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My Awkward Interview With Kimi Räikkönen

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Alex was given 20 glorious minutes with Kimi Raikkonen. What resulted was laughter, hugs and a whole load of awkward moments! Subscribe to Car Throttle: http://bit.ly/CTSubscribe VISIT OUR SHOP: https://shop.carthrottle.com/ Shell Eco-marathon: http://www.shell.com/energy-and-innovation/shell-ecomarathon.html Follow Alex: http://www.instagram.com/autoalex ----- Follow Car Throttle ----- Subscribe to Car Throttle: http://bit.ly/CTSubscribe On our website: http://www.carthrottle.com On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/carthrottle On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/carthrottle ----- Credits ----- "Carmina Burana di Carl Orff - Conservatorio "T. Schipa" e il coro ARCoPu" by Max Pellicani https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkdaxRcaVnM
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Text Comments (1862)
Lisa - Tijms (1 day ago)
" you're anything but normal kimi" Yeah. So aren't my friends. You go kimi.
hippo4g93 (6 days ago)
How the hell does one acquire those jackets besides driving for an F-1 team 😬 ?
lekvaroskilincs (1 month ago)
Joona Virtanen (1 month ago)
Suomi perkele!
Longdays609 (1 month ago)
enjoy your shit
Elias (1 month ago)
11:10 ”Enjoy it.” How finnish can it possibly get?
Genifer Teal (1 month ago)
I thought this was hilarious! Quite a normal interview. Most talking I've heard from Kimi in a while. Great job
Drew Kosonen (1 month ago)
Massive props to you Alex. I can only imagine how terrifying it would be preparing for that interview... I would be so worried about pissing him off, I can see why you had to shit immediately after.
Teddy Fitzpatrick (1 month ago)
Funniest thing I've ever watched
Gaming with Adonis (1 month ago)
Atski E (1 month ago)
Torilla tavataan tai sitten siis surkee of Finland Finland oy ja on vähän niin kuin esjonne ja kaikki sivut sivuun on vähän kuin pizza on ollut jo pitkään aikaan ja kaikki sivut sivuun 8 joten yks tyyppi joka me ollaan nyt tulossa Kouvolasta ja kaikki sivut sivuun on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin gradu ja kaikki sivut sivuun on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin pizza online tai toisin sanoen kyseessä on vähän kuin pizza on vähän kuin
Vizdd (1 month ago)
Igor Bagayev (1 month ago)
Fucking finally
African Drone Rookie (1 month ago)
"I was having a shit"
Amplitude (1 month ago)
11 mins of Kimi's laughter? what is this even real
Kumaressan Suppiah (1 month ago)
what car is this?
barrymccloskey (1 month ago)
Outstanding Alex!
Riku Väyrynen (1 month ago)
2:44 and 3:44 and 5:18 "Mwoah"
Arjun Bagchi (1 month ago)
Who is here after the win salute kimi
HondaMan Vtec (1 month ago)
Kimi nr 1
Kobi Marslen (1 month ago)
Hats off. This mans just hugged Ice Man.
Jeff Neff (2 months ago)
stpftw1 (2 months ago)
what f1 track on the calendar do you least enjoy? i dont think there is one ''sochi''
lol (2 months ago)
This was awkward
e (2 months ago)
Itz_Manos GR (2 months ago)
2 mwoahs 1 vid aye
vxctxria.x.onfroy (2 months ago)
He said mwyeah:D
TimelyWings (2 months ago)
8:07 laughed so much at the subtitle
Orange7825 (2 months ago)
"University of Bullshit, Brexitville"
Kevin Boucher (2 months ago)
Haha Sochi flicker
esponcio (2 months ago)
3:44 boahhh
Muzaffar Krylov (2 months ago)
*Kimi is so cool!*
Jan-Roger Kviteberg (2 months ago)
god i love Kimi! :D
Santa tralala (2 months ago)
Kimi Räikkönen the normal one :D
THE DIRTY PANIGALE (2 months ago)
And now his weekend car is an Alfa
Giuliano (3 months ago)
2:45—he BWOAHed!
Giuliano (3 months ago)
1:09—“M’b’yeah. Bwoah or less, I think”
LewisFilms (3 months ago)
Bwoahis pretty funny ngl
Brap Brap (3 months ago)
Kimis not normal friends hanging out: LEAVE US ALONE WE KNOW WHAT WERE DOING
Joe Margetts (3 months ago)
Kimi clearly warmed to you. One rarely sees Kimi making an effort to make eye contact with any interviewer. He was talking to you like a mate. Well done. Nice job.
Loki (3 months ago)
2:44 mwoah
Ruiger Hauer (3 months ago)
What Kimi didn't tell about not getting points on your license in Finland was that instead you get massive fines based on your annual salary. Though Kimi has no income in Finland so he would only get fined the minimum :)
LikeWildFire (3 months ago)
9:05 Alfa Romeo Giulia also exists, how do you know he did mean to say Giulietta?
