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The Secret To Airport Efficiency | Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport | Spark

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Heathrow doesn't run as well as it does through pure luck, so what exactly goes into making the airport run as efficiently as it does? Content Provided By TVF International. Any queries please contact us at Subscribe to Spark for more amazing science, tech and engineering videos - Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: #heathrowairport #planes #passengerplanes #checkin #baggageclaim #technology #engineering #airport #aeronautics #britainsbusiestairport
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Text Comments (910)
Stephen Spreckley (1 day ago)
Aww for fucks sake! boring as wombatshit!
Tamil Porukkis (1 day ago)
The whole video was amazing with showing each and every departments operations 🤩 but the finally we missed only the very intersting department is Air Traffic Control (ATC) Enjoyed and goosebumps 😇🤗✌🏻❤️
Paul Thompson (2 days ago)
Worked in Air Cargo all my life and have flown a lot. Early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable!
Tyrone Virgo (6 days ago)
What job does Alex do, the one that sorts the bags?
wilson k (8 days ago)
World's worst airport even
E M (9 days ago)
I love the one retard saying they were going to lose his business to the British version of TSA (not sure what its called over there), as if they give a single FUCK whether or not he comes back to one of the busiest airports in the goddamn world LOL. All for him not following the damn rules either which is the funniest part. Some people man.... lul
Alissa Lillian (9 days ago)
I know EXACTLY how I want my boyfriend to propose to me! Definitely gonna show him this video!
Billoni7 (9 days ago)
i work in an airport!! most of the passengers act like brats!! and most of them are dump...they think that the employees are their servants
Laree Hart (10 days ago)
The people who are late to their flight are probably soccer moms disciplining their kids because they complained about when they were going to leave
wayfaerer320 (11 days ago)
It amazes me how so many passengers treat security like it's an annoyance and specifically targeted to them and wasting their time. Fucking idiots. Every single human being on Earth should be shown the moment United Airlines Flight 175 impacts the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Men, women, and children instantly vaporized. I'll gladly stand in line for extra security to do whatever it takes to avoid that kind of hell on Earth again. People are so fucking selfish - it pisses me off.
Alexander Blohme (11 days ago)
90% of everyone u see is muslims.... England is broken
lee Hawk (11 days ago)
A very interesting documentary just a she about the amount of ads that keep popping up 10+ how annoying
Evergreen Tree (11 days ago)
I thought being a pilot might be a fun job... then I saw that flight plan...
weepy (12 days ago)
theres something about kate that makes me soooooOoOOooo uncomfortable - she comes off creepy af
Kermit (12 days ago)
bro shes a trash photographer as well lmao
bhanu reddy (13 days ago)
Dabbawala's in Mumbai are far more efficient then there guys and they lift around 65 to 70 kg on their head what about that
My True Love is My FR-S (14 days ago)
Leanne Li (14 days ago)
sometimes the person gets questioned at the security for no reason! and it took forever the get cleared, then forced to miss the flight and get the luggage off from the plane! That happens to me once.
I-AM-Xenu (15 days ago)
before 9/11, back when you could still smoke on planes, you could fly within the US & if you wanted, you could just have weed in your pocket. Or, bring a girl with you, if you catch my drift. Now, you couldnt get away with anything, its all been ruined because a bunch of Muslims just HAD to be assholes & spread the misery of their hateful religion. All thanks to that kid fucker mohammed
Paul Beebe (16 days ago)
Narrators pronunciation of Heathrow is annoying
Pinyin Fan (17 days ago)
Who tf carries milk on board?
ria lad (18 days ago)
Wow no advertisement 😊
Victoria Caddy (18 days ago)
If I know I am going to have a heavy bag I pay the fee and take two that way they are lighter
E38 BMW (18 days ago)
Rip Extracted, rip the china man
spicecrop (18 days ago)
Grown adults have to be chased down like lost children. How do these people live being so clueless. You've already checked in and know what fucking time your plane is leaving. And you go wandering around the airport while the plane is waiting for you?
Dale Saylors (19 days ago)
Searching for missing customers? In the USA it’s screw”m let’s go!!!
ambiorix le belge (20 days ago)
its not europe biggest airport! its schipol in amsterdam
Stacy Phillips (20 days ago)
I'm actually interested in finding out what happened to Michael. Sounds like he made stupid mistakes when he was young, but grew up and is ready to make amends and accept his fate.
Island Royale Gaming (20 days ago)
whats the intro music?
Justin Hopkins (22 days ago)
Never ceases to amaze just how damn stupid people can be. It’s a wonder we’ve made it to this point.
