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Now Who's The Scaredy Cat? | Alligator vs. Housecat

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This curious cat is braver than most people. When he saw an alligator, he didn't back down, and came out on top! Original link: http://bit.ly/1bSJ2fa SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubscribeJukinVideo SUBMIT your video: http://bit.ly/JukinSUBMIT LIKE us on FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on TWITTER http://twitter.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/JukinVideo TO LICENSE THIS CLIP, GO TO: http://bit.ly/18jgyKB
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (1787)
KeimaOtamegane (2 days ago)
Saint Grizzly (18 days ago)
i hate cats
Brown Trout (20 days ago)
get the alligator out of there is more like it...lol WOW thats one brave or CRAZY cat
Piggy Oink Oink (21 days ago)
That's not a cat, that's a midget puma ON DRUGS
Yo Hey (23 days ago)
Cat:look human,that's how to beat a crocodile
iEat Crayons (27 days ago)
Lmao he probably thought he was up against a Panther or something haha
opsmon (29 days ago)
fucking retarded inbreds video taping
Bullet Ant (29 days ago)
If it was the opposite...the likes would be dislikes . so I disliked
Chris Kouyoumjan (30 days ago)
So Chuck Norris asked if you had a alligator problem. He gave you his cat.
LMTR14 (1 month ago)
americans are somehow being conditioned into clapping. they do it at the cinema too, believing the people who made the film can hear them. it's so bizarre
Last Day Last Delay (1 month ago)
cool awesome cat
Nicole Womack (1 month ago)
The real Thug Life! lol
Daniel Straw (1 month ago)
That's the dopest cat almost ever
TheFutureKing (1 month ago)
Epic Stare Down, you could cut the tension with a knife!
Ryan Thompson Thompson (1 month ago)
nasty cat
lee roy (1 month ago)
Kept his range left hook ended the bout lmao
Abby ForevaVlogs (2 months ago)
Yes the cat won
Tallis 12 (6 days ago)
Abby ForevaVlogs jjj
Steven Bui (2 months ago)
That's one bad ass cat. OK gator boys, GET LOST ! Say the cat. Gators: Yes Sir Boss Cat, in the water we go. Kool clip.
College Dude (2 months ago)
If you watch closely, you can see that at 1:06 the cat positions it's right leg about 2 inches in front of it's left leg, then, without taking any steps forward, merely lunges in with the left overpaw to the chin, and in case of a miss or alligator snap, has it's rear legs far away enough to merely position it's torso back for a slip. Great boxing technique from kitty.
SilverWolf 24 (2 months ago)
Other crocs see this and they're like 'fuck this boys lets go!'
unatics (2 months ago)
The cat new he was being filmed so he had no chance to retreat.
joseph Geis (2 months ago)
That cat opened up a can of woop ass on that gater, Lol
RainbowMonkey NinjagoColefan (2 months ago)
Lol cat face slaps Alligator: aaaa run for your life
Brod Mcgode (2 months ago)
That was awesome
Display_Name (2 months ago)
Cat is better at footsies and whiffs
Carl-Fredrik L (2 months ago)
yeah, cats ARE awesome!
Vigilante606 (3 months ago)
That cat looks huge compared to the alligator. Is it a juvenile?
ĨMVÚ pʀѳɗuctiѳɳTM (3 months ago)
roquefort smith (3 months ago)
Cat's like: what's up b!#(μ?, get offa my property!😂
KennyG881 (3 months ago)
That was Chuck Norris's cat
Noob Letto (3 months ago)
it's not a kitty you fucking idiot, it's a fully grown fucking cat.
indranil barman (3 months ago)
real life puss in boots without the boots...😂😂😎
Dedric There (3 months ago)
Cats are badass.
Mike D (3 months ago)
that cat understands distance in a fight
manoel manel (9 days ago)
It's so amazing how a domesticated animal still maintain such natural instinct.
anj efelowareees (3 months ago)
Big or small, cats really do have the ability to intimidate most animals that are potentially far more dangerous...
CZ OS (3 months ago)
Are you fuckin kidding me?!? No one said our meal would fight back! I'm outta here!
Xavier Joel (3 months ago)
Thug life.
exploring with jay (King jay) (3 months ago)
owned 😱 dam. nice vid. ☺ subscribe to my channel for some funny vids ☺
Sayuri Santos (3 months ago)
Cats are not cool there lazy😒😒😒😒😒😒
Sab Alexander (3 months ago)
The alligator ran away like a little bitch
Michael Smythe (3 months ago)
Michael Smythe (3 months ago)
haha, that can was like, bring it bicth..😄
Pető Patrik (4 months ago)
Oszt. Te megeszed nyersen a krémet?
pinglam lam (4 months ago)
Mike Misch (4 months ago)
If the alligator would have eaten the cat I would have sent $20 to the person who posted the video.
Egg Stone (4 months ago)
hahaha,cats are agile and proud,they are nutural hunters
Dat Boi (4 months ago)
"awe noooooo it's gonna eat the kitty!" "woo go cats!"
Judith Ramos (4 months ago)
0:00 alligator: take him down 1:07 cat hit alligator cat: bitch get out of here people: yay cat: that is how you scare away alligator
Logan Platt (4 months ago)
Emotions (4 months ago)
Puss in Boots..the alligator skin boots
IndraEMC (4 months ago)
Alligator think cat is a Panther or Jaguar, in the wild life, Alligator can't win against them.
