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The Most Valuable Airspace in the World

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Text Comments (3080)
Samuel Arana Tessari (11 hours ago)
So do these Russian scumbags get taxed when they enter other countries' air space?
Carl Wawrina (1 day ago)
I'm not going to scroll back through almost 3,000 comments, but I'll assume someone already pointed out that Europe and Asia are NOT countries.
Ali Raiymkulov (1 day ago)
But you see air Astana isn't only in Kazakhstan. It's a budget airline and it has access.
Solomon Pilot (2 days ago)
GardenGeek (2 days ago)
Congratulations Wendover ! You've really nailed this info-video format. It clips along at a brisk pace in clear, international English. No robo voice. No shouting. No anger and judgments. Just facts and statistics with good maps. You are setting a very good example. May we please have more.
Joseph Samson (2 days ago)
7:30 does Finland’s FinnAir a Scandinavian Airline not over have Russian airspace rights?
Ranger _BS (3 days ago)
>Europe >Country 🤔
slh950 (3 days ago)
I'm just gonna say it ... FUCK Russia!
MrCaptain (4 days ago)
what would even be the consequences of just flying over anyways? They're not going to shoot down a plane full of people; they can't prosecute you outside their own country....
Simon Peter Abraham (4 days ago)
"Useless frozen tundra" they said. Hah!
priestpilot (4 days ago)
I read the memoirs of Robert Milton, former CEO of Air Canada, and he said that Russia even threatened to close off the air space to Air Canada once. So in retaliation, Canada threatened to close off their air space to Aeroflot. Considering that Aeroflot needs Canadian air space a lot more than Air Canada needing Russian air space, they quickly backed down!
Night_Hunter2727 (4 days ago)
Reveal (4 days ago)
Wow! I get to sign up for free. It should be free anyway! Stupid!
Jonathan Day (5 days ago)
Bombed out after 0:09 seconds. Too much upselling
Joe Patroni (5 days ago)
Thank you Russia, for not letting that pond scum Norwegian "airline" to overfly your airspace!!They are bastardizing airtravel
Jailton Nascimento (5 days ago)
You said that Anchorage airport sees only one flight every few days. NOT true! The airport gets almost 100 passenger flights a day, moving 5 million passengers every year. Please, fix this big mistake.
Yetiballer (5 days ago)
SAS thats my boii
Meng Pant (5 days ago)
the more the video goes to the end the more I can hear a strong subliminal anti-Russia sentiment
Allan Cerf (5 days ago)
Wendover Productions i'm JUST starting but there's already a HUGELY misleading quotation of legitimate statistics. The reason so many stops were made in the 50's was because of fuel capacity NOT the inability to overfly Siberia. ...But...I'll watch the rest of the video, that point notwithstanding.
Feng yidao (7 days ago)
Taiwan is a part of China!!!!!!!!!
VinnY h (7 days ago)
With all that Russia annually GPD is not even half of California in 2017.
Parker Danny (7 days ago)
fucking russians
Pinkerton (7 days ago)
Why doesn't Norweigan just take the Anchorage route?
Mihai Voiculescu (7 days ago)
Russia was always a retarded country that shouldn't exist
Ganesh Kalakheti (8 days ago)
You should make a video, on why airlines join alliances
Abhishek Dev (8 days ago)
Kolkata and not Calcutta. This is how we have been calling that place long before any white twat tried to pronounce it.
toddles9 (8 days ago)
I always feel a little cheated by the ads at the end of these clips.
Alex De (9 days ago)
опять что-то замышляют против матушки России
Rostyslav Kosyura (9 days ago)
Excuse me, but Crimea is not part of Europe (Ukraine)?
Gerhard Symons (9 days ago)
Yet another reason why Russia is a blight on humanity.
Pentu Prager (10 days ago)
Russia must sanction those that sanction them. Russia must stop playing nice.
InklingEspeon (8 days ago)
This is why everyone hates Russia
Andrey Smirnov (10 days ago)
Did mention at all that you can fly to Moscow for a layover, and then fly directly to China or Tokyo, especially that Aeroflot is cheaper, Moscow's International airport is really well-planned for International flights, and the flight itself is shorter
Austin (11 days ago)
I wonder if the USSR knew that by banning flights in its' airspace they were causing a city in their enemy country in a territory that used to be theirs to boom economically…
leon Huang (11 days ago)
no point for Russia to give the airspace to European countries for free when they launch sanctions on a regular basis.
