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Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]

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Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) New Ylvis video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbAsSzXuy5I iTunes: http://smarturl.it/YlvisFox Fra I kveld med Ylvis på TVNorge. Ylvis - [Official music video playlist HD]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jofNR_WkoCE&list=PLfNe3nGQENtP3VCn1t1pybju9ffSPBohU Kjøp eller stream sangen: iTunes: http://smarturl.it/thefox-itunes Spotify: http://smarturl.it/thefox-spotify WiMP: http://smarturl.it/thefox-wimp #ylvis Music video from the Norwegian talk show I kveld med YLVIS. http://www.facebook.com/IkveldmedYLVIS?fref=ts Music by M.Eriksen/T.E.Hermansen/V.Ylvisåker/B.Ylvisåker Lyrics by V.Ylvisåker/B.Ylvisåker/C.Løchstøer Produced by Stargate Choreographer: Thea Bay SBS Discovery © 2013
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Text Comments (937655)
Scouty D (31 minutes ago)
Looking back at it this song is just cringeworthy
X (42 minutes ago)
Forgot how dumb this song was...
Yu Miffdle (1 hour ago)
2 cute girls (1 hour ago)
0:39 :)
2 cute girls (1 hour ago)
What THE FucK SAY?!?!
Mohamad Khatibi (2 hours ago)
Thats fucking good
nuuralfaris faris (2 hours ago)
Play with 2x speed XD
Tan Nguyen (3 hours ago)
What the fu*k song?
TheGod OfNada (3 hours ago)
Lord tachinka 1 and only (3 hours ago)
2018 watched this shit still what has the world come to lol
mystery man (4 hours ago)
This shit made my fucking year ...I literally lost my shit and laughed so hard when did the Fox sounds Lmao ...THANK YOU
Канат Нурмагамбетов (4 hours ago)
June 2018 eeeeeeeeeee
The Milky Games (4 hours ago)
(What does JackSepticEye say?) Top Of Da Mornin' 2 Ya Ladiiiiieeeeeeeess!
Mine tutorial —— that doesn’t make sense (4 hours ago)
Wolf cannot dance
Mine tutorial —— that doesn’t make sense (4 hours ago)
So bad manners an old man shouted
Mine tutorial —— that doesn’t make sense (4 hours ago)
Hand o
dReliq (4 hours ago)
This song is a mix between Nice! and What the hell is that?!
Nico. F (5 hours ago)
Jaden Edwards (6 hours ago)
Fuck were mans on during this year
Miguel Arcanjo (6 hours ago)
Panico na band..rsrs
ashley arroyo (6 hours ago)
alguien aun aqui igual de retrasados que yo XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD pd amo la cancion <3
Derp Clone (6 hours ago)
I actually liked this song when I was a kid but now , it’s more hilarious and stupid
so hot (6 hours ago)
My Gloomy Groom (2018) (All footage clips used in this video are 0$ royalty free distributed) https://youtu.be/zzqEbaCGjJw
Lolazo Xd (6 hours ago)
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best tv gaming thailand (7 hours ago)
i am from moon 5020
Maria Jose Lopez Lopez (7 hours ago)
What the maría say jajajaja😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Mateo Najas Castillo (7 hours ago)
9984 Año
loungary georges-fabien (7 hours ago)
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof nooooooooooooooooooooooow
Batim_stuff Studios! (8 hours ago)
Asheley caroline (8 hours ago)
2 9 0 0 0???
mauricio restrepo (8 hours ago)
yunna stars (8 hours ago)
Just folowe me💃💃💃💃🐕🐶🐶🙏
yunna stars (8 hours ago)
Ben - NeroX (8 hours ago)
yasuo goes soryeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Andrew Alfazy (8 hours ago)
xD xD xD
Sir Sketch Kat (8 hours ago)
Remember when this song was good? Yeah me neither
Eli (9 hours ago)
2018 and I still have no idea what the fuck this is
desiree olguin (9 hours ago)
2 0 1 9
Daniel Fidelix (9 hours ago)
Eu amo essa música 2018
Trang Lùn (9 hours ago)
Andrea dominguez lopez (10 hours ago)
WTF? xd
Çağlar Eker (10 hours ago)
Türkler kendimizi belli edelim +1
Fatima Elbey (10 hours ago)
2018 and still good to listen to
Mauricio Flores (10 hours ago)
Stupid song!!!
Sonic M (9 hours ago)
Stupid comment!!!
Hippoň je rypoň (10 hours ago)
Furries the musical
CorgiGames (10 hours ago)
If you put it on 2x speed... it says.. what the cuss word say?