Zoltan R (3 months ago)
Jake _ (3 months ago)
Sven Peeters (3 months ago)
You got more out of dear Kimi then his wife probably ... well done Alex
Lowry (3 months ago)
0:29 the face from "I just might not need to do the interview" to "god damnit why do I have to do this"
baro metar (3 months ago)
he doesn't even know what car is he driving. it can't get more iconic than this.
Hassan Abdullahi (3 months ago)
Kimi Raikkonen was in Stratford, London, taking part in the Shell Eco Marathon? (I was a 15 minute bus journey from Kimi Raikkonen from where I live)
Allen Playz (3 months ago)
Where is Bwoah
NeNe Animations (3 months ago)
Kimi looks like deadmau5.
Felix Ruys (3 months ago)
He was like: get me outta here!
grazer770 (3 months ago)
bullshit at brexitville?  i wish these fuckers would keep politics out of sport.bring it on!
Kimi Räikkönen (3 months ago)
Ralph111417 (3 months ago)
NORMAL?! God I love Kimi! ....And AWD did surprise me for some reason. Good work!
The Southern Patriot (3 months ago)
E Estrada (3 months ago)
Im assuming its akward because your constantly trying to suck his dick!!!!!!
Fl1ck (3 months ago)
2:44 Mwoah
Mr. Sparkly Pants (3 months ago)
nii i (3 months ago)
Roope Härmälä (3 months ago)
Surya Vikaas (3 months ago)
Kimi pretends that he has no brain
Joshua the pogi (3 months ago)
Kimi doesn’t like hypothetical situations 😂😂😂
~Astrokid~ (3 months ago)
Kimi Raikonen: no Bwoahs givin
Colin Hice (4 months ago)
Joshua Stockton (4 months ago)
Kimi is the Marshawn Lynch of F1
Samuel Sippola (4 months ago)
The title is 0% missleading, this is the MOST awkward interview i have EVER seen
Jaromo Gaming Channel (4 months ago)
Kimi is Finnish normal
Ishaan Mann (4 months ago)
Kimi likes magnum not Waitrose ice lolly
Ishaan Mann (4 months ago)
2:45 bwoah...
Rj Levychin (4 months ago)
Alex: "Are you fed and watered?" Kimi: yeaaaaa
David Johnson (4 months ago)
Interviewer is a legend, to this date, on camera I have never seen anyone joke around with Kimi! Kimi is actually smiling! Fook me!
Mike Hydropneumatic (4 months ago)
Actually like the Lada Niva. Kimi is Kimi. Respektos from a Verstappen fan.
TheNostr4 (4 months ago)
Kimi Räikkönen legend Face
Casey Kubota (4 months ago)
Great and funny ! Scientist of B-ll S--t @ University of Brexitville, Ice cream!, Having a sh-t! Did he invite you to snow mobile ?
paskameemi (4 months ago)
He is typically finnish MAN!
Paolo Marzari (4 months ago)
He's always stoned ahahahahahaha
Erol Germann (4 months ago)
Lol/ Our Ice man !!
Pedro Silva (4 months ago)
2:47 alex wanted to laugh at the meme
danron (4 months ago)
I never heard an interviewer as awkward as this. I hope he still got a job.
Prabhaker Nigam (4 months ago)
Is there a different kind with Kimi 😂
Allen Playz (5 months ago)
No bwoah = fake Kimi
Toni Martinovic (5 months ago)
Tyynymyy (5 months ago)
He's the bwoah overlord.
Sniperz Combozz (5 months ago)
Pojat torille nyt
theyearofthenine (5 months ago)
I guess, he's just too intelligent to handle normal things, means he gets easily bored by doesn't see any sense in things, which are special for the rest of us... see at 4:46 sorry to say that, but maybe the questions are awkward. you didn't really prepare for kimi's person, did you?
GamingWeeb (5 months ago)
Tobydavis (5 months ago)
im pretty sure theres an alfa romeo giulia
Nemesishk (5 months ago)
Letting dogs race in autonomous cars is just the best thing I've heard all year OMG!!!
AztecaYT (5 months ago)
Drier than ice
Eric (5 months ago)
Got Kimi to talk, not a small feat...
smellit (5 months ago)
love this
Stacey McGrath (6 months ago)
I couldn’t have found a more detached interview then this including the host lol
Christ chris (6 months ago)
Was that... was that... a smile? From Kimi Raikkonen? The world is gonna end soon
Max Saaristo (6 months ago)
Suami perkele
TGPD (6 months ago)
The University of Bullshit in Brexitville😂😂😂
Jason Kuy (6 months ago)
Never seen kimi spoke so much before
saul gil varona (6 months ago)
Daz Burnside (6 months ago)
Your going to invite me? Yeah. “I don’t believe you” 😂
nyky nuori (6 months ago)
my name is also kimi
Krkf Ldlld (6 months ago)
You cringe af