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The Most Valuable Airspace in the World

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Text Comments (3516)
Michael Turner (1 hour ago)
There's at least three Chinese airlines that have overfly rights. Air China, China Eastern, and Hainan Airlines. But the cheapest flights I've often found between China and UK, are Aeroflot, via Moscow of course.
ellie,muffasa and others (23 hours ago)
Open challenge to this guy to make video on USA charging money to country trying to cross Pacific
Vöfflur (1 day ago)
You forget the middle east and central asia which border europe and east asia
chao wei (1 day ago)
Peace and cooperation between nations bring everyone to win!
Erik Hed (1 day ago)
Lol Helzinki
Ferry Hidayat (2 days ago)
Selfi kapan lg com berita selebritis
Николай Тучков (2 days ago)
Very interesting video, thanks! I've never thought about it flying over Siberia :)
Jagjit Bhatty (3 days ago)
Youtube has increased the mandatory 5 second adverts to 6 seconds. The app is becoming more and more useless. Nice video BTW.
One (3 days ago)
$100 per ticket ? Wtf !
古川佳龍 (4 days ago)
East Asia is Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia.
Planes, Trains, Everything. (4 days ago)
Thanks for this video. After almost 40 years of working in the travel industry, and dealing with airlines on a daily basis, it's such a fascinating industry, you can't help but learn something new every day. Thanks again.
Adithya Ramachandran (4 days ago)
Is there enough consistent demand for a Reykjavik to Delhi flight ? I think this route will be a failure outside of tourism season.
E1craZ4life (8 hours ago)
Valeria Vagapova I think WOW Air gets much of its business from the fact that Iceland is between Europe and North America.
Valeria Vagapova (9 hours ago)
Surprisingly, it actually seems like Wow Air has started doing these flights and they actually fly over Russia! I don't get it either (Iceland has such a small population and I doubt many Indians just casually go to Iceland lol?), but I guess there is indeed some demand there if they went to such lengths to launch it. The only thing that comes to mind is that it might be used for flights from India to North America with layover in Iceland.
Ryan Linden (5 days ago)
Um, FYI. Ankorage is I believe the largest shipping hug for FedEx.
E1craZ4life (8 hours ago)
Anchorage is the fourth busiest airport in the world in terms of cargo flights; but you’d be hard pressed to find a steady stream of passenger flights in or out of Anchorage.
Joshua Han (5 days ago)
You actually could not fly over China or Mongolia too
Ted Esparza (6 days ago)
I like Russia is essentially just a nation-sized troll.
E1craZ4life (6 days ago)
I checked the tracking data for WOW Air Flight 322 from Reykjavik to New Delhi on FlightAware, and... The route did in fact go over Siberia.
Valeria Vagapova (9 hours ago)
+E1craZ4life Oh true, I missed that it only launched this month
E1craZ4life (9 hours ago)
Valeria Vagapova The video was uploaded before WOW Air started flying the route.
Valeria Vagapova (9 hours ago)
Not Siberia but just Russia (It goes over the European part), but you're actually right... Weird, I wonder if they got it recently or this video is just poorly researched.
Robert Nelson (6 days ago)
Why is Norwegian Airlines painted like a penis?
magmacube gaming (6 days ago)
Meanwhile in russia plane controls you
Jakob Lust (7 days ago)
Three time a week from London to Tokyo? Wow, the past... BTW I now get why it's so much cheaper to fly to asia with the big arabian airlines
Atte Pirttiaho (7 days ago)
did you just say helzinki?
Frodaxx (7 days ago)
*Alaska has sent Russia a friend request*
Zorc (7 days ago)
What if someone decide to ignore Russia and fly anyway. How do Russia enforce them?
Valeria Vagapova (10 hours ago)
From what I understand, in order to fly safely you need the services that Air traffic control of the country you're flying over provides, so I imagine no commercial airline would be foolish enough to do something like that. But if someone did I imagine Russian government would raise an issue and it would cause political tensions, and in turn the airline would be stopped by the country they belong to, since no politician is (hopefully) idiotic enough to break international laws just to save a bit of money on a few commercial flights.