Єгор Гуськов (12 days ago)
Crimea is occupied by Russian Federation. It should not be depicted on maps as part of the territory of this country. Crimea is part of Ukraine.
Martí Alías (13 days ago)
My mother is a former Iberia cabin crew and she was destined to live in Anchorage for two years to cover the routes from Madrid to Tokyo via Alaska. Airlines were paying a lot of money for those going to live abroad! Thanks to that, my mum could afford to pay almost cash down for the house we're living in nowadays!
DudeInAlaska (13 days ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahAHAHAH! Oh my gosh. You're killing me with your complete inaccurate depiction of Anchorage International Airport. Anchorage has hundreds of commercial aircraft a day. They are also one of the top-5 busiest cargo hubs in the entire world. 747s literally take off every other minute non-stop all day.
Hepe (13 days ago)
How can that work when the world is flat, isnt it?
Johannes Hoha (12 days ago)
Hepe Are you serious or sarcastic?
Moss Pat (14 days ago)
Russia's game is on point!
Jenevieve Laploua (14 days ago)
fuck you from Russia😁
Marge onthat (14 days ago)
mushrooms !
Jamaly - Divider and Conqueror (15 days ago)
flying should be expensive, good. but it should be done by other means.
therightstuffAK (15 days ago)
At PANC we made up for the loss of passenger flights in the late 80's by catering more to cargo flights, now making Anchorage the 2nd busiest airport (for cargo) in the U.S. Everyday I see China, Korean Air, Polar cargo, UPS, FedEx, and so many others plus passenger planes (Alaska, JetBlue, Delta) landing and departing 24/7.
Vojtěch P. (15 days ago)
Seems to me Russia is being quite an asshole...
Vlad Fedotov (16 days ago)
I put dislike, because the Krimia part of Ukraine, not part of Russia.
Sam Belton (16 days ago)
Russia recently granted overflight rights to a budget airline! :D Beijing Capital Airlines (subsidiary of Hainan) overflies Siberia on its way from London to Qingdao. Hopefully one day they'll start granting rights to non-subsidiary budget airlines like Norwegian Air Shuttle, but it's a start at least.
MarcellusTheGreen (17 days ago)
I was planning a trip from Virginia (near Washington DC) to Tokyo in the 1970s, and it required going all the way across North America to California, and then to Japan.
Grammar Nazi (17 days ago)
I like Russia. Every now and then, they don't give a FUCK. I like that. Fuck EUSSR. Fuck the United Nations. Long live Nationalism. Long live the right to national self-determination. FUCK MEXICO, FUCK SAUDI ARABIA and FUCK PAKISTAN, the three cancer tumours of our planet. PLEASE, let's nuke these three ASSHOLES.
toy2day1 (17 days ago)
What about China airlines, Air China, JAL, ANA, Asiana and Korean Air who all fly over Siberia?
RealDeal441 (17 days ago)
these freaking Russians! If they haven't signed upto the International Aviation Treaty, then the other countries should simply boycott Russia's crappy Aeroflot airlines and then we'll see who is crying and cornered. Russians need to travel more desperately over other countries' airspace after the COLLAPSE of the Soviet Union. So why is the world taking this shit from Russia? Put em back in their place!
Marxism Sucks (17 days ago)
1) All countries charge overflight fees. It just so happens Russia charges the most because it has the most valuable airspace in the world. 2) Russia is allowed to charge what it does by not signing the ICAO agreement, which states that all signatories may charge only a reasonable fee that covers overflight expenses (for example, ATC and navigation costs). Russia not being a signatory simply means it can charge a fee above and beyond what is reasonable to operate its aviation infrastructure for foreign-flagged airlines.
Laa Loo (18 days ago)
WOW ! didn't know this ..incredible
George Jorgenson (19 days ago)
Great video
Ed Childs (19 days ago)
Antartic flights? Are there flights from Argentina to Australia? Perth to BA, for example?
Nathan Lodge (19 days ago)
2:33 you mean they fly over the edge of the earth???
Alexander Bond (19 days ago)
Russia are the beggars of the world. Flying over Russia as quickly as possible, on the way to anywhere else, is the only thing their worthless cunt-ry is good for, so I suppose we should throw them some pennies for it.
Troll Face (20 days ago)
Bend Over productions.
LegateMalpais (20 days ago)
Those damn pesky Russians, not giving the rights of their own airspace to whoever wants it, and benefit by owning their land and airspace and controlling it to their advantage first and foremost. Totally unheard of in the rest of the world! Right.