CubySan'S Nightcore (10 hours ago)
Egoha Di (10 hours ago)
Fuck the fuuri!
dimon_game-play (11 hours ago)
Кто смотрел сейчас го лайк
OzzyGaming 05 (11 hours ago)
wow is this still upp on youtube???
RIFAI Gaming (11 hours ago)
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding can it lelave form my brain?
tigerniger tv (11 hours ago)
No teoreticky by liška měla tak troch výt ale mělo by to být zkombinované s takovím pisklavím zvukem neuplně vytí je to psovitá šelma
K9 Kr (12 hours ago)
*You can use fursuits in this videoclip*
Vitória Sad (12 hours ago)
best music
Laura Roberto (12 hours ago)
I love ❤️ ylvis the fox 🦊
Akash Muthu (12 hours ago)
why am I here
Erik Munoz (12 hours ago)
Ring ding ding ding ding 2018 anyone ?
Robin Cagritekin (12 hours ago)
I just realized this song is 5 years old 😟
KaylaYT (12 hours ago)
What the fuck Zane POW POW POW PP POW
nixon Domingeuz (12 hours ago)
me cool
Mangle The Fox Br (12 hours ago)
"Foxy" (Five Nights at Freddy's) 😂😂
Juininho Silva (12 hours ago)
Mangle The Fox Br U A U
ChrisiLP Altenberger (13 hours ago)
Alicia Phone (13 hours ago)
4678? In china , i speak english
Patty Kent (13 hours ago)
what does the fox say I don't know I don't know l don't know
X-Prime Experimente (13 hours ago)
I love the way they made the song:)
Josh Aulis (13 hours ago)
This is the perfect example as to how the music industry has declined.
Malaika Sultana (14 hours ago)
Raul Torres (14 hours ago)
Axax Naji (14 hours ago)
Kayla LK (14 hours ago)
A simpler time.
Nicole Borges (14 hours ago)
Lucia Johansson (14 hours ago)
oh my god, this sucks hard. sorry but it is so obvious that this people trying to make something that will be big just like "gangnam style- psy" mixed with David Guetta and Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. I have never made a neg coment before - but i just had to say that, PLEASE- if you want to make it big- you cant just do a "nonsens" song with crazy text and throw in a little bit of everybody elses style! Yes there are a lot of songs now with "nonsens text" in - that have become great! But that is because, they make it there own style, something new- different, so it works having only a couple senteses toghether with some good bakground sound! I think the biggest misstaKE here is that you have taken so many diffrent styles and trying to sound like the ones who have "made it". I absolutley think you can do something awesome - if you start over and take a step back and feel inside yourself eho you are, and what type you going to work with, this is to messy- throwes me off! Please do something new and fresh!! And thank you for making music for all off us!
Subhan Elizade (14 hours ago)
Rahmetli ablamın en sevdiyi şarkıydı mekanı cennet olsun
kaiserwilhelm (15 hours ago)
i just KNOW this is a man from norway
ERMEK KUSTANOV (15 hours ago)
fly asabird (15 hours ago)
Norge og deres PSYKOPATISKE høje budgetter 😭😭😭😭
TheMsmbunny (15 hours ago)
Siya Pokharel (15 hours ago)
Frikin love this song.😂
Cần Phê (16 hours ago)
Terminator Gamer (16 hours ago)
Bruno Almeida (16 hours ago)
Ismail gjukatani (16 hours ago)
Haha es her ricken
Super Gamer (17 hours ago)
Robyn Fenty (16 hours ago)
Super Gamer idk
Maria Luiza'h (17 hours ago)
Tony Mills (17 hours ago)
[h] [I]
Đen Bin (17 hours ago)
Ong that so funny 😂😂
Lena Murwan (17 hours ago)
Freddy Gameplay (17 hours ago)
What Does the clip say?
Canal ZeldAGameR (17 hours ago)
JULY 2018
Christopher Kurtz (18 hours ago)
2:10 why are they filming a stroke
Robyn Fenty (17 hours ago)
Christopher Kurtz 😂😂
Oxigen H2O (18 hours ago)
2018 ???
Diana Andreea (18 hours ago)
what the fuck say
Delia Lopez Martinez (19 hours ago)
Hay alguien que hable español por aqui??? :V
Delia Lopez Martinez (19 hours ago)
The boy is a mega crazy
Delia Lopez Martinez (19 hours ago)
WTFoxy xd
Delia Lopez Martinez (19 hours ago)
Tom Lucitor (19 hours ago)
What does the tilki say
Anita Németh (19 hours ago)
A random girl's comment (19 hours ago)
The secret of the f*ck~ Ancien mystery~
MTI the second (20 hours ago)
im just gonna say 2045 anyone now before its too late