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The Most Valuable Airspace in the World

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Text Comments (3349)
MrOvertoad (1 day ago)
Russian occasionally shoots one down and blames their enemy's in the Ukraine.
jack wilson (1 day ago)
is this the same guy from half as interesting?
Ramit Arora (2 days ago)
Very informative i really liked your channel and subscribed as well and vocal voice is understandable and it adjusts with any accept . Looking for more video and knowledge. Cheers guys Regards From Newzealand/India
Heroic Comments (3 days ago)
I can fix that problem. The owners of the airlines should contact me to receive permission to fly over the Russia.
Zhishen Zhang (6 days ago)
It's not just political leverage, but also for economic reasons: 1. they have a better bargaining power in granting the air space 2. Aeroflot has established themselves as a leader in the low-end and middle-end sectors of the Far East-Europe aviation market, providing the best routing (an edge over those Middle Eastern & Gulf Airlines, so they do not to spent tons of money to compete with these Airlines in terms of passenger experience) as well as relatively competing prices to attract price-sensitive customers. Consider if all the Scandinavian LCCs suddenly got the rights to fly over Russia and offer flights to Far East at a price that Aeroflot could not match...
Axel S (7 days ago)
Haha Europe and most developed.
Intellectual Ketchup (7 days ago)
Flight paths prove the globe is a lie and our continents are part of a plane.
Elshan A (8 days ago)
Every single country you named with one airline allowance to fly over Siberia, have only one airline capable of doing that long flights anyway.
Batman (8 days ago)
From now every plane that flys over my house l am going to charge him .
Fiesty Ok (9 days ago)
This is random but....did anyone else see a baby dragon at 1:05 😬😬
batner (9 days ago)
This argument sounds the same all the time "Russia has resource X and will not share it with the world!". You know what the next part of the argument? It is always "Lets conquer Russia or destabilize it enough to take resource X because it is our by right!".
batner (7 days ago)
InklingEspeon Airspace falls within the same category as territorial waters. I meant to say it is a resource becase others want it and obviously ready to pay for it or take it by force if possible. So if all other countries agree that Russia should share its airspace, why can't they agree about Russian oil, gas and land? Every invader of Russia always said that it is unfair that the eastern savages have so much and civilized people have to live in their small countries.
InklingEspeon (7 days ago)
+batner Well I think that airspace doesn't fall into the same category of resource because every country has it, especially when nearly every other country with large airspace has pledged it. It'd just be a show of good relations, and I don't think destabilizing the government is a step any country would be willing to take. I can see why the Russian government does it but I think claiming other nations will destabilize it is an unfair claim
batner (7 days ago)
+InklingEspeon Why would you think that?
InklingEspeon (7 days ago)
The difference is that airspace is not a resource
A10PANG (9 days ago)
Swissair avoids flying over Russia because of outrageous fees.
Napaumdes Noname (10 days ago)
Actually, this video was made possible by USSR
matt18m18 (10 days ago)
It is better to fly from North America to South America!
art55333 (10 days ago)
fucking russia
Mark Sanchez (10 days ago)
Looks like flying through flat earth 🌏🤫
Mark Sanchez (10 days ago)
It’s like paying toll roads
Jurassic Aviator (10 days ago)
Russia is behind the times when it comes to the viability of LCCs because they think they are dangerous and they are way too greedy
elijah aywago (10 days ago)
Fırat Turk (10 days ago)
The amount of bias against Russia is verging on shamelessness really. If it was not for the international agreements made on the matter of the Bosphorus and Dardannel straits, we would charge the crap out of passing cargo ships, you can be sure of that! So does any sovereign country that owns any strategic asset and can enforce its authority on the use of said asset. When it comes to the west, it's "I get to make the rules because I'm strong and you will obey me"; when it comes to the east "you are not respecting our important commitments (European Commission)". Yeah, well, they don't. Suck it up.
zu5hii (11 days ago)
Iberia is Siberia without the "s"
Tyler Mikos (11 days ago)
im confused AF. this is boring and makes no sense..didnt we win world war 2 so we can fly our planes where we want?
