are made men by the vatican who use their banks to rule for the vatican. I have this idea that the black pope is also the Godfather of the mafia. The Vatican has a concordat with all the bad guys. for example nazi Germany and Austria. Lots of bad stuff came out of Austria. The Illuminati, The first world war, and Hitler to name a few.
Bjørn W. (9 days ago)
Roman church is behind "good" Friday - Sunday apostasi. It reject Sign of Jonah which confirmed Son of Man to be Messiah. It has two nights. The Lord said three nights. Its responsible for braking the fourth commandment and more. It bear false witness about suffering, death, burial and resurrection. - Luke 24.46 “This is what is written: Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day,” - Acts 10.40 "God raised him from the dead on the third day” - 1 Corinthians 15. "that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures” Third hebrew day was the seventh day of the week.
White Mountains Of Arizona (5 days ago)
Yes, We keep the Sabbath and reject Apollyon born on December 25th. We reject these priests of Dagon. We reject these Modern day theological descendants of the Nicholaitans. They are mentioned in Revelation 2.6 and all through the book Revelation. Thier army, scorpion cross bows, reigns of inquisitions and Torture, celibate pedophile clergy... from the Monastic Gnostic Nicholaitans of the Desert of Alexandria Egypt.
E. Lewis Basher (9 days ago)
Only believers get possessed.
Tobi Ojo (9 days ago)
The Vatican has always been for secrets and controversy.
Tess Deboutellier (9 days ago)
i think you will find a sacrificial room for sure. People have come forth and claimed to have witnessed it. I think you will find all the missing Jewish artwork and possibly the gold made form their teeth and lots more evidence of their meddling in world events which theyre not supposed to do because theyre a religion and they dont pay taxes. I dont know how they got to be a country but it was probably some sort of ponzi scheme like the one they have over America. DC is their Roman satellite city in North America and where they rule from.
L's Successor (9 days ago)
Nobody but Jesus can represent God as a living human
Gleanerman (9 days ago)
Problem is there is no jebus or god, just stupid, gullible sheeple.
R2472 (9 days ago)
How many scandals will it take until the "church" falls?
Frank Trujillo (9 days ago)
What do you mean by the church falling?
Gleanerman (9 days ago)
People are leaving christianity every day by the thousands. The internet is a wonderful thing.
by Daniel Chiotis (9 days ago)
If you'd like to see what an important part churches and Vatican influence plays in our American government and court system, please feel free to look on my channel and watch my video on hypocrisy. Thanks. 🌿
by Daniel Chiotis (9 days ago)
" nobody knows what's there because it would be impossible for the human brain to understand". Dude. You have a disgusting brain. A selfish one-sided one. Kind of like the context the level of reverence and respect the Vatican holds for itself over a world of supporters, subjects, victims and other relevant walks of life that aren't attached to icons and associations born in times of mental inadequacy to be fair and Justin loved without having to condemn threatened or payoff. Chew on that miniman. .... obviously there are a lot more qualified and better people that should be able to make use of those books and documentation. in a way that would help our species involved instead of letting tyrants and dictators play. Pfffff - Artist 🌿
Leopold Bloom (9 days ago)
I quit catholicism years ago, but why is there so few criticism of evangelicals spreading hate on minorities and supporting the most unchristian U.S. president in history, or about megachurch pastors living in million dollar residences, collecting donations for their next private jet and faking miracles like the were a trinity of David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy?
Ray Jacobs (9 days ago)
Hahaha... MAGA 2020!
Kev Cthulu (9 days ago)
I'm not very proud to be catholic
Gleanerman (9 days ago)
Why in the hell would you still be paying that awful cult! Damn that church has enough blood money to feed every starving kid on earth for eternity.
Kev Cthulu (9 days ago)
@Gleanerman I'm an atheist but officially I'm still catholic, and I still pay taxes to the Vatican.
Gleanerman (9 days ago)
Well, leave it then and become a better person, an atheist, I did and it's wonderful to finally be set free from the b.s. of religion.
A Clem (9 days ago)
The Catholic church falsely places Mary as Queen of heaven and has its followers praying to statues. They also threw out some of the books that should have been included in any "bible" and changed the sabbath day from Saturday to Sunday. Even though Christ threw out the "law" as a way of earning your way to heaven we are still to keep the 10 commandments and observing the true Sabbath day is one of them. The Catholic church also invented confession to a priest, the requirement that you give 10% of your money to the church, created purgatory, created special saints that could only be elevated to sainthood by the Catholic church, and in the past falsely told parishioners that they could buy their way into heaven and out of purgatory if they gave money to the church. more and more.