Atgeir Nyttingnes (21 days ago)
Fucking sanctions against Russia. I want Norwegian to fly over Russia directly from Oslo to Manila. They have routes to Bankok and Singapore, but they are expensive because they have to go so far south! Maybe it would help buy some Sukhoi Superjet 100/130 ore Irkut MC-21for use on regional airports in Norway, those aiport's avtually need something new similar to the Embraer E-Jet E2 family that one Norwegian company was the first to set in traffic!
Rich Black (21 days ago)
You know Europe and East Asia arent countries? No more than africa is a country. (27 Seconds)
Meme ḍǿƗJPG (21 days ago)
how dost thou knowest all this
misterfjf (21 days ago)
Russia sucks
Eric Marshall (22 days ago)
There's way more then a flight every few days
Eric Marshall (22 days ago)
Cool I live in anchorage
Ruen (22 days ago)
fuck russia
jutubaeh (22 days ago)
isnt that näzcä ^ ^
Ricardo Bragança (23 days ago)
The world is round! Go figure...
Rexford L (23 days ago)
Just as long as you don't fly a 777 over it, them sumbitches will shoot you down..
Massimo Todaro (23 days ago)
so ... WHY? W H Y ? Russia has this policy of giving flying rights to only one national operator? Why wouldn't they give it as well to Norwegian Air and make more money? Why they say no?
bordorau (23 days ago)
Gregory Zdaniuk (23 days ago)
Very good video about Russian airspace.
muhammad nasri muhammad rosdi (24 days ago)
well explained 👏
Icep Cakep (25 days ago)
SAS obsessed with penis
Gabriel Cunha (25 days ago)
Russians, the perfect mixture of intelligence and assholeness
I Am Not Okayonetta (25 days ago)
The concept of Russia is dumb
Kalashnikov Cortez (26 days ago)
fuck Trump
glambor1 (26 days ago)
You totally missed Finnair monopoly over Siberia….
txny (26 days ago)
Poor anchorage
Ellsworth M. Toohey (26 days ago)
I flew the route through Anchorage during the USSR time ! And the Concorde ! This was the time when flying was still confortable and NO widespread muslim terrorism with all the delays, check in time, search etc... DIVERSITY IS KILLING THE WEST !
MyLastUsername WasBad (26 days ago)
He called Europe a country?
kewell65 (27 days ago)
How about traveling to India or Bangladesh, do you need to fly over Russia ?
Ga Me (27 days ago)
Wow. I didn't even know Russia charged for airspace. What a joke. Screw Russia. The world should sanction them for the price it charges. The sad part is that, it's not like the Russian people benefit from these fees. It all goes to the dictator Putin and his massively corrupt regime & personal butt-buddies.
J o n a t h a n (27 days ago)
in Soviet Russia the sky owns you.
J o n a t h a n (27 days ago)
i wouldn't want to go to asia if you paid me Russia can have their airspace.
Z!NDa (28 days ago)
Ciaran O Raghallaigh (28 days ago)
This doesn't mention Finnair's overflight rights? I flew Tokyo to Helsinki with them twice, so it must be that they have rights as well as SAS?
heskeyboy (28 days ago)
How will Russia respond to the Norwegian government selling it’s share in SAS? What kind of excuse will they use? Or will they finally give in
Dean Rogan (28 days ago)
Ireland is the whole country
Warren Lehmkuhle (29 days ago)
I would gladly take a few more hours if it means I would not put money into those ruskies banks.
jac0bB (29 days ago)
Fintan's Travel Videos (29 days ago)
but icelandair is a flag carrier airline
Alexandr Nita (29 days ago)
fucking russians
Joe Garcia (29 days ago)
Where are flatearthers??? With their wired conspiracies
7741 Last (29 days ago)
Anchorage isn't that small it makes up most of our state's population with like 700,000 people.
MEUProductions (30 days ago)
How to beat this system: 1. Live in the Americas. 2. Fly over the Pacific to get to Asia. 3. Fly over the Atlantic to get to Europe. Problem solved.
Dan Trance (30 days ago)
Y is russia so gay
Maxxie (30 days ago)
Russians are assholes
Skandar (30 days ago)
Russia is cancer
Microphonix Virtual Studio (30 days ago)
Just fly around Russia like you did before.
sudious mine (1 month ago)
This channel is way better than the cable documentary channels.