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❣DIY Pirate Ship Using Cardboard❣

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Hi, in this video tutorial I will show you how I made a pirate ship using some cardboard from pizza boxes, egg cartons, hot glue, thread, super glue and paint. It took me about 5 days to finish, working a couple of hours daily. I started by designing the patterns. I had some idea of what I want to create so I drew the profile of the ship, then the top view of the deck. The ribs of the ship were a little bit of a guessing game, only knowing two dimensions from the side view and the top view. I used pizza boxes cardboard for the entire project. It was about 2 mm thick so I doubled the patterns to get a stronger framework. I made some long 15 mm stripes of the same cardboard and started gluing them to the framework. I started from the bottom of the ship and worked my way up. I overlaid each piece over the one before just a little bit. I outlined the railing top view using the deck patterns. You can make the railing wider, thicker or thinner. Mine was 15 mm wide and 6 mm thick. I made the pillars gluing 3 small 30 x 5 mm cardboard pieces together. I added some details using thin stripes of cardboard on the sides. Although these details are not so visible now, they will look great when making the patina. I also added some round and square windows. At this point I needed a stand for the ship. I decided to go for a rocky one, full of textures. I made the stand out of egg cartons. I broke the carton into smaller irregular pieces and glued them together. This type of carton is easy to bend and glue in any shape you want. I made the main three pillars by rolling and gluing the cardboard until I reached the desired thickness. One pillar is about 20 mm thick. The middle one is the tallest and it has 360 mm, the one in front has 320 mm and the last one has 220 mm. I made the curved sails by gluing two pieces of cardboard together and bending them while the glue is still hot. I used the cutting mat to help along with the bending. I added threads as best as I could. I am no expert in this so I googled some images for reference. Even though I had no idea of the correct way this should be done, the threads added a realistic effect to the ship, and this aspect was all that mattered to me. I glued the ends of the threads using super glue. The painting was easy for this project. I covered the surface in a dark color first. This will serve as a base. Make it go in all the cracks and the deepest holes. It will act like a shadow and contrast layer when we add brighter colors. I add a brighter color only to the surface of the texture, gently rubbing the brush with very little pigment so I don't get it in the cracks. On top of that bright color you can add other colors as well. You can make it brighter and more colorful, it's your choice. I went for a wooden look for the main body of the ship. I painted the sails white first and then added a diluted brown to the top and spread it gently and dissolving it to the bottom until the sail looked older and used. I hope you liked my video and got some inspiration to start your own projects. Have fun! P.S. You can find more information about this project, plus the patterns here: https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Cardboard-Pirate-Ship ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for being here! You are one of the few people who actually read my video description, so thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tools & Materials: Acrylic paint - http://amzn.to/2s8KaIZ Hot glue gun - http://amzn.to/2sO7EkF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: "Where I am From" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Popular Videos: DIY Witch House Using Cardboard - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3H7a1Ykdfc DIY Fairy House Lamp Using Coke Plastic Bottles - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XfylbVpZXA DIY Fairy House Lamp Recycling TRASH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6xi56W7cAE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So like, comment and subscribe to my channel for more videos https://www.youtube.com/c/CreativeMom?sub_confirmation=1 Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter https://www.facebook.com/CreativeMother https://twitter.com/DiaCreativeMom Let me know what you think in the comments section below! Thank you!
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Ján Miroslav (5 hours ago)
🌼excellent work. 🌻 the second model ship you have certainly done with lighting!?
Elaine candido (6 hours ago)
Que lindo!!!!!!
Salty Crow (9 hours ago)
You are amazing!!
salah rapie (1 day ago)
amasing but your ancient art disapeard while you making c. g hahahahahahaha
Ernesto Toledo (1 day ago)
Very good. Nice
dalangie (1 day ago)
Thank you very much for everything you do and show here. And in this case also for the link to the pattern! 😁 After binge-watching your videos for days I made today my first mushroom- house and it turned out very cute. 😉
Galaxy Gold (2 days ago)
Wow this is amazing very pituful
Elizabeth Cardenas (3 days ago)
Simplemente impresionante es hermoso mil gracias por enseñar y por entretener.
Mr JellyBean (4 days ago)
My mom would get this creative only when she had to beat me😅
Big Si (4 days ago)
you are a very creative mom
Vermiliontea (4 days ago)
Well, I suppose there is some cardboard in that ship, besides all the polyethylene glue. 😉
Zwiebel Hexe (4 days ago)
Very nice, it reminds me a bit of the Santa Maria my Fahter built it too.
ابو حسام القيسي (5 days ago)
nice .I like it
sunita mallik (5 days ago)
Beautiful ♥️
Catherine Fleming (6