GhostHostMemories (22 days ago)
7:30 but after you land....
ramborghini88 (23 days ago)
20:34 he's old enough to walk.
Albinofficial (23 days ago)
Mmmm 73 million passengers is not the biggest in Europe Schiphol has 78 million passengers
Kevin Morris (24 days ago)
Incorrect calculations on the sliding distance would have caused the guy to wipe out his girlfriend, and we wouldn't be talking about a wedding ceremony.
LowLight (25 days ago)
Great documentary series
markspencer171 (25 days ago)
Heathrowstan: Britain's Busiest Muslim Airport.
James Ryzlot (25 days ago)
TERRIBLE number of commercials - CRAP video because of that JR
Make Up Your Mind inator (26 days ago)
Paparazzi are scum. Instead of just ejecting them they should be arrested.
A. Tanner (27 days ago)
26:20 Lotto lout Michael Carroll has lost a few pounds.
Illino777 (28 days ago)
The us airways captains voice sounds soo good
Fajrul (28 days ago)
Peerrrrr paparazzi everywhere
Himanshu Goswami (28 days ago)
Thank you guys for doing this incredible work with great professionalism, faith and humble. Love From INDIA
Pat Stokes (28 days ago)
Airlines need to change their policies about checked baggage. If it checked, that's it, no going back. Why should the plane pay for one person that can't get their shit together. That one person can disrupt thousand of people. It frankly seems to be something a airline wouldn't do, in fact in sound ridicules, it would be much easier just to send it back from North Carolina. I thinking this part of the program is just drama.
Kathy Young (25 days ago)
Pat Stokes They dare not ship the bag if the passenger didn’t got on, too. It could be a bomb! If the passenger doesn’t show up, the bag has to be taken off for safety.
Definitely not Jeffrey Epstein (28 days ago)
If they actually want to fix the paparazzi problem, the solution is simple: take their equipment when you catch them and don't give it back.
macaron3141592653 (28 days ago)
1018 A.D. - In 1000 years we'll achieve world peace and end world hunger 2018: 25:18
Justin Hopkins (22 days ago)
I think our ancestors would marvel at the technological advances and healthcare, but probably be disappointed that we still kill each other en masse over ancient fairytales.
ClassicGames (29 days ago)
Never been on a flight in my life that left on time
Dr. Emmett Brown (29 days ago)
34:50 Amazing helicopter / drone shots over the airport! it must have been hard to get clearance to fly over there
Banana :p (1 month ago)
I like long interesting intros...
The unicorn galaxy of oreos -_- (1 month ago)
Its amazing how they wear a smile on their faces despite their stressful jobs
Brendan Audi (1 month ago)
5:57 "Flying To Delhi, India Sir?" That's more like soliciting for passengers. I thought that was illegal in the U.K. 😒
Adair It’s later Than you think (1 month ago)
This was a good episode !
Maddy (1 month ago)
a lovely woman at heathrow helped my school group get on our flight to milan with just 10 minutes to get all the way across the airport and to go through security again...good job heathrow!
skylineXpert (1 month ago)
Now i know why certain handlers hate emirates. At my home airport they actually hate Turkish for the same reason, some of the passengers screams racist at check-in if they get caught with the extra KG's
klax155cc (1 month ago)
Pushing an Airplane......No biggie !!
Entertainment Hub (1 month ago)
they like the whiskey section... Delhi login ki gaand maardi ek line se .. haha...btw ppl of Delhi deserve it
Fester Smyth (1 month ago)
Typical Indians, always late 😂
Lomani Seninawanawa (1 month ago)
27:35 Ok He has great mates!
CalebandMicheal Plane (1 month ago)
what year was this made since i saw US airways
felsingo getiria (1 month ago)
That Ghanian with all those layers classic move to save money
jonny jones (1 month ago)
25:02 get yourself a real and more useful job!
jonny jones (1 month ago)
20:34 kids on flights are a real nightmare for the crew and passengers and they can easily spoil your trip.
That One Guy (1 month ago)
200,000 people a day that is amazing
Justin Hopkins (22 days ago)
It really is. Then think about Atlanta, which sees over 100 million passengers per year.
Vizzo (1 month ago)
oooo the cringe at that dancing! :'D Congrats all the same
Lance Pena (1 month ago)
32:23 that laugh tho! His laugh saying “i fooled them! i have 50 kilos of cocaine in my stomach thats why its so big”
Lance Pena (1 month ago)
Remember, delayed flights are caused by your fellow passengers 90% of the time. So dont get mad to the people working in the airport and in the plane.