Salman Ahmed (1 month ago)
IndraEMC alligators can't win but crocodiles will go for them
I Tink, Derefore I Am (1 month ago)
Its a suburban alligator not an african crocodile
Grant Dapaah (2 months ago)
stormtrooper I meant to say same
Grant Dapaah (2 months ago)
stormtrooper But thanks for the reminder, i always get those 2 mixed up. Sorry if i came across mean to you, im just saying technically the most difference between them is habitat, size and head, besides that they are the sae thing
Grant Dapaah (2 months ago)
stormtrooper Who cares, their in the same family, thats like me saying maine coon cat and you saying no its a striped wired cat, they look exactly alike and are of the same species.
Frank Quitely (4 months ago)
Yeah, that's where I want to live. Fishing anyone?
Abdul Anderson (4 months ago)
That cat was like "Get the fuck off my property!"
Amirhan.86 (4 months ago)
that was a bitch slap ))
Trent Rasmussen (Fatal Gamer) (5 months ago)
The cat letter was found inside one of alligators stomach.
Владимир Шилов (5 months ago)
Еще раз убеждаешься что кот самое независимое , бесстрашное и свободолюбивое животное
BlikenavE (5 months ago)
Lol both the guys in the video dgaf about this cat.
David Lafleche (5 months ago)
Way to go, gato !!!
Matt Collier (5 months ago)
looks like Florida just needs more cats
George V (5 months ago)
Love cats and that is a brave cat!!
FistKitso (5 months ago)
Khajiit vs Argonian
atif692 (5 months ago)
That a baby gator! Wait for mama gator :|
Camila Targaryen (5 months ago)
Ppl; OMG LUK AT DAT KAT HES GUNNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!! Cat; Yall aint got balls
rolmaxify (4 months ago)
Heey my fellow harmonizer :D
Camila Targaryen (4 months ago)
+Yrotsih blah blah blah cry me a river boo
Yrotsih (4 months ago)
+Camila Cox I'd be any day a rat, than a cox sucker like you.
Camila Targaryen (4 months ago)
+Yrotsih congrats on using the internet, rat
Anosync (5 months ago)
Top Cat
GenoThePassionate (5 months ago)
Vincent Endethyst (El Soldado Pícaro) (5 months ago)
cat be like GET REKT
Saving Genocide (5 months ago)
I've come to the conclusion that human beings have no idea or history on animals.... For all who don't know cats reflexes are way more faster than any crocodile or alligator. small or big, cats are born with these genetic straits.
Saving Genocide (1 month ago)
yeah I tripping my fault
LMTR14 (1 month ago)
Brian Draney (5 months ago)
Chances are, if an alligator starts grabbing his own chest, that means he's starting to get ready to eat you, so you better hurry up and run before you accidentally get hurt.
DADE COUNTY Jaycee (5 months ago)
cats are awesome -__- suuurreeeee
The Unknown (5 months ago)
Now who is the boss!!!
Martin M (6 months ago)
croc: OH MY GOD RUNNNN !!!!
Cat Dog (6 months ago)
Jack Obo (6 months ago)
The nile is full of crocodiles. And then we wonder why Egyptians worshipped them.
Amir Mohamed Aly (3 months ago)
That's true
Jack Obo (6 months ago)
+Teap The Pillow Puncher Yes.
Tickled-me-ballz살인자 (6 months ago)
Bottled Windex (6 months ago)
Still fucking hate cats Devils from hell
You in an alternate universe (6 months ago)
Why so? Cats are fascinating creatures in my opinion.
Marchie Monroe (6 months ago)
cats are afterall related to the king of the jungle so i don't know why people are suprised by this
adrian tepes fahrenheit (6 months ago)
That croc learned that you don't mess with Beerus.
Fahd Dar (6 months ago)
"You are banished from house Gatorade, gator! you brought shame to the family."
Plus A (6 months ago)
cats are awesome animals... lots of people don't know them at all and dislike them for stupid reasons...
Dasiy Merollin (6 months ago)
APZ 26 (6 months ago)
kucing nya mad dog !! very very very greget
Gnouveli (6 months ago)
another cat and big cat must see this for knowledge
thedoctor382 (6 months ago)
Somebody make a thug life video of this
Brunneis Ursus (7 months ago)
but if the gator ate the cat then there would be an uproar about animal abuse or some stupid shit like that
Emerald_kid_ 6069 (7 months ago)
Cat: [lays down] "That's What's Up!" [Thug Lyfe]
TenzoG (7 months ago)
Lexy (7 months ago)
Never seen a croc move so fast
Obie dryer (7 months ago)
Wow what a stare down
Nathan// killdateam00 (7 months ago)
love ya cat !
Gooby ! (7 months ago)
hahahaha i wont lie, this is totally me when im a housecat
Евгений Важев (7 months ago)
This cat forget he is not tiger. And alligator scare animal looks like a tiger.
Joshua Hoover (7 months ago)
Hmmm you see a cat who might get eaten by a gator, you just stand by recording and talking about helping the cat but not having the balls to do it
George V (5 months ago)
Moron he has done it many times before!
Drakon89 (6 months ago)
The cat wouldn't get eaten because alligators and crocs can't see directly in front of them
SPC Productions (6 months ago)
+Joshua Hoover Perhaps these humans were more scared of the gators?
Joshua Hoover (6 months ago)
Gators are more scared of humans than humans are scared of gators
Max Wooden (7 months ago)
Get back mothafucka yu dont know me like that
The Black Cube (7 months ago)
when dat cat Jus bitch slapped dat gator the Gator was like Mommaaaa😂😂 Dat Open Mouth
Петрова Юлия (7 months ago)
"Страшнее кошки зверя нет".
Robert Smith (7 months ago)
Cats rule!!