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Boeing 747 Crash in Dubai | Fatal Delivery | UPS Flight 6 | 4K

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Find out why this UPS Boeing 747 crashed into a military base near Dubai Airport on September 3, 2010. Check out my Official Shop with merchandise • https://teespring.com/stores/theflightchannel Follow TheFlightChannel • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tfc_aviation/ • Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheFlightChannel Business Enquiries • Email: contact.theflightchannel@gmail.com Buy the hardware that I use here: • https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer20170928287?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp Or Here: CPU: https://amzn.to/2Y9yCSF or https://amzn.to/2LRbYfj GPU (Graphic Card): https://amzn.to/2JnLrot or https://amzn.to/2PJuRAi RAM: https://amzn.to/2V56KNr MOTHERBOARD: https://amzn.to/2H3pY2p Internal SSD: https://amzn.to/2VIGb55 4K MONITOR: https://amzn.to/2JgwZhL or https://amzn.to/2UZhDAp MOUSE: http://amzn.to/2AxmXSE KEYBOARD: https://amzn.to/2LpDqSw Standard Hard Drive: https://amzn.to/2PN98rt JOYSTICK: https://amzn.to/2LLMfVJ This video has been recorded and edited in 4K resolution and 60FPS.
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Text Comments (753)
TheFlightChannel (1 year ago)
You might have seen this video already on this channel, but I can promise you that it’s not a reupload. I made this video from scratch and it took me almost a full week of work to finish it. Hope you’ll appreciate my work. Have a wonderful weekend ❤️
Justin Timefortea (4 days ago)
Still the best channel of its kind on Youtube... well done young man! 👍👍👍😎
CHANDA BWALYA (8 months ago)
David Wayne Choate (8 months ago)
I almost had a heart attack watching! I can not imagine what horror the F/o must have experienced..
Islam Shahidul (1 year ago)
Do an BimanBangladesh Boeing 777 ER 300
gary schraa (1 year ago)
Yeah great job . Lets see how does that work ? you spend almost a full week of putting this altogether ?  (minus all the commercials ) ?  Then you upload it ? and then whoever feels like throwing a shit load of commercials in has a gay old time doing that . Am I on track so far ?  And then we try watching your week in the making video without being stuffed to the gills with yet 50 more commercials but too late for that . Or is it that you put whatever piece of shit commercial in that they tell you to do ? Or what exactly ?  P O S
Serious Organizer (5 hours ago)
Arising-Tale (15 hours ago)
Fire is no joke.
Justin Timefortea (4 days ago)
That must have been terrifying... poor guys. Why does it take crashes and deaths before 'upgrades' are implimented?... ermmm... money! Why arent the cockpits isolated completely from any services of the rest of the plane?... ermmm.... money! With only 2 crew why dont transport planes have an emergency button to send the plane on an auto path over the sea when the situation gets so bad and the plane is still capable of flying? The 2 crew can then 'eject' to safety like jet pilots do... why?... money, greed, and fingers crossed so things like this dont happen to 'them'. Same reason planes dont carry smoke hoods for passengers, or more than 15 mins of oxygen. Money and greed for bigger profits 🤬
Only Truth sets you Free (4 days ago)
I'm sorry but the idea of the video is good, but blasting engine noise in the background while making me read paragraphs is not what I'm looking for. GL!
Mojo 23 (5 days ago)
Sad 😢 my Prayer 🙏🏻 s are with their Families and the Captain a Marine Veteran especially so since my Dad was a WW II Veteran who passed in 1983 at age 60 due to a Massive Heart ❤️ Attack!!! I miss Him!!!
Allin7days (5 days ago)
Please release CAPS LOCK on your keyboard.
shariys1 (6 days ago)
That FO was a HERO, a hero who fought to the last to get that plane down. RIP to both hero pilots. 🙏
Dfuher D (7 days ago)
Theres just 1 thing, I dont understand. Why did all communications have to go through relay aircrafts causing 2+ minutes delays in vital info? Why couldnt Dubai find an extra radio and set it to UPS6's frequency and talk to them directly? I dunno, maybe theres a perfectly fine explanation, I dont know about these things, Im just an accountant, a numbers person, and it just seems very simple and logical to me for Dubai to do that, its not like, they cant switch frequencies, they have different frequencies for approach, departure, tower, ground, ramp....
B S (7 days ago)
Good work in creating this content, but isn't Fatal Delivery the title of a Mayday/ACI episode, of which this isn't?
cgirl111 (10 days ago)
I wonder what the allure of Dubai was when an alternate was 20/30 minutes away.
Superu Chic (12 days ago)
Omg i cried so much. It cant get sadder than this it just cant. May they RIP.
