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Vettel And Webber's 'Multi 21' Meltdown | 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Tensions reach boiling point at Red Bull as Sebastian Vettel ignores team orders at Mark Webber's expense... For more F1® videos, visit Like F1® on Facebook: Follow F1® on Twitter: Follow F1® on Instagram:
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Text Comments (2511)
GT86 (5 days ago)
Glad that Vettel took Senna's "I am not designed to come second or third. I am designed to win." Quote very seriously.
Yash Nayak (17 days ago)
He got Karma served the very next year lmao.
Juzo S. (25 days ago)
The battle between them was really nice to watch
Matt Smith (27 days ago)
The thing is this... Mark webber was the most compliant teammate to vettel for several championship winning seasons and always graciously accepted team orders, and vettel does this to him. Its sebastian vettel all over, and the main reason his career has fallen off a cliff. Leclerc came in and made him look inferior instantly. Its funny seb is useless at racing wheel to wheel on every occasion apart from when it's against his own team mate and while ignoring orders lol. Typical German, they are never to be trusted, and should never be allowed to be in a position to bee making decisions on anything
Chris Cole (30 days ago)
Arrogance is ugly. I'd have ran this wanker off the road.
rinleez (1 month ago)
"I didn't mean to" Yeah Seb, you overtook Mark by accident, lol.
kharne thebetrayer (1 month ago)
I’m glad vettel ignored team orders back then,it provided some epic racing, and added excitement.
the pure metal blood. (1 month ago)
Mark webber is a bitch.... the fastest man deserves to win. Not a bitch with team orders to cradle his cunty ass
Ben Farrell (1 month ago)
what does Multi 21 actually mean? don't murder me for asking
TheFikri136 (1 month ago)
This could be happening again between Vettel and Leclerc.
Kay Mann (1 month ago)
1:14 - lol, Webber was driving to protect the car and not at ten tenths. The fact that he is (or at least he was) a team player, Seb used against him, effectively sneaking up and to pass him and then the radio message where he is almost crying coz webber doesn't jump out of the way and let him thru. Now I remember why I used to dislike Vettel so much. It's lucky his team mate wasn't someone like JPM or James Hunt, Nelson Piquet or certain other slightly more temperamental drivers. He may've had a black eye or two.
Ben Farrell (1 month ago)
JPM would make Vettel cry, those Latin American and South American drivers dont back down for anyone
Elena Del Sol (1 month ago)
Well done Seb, that's racing! Hope to see this in 2020.
Flight Simmer (1 month ago)
They should ban team orders again. Racing is racing it comes with its risks, if you aren't fast enough for 1st you shouldn't be there.
IHMA club membership (1 month ago)
Sebastian, it's James Hold position
reda chiban (2 months ago)
That was a dick move. Nothing to do with those videos talking about someone obeing the orders to let his teammate gain more points. They told he to stay behind to remain safe and dont do anything stupid. Bc they were already winning. Both of them + the team. What if they crashed at 2:30. That was selfish from him!! He took a lot of risk to prove he was faster... Well... He won. he was faster!! Hopefully no one crashed foolishly. And i do know this is a race! But he had to hold position for a greater good!! But... Germans ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ They never listen haha
Mc (2 months ago)
Desert Sky (2 months ago)
Red Bull & Ferrari ONLY need to see this video to realize the Toxic sack of $h!t that Sebastard Vettel really is! He's toxic. He's an emotional child. He's a whining, crying, complaining P.O.S.!!! Exhibit "A" in the case against Vettel is EVERYTHING he did against Webber, Ricciardo, and now Charles. Oh, there's the Lewis Smash in 2017 in Azerbaijan too. He's the freakin' worst ever!!! I would flip him off right to his stinking face!!! If Ferrari were smart, and based on their errors this year that is debatable, they would FIRE VETTEL right now because it is clear, Seb is NOT Michael 2.0. Hell, Seb isn't even Michael .5. In fact, Charles really is the No. 1 driver for Ferrari. #DumpVettelNow
Ersa (3 months ago)
16 + 5 =
Radu Mihai (3 months ago)
The incident Vettel-Leclerc from Brazil 2019 brought me here
Frozenfar (3 months ago)
what cost?
