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Einstein - "Be a Customer Trailblazer" with Marc Benioff and Special Guests

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Join Marc Benioff and industry giants to see the future of customer engagement. Marc will highlight how innovative companies are using the cloud, mobility, IoT and artificial intelligence to achieve new levels of success with connecting with their customers. Salesforce will showcase new products and technology like Einstein that will dramatically change how employees across sales, service, marketing & IT perform their jobs and engage with customers. Seating in the Main Keynote is limited. Attendees will be seated first-come, first-served. The keynote will be broadcast at locations throughout the Dreamforce Campus.
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Matteo Ubago Leardini (1 year ago)
Einstein's automatic email/tweet answering sounds like an amazing tool. I can see that truly saving time to connected people, making them more efficient and productive.
Fard Rid (1 year ago)
Shortage of Data Scientist?. Shortage means high demand, high demand equals = $$$$....... To all of you looking for job stability and high pay in the foreseeable future, there's a hint.
nareshgetu (2 years ago)
Being a BPM developer I love the concept of Salesforce Einstein.
MIG Group LLC (2 years ago)
Always good seeing you.LOVE the visual EFX.....where can I get AI socks???
Salesforce (2 years ago)
You can find Salesforce Merchandise Here: https://salesforcestore.com/ Enjoy!
Nand Khidkikar (2 years ago)
nice presentation of innovative product
Salesforce (2 years ago)
Thank you! We hope you enjoyed watching.
R Williams (2 years ago)
Goldboy Jr (1 year ago)
Hari N (2 years ago)
guys you rock. God bless you.