S Lawson (22 days ago)
Was emergency depressurization utilized to help with smoke in the flight deck?
UMP45的搓衣板 (1 month ago)
I really wish they just land at that 10min flight airport. I get why they are return but it is 15 more min... they could all be alive. I am so sad. the pack 1 is broken at beginning imagine no one find out before the flight... theres so many ways to prevent this and yet no one did it.
WAJDI flah (1 month ago)
The first officer did his best with very little help from Bahrain and Dubai towers. Lets fact it, 2 third world countries where nothing there but corruption and awful training skills.
MzSayaNeveah (1 month ago)
Out of ALL the videos I’ve seen. This is the first one to make me tear up. I can’t imagine how TERRIFIED the f/o & he was by himself. He made & mistake that cost him his life but the poor man did the best he could & he did it well. 😢😢
Zeynep Beyza (1 month ago)
Why did he decide to go back to Dubai instead of landing in Doha?
Tim Smith (1 month ago)
Good question!
Tronas (1 month ago)
Just out of interest, why did disengaging the autopilot result in loss of control, and re-engaging gain control? Does the autopilot manage the flight surfaces differently to the control column?
Evan Airplane (2 months ago)
Kinda sad
James Aviation (2 months ago)
so thats why mom and dad wont let me take my phone on the plane...
Kay Izzio (2 months ago)
And the whole plane should be made from fire resilient material!
Kay Izzio (2 months ago)
I could never be a pilot....I don’t have the courage. If I were in a similar situation, I don’t know how I’d remain calm & collected.
Jabou baa (2 months ago)
It’s always sad and heartbreaking to watch these videos , I’m so sorry for their families.
Sparta Rotterdam (2 months ago)
17:25 song? Rip to the people who died
Opening and Closing Logos (3 months ago)
Why does the cockpit tilt to the right or left every time you turn the aircraft in P3D?
iTzCorey (3 months ago)
Lets not forget the co-pilot seen residential houses and turned away at the last second to avoid hitting them? RIP
Gotcha Finally (3 months ago)
Watching this after the Alaska Bay Area vid, sigh, tough. RIP to both men on UPS Flight 6.
Plasser1000 (3 months ago)
The Captain had already died when he left his seat for more oxygen, never returning to his seat. SO, the crash DIDN'T kill him. They had both tried their best, doing all they could during a horrifying event. SO SAD.
Enad Evanz (3 months ago)
If the captain decides to land to Doha which is the nearest airport instead to go back to Dubai.. they would have survived.
Tim Smith (1 month ago)
Depends on whether Doha airport had the technical facilities to allow a 747 to make a totally 100% automated landing.
Rays Metal Tracks (3 months ago)
Wow... I was terrified watching my screen.  I can imagine how horrific this must have been.  RIP brave pilots.
Kuusik 100 (3 months ago)
He/she said Climb immediately too late....
MrMan (3 months ago)
If the crew have no oxygen why the F#%* should they have to leave their seats to BREATH. Also, why have they NOT WOKEN UP to the fact, of having an emergency extractor fan for situations where smoke may enter the F#%*en cockpit where nobody can see S#%t......Hello>>>>SMOKE >>>>>>EXTRACTOR FAN>>>>>WTF
Tim Smith (1 month ago)
There were portable oxygen masks in the back of the cabin. First thing the crew should have done is collect 4 of those portable masks, 2 for each of them (in case 1 of the masks doesn't work). Obviously, the plane had no extractor fan.
pizza_parker (3 months ago)
This is one of the scariest imo cuz imagine fire is one of the worst things to happen also captain died and you cant see anything. Horrifying my condolenses
Kerrie Lou (4 months ago)
Those poor pilots, even in the situation they were in they did everything they could
Tim Smith (1 month ago)
Except ditch the plane in the sea to avoid it crashing into a city.
Curt love crime (4 months ago)
The content excellent
Kuba Henriksen (4 months ago)
I've lived in Dubai and just realized that the crash site was a mere 10 minute drive from my house. Have driven past it hundreds of times, my dogs played in the same desert as the airbase... What a horrible thing to happen to the two men just courageously doing their job.
Noangeltosin (4 months ago)
My heart sunk to my stomach when I read the F/O set the controls to 195 instead of 095. I knew they were doomed and yet so close. RIP
Tim Smith (1 month ago)
They were screwed long before then. Should have dropped the gear immediately and landed at Doha.