Vero A (2 days ago)
+Zorc war over 100 passengers? They already done this in the past and nothing happened because Russia has nuclear bombs. So yeah they can use force.
Zorc (7 days ago)
exactly, they can't without using force and Russia don't want war +Command_Unit
Command_Unit (7 days ago)
Force them to land and arrest the crew or shoot them down!
Akis H (8 days ago)
$100 profit per ticket is RIDICULOUS! Absolute stupidity, this world is about money money money! 😣
jointscript (8 days ago)
Russia: because fk u thats why ? Hahah
Chris James (9 days ago)
Russia is a shit hole and worse than a third world toilet
Chris James (6 days ago)
Yes its amazingly disgusting!
Command_Unit (7 days ago)
Russia is an amazing country!
mucbko (10 days ago)
Go educate yourself: Crimea is still a part of Ukraine. No one but Russia recognized it as a part of Russia officially.
Aputsiaq Petersen (12 days ago)
You Said Kangerlussuaq wrong
MaxLikesStuff (12 days ago)
idea: budget airlines reuse anchorage to cross to the east. why hasn't anyone come up with this?
Command_Unit (7 days ago)
too expansive...
William Fahler (12 days ago)
9:08 it’s December 2018 now
Valeria Vagapova (9 hours ago)
Wow Air started these flights and they do actually fly over Russia!
Rafael Khalitov (12 days ago)
Fucking russians. The world should build a biggest and longest fence in Russia border.
Command_Unit (7 days ago)
eh...what will that solve?
safer doolie (13 days ago)
it still takes forever to fly to japan from the US it took me 12+ hours from Baltimore-Chicago then to Osaka. i ended up in Okinawa which added on another 5 hours.
safer doolie (13 days ago)
it was years ago on a 747 though.
meirfatty (13 days ago)
Fucking russians
Daniel Vlog (13 days ago)
Just tell Russia to ban eu airlines from their airspace if Article 13 is passed and meme is banned.
Hookers n' Cocaine (14 days ago)
So the russians could do this to their airspace but many countries cry when Canada sees the NW passage as canadian waters. They need to charge countries using it to build infrastructure and keep people safe.
Command_Unit (7 days ago)
Russia is resistent to pressure and has no Allies to please xD
The Noble American (14 days ago)
Europe is not a "country". Sorry bro. EU is a union but the countries are not "states".
Boo Boyce (15 days ago)
That segway was FIIIIIIIRRREEEE my dude
Zane Tweelinckx (17 days ago)
Of course Russia doesn’t want competition between companies they are filthy commies after all
Egor Kuznetsov (18 days ago)
Just another cherry picking for the next portion of BS.
Achintya Gupta (18 days ago)
Where are flat earthers!??
Tech Maniac (18 days ago)
Hail Russia
Nehmo Sergheyev (18 days ago)
Where does Wendover get his $100 per passenger per flyover he says Russia charges? He claims such figures are secret and he vaguely doesn't state a source. We also may note the way he presents the charge, as a round-number fee per passenger.
jo son (18 days ago)
Now everybody KNEW why Trans Arctic Airfare are expensive , Starve Russia go back to connection flights system.
NiagaraWarrior (20 days ago)
i learned a lot of this stuff from playing 'Aerobiz Supersonic' on the SNES.
Yurii Cherkasov (21 days ago)
Russia is asshole
Command_Unit (7 days ago)
capitalism is a bitch xD
Gordon Ferrar (21 days ago)
Build the hyperloop from Lisbon to Shanghai via Turkey and see how quick Russia becomes a backwater.
Bjarne Bergen (22 days ago)
0:26 yeah Europa is a nice country -_-
Tiancheng Jia (22 days ago)
For God's sake, Taiwan is a part of China!
Nyongesa Kayode (23 days ago)
3:56 torillw
Harry Podtwin (25 days ago)
Hank Chu said : "Taiwan is part of China, reconsider about the map next time"...    Sorry, But, but China is an' WAS always considered part of Taiwan; You people should reconsider that "map" of mao...  And Stop reading that mao's little red commie book, and learn REAL history for a change...