Tyler Mikos (11 days ago)
i have a solution, arm the boeings with missile launchers and anti ground to air missle deterrents. fuck russsiaaaa!!
Alexander Lin (11 days ago)
The two Koreas are a part of China! But Taiwan was mentioned so I’ll call it a win
Fine (12 days ago)
Anchorage really was the Anchorage between the East and West
The Ram (12 days ago)
when are airlines going to say something about them shooting down that Malaysian airplane.
Megakoresh (12 days ago)
Is disconcerting to see this propaganda piece without a single source is not buried in dislikes, but for once the comments restore some faith in humanity as it sees many people actually have brains not to take this trash at face value.
EmpireTV(Dragon) (12 days ago)
This is why Aeroflot is cheap I guess
Tyler Byrd (13 days ago)
When Russia suddenly becomes important.
Badger Lowe (12 days ago)
Then you realise they have had oil all along
Trevor Doyle (13 days ago)
Russia: Earth's Death Star
TheSnakeGaming (13 days ago)
I flew from Heathrow to Bangkok and the flight went over Siberia, in May 2004 but I cant remember the airline name.
David Buschhorn (13 days ago)
I worked for a machine shop who (before China became a thing) used to make neodymium magnets. There was one kind of plane and several overseas ships who couldn't carry shipments of magnets over a certain size. The crane would be lowering a container of our magnets into the hold and the magnetic compass would simply track the load right into the ship :-) The whole trip the compass would be of no use... off they came and we'd have to use a different ship who used GPS compasses instead of magnetic gimbaled ones. I can't remember what the plane was that couldn't take them but there was only one so UPS and FedEx knew how to get the magnets where they were going without problems after the first fiascoes.
Aurelious Maximus (13 days ago)
Call Russia anything you want but they surely know how to play the game when a big part of the west is against it Besides it is not like other side basically do equally ridiculous things with the fees they charge and it is not like if they would not do the same
NLterror6000 (13 days ago)
Europe is not a country. Same for the EU its not a country.
The Berb (13 days ago)
Europe isn't a country, even though we love to think so.
tom tran (13 days ago)
Woww! Never knew the Special Air Service had an airline.
austenluego (14 days ago)
John Rau (14 days ago)
there sure is a lot of subscribers to this you would think that all these interested people would be future airline pilots but you have to get through all the red tape and Bs of people who don't know nothing about flying to get the special Pilots were born to fly
Arwyn (14 days ago)
When has a non-government created monopoly been bad for the consumer?
YaakovKatz (14 days ago)
in soviet russia aircraft flies u
danonck (15 days ago)
Great vid!
Informed Optimist (16 days ago)
Typical Russian government. Shady operation. Embarrassment. This is what Trump is doing to the US gov't. Sad.
liguo bu (17 days ago)
Don’t blame Russia for doing the same thing as the anti-Russian block do all the time with total impunity. The US is practically dictating, either with a smile or a la Kruchtchev (Trump, Pompeo, Bolton) coram UNGA and UN SEC.COUNCIL if you please, who will fly what and where and on what conditions, while enjoying a permission from the Pentagon to breathe and acquiesce. Expect US green-lighted flights to have soon to be escorted by usa war planes. And trust in God all the way!
austinpowersfasjer (17 days ago)
Air France? that doesnt exist.
Wasp (17 days ago)
Just take Emirates and transit at Dubai
marcus cheung (18 days ago)
Air China will always be granted to fly through the airspace.
amanda shenay (18 days ago)
Can you imagine having to ditch in the arctic circle
MyUnoriginalUsername (18 days ago)
Cheeky bastards
Luonto dokumentteja kaiken ikäisille (18 days ago)
Turkey and Iran join this, and they could control everything
Ilona Kontova (19 days ago)
Remove Crimea territory from Russia's map. Crimea is Ukranian territory.
Dane Spencer (19 days ago)
"this cut" or "this cunt"? 2:17
Louis Sullivan (19 days ago)
Not true, Anchorage is a huge cargo hub.