White Mountains Of Arizona (5 days ago)
Good job! They are the Nicholaitans mentioned in the book of Revelation...2.6! The entire book is about them. Thier army, the colors they wear, torture, their king Apollyon Apollo born on December 25th....Revelation 9.11. the book of Revelation is really very clear. As is the entire scripture... check Isaiah again, also speaking of the coming Roman Antichrist army and clergy leaders doing things in tree garden/Groves. Christmas is a lie. A very old satanic practice He ( God) hates it! It was going on when Abraham came out of Ur. Jeremiah speaks about this also! It is the worship of the image of the beast! The wrong tree mentioned in Genesis.... don't do it
Edward Everhart (9 days ago)
So many poor people living in poverty worshipping these people.Religion DOES ruin everything.
Peter 1999 (9 days ago)
Our government make us believe religions exist.. and that religion should be part of our daily lives to keep us insane.
evo (9 days ago)
Religion is control and the Human race are sheep.
mwwillowtree (9 days ago)
Zeke (9 days ago)
You don't get it. Some people are the problem, not religion.
Ricky Joseph (9 days ago)
Comment Highlighted (9 days ago)
Catholics, the blind hypocrites of the Christian Faith. So much gold, idols, saints, land, wealth, power, lies, corruption & cover ups 🙁
Maximus Meridius (9 days ago)
Your video has good content and I like the source material but that annoying music has got to stop.
ROMEO ROMEO (9 days ago)
Just a massive quantity of nonsense that’s coming into that library and really is just a stockpile of lies and misconceptions
Theodore Macewko (9 days ago)
I suspect that "pope" innocent 10 and "patriarch" nikon the same person. I suspect the person nikon murdered "millions"of old believers in Russia. I suspect pope pious 12 and yussipov the same person. I suspect yussipov helped murder Rasputin. What would you do if I told you that Tzar Nicholas II's daughter got secretly "married" in November of 1916 and had secret children ?Assuming certain things I the present Tzar of Russia and a direct desendent of Tzar Nicholas II.
Stalin the Legend (9 days ago)
Why cant i know it i am 100% Human as them
Cerise REDGYPSYQUEEN (9 days ago)
Know Thyself instead of going through others for Our connection to God Our Birthright
music2306lover (9 days ago)
*Before he became Pope Francis he impregnated a nun under his leadership whilst in South America ....... He married her and when the baby was born sacrificed the baby to moloch ....... Talk about evil he takes the cake and this information is from a fellow Roman Catholic priest from that area❗️❗️❗️*
Light House (9 days ago)
The Vatican is evil.
deborah dee (8 days ago)
@Gleanerman Lots of people have had their life saved when they reached out to God when death was imminent, only to be saved miraculously. Religion is BS but God is real, maybe when your number is up, you will see and hopefully it wont be too late.
Gleanerman (9 days ago)
She is the whore and all other denominations are her harlots. And they are all man made bullshit lies. There is absolutely no evidence to support a god of any kind.
TheIndignantMalignancy (9 days ago)
The vatican worships Jesus as much as i am black. Its a cult. P.s. Jesus is live so take him off your cross, you pagans
Zo Valentine (9 days ago)
Secrecy may be defined as fear of knowing. There is no such thing as a secret. Withholding the flow of knowledge is impossible. LOL🤣🤣 Besides, religion is the great separator. We are all one humanity💯
Dan K (9 days ago)
Zo Valentine I disagree with your first sentence. The rest is nonsense.
Mantorras Montquilla (9 days ago)
islam is much worse but these channels and others just rather attack the same ones all the time
Gleanerman (8 days ago)
Yes Asaad, the crusades were  horrible, but the catholic church has had it's legs cut off, they are no longer much of a threat except to it's own followers. I was raised southern Baptist and was that the catholic church was the worst thing on earth and I still hate the shit out of them, but they are only a shell of themselves. Islam on the other hand is a big problem, If I were god I would eradiate all religions.
Mantorras Montquilla (8 days ago)
@asaad hutchinson can I ask you then if you love so much muhammad and that shit why all muslims want to come to europe and not saudi arabia and other countrys like that since they are richer then european countrys or like the majority of them why you keep coming to europe with you bullshit sharia law and all that crap ???????
asaad hutchinson (8 days ago)
@Gleanerman Islam is a billion times better than any man made snake oil
Iron Ox (9 days ago)
Ah yes impossible to understand. Bullshit is pretty easy to understand.
asaad hutchinson (8 days ago)
Idiots leading idiots.
