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Woman whispers for help in a chilling 911 call

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A woman pleaded for help to an Ohio police dispatcher while her alleged abductor slept just feet away. CNN's George Howell reports.
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Text Comments (5873)
Timexy Emerald (13 hours ago)
Shit that was fucking close though
Manpreet Kaur (19 hours ago)
Why the fuck this 911 caller fucking so loud when the victim speaking too slow
Theexdkid123 (22 hours ago)
I feel like it’s here husband and she just had to get rid of him cause she was like well ... yeah
Barry Bee Benson (1 day ago)
I wanna hug her ;-;
Deon Reeves (1 day ago)
They need to execute that animal by electric chair with no hesitation
Hasmatus (1 day ago)
On my... some people in this day and age. It’s terrible. Believe it or not, this is one of the thousand cases every week in the U.S. It’s sad how such monsters end people’s lives. Rest in Peace
Mdna fan (1 day ago)
This woman is courageous
WashYourHands (2 days ago)
He looks like brad pit
Glory Heer (2 days ago)
I hate calling 911 Cause they should help her Immediately Why asking to much questions damn They can ask her later 😏😏😏
Brad Quinn (2 days ago)
Holy shit man, this is like a Call of Duty campaign mode.
jake (2 days ago)
Daesha Williams (3 days ago)
“Is there anyway you can get out the building”?
hugo vilkkinen (3 days ago)
0:28 he said yellow but it said no?
Thecoolvits 16 (3 days ago)
Gmx Rogueツ (3 days ago)
Took The Police A While Yikes
steve garces (3 days ago)
She is brave, smart, and a miracle
Tyler 'Christian Villa' Paulson (3 days ago)
It makes me think that caller lady is pranking call. But it's not a prank.
Aron Cummings (3 days ago)
Master CB (3 days ago)
Smh all these questions would get me pissed like just get the fuck over here gooddamn😭😂
pixelz11 (3 days ago)
I heard her say the house was yellow.
Brittany Lewinsky (3 days ago)
I’m convinced that the 1.4k people who disliked this video are serial killer’s and rapists who don’t want to get found out we see you, bitch!!! And we are gonna find you
Kassala Bannet (4 days ago)
You going to sleep for good now
Official KEYZ (4 days ago)
R.i.p to dude they gone beat the living shit outta him in prison
VociferousTv (4 days ago)
Imagine what cruel and illegal activities are happening right now in old abandoned buildings, some people are fighting for their innocent lives!
fashiue (4 days ago)
oh my goodness, that woman is very brave, this is why you should always be careful children.
Dirt (4 days ago)
Woman: whispering "Help me" 911: *HUH?*
LuNa.A (4 days ago)
The amount of sick people in this world is scary .
Naomi Rivera (4 days ago)
Police need to have an iPhone for texting because of things like this.. they can’t be loud but the dispatcher is always so fucking loud ;-;
Saturn_rose :3 (4 days ago)
The cop cursed at him Good that as h⚽️le
Shredded Gaming (4 days ago)
1:15 i think they accidentally swapped the names of the dispatcher and woman lol
NanDanMan _ (3 days ago)
Gamer Rob (5 days ago)
Why do they even bother asking for address when they already know where ur at it's so dumb
Gacha Cream (5 days ago)
Wow the kidnapper is one heavy sleeper
Dillon Robson (5 days ago)
Honestly I would have tried to find something to kill the guy with and but she did good
Sally A (5 days ago)
Stupid police just start waking away ! What idiots
Tiffany Dawn (5 days ago)
He had plans for her.
Chana Chism (5 days ago)
This gave me chills.... period!
Macmillan (6 days ago)
Gotta love those cops BOOM BOOM,put your fucking hands up
Sadie _ (6 days ago)
The killers name is Shawn Grate, he was a serial killer who killed five woman: Stacey Stanley, Elizabeth Griffith, Candice Cunningham, Rebekah Leicy, and “Dana” who has yet to be identified.
Aulena (6 days ago)
Wth was the first clip
Gerardo Marmol (6 days ago)
I hate it when dispatchers ask so many questions , like just go to the situation
bundleofjoy (6 days ago)
Wow, oh my God. That is crazy ass shit - I'm surprised she even had the chance to call the police & was able to be saved because that guy would've murdered her. That's crazy
xX-aric00kie-xX (7 days ago)
Woman: “I’ve been abducted. He’s in the same room as me. Send help!” Dispatcher: “What?”
megamanhero134 (6 days ago)
Your retarded she's whispering she can't hear her clearly... Nvm you play gacha of course you have no brain cells
Jade KiKA (7 days ago)
Still chill
Diedrie Gibbs (7 days ago)
Oh my goodness tears are running down my face. I have to applaud this woman and her bravery. Oh my word. Serial killer? Serial rapist? When she said tell them to come back, my heart started racing. Good job
MATH Genius (3 days ago)
You can say it's similar to Rose saying 'come back' in Titanic movie.
Sanitized Octo (7 days ago)
Caller: ....I have been abducted... 911 dispatcher: WHAT WHAT DID YOU SAY? Edit: I know another person already commented this but I did not know until now honestly so I’m gonna credit them.
CQCumberZ (1 day ago)
+Bray Brah you are a crackhead
Peyton Walker (1 day ago)
Bray Brah they were talking ab how the woman was whispering and then the dispatcher was just kinda screaming
Bray Brah (1 day ago)
+CQCumberZ Read the persons message again dipshit.
