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COWS transport with VALTRA tractor

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Bruder-Valtra-T-191-Tractor transporting cows! SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/TOYZRULESUBSCRIBE for more videos! :) Hope you like our videos! COW transport with VALTRA tractor by Toyz rule 2018. raktor,rc,bruder,truck,tractor,bruder toys,traktory bruder,бpyдep,bruder spielwaren,bruder toys,trucks,bruder traktoren,toy ,construction trucks, working,toys truck,bruder truck,construction toys, for children
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PonChick TV (7 months ago)
Yess 🐶🐶👏👏👏
Toyz Rule (7 months ago)
Perfect! :)
Toyz Rule (7 months ago)
Do you like this tranport video? :)