Reily Burns (1 month ago)
9:03 did not know a crack head could work a airport security
Abhishek Rao (1 month ago)
24:40 No, she's not huge in America.
lolz_ _animalz (1 month ago)
TheOneAndOnly (1 month ago)
imagine being put into so much pressure and the companies contract at risk over a missing person who doesnt know when their flight is going to take off..
Kathy Young (25 days ago)
TheOneAndOnly Entitled person who doesn’t care when his flight takes off. Everybody is supposed to wait for him/her.
FUGLY (1 month ago)
4:54 how ironic ! Right hand side is Pandora!
OLBastholm (1 month ago)
16:44 This guy just smiles as he throws someone's bag like it's a bag of trash. Idiot.
Brett Dawson (1 month ago)
Lots of negroes and Indians at Heathrow...
Seriousgamer 135 (1 month ago)
I died when that dude said you will lose business at the security!!
George_ W_O (1 month ago)
33:42 pun intended?
Daniel Laubhan (1 month ago)
4:24 these guys are way too nice in America the flight leaves with or without you
Kathy Young (25 days ago)
Daniel Laubhan It should leave without the inconsiderate bastards.
Jonas Toftdal Konarski (1 month ago)
8:30 awwww
Bryan A.Cal (1 month ago)
wow! what an idea put on your week/month worth of clothes then theirs no reason for luggage
Jacob Hu (1 month ago)
Where’s season 2
the walrus U.S (1 month ago)
i wonder why in Britain they talk like that, are they trying to annoy us?
Stingy aviation (1 month ago)
17:51 Is that US Airways???
Lewis Johnson (1 month ago)
That guy with all of the wires should’ve been kicked out. He is a little bitch cunt prick ape for being unable to cope with airport security.
Lewis Johnson (1 month ago)
They try really hard to get you on your flight. I’d let you be late and tell you to fuck off, and if you didn’t like it, I’d fuck you off.
Peizxcv (1 month ago)
1. Delhi - Deli or Dali? 2. 9:00 - boarding pirate ship? 3. 12:31 - Ryan Gosling undercovering for a new movie
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B (1 month ago)
I love Heathrow. If I could live and work there. I would. Food, accoms, recreation and great shopping fills the place. And I would never be late for a flight living in one of their hotels.
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B (1 month ago)
I am so surprised that they hunt down passengers. In the US, if you aren't there, you simply miss your flight and fly again at your own expense. You aren't likely to get a refund for horsing around the airport. If you are running late and at the ticket stand, they may allow security to escort you if boarding is still ongoing, but once that door is closed, you'd have to be the president to get it opened again.
j en (1 month ago)
these assholes just throw bags around. fucking wankers!! not much work ethic on display here. no surprise
LordKalte (1 month ago)
No wonder it's so busy, they only got 2 runways!
Marcia M (1 month ago)
So I wonder what ever happened to the missing passenger?? There should be a max distance away from check-in that you can go or you will be taken off the flight & your luggage unloaded. My guess is he/she was in a bar. If they'd been late leaving, that passenger should have to pay the fines.
star bust (1 month ago)
32:23 that laughter have a 99.99% chance to trun into a meme
Brad (1 month ago)
23:38 look she is so happy that her bag was found, you can see her tail wagging as she walks away
Benjamin Lyall (1 month ago)
As an American all I can think of is the show "come fly with me"
Crazy Clown (1 month ago)
*Whinging boozing troublemaking poms*
SternLX (1 month ago)
Haaa!! Airports in the States: "Not at the Gate at the end of boarding call? Tough shit, find another ride."
North Simulation (1 month ago)
2:18 Airport Worker: do you have your passports with you? Person: No i came to the airport without them Is that what they expect asking that question?
Andryan (4 days ago)
You cant say there is no stupid people in the world
Giorgio Cortellessa (1 month ago)
31:14 ITALY :)
Joshua H. (1 month ago)
Lel this airport looks slow compared to the memory of an American who lived in Dallas and Denver
Unicorn Magic (1 month ago)
This is awesome I never knew this stuff actually happened I’m amazed great work guys
Stonks Man (1 month ago)
28:58 poor choice of words
David Scott (1 month ago)
Wait, a tug is called to push the plane from the stand to the runway? First of all, it's a ramp, and second of all, you don't push a plane to the runway, you push it to the taxiway.
Kittiwakki (1 month ago)
Lmao "the middle eastern travelers tend to have quite...big suitcase" Full of toblerones no doubt