Vip1215 (3 months ago)
here after the Vettel-Leclerc disaster...
Tank Penguin (1 month ago)
That was bad luck for ferrari.
Win Fer (3 months ago)
Then I already knew that Vettel the clown :)
Weesky (3 months ago)
Brazil GP 2019. KARMA
Gabriel (3 months ago)
Whether you think it's fair or not this kind of attitude seems to be what separate multiple time world champions from the other drivers
Tuber Youb (3 months ago)
I like Vettels own decision
RawLu (3 months ago)
GD Schumacher Wannabe is Vettels problem.
yotaplaysgames (3 months ago)
racing without touching. what we want to see or not !
F1 GreekFan (3 months ago)
Far East (3 months ago)
Not his fault if Webber is slower
Fatal Fury (3 months ago)
I could not stand vettel those days,i cant stand him nowdays!Poor ,overrated driver.Always was,always will.The poor performance he shows at Ferrari is a testament how good the newey car was! No other top driver Lewis or Alonso were ridiculised the way vettel was in any team ! Just the two monkeys vettel and raikkonen also knowed back in 2008 as crashkonnen. Spinbastian and Crashkonnen ,two overrated muppets.We could have interesting championships but noooooo...we have vettel lol!
83N5#4 (3 months ago)
Sebastian It's James
Christopher Joseph (3 months ago)
Vettel will always be known as a good driver, in the right equipment at the right time but what he won't be known for is being a sportsman. He may have won a lot of races and championships but because of his attitude, he will be forever a loser and certainly not a champion.
Jimmy (3 months ago)
Ain't James Allen F1 Commebtator said that he has Sense of Humors which makes you love F1 again?
Jackson Lam (4 months ago)
The relationship was never a good one in the first place ...?
Sam Lowry (4 months ago)
Μeltdown? Thats exactly what we want in F1, battles. Not ''hold position'' and ''valteri its james''
auomauom (3 months ago)
one of the reasons why F1 sucks. all politics and no race battles.
FullOilBarrel (4 months ago)
honestly webber was slower and his only argument is that they are on the same team
Isaac Mueller (4 months ago)
No offense but I had never heard of Mark Webber until this video.
Simon Coventry (4 months ago)
When Vettel was whimpering about being scared, I couldn't help but think of what a slimy, greasy, little toad he really is. He's the essence of a reptilian pervert covered in vaseline, I do not like him.
Lucky Hunter (4 months ago)
I dont like Hamilton and Leclerc
Nasser Bnayyan (4 months ago)
Carma is hitting him badly with Leclerc now
Magyar Warrior (4 months ago)
why? at the moment Vettel is clearly faster than Lecry
Martin Blomqvist (4 months ago)
Screw team orders. Vettel was quicker, that's it. What's more, Mark got all salty and played the teamwork-card, all because he felt Vettel out-paced him.
HueHay FriberG (3 months ago)
Actually mark turned everything down in his car go watch the multi 21 vid champ
Felix Allende (4 months ago)
Sebastian, always a poor driver.
Lucky Hunter (4 months ago)
Frank Red (4 months ago)
Joeputa vettel
adam manta (4 months ago)
Vettel Blödmann egoistischer Wichser...
Jenny GW (4 months ago)
Vettel is basically bit of a twat.
Grumpy Goron (4 months ago)
Like Kuroky, Webber was right
KawaiiGaming (4 months ago)
Webber and Vettel: *arguing in the cool down room* Hamilton: *comes in and thinks* ok ill leave them to it Me: 😂
KawaiiGaming (4 months ago)
Love how Seb always blamed Mark for his actions no offence to him or whatever
Nenan Silva (4 months ago)
parker k (4 months ago)
this is like Merkel over Brexit, she refuses to respect UK referendum result!
Andrea Salvia (4 months ago)
Well done mark not punching him in the face!
Our crazy Journey (4 months ago)
What a rat
My Account (4 months ago)
Peter Yianilos (4 months ago)
The teams need to get something into their heads once and for all. We - by which I mean the $10-20 million in local ticket sales and the $billions in broadcast receipts - didn’t give you our money to see you carefully orchestrate the outcome that you prefer. We are paying all that money that sustains your enormous operations and thousands of staff to watch that race’s best driver win. Period. Because when the best driver wins, it is always the best that race can be. How can team principals possibly not get that?