Kyle Lester (20 days ago)
Russia charges Malaysia airlines a price of a missile
Cyka Nugget (21 days ago)
I love the fucking comments
Michael Boobyer (21 days ago)
But Russia shouldn’t be able to fly over other countries if they do this they haven’t got any agreement
Tarzan Montana (22 days ago)
they should just fucking kill russia how hard is that? they are the cancer of this planet
ForOne814 (21 days ago)
You fuck with Mr. Pu? Nukes are coming for you!
Danil Brat (23 days ago)
manmachine30 (23 days ago)
Snakes in the plane...
Anders N (24 days ago)
When you talked about why Anchorage was so important, make a video about the Atlantic flights to Shannon and why it was so important!
XX___GK___XX • (24 days ago)
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the American Government set up 9/11
Руслан Едемский (25 days ago)
Crimea is Ukraine
Gipsz Jakab (9 days ago)
Not really. Just hate Ukraine. XD Soon its gonna disappear.
Руслан Едемский (9 days ago)
+Gipsz Jakab You are a nationalist! Зрада
Gipsz Jakab (9 days ago)
What occupation? XDDDD Ukraine is not a country, it`s a horde. And the natives are slaves of Mother Russia.
Руслан Едемский (9 days ago)
+Gipsz Jakab are you support occupation? I'm calling police
Gipsz Jakab (9 days ago)
Fortunately not anymore. Deal with it.
World Hello (25 days ago)
Hey!!!!!Taiwan is not a country!!!
Carlos Quesada (26 days ago)
Very interesting, thank you
ibrahim ahmed (26 days ago)
Cynthia C (26 days ago)
so why can’t budget airlines operate out of anchorage?? Yeah, it’ll add another half day, but if you’re flying on a *budget* airline to somewhere at least a quarter of the globe away, i’m sure a good portion of people would be willing to take the extra time and layover over what would be like a half grand in additional costs per flight.
Tom Thumb (27 days ago)
Russians are assholes.
QuarioQuario54321 (27 days ago)
What if they fly illegally?
Power Play (26 days ago)
Anton B (27 days ago)
Очень хорошо.
Chicken Wizard89 (27 days ago)
That's why my tickets were $100+ Eh, not that much.
McGuire316 (28 days ago)
This is all very incorrect. None of this is possible because the earth is flat, morons.
snurk agurk (28 days ago)
1:15 the way he says bangkok is hilarious
Bob Greene (29 days ago)
Russia may wish to act as a tollgate, but airlines will find ways that make economic sense to circumnavigate it. Russia is still relatively unstable and a closed society, so the airlines are well aware their access could be denied capriciously, and at a moment's notice.
lon don (29 days ago)
Another reason not to poke russıa
Aidan English (1 month ago)
0:10 "composed of" or "comprising", never "comprised of" ;)
Liam Dupras (1 month ago)
Check ur sources because I live literally right next to Ted Stevens international and it sees way more than 1 every few days more like 1 ever few minutes not o mention the largest seaplane base in the world next to it
3oF / Tpelaaja (1 month ago)
SAS and Finnair has the same siberia rights
Stephen Jones (1 month ago)
Many people don't realise that Siberia is as big as the whole USA and Western Europe put together. That's BIG.
...123SFD (1 month ago)
There was an plane advertisement before this, and i legit thought it was the video.
wyqtor (1 month ago)
So basically the only really cheap way to get to Tokyo is for Elon to develop commercial BFRs that fly over Russia in outer space.
born levensregt (1 month ago)
Watching Flight Radar shows many cargo flights using Anchorage as a hub.
petrosros (1 month ago)
I do beg your pardon Mr CIA, but isn't your country the USA doing its best to destroy the Russia federation; and being quite open about its intention. The argressive use of corrupted American exceptionalism is what you should be looking at : and why your degraded people will ultimately fail, and what this means for you as a nation, like a wounded animal you will find yourself eating your own tail. After 60 years plus of this tyrany and more than 100 million dead you will find yourself with few friends, that includes the bunch of pedophiles that call themselves English. God help your people because nobody else will.