Bray Brah (2 days ago)
Officers repeat questions to keep them on the line, or to make sure that they either understood them correctly so they know to bring an ambulance etc.
CQCumberZ (3 days ago)
The police officers phone sounds like 2013 xbox 360 persons mic.
Abhhh Cjcksk (7 days ago)
I live in this city and a dead body was found in my woods and we found out he had killed the dead person
iiLucky_vibes (7 days ago)
he should be sentenced to death...
Jorge (7 days ago)
The dispatcher is so fucking stupid
Dom Smith (8 days ago)
this is hilarious
MICKEY WALKEY (8 days ago)
Jasmine Quiñones (8 days ago)
DannyBoyPlayzm8 (8 days ago)
This dispatcher gives me so much aids bro
Bake Chronicles Fan (8 days ago)
Cast fight in the bathroom
G (9 days ago)
“Can you get out of the house”..... obviously fucking not
Dunno_My_Name ! (9 days ago)
Poor her and the other womans! 😢
BartsTrapHouse XBL (9 days ago)
Also for a kidnapper that nigga deaf af
BartsTrapHouse XBL (9 days ago)
Bro I swear these police departments be hiring high school drops outs.. “wHaT?!”
Shreya Parmar (9 days ago)
This is why we should be able to text the police.
Kathy duuudde (9 days ago)
That police operater is so fucking shit
Froggy Noddy (9 days ago)
caught in a spider's web. what a lucky escape.
Harry Yuan (9 days ago)
All the people saying the dispatcher was annoying... stop. I’d like to see you try without panicking or messing up. They can’t read minds you know.
Dave BB (9 days ago)
Lucky there were strong brave men to come save the helpless women.
Stella Thompson (9 days ago)
That time she was there must’ve felt like hours and hours . My heart breaks
T Boss (10 days ago)
Woman calls 911 Dispatcher: are u tied up? .......
Taehyung's Noona (10 days ago)
*The dispatcher tho..*
JaeWHATTT!?!?!??! (10 days ago)
Adel Ayad (9 days ago)
Honestly yeah
Lanie Smith (10 days ago)
The Video Blew Me After The 911 operator Asked the 3 Question ... tf she Needs HELP DUMMY!!
Jessie Guerrero (10 days ago)
Ok now I’m going to watch the news more often . Cause this is more interesting then a Channel War
Tacocat EDM (10 days ago)
It’s annoying how the lady is trying to be as quiet as ever then the dispatcher is earraping the dang phone
Josh Trader (11 days ago)
That dispatcher ain’t shit
Xuriyo Mahamud (11 days ago)
Kudryavka Noumi (10 days ago)
1:15 not the dispatcher. It's the caller who said that
nerri sangma (11 days ago)
Many are displeased with the dispatcher but i think she did good. She ask question which are necesary. She had to know the situation, how many abductors, if they have weapon like gun with them and whether she is free to move. And its not like she is speaking to her continuously. The dispatcher even told her to put the phone down when she heard he wake up. So good job to the dispatcher.
Cookie (11 days ago)
Thank God they saved her!
Ish (11 days ago)
Can the operator be anymore clueless?????🤦‍♂️
pinkcheataprint (11 days ago)
Oh my Gosh the dispatcher was horrible
Talkindurinthemovie (12 days ago)
David Martinez (12 days ago)
If you told him you have to go to the bathroom he would do something to you?, SHES ABDUCTED! A B D U C T E D !
Lily Morton (12 days ago)
*I wanna hug that girl...*
Citizens Arrest (12 days ago)
And this is why women hate and fear men.
FairyMóon (12 days ago)
(Ive been abducted) BY ALIENS!
KallMe Kiki (13 days ago)
👏😇 she was soo brave & saved her own life, thank God she got out of this nightmare when she did, 😣😔 she was going to be next.. what's wrong with him? He is Sick!
Frisko mob (13 days ago)
God is great 🙏 I feel happy for that women I kinda felt like crying when she was talking to the dispatcher Damm can't believe there sick guys like that smh
Star Love (13 days ago)
Why do they hire people like this operator (dumb ones) for a very important job that involve lives in danger.
Xerkies (13 days ago)
The dispatcher is retarded
badcatitude (13 days ago)
Just listening to the call makes my heart miss beats and my hands shake, I can’t even imagine being in a situation like that
Cheese&Bacon 009 (13 days ago)
Just send the police fuck .
Fatu Camara (14 days ago)
All that damn question yo !! Just send police out there you fucking cornball 😡
serendipity (15 days ago)
This dispatcher needs to be fired, this is ridiculous.
NanDanMan _ (15 days ago)
wtf fire the dispatcher
Roger Batts (15 days ago)
First I thought it was a prank
Rebekah Wolkiewicz (15 days ago)
Wow, she was so brave... I hope they were on the way the whole time they were talking.
big daddy 09 (15 days ago)
Poor girl
big daddy 09 (15 days ago)
He’s stupid bitch
Luka Spasic (16 days ago)
*Another women were killed and she freed herself and called police. What a miracle.*
YouTube Red (16 days ago)
What would have happened if she never called 911...
Tea spilled (16 days ago)
Thank god she got rescued, I just think they ask way too many questions .
Amy Richardson (16 days ago)
Anyone else realise at 1:15 it says the dispatcher woke him up and that the caller said set the phone down but I was the other way round?
Emily Cortese (16 days ago)
That dispatcher was way to fucking slow oh my god
Sksksks Sksksks (16 days ago)
I swear the dispatchers be sounding so careless and rude