Victor Grasscourt (4 months ago)
The Captain of this aircraft made the same mistake as that of the SwissAir MD11 who wasted time dumping fuel. They should have gone to Doha and made an immediate landing. Dubai was very lucky this aircraft did not crash in the middle of its city.
fe siman (4 months ago)
No comment
em1o smurf (4 months ago)
having been involved in following up disasters over my military career, vids like this hurt. more than you will ever know
Elijah Tetteh Kudjordji (5 months ago)
I am not a flight expert but common sense should have the pilot land at Doha airport as had been instructed by Bahrain Airport because it was the nearest and safest. This crash could have been easily preventable. RIP
Zurich Airspotter (5 months ago)
Wie heisst die Musik am Anfang ? Finde sie sehr schön
Bob DeVreeze (5 months ago)
been a member of this site for about 2 weeks now.....and I have already watched about 30 videos..... you have a talent for this stuff.... keep up the great work....and I will keep watching and liking your video's....
kathy baker (6 months ago)
He truly gave his all to save the captain, himself and the plane. It is so very sad it ended this way. RIP gentlemen.
Hafeez Pasha (6 months ago)
X plane 11 or. FSX?????
Bushra Khan (2 months ago)
Hafeez Pasha P3D
R Greenup (6 months ago)
Brilliant video scenes, particularly the opening ones. Heart wrenching content and about as real as it gets. Thankyou.
blackhawk (6 months ago)
They needed to vent the cockpit, anyway possible... fire axe
Kishen Gindhe (6 months ago)
I was on edge of seat most of the time.Kept full volume,felt i was in the plane .Great video.Extremely sorry for the aircraft inspite of best efforts.
am d (6 months ago)
Wow that was so sad.....Great video....this is my favorite channel
Jawadh Khan (6 months ago)
After loading the cargo n stuff why they just can’t depressurize and suck all of oxygen so there is no fire in the first place.
Sophia 11/16 (6 months ago)
These videos are hard to watch, so sad...RIP
john balme (6 months ago)
RIP guys.
Mustafa (7 months ago)
I pay all my respect to the pilots, especially the first officer. He fought the smoke and tried to fl the plane till the last second, the last breath. May the legendary pilots rest in peace 🌹🙏😢
Mary Hoggle (1 month ago)
So sad! Your channel is outstanding! Is there any way I could rent or buy your newest music? I especially love the middle section. Thanks for an answer and keep up the good work!
Farhad M (7 months ago)
Why does it has only two crew of pilot n copilot without any flight attendant, never heard of it? Why the hell they did not land at doha? It was the nearest airport. Why return all the way to dubai? Why crash conveniently at Dubai Military Airbase? Something is definitely not right? It looks staged not real....
Tim Smith (1 month ago)
The plane was a air freighter, not an airliner. No passengers. That means no flight attendants needed. Early versions of the 747 had a flight engineer, but the later versions don't (position deleted to save money).
Anil kumar (7 months ago)
Feeling sad to pilot & Copilot
Marino (7 months ago)
Omggggg...so sad !?!?! 😭
Dick Daniels (7 months ago)
I'm surprised they didn't ditch the plane immediately once they realized the fire was serious. I would imagine if the fire was serious, even though attempting to make it to the airport is standard, you would want to attempt to crash land while you still have as many operable components as possible. Rough.
Sudershan Nayyar (7 months ago)
TFC... Take my Billion dollars!!!
Lynda White (7 months ago)
Dose ValueJet ring a bell.
봄맞이민들레 (7 months ago)
Murica Reimu (7 months ago)
I'd like to see you said "All survived" in the end, but this time not...Rip
ammm zeee (7 months ago)
Im not brilliant in flying. There is a window, why not open to clear the smoke?
Tim Smith (1 month ago)
Crew side windows are designed to be opened only when the plane is on the ground.
Alex Nelson (7 months ago)
Can I ask why there aren't people in the back to monitor the cargo? Would it have even mattered? I am ignorant when it comes to most of aviation but Im trying to learn enough to at least watch the videos with some level of intelligence. The cargo plane that went down in Afghanistan I understand theirs NOTHING u can do about a 12 ton vehicle breaking loose but this? Maybe someone could have stopped the fire from spreading?
Tim Smith (1 month ago)
Because having an extra crew member would cost money.
Solomon Pilot (7 months ago)
moonlighter6 (7 months ago)
Terrifying end, FO doing his best.