Tess Deboutellier (9 days ago)
I know this man who called God Bullshit and now he shits out his side and everyday he has to clean a colostomy bag bag and his arsehole is sewed up. Shit is his life.
VampCorp UK (9 days ago)
God's name a secret? Since when? I just call him Jeff
speedy pete (9 days ago)
Secrets are for the dark side.
Nat Rfc (9 days ago)
FTP and the IRA
Nat Rfc (9 days ago)
They’re dirty peado basterds scum of the earth
Ken Jacobsen (9 days ago)
Joey Ratz, Nazi kingpin
Barry Campion (9 days ago)
Only the Pope had access to the secret archives ,miles of books
MundizLevi Campos (9 days ago)
It's nothing but Demon's Doctrine
Gleanerman (9 days ago)
No such thing as a demon, just corrupt man made bull shit.
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access (9 days ago)
No one: The pope: *Pope noises*
Danny MacRaven (9 days ago)
Let it be known, the Vatican was on Hitler's side.
Chris Randall (9 days ago)
True !!!
stef (9 days ago)
Diŕty bàstàŕd eveŕy ònè ôf thèm insidè thè pedòdòme they call homè.
MGTOW (9 days ago)
You Got That Right..
Nat Rfc (9 days ago)
stef ma brother well said ftp
Donna jo catlady (9 days ago)
False religion. THERE'S yer Antichrist...
Sackett Snodgrass (9 days ago)
Dark secrets? Yeah, okay. The Vatican Archives holds documents that are centuries years old, so of course they’re not going to just let anyone in there. Yes there were Nazis that we’re transported out of Europe. These of course were by Nazi sympathizers within the Church, this was not a unilateral decision but isolated decisions. Half of these dark secrets are all speculation, like the Vatican holding documents that disproves God, documents that show the Vatican helped the Nazi’s with the Holocaust, etc and etc. It seems that everyone just loves a good witch hunt when it involves Catholics. Eh well.
K00L KIDZ (9 days ago)
@Sexy Tiff lol atheists be like "the universe was made from nothing" GANG JUDAISM RIZE UP 🤘😂✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡
Sexy Tiff (9 days ago)
Science has disproved the existence of god. The whole religious herd suffer from mass delusion, cognitive dissonance and mental illness. The catholic church are the principal scumbags though, in light of all the kids they have raped. It is not a good look to defend this turpitude and villainy. It is actually a pity that there is no hell for these scumbags to rot in.
Ricardo Hernandez (9 days ago)
Yes, it's farily obvious that they rape little boys.
bizarre conservative (9 days ago)
The vatican and pope false idols and fake as hell. I dont trust their evil at all. They r not true
White Mountains Of Arizona (5 days ago)
@EP114587 they wear the priestly robes of Dagon... still to this Day. Nicholaitan Luciferians...
White Mountains Of Arizona (5 days ago)
Good job! They are the modern day theological descendants of the Nicholaitans mentioned in Revelation 2.6. aka: Trinitarian Gnostics of Egypt.
speedy pete (9 days ago)
Gleanerman (9 days ago)
She is the mother church of all Christian churches, why can't people see that none of it is true, man made bullshit.
EP114587 (9 days ago)
I love how they wear those ridiculous wizard robes and goofy hats, and that they're all sick pedophiles.
Roddy Richardson (9 days ago)
I wonder how long this video will stay up.
Zelda Williams (8 days ago)
Well, I'm watching the video and its been up since yesterday, what, I wanna know, is how come I didn't get the notification for this video?🤨🤔 Strange indeed most peculiar?🧐
Philip Weber (9 days ago)
Too late
Tobi Ojo (9 days ago)
Not that long, the catholic church might want YouTube to take the video down.
Darth Neph (9 days ago)
And people still follow and devout their lives to this shyt.
asaad hutchinson (8 days ago)
Gleanerman (9 days ago)
Yes Key it was the one who made all this bullshit up to control and steal, Christianity is man's worst con-job.
Kev Cthulu (9 days ago)
The catholic religion was the first Christian religion
Armando No (9 days ago)
Just because the people in power did something bad, doesn't mean the others should be shamed for believing in it
Berta Andrade (9 days ago)
NAK (9 days ago)
The Vatican is a key piece in the Illuminati pyramid
kenya smith (9 days ago)
Y'all never disappoint. :)