The Treez (4 months ago)
"Multi 22 Charles, Multi 22." coming next year.
The Treez (4 months ago)
@kunal jain I know, It was youtube comment I banged out in 5 seconds considering it seems like something like this is going to happen at Ferrari. Dont read too much into me not using the driver order, 22 just comes after 21. Simple.
kunal jain (4 months ago)
Your comment should rather say multi 11 if u know what i mean😂😂
kunal jain (4 months ago)
Do you even know what it meant.. webber was second fiddle nd seb was their no. 1 so code said 21 to say webber will be given this win hold your position as second..
kunal jain (4 months ago)
Harvey Thompson (4 months ago)
However Charles is slower than Seb
Hilda Mehdipour (4 months ago)
I am sure at it‘s time it was a pretty amazing and exciting race to watch, just because of what Seb did and that’s the true spirit of the racing and all drivers should have it!!!
Karl S. (4 months ago)
I was thinking the same. A true Driver/Champion will never agree to drive slower, and give the Win away. In some way this is Sport. And it would not be Sport, if you would say. "Come on man, drive slower and let the other Guy win. He deserve to win one Race to" Mark had all the Chances to fight against Seb, and overtake him back.
David Bern (4 months ago)
Ferrari fan that has hated Vettel since this race.
Linda M (4 months ago)
This racing is truly amazing. I'm addicted to it. Who is best driver??
bartonez123 (4 months ago)
Whilst all this is happening, Mercedes be like the Emperor from Revenge of the Sith. "Do it"
Stank Faust (4 months ago)
what is multi 21?
Lord4nte (4 months ago)
Webber should have punched his head in. If that was me, i would have pummeled his head into the ground.
studioviper (4 months ago)
It was wins like this that made me not rate Vettel that highly, inspite of the 4 championships. Same goes for Schumacher. Winning at any cost cheapens their legacies.
Bart Homme (4 months ago)
that vettel is an utter jerk
Lestervai Cayetano (4 months ago)
azrul nizam (4 months ago)
There’s one thing you can learn from this Leclerc. Never ever negotiate with Vettel. If you’re faster, ignore the 1-2 victory or whatever. You gave him the position, it’s a goodbye.
Paulo Alexandre (4 months ago)
Not taking team orders?? Bottas would be having a stroke if he watched this!!
Mobile Legends Nation (4 months ago)
*hamilton feeling horny* Team orders: valtteri it's james bring your wife to hamilton ASAP
Cynthia Bauer (4 months ago)
Screw Webber, may the best one win.
cynicalobserver (4 months ago)
Loved seeing Webber getting destroyed. Ended his career beautifully.
Constantin Tokarev (4 months ago)
Seb has spoiled his karma back then and now he eats what he cooked
Tien Phan (4 months ago)
i came here after Russia 2019 and Seb hasn’t changed!
Juventin (4 months ago)
so Vettel is ALWAYS RIGHT.
Matrick Galius (4 months ago)
Vettel was, is, and will always be a sad idiot!
Pablo Espinoza (4 months ago)
He has always been a fucking asshole
Shrooms S (4 months ago)
ya, i come to a Grand Prix to watch race, not be part of team orders! race to the finish, team orders spoils the sport.. but mark webber was the quicker one in that race, he just stopped racing, which is not what paid to come seee.. fight to finish..always.. best man wins
Josh Rooke77 (4 months ago)
How can Webber even moan lol it’s racing, that’s what it’s all about
Hi Im Ace (4 months ago)
Have you even watched the race?
yodaisgod2 (4 months ago)
I believe James Hunt would have beaten the shit out of Vettel if he pulled that shit on him. LOL
Scott Young (4 months ago)
We Hated Team Orders But We Hated The Guy That Broke Them... F1 Fans Ladies And Gentleman
Jimmy Ho (4 months ago)
same for Vettel and Leclerc in 2019
Daniel Matschinski (4 months ago)
Today Seb probably would have spun while overtaking 😂
Parva ST (4 months ago)
Rizqi ds (4 months ago)
So Russian GP is a Multi 21 ver 2.0?
ang chew yong (4 months ago)
Vettel being the spectators on that we want racing against each other even on teammates
Geert Matthys (4 months ago)
LeClerc is higher caliber Seb, good luck bullying him out 🤣
Juventin (4 months ago)
he's an amazing whiner as well. one of the best in the business.