Mud Therapy NC (7 months ago)
it makes you so sad to know the first officer made it so far... hes was almost home and done a great job. RIP
eric vansteenlandt (7 months ago)
It is always the same story. When the fire alarm starts the pilots wait far too long to explain an emergence and to land wherever possible because they know that the fire can destroy vital control points of the aircraft at any moment.
bo_bo_deluxe (7 months ago)
It's always a bit sad to learn that safety improve
William Radford (7 months ago)
Awesome airfield and take off graphics, showing the city of Dubai. what looks like a big industrial estate next to the airport
Gaming Butler (7 months ago)
I get the realism and all but I’d of shot this in day time great video as always tho 👍🏼
Paul Suprono (7 months ago)
If it wasn't for that pilots post of 185, rather than 085 . . . he probably may 'have saved the mission, day . . . plane ! 😱
THERESA FRIESEN (7 months ago)
The quality of your video re-creations always put my heart in my throat; whether a victorious landing or tragic one. This one though.....whew. I have to go and watch some cartoons now or something...
micheal garand (7 months ago)
as if full face oxygen masks did not already exist  thumbs down ups like buying a car  with out testing the brakes first  not the brights
Greg W (7 months ago)
Why proceed back to Dubai? Don’t get it.
Jean-Marie Asclépios #DBL (7 months ago)
Awsome. they fight well but had almost no chance to survive. Fire in plane (and in boat) is one of the worst situations.
VetriSelvan RailFan (7 months ago)
Much much much lovable videos.. Love you TFC
Arjuna Krishna-Das (8 months ago)
Amazing and poignant videos! Could be improved by a) adding maps showing flight positions and b) getting text proof-read. In this case, ATC said nearest airport was Bahrain (not Qatar), therefore Dubai must have been quite distant. If the captain had attempted to land at Bahrain, they might have survived. This decision was not addressed in the video.
Tim Duggan (8 months ago)
Both those guys did everything right under the incredibly difficult circumstances...a fire onboard is one of a pilot's worst nightmares. What angers me is at 18:30: When I was flying for Continental Airlines, sometime in the late 90s/early 2000s as I recall, my company installed smoke hoods on all of our airplanes, and we were taught to use them during re-current training. In addition, our newer Boeing deliveries included full-face O2 masks, and rest of fleet was being retro-fitted. I am angry at UPS for not doing the same.
ThePolecatProcess (8 months ago)
My dumbass: UPS uses 747s?
Santiago Machado (8 months ago)
If Doha was the closest airport, why try to return to Dubai? Fire emergencies cannot be waited around
Nikola Nebulus (8 months ago)
That's so fucked up! I want to cry just because how frustrating this shit is. Just because of stupid lithium batteries!!
dave denham (8 months ago)
I heard them on the radio going down.....I was an ops Controller in AUH on night shift for EY
Robert LaRoque (8 months ago)
Ooh raa! First officer. Outstanding reenactment by the TFC again.
Lucky (8 months ago)
Both pilots ATC tried their best but it was not enough due to fire. Really sad n unfortunate . Just that 195 instead of 095 , wondering if it could have been saved had the brave co-pilot entered 095 correctly ??
rob hooper (8 months ago)
Why tha hell didn't they just go to the closer airport??? Um fire on board?- CLOSEST POSSIBLE LANDING!!!
Richi Blessy (8 months ago)
Excellent video
Monica R (8 months ago)
Wow...even though the loss of life was only two souls (not devaluating anyone's life), this was one of the saddest crashes:(
S Parky (8 months ago)
This was so frustratingly sad.
Robert Emerson (8 months ago)
That was awful! Those poor guys worked their asses off and the First Officer was so very close. So sad.
Sheryle Jeffers (9 months ago)
If only they had gone to the closer airport instead of Dubai....
Cronoviajero (9 months ago)
You are making these videos too fucking noisy
blahblahblah 2c6 (9 months ago)
Rest in peace we all love you Mr. Dougla.L and Mr. Matthew.B
blahblahblah 2c6 (9 months ago)
blahblahblah 2c6 (9 months ago)
John Mathew (9 months ago)
Could have tried the nearest airport Doha, as suggested by Bahrain ATC.
Soviet Union (9 months ago)
MH370 are bringing Lithium Ion Battery. So???
Soviet Union (9 months ago)
0:44 anyone seeing FedEx logo?
Haiden Morgan (9 months ago)
What's crazy is I knew the cargo type as soon as the main was on fire. Lithium runaway
sappo14 (10 months ago)
They should make a fly by wire system that allows for flying manually for added redundancy
Paresh Naik (10 months ago)
They could have just headed to Doha instead of Dubai. Perhaps the story would have been different.
Paresh Naik (10 months ago)
@Dani Alcalde Hi..it could be but I believe ATC advices on the nearest airport. And at times pilots ignore the advice. Cheers.
Dani Alcalde (10 months ago)
Paresh Naik wasn't Doha further than Dubai?
mortuary mike (10 months ago)
That's what Marines do fight till the end Semper Fi motherfukers