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Romans: No end in sight to US-China trade war

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CNN's Christine Romans says there doesn't appear to be any end in sight to the ongoing trade war between the United States and China. #CNNBusiness
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Text Comments (39)
Albert Moore (5 months ago)
Gawd these people are stupid.
Fixed wireless Broadband (6 months ago)
Radha Krishna (6 months ago)
This is more a problem created by paper dollars.... It will take some time for global economy to adjust...
Daniel Daniel (5 months ago)
The economy will NEVER recover
Bee be Cee (6 months ago)
If the US wants a level playing field, they should come down from their high trumpoline.
Senkeo Lee (6 months ago)
Senkeo Lee (6 months ago)
Locke Li (6 months ago)
Trump is not one to play with. The Chinese has their hair on fire while the stock markets are still growing as well as gdp still strong. Trump and America for the win!
me huss (6 months ago)
You just put out an article to deceive Americans about the economy saying that the economy is doing great and you are wondering why people are not buying houses even though rates are low. Are you an idiot CNN ??? We are headed towards a bad recession and all your infos about the economy is bullshit. Tell the world the truth. People are struggling to pay rent let alone buying a house.
Alex Mercer (6 months ago)
No surprise that Matt Rivers would have his usual anti-Chinese myths to make the foreign audience dumber about the country.
LEE KENG Hoon (6 months ago)
America is a currency terrorist! Manipulating other peoples' currencies. Come to Turkey. USA guilty as hell. Why Russians are coming to Turkey??
ikm64 (6 months ago)
Print money...devalue your currency...capital flight...As an old Hollywood star may have said...Go on. Punk... Make my day...
Gringo Sinting (6 months ago)
I think Alibaba's Jack Ma hit the spot when he said this trade war will go for thirty years. Let's see how the US will fare in this long term struggle, something the Chinese has been get used to it.
Breezy Breezy (6 months ago)
Goodness, the IMF chief will be in trouble now she does not follow US official talk.
yu (6 months ago)
Ending? In fact, it is escalating. Ask Trump about 1st Sept
Steve Anderson (6 months ago)
There are 1 million of China 50 cent party members actively influencing American politics in Youtube and Facebook comments using China VPN (access to Facebook and Youtube are officially prohibited in China). The NSA has already a list of those internet addresses. It is a matter of urgency for these social media to provide an optional filtering interface, so to make them discernible prior to 2020 presidential election.
Steve Anderson (6 months ago)
@Breezy Breezy You press the filter off then you'll see all those "dissenting views" from China's 50 cent party.
Breezy Breezy (6 months ago)
Opposite views are terrible, no freedom of speech for dissenting views.
HippieSkippy100 (6 months ago)
Wait, she’s saying the market is down...but all the scores were positive? Wtf. Stop with the fake news already.
ooamazing111 New York (6 months ago)
More tax 20 % . Do it , just do it. As I’m American, I’m ready. MADE IN USA 🇺🇸. Without china, WE CAN . We can buy from Mexico, Malaysia , India , Canada , Korea , Bangladesh , even from Eastern Europe etc . So go with more tax
Ka Tong Ku (6 months ago)
Americans are lazy people, don't recycle things, everything is disposable stuff. Even airport trolley are chargeable. Ya please do it make in America with such mentality.
Morz Art (6 months ago)
Teroor more Chines Produkt more ⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔
Kelly Pham (6 months ago)
The Bristish girl's eyes scare me
Shepherd White (6 months ago)
@Mahinda Githaiga She sees the stupidity of the US president and her eyes look beautiful. Mr Pham obviously fears beauty.
Mahinda Githaiga (6 months ago)
sfasfasfaf asfasfasfasf (6 months ago)
don't be so histeric, china won't die not to trade with usa for 500billion dollar
grimm reaper (6 months ago)
no end in sight of trade war because it's not about trade. do you want real hot WAR?
looes74 looes74 (6 months ago)
@jerzy chroscicki which is crazy. USA should learn his place just like Spain, Portugal, Holland and England
jerzy chroscicki (6 months ago)
grimm reaper -- Of course, it's not about the big trade imbalance, but how to "contain" China., which might very soon overtake US as dominant world economic superpower. power. No sanctions or any tariffs seem to be working, and never will be. The USA know, that the war might be the last and only option they have left, and it is not realistic at all. Because invasion of China is out of the question as impossible to carry out. So, what else could be done?? Destroy China with nuclear weapons, killing tens or perhaps even hundreds of millions of people, committing the greatest crime against humanity in the history of the world, and for what reason?? Greed? .... Besides, China also has some nukes and could deliver them to Pentagon and the W.H. within minutes, by launching them from their submarines.....
Nigel Hinds (6 months ago)
trump is an idiot I love the Chinese government they are discipline
John Smelt (6 months ago)
Yep...the stock markets bounced back today....surprise...
Francis Oliva (6 months ago)
Trade or no trade life goes on.
looes74 looes74 (6 months ago)
Jose de la Cuadra (6 months ago)
CNN? What news did you expect? Fake news! Bad analyses.
looes74 looes74 (6 months ago)
China wants to demand Spain on reparation over Manila chinese massacre 500 years ago
Ms Taylor (6 months ago)
The British girl is so happy about this 😂😂😂 She's so excited.
drmodestoesq (6 months ago)
If she's happy....then I'm happy.
Troy Allende (6 months ago)
I wish I stopped talkin about China they are disciplined and very loyal
World Shaper (6 months ago)
Trump's failings.