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How Bicycle D-Locks Are Made

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A look at how different parts of a bicycle D-lock are made and assembled. The final product is also subjected to some vigorous testing.
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Text Comments (30)
Caleb Brown (9 months ago)
Cool video. Thanks
Monster (5 years ago)
I attend the university of portsmouth and didn't know that. With the number of people i know who have had their bike stolen here Im guessing its not particularly effective...
GETTHEDEUCE (5 years ago)
What about a portable grinder show one cutting through this?
Seroster (5 years ago)
@GETTHEDEUCE True, but when the owner begins asking where his bike is people will remember the guy with the angle grinder, it is VERY noticeable =P
GETTHEDEUCE (5 years ago)
People wont get involved watching someone using a grinder on a lock
Seroster (5 years ago)
Yep, without problem. But an angle grinder is noisy.
JENDALL714 (6 years ago)
Nice to know Abus locks aren't made in China! I was expecting to see Chinamen manufacturing these locks as I clicked on this video.
lcbreezyl (6 years ago)
Cool but a little to much like a commercial.
pete smyth (6 years ago)
did you miss the vice test?..13 tons of pressure to cut through.
douro20 (6 years ago)
Which show is this?
RUBADUB09 (6 years ago)
i really appreciate my D Bike lock now
kerodean (7 years ago)
What do you do Bender? I'm a Bender
FreeDOMDT125 (7 years ago)
you have about 0.1 to 0.5 seconds to get your steel from the oven into the oil (or water) if you want to harden it correctly seemed longer then that to me.... but anyway No locks are decent/though enough ,although there are some pretty good materials available to start off with ,but they're not as easy to manufacture the locks with so they're less likely to be used and if they would be used the lock would be verry expensive yet this doesn't mean expensive locks are well made
BlindingScientist (7 years ago)
Feel free to name them. I mean I would like to know in case in some time there would be a lock made of these metals then I would know of it strength and would probably buy it. I would love to buy it to be exact...
stoparret (7 years ago)
That was Kryptonite, not Abus, and Kryptonite issued a massive recall/exchange program to address the problem.
monkeh88 (7 years ago)
i wanna say that there is some metals that are not breakable, they exist and they are extremely hard to cut , but if company starts using it the lock will be very expensive .
Kimba Puma (7 years ago)
but...this kind of key isnt very secure. just watch corresponding videos - its easily opened with a pen-like device
123qwerty (8 years ago)
2:00 I'd use it to slice cucumbers!
Henkka B (8 years ago)
ever heard about grinders that run on battery -.-
PyroDesu (8 years ago)
@jorgefc So then we need super-hardened bicycle tubes. Might be a tad heavy, though...
PyroDesu (8 years ago)
or use a plasma cutter.
pharoahakai (8 years ago)
Sweet I like watching these kind of videos.
Andrew Welch (8 years ago)
bright orange bolt-cutters: not sus at all! ;)
Maryanne M (8 years ago)
very cool. i have one of those cable ones that are pretty hard to cut ... but not nearly as tough as these ones i bet. though... my bike was 15 bucks so XD
Sniff4eg (8 years ago)
wbasc (8 years ago)
@hitachi088 Some bikes are worth tens of thousands of dollars...
LegendaryWaterBottle (8 years ago)
Shieldhorn (8 years ago)
@asseeninYOURDREAMS No safe will ever be "unbreakable" unless there is no way to actually open it you know. Hence there will always be a way to steal.
Gordon Freeman (8 years ago)
you can still steal it...
DrFancyPants (8 years ago)
w00t! More Triwood!