Harry Podtwin (25 days ago)
Taiwan IS China ... (btw, Do Chinese speak Chinese?) ... Xi and CPC is not "China" (And no, I am not "Chinese"...  Although, it may be a plausible idea.. Just for fun...).   Taiwan is the ORIGINAL people of so-called "commie-mao-china", whose people were invaded butchered and enslaved.  Xi and this mao-commie  CPC nonsense, is only a ticking time-bomb of global Islamic terror against Jerusalem, waiting to happen...  China is a parasite which feeds off USA and Russia, sells it's people's body-organs for bribery to rip-off USA and Russian goods and service - It does not deserve to exist as an entity... China should first recognize all the Cantonese Chinese who were butchered at Tiananmen square, the invasion and enslavery of Hong-Kong,  Macau, etc, the current invasion and enslavery of Buddhist Tibet, Muslim Uygur, etc, Its arrogance toward the enslavery of Africa Kenya, Philippines, Vietnam, Srilanka, etc....  China just got US special-hood, because they claimed they were "white-skin" to the idiot Brattish (who by the way, wreaked US of A via the Boston tea party and Civil War), and claimed a false-cr_p UNSC seat, which they never ever deserved.... (We may have to talk to British who first got that seat…. And maybe insisted upon tea in Boston_)   Once we get together with Israel and Russia, china's CPC terrorist days will be numbered...
Ekl Haft (26 days ago)
At 5:31 the only word that comes to mind is "kurva".
Zak As (26 days ago)
Russia go to hell! Ups. You already are in the middle ages.
Matthew Ravenscroft (26 days ago)
play a drinking game for every time he says Russia and overflight rights
Betty Simangunsong (27 days ago)
Mobile Oppression Palace (27 days ago)
Would a low-cost carrier offering cheap trans-pacific flights involving a stop-over in Alaska be viable?
E1craZ4life (8 hours ago)
Mobile Oppression Palace They would need to have a banked hub in Alaska, and depending on how long the flights are, it could spell long periods of sitting around in Europe and/or Asia to properly time arrivals for banks. (Wendover has a video about how airlines schedule flights.)
Parth Doshi (27 days ago)
imagine the scenario had russia didn't sell alaska to the states!
E1craZ4life (8 hours ago)
Parth Doshi Alaska was acquired by the US shortly after the Civil War, in 1867. The Russian Revolution hadn’t even been thought up at the time.
Louis (28 days ago)
I got i ad from SAS lol
Alvaro Corleone (28 days ago)
Marcos Lucio Silva (29 days ago)
use description plese (I use google translation) I dont speak English
Marcos Lucio Silva (29 days ago)
infelizmente eu não entendo nada... Hibernate MC
Z Brendil (29 days ago)
fucking greedy russian authorities
kasperi luoto (29 days ago)
7:30 you for get Finnair
Darragh Tate (29 days ago)
It's amazing how good the former Soviet Union have gotten at exploiting capitalism.
ComatoseChimera (1 day ago)
the soviet union disliked capitalism in part because of how greedy it seemed, in their minds they were taking the moral high road by avoiding the greed, this all changed when they fell. the soviets and by extension, the Russians have never failed to understand capitalism they just thought that it was a bad idea.
Fine (2 days ago)
Darragh Tate It was all inside their hearts
Karman Bassi (29 days ago)
If russia closed it's airspace it would crash its economy
Command_Unit (7 days ago)
Its below 1% of its gdp so no...
cumulus humilis (29 days ago)
so i paid 100 bucks to russia every time i flew without knowing it?
cumulus humilis (27 days ago)
+Яков Финкельштейн welcome. enjoy your shashlik
Яков Финкельштейн (27 days ago)
Thank you very much my friend
Robin Xiang (1 month ago)
This comment is made possible with Brilliant
Infinity flight Channel (1 month ago)
00:40 old wtc at the right side
Momin Razzaque (1 month ago)
That's not true lol, Anchorage sees 3-12 international flights a day, and way more domestic flights.