Vinayak Lande (4 months ago)
Vettel is a greedy driver
Logan Taylor (4 months ago)
I like seb alot but he honestly does mind blowingly stupid stuff ocassionaly
WETiLAMBY (4 months ago)
Imagine being so bad that you have to put team orders in place so that you win. That just takes the skill out of the sport it so I dont get why he was so mad.
SkankHunt42 (4 months ago)
Annnnnd how did Mark Webber initially get past Vettel? That information might be helpful here lol
Thiago Valverde (4 months ago)
This video appeared because Vettel didn't let his teammate Leclerc overtake him after a later combined strategy in the 2019 Russian GP.
Jeff Ng (4 months ago)
ESB would have been FIRED if Ross Brawn was in control instead of Horner
DeBussy (4 months ago)
Spinbastian Vettel at it again
AtotehZ (4 months ago)
If he did this to me and I knew I was on the way out I'd tell him to stuff his teamwork the rest of the season. If overtaking him puts him at risk. Too bad!.. Does it cause him to get overtaken by others? Too bad!..
3series35i - (4 months ago)
I see nothing wrong with what Seb did, he’s a driver and wants to win, that is all.
seb fan5 Forza Ferrari (4 months ago)
What did seb even do wrong
marsal 79 (4 months ago)
today young drivers make it today via teamradio, instead racing
͔. (4 months ago)
Well, if hes faster, he deserves it
rollercoaster478 (4 months ago)
Team orders ruin races lets be honest, but this was something else. Webber wasnt fighting properly and Vettel took advantage. And maybe this is why its better to not give team orders sometimes.
Arved Ludwig (4 months ago)
They were prohibited in 2003. They should reintroduce that.
Bestline7 (4 months ago)
This is how great drivers are made. They are subservient to no one.
Nisheel34 (4 months ago)
There is a reason why more people like Lewis over vettel or rosberg for that matter. Let alone the competitive driving. Lewis is a much better driver on a whole. Remember he giving his position to bottas, even when team orders were in his favour.
cattycats4 (4 months ago)
is this heavy sarcasm?
Gaming4evah (4 months ago)
Russia 2019: Multi 165
*_"i was racing, I was faster, I passed him, I won"_* - S. Vettel 2013
Ÿamada (28 days ago)
Lol why are F1 teams afraid of putting on entertainment for the fans? This is why MotoGP is so much more entertaining, nowhere near the same amount of politics in MotoGP
seb99 (1 month ago)
@Flight Simmer winner of the most stupid comment award goes to; Flight Slimmer wait Slim? Nah this guy is Dumb af
Jorge (1 month ago)
@Flight Simmer the pit crew can't do anything to the car remotely. It's the drivers that have to turn it down, Webber did, Vettel was a cunt and didn't
Flight Simmer (1 month ago)
@Anvil00Horror __ if you think that's the case you'd think they turned down both they're engines or turned up webber's engine dumbass
Vitihotra Jataveda (3 months ago)
@Supreme Grand Master Azrael Dumb fool. :P
Jeffrey Drozek-Fitzwater (4 months ago)
Good thing Vettel never pulled anything like this again, right?
Geert Matthys (4 months ago)
LeClerc is his demise and he knows it, can't bully that one out
Advocatus Diaboli (4 months ago)
There's one difference between his early career and now. As a younger driver he didn't give a fuck about team orders and now as a old driver he still doesn't give a fuck. At Red Bull he was clearly faster than Mark Webber and they didn't want to let him pass. At Ferrari he was clearly faster in Singapore and Sochi and they want him to give P1 to a crybaby that can't start from pole better than him in second row and can't even keep up with his speed like seen in the unwanted undercut in Singapore and the gap in Sochi.
ArthurAlcantara (4 months ago)
Came here after the 2019 Russian GP aka Multi 21 2 electric boogaloo.