paperchasin23 (1 month ago)
Your plugs of brilliant reveal you to be a very fine pussy
paperchasin23 (1 month ago)
The world is flat you dumb son of a bitch
ju r (1 month ago)
Finnish FINNAIR is flying across Siberia every day, not only SAS. Taking into account where Finland is located, it is the fastest way to get to Asia. Thumbs up for Finland and use the Finnish route :)
Andrew Schoonover (1 month ago)
europe is my favorite country too
dontlookatender (1 month ago)
Anchorage was served by air France Shows air Iran logo
dragi georgievski (1 month ago)
soon will be
TheMexCoasterBuilder (1 month ago)
When there is a flight from Tel Aviv to Bangkok and vice versa, plane must fly all around the arabic penninsula because arab countries don't allow planes to go over its airsace if it is a flight from o to Israel. So it can be considered a restricted airspace.
foop (1 month ago)
0:29 countries?
Alucard Helsing (1 month ago)
Get a fast plane and fly over anyways.
Toivo wiikari (1 month ago)
so what you're saying is kys, right?
Abhi Abz (1 month ago)
Just noticed something. So when the anchorage route was not required, everybody, all the countries, just packed their bags and left? Nobody collectively did anything to cover up anchorage's losses or anything? Thats a bit dirty since everyone used it without paying too much (im guessing anchorage did not play the way the russians are doing. So they didnt charge too much). When the others got a better route, they just totally ignored it and no losses were taken account of (for anchorage or at least a goodwill gesture given to them. I wonder how much losses anchorage suffered suddenly and permanently. How many jobs were lost. How many families's fortunes changed overnight for the worse permanently. So if there is a lesson to be learned there, then Russia is acting out that lesson! If anyone has learned the lesson, then its Russia. No wonder they play hard. Good for them! When the hay is bright, make money then! No need to point fingers at Russia now alright! Every one of us didnt even bother to check what happened to anchorage who gave us a great service without much fuss! We just left it because we had better routes with better business deals! To make more money! right? So then, dont complain if Russia does that to all of us now! We deserve it!
Sneaky (13 days ago)
Abhi Abz I actually live just north of Anchorage and the economy is still prosperous the video is false In the fact that is says we get a few flights per week it is the 4th most popular airport for cargo
kosmosyche (1 month ago)
Commercial aviation is one of the scummiest businesses in the world. Remember PanAm? One day you are working in one of the biggest most prestigious airline in the world thinking your future is rock solid, next day the winds change and you and thousands of other people are on the street, no compensation, no retirement fund, no nothing.
Philly Phill (1 month ago)
SAS aren’t the only Scandinavian airline that flies over Siberia. Finnair also do on their route from HKG-HEL. I know this because I am a pilot who frequently flies over Siberia and I have heard the Finnair flight many times
Jintaro Kensei (1 month ago)
Eurasian Union gonna be awesome.
MHCE444 (1 month ago)
Europe robbed and stole all the worlds resources. Some countries only gained independence 20 years ago. Its pretty hard being white man's slave 20 rears ago to being a rich country now! Stupid.
Zhengang Guo (1 month ago)
China has more than three airline companies that could fly through Siberia
Hadwin Ying (1 month ago)
Russia is selfish
Ричард Мyлдер (1 month ago)
Fake footage. Look at the map 7:20 Crimea belongs to The Russian Federation not to the sinking nazi Bandera ship called Ukraine.
Gregory Llewellyn (1 month ago)
very eurocentric lol
Иван Кобылкин (1 month ago)
Hmm, well... what about Russian flight companies? Are they not worth talking considering subject 'flying OVER RUSSIA'? Maybe the point local authorities does not grant transit rights to everyone is that they want to promote their own Russian companies?? Heh?
Kartikeya Tiwari (1 month ago)
Your move, flat earthers.
Brendan Audi (1 month ago)
So what happens if an airline flies over that airspace and it's not allowed to, will it be shot down?