E1craZ4life (8 hours ago)
Momin Razzaque How many of those flights handle passengers, and how many handle cargo?
Jarno Törö (1 month ago)
You talk bullshit.
Dustin Fette (1 month ago)
Fuck Russia. Time for them to go away.
Hard Rocken blues (1 month ago)
So then were in agreement Russia sucks lol
Jason Steward (1 month ago)
I dont get it, why dont us other countries just say 'well if you wanna charge us from getting from A to B then why dont we charge you Russians from getting from A to B except you will have to pay EVERY country you fly over overflight fees' that would put their tails between their legs
Command_Unit (7 days ago)
Cause Russia has is a way larger airspace and doesnt connect Asia with Europe to of the largest economic engines on the planet! The Russian Air space is a major trade routh europe is not...
anubhav mitra (1 month ago)
Hey I live in Calcutta.
Ana Mai (1 month ago)
Hongbang dynasty (1 month ago)
East Asia consists of Mongolia and Tibet as well. Yes Tibet!!!!1
_morgi_ (1 month ago)
boo hoo russia is bad
Jong (1 month ago)
Wendover: Anchorage Airport only sees one flight every few days Cargo airlines: ACKCHYUALLY
E1craZ4life (8 hours ago)
Jong He meant passenger flights.
HIJINX RC (1 month ago)
Bad news everyone, I'm shutting down the airspace. That is unless I get some breast milk from a Cambodian.
Niall Martin (1 month ago)
Damn Russia’s a wide bitch
Sheng Han (1 month ago)
Crazy Russian bear.
Kiwi NZL (1 month ago)
That's why we need someone to design & build a space jet,that can by-pass all these flight rights altogether,sounds impossible?.,or would it co$t to much?.
Edward Holohan (1 month ago)
Take a bus.
Two Tone (1 month ago)
Sounds like Russia has a way of selling its new MC-21 jet to airlines. A lifetime discount and access to those flying in it.
Rogue Possum (1 month ago)
Of course I get Trump ad.
SEN1LE (1 month ago)
When it takes 2.3 billion people to outcompete the gdp of the USA lmao
CommonSense9eleven (1 month ago)
i hope that low cost will never get rights to fly over the Siberia
Valeria Vagapova (9 hours ago)
Why? And, well, some already did, like the Wow Air mentioned in the video.
Can we get 100,000 subscribers? (1 month ago)
Good good power!
John Victor (1 month ago)
I hate low budget airlines
Indranil Bhattacharya (1 month ago)
omg arijit's new song!!!!!!!!! https://youtu.be/rrXjjzp5XEs
D H (1 month ago)
But... but... flat!
E1craZ4life (8 hours ago)
D H The Flat Earth model is centered on the North Pole; nothing to worry about.
Katie Downin (1 month ago)
This is some solid journalism. Love your channel!
The Triple crown-_ (1 month ago)
You should do a video about klm
clinton griffen (1 month ago)
Russia is very clever, and should keep this system in place.
Swiss39 (1 month ago)
I hate Putin
Zachary Irwin (1 month ago)
You mean, once suffering Russia dropped communism, they began to flourish because of capitalism? Weird.
amanita333 (1 month ago)
In a real world a man walks where he wants
Beagle76 (1 month ago)
Great video, too man videos on civil aviation are from people who just reproduce stuff from airline sites and know little about the industry. The route that scares me is the great circle roue from Melbourne & Sydney on 787’s to Santiago in Chile. There is nothing and I mean nothing but ocean for 10 hours of those flights.Diversion are around 5 hours away.
Wally Kramer (1 month ago)
Is that somehow worse than other flights between Oz & Kiwiland to the U.S. west coast?
Morgan Michelle (1 month ago)
Watching this makes me feel smart than laughing at trisha paytas’ eating shows 😂
railwayfan1988 (1 month ago)
So the Russians gave one airline per country the exclusive monopoly to fly over their airspace, and therefore ask a lot of money for that?
vignesh raj (1 month ago)
U doing a...big job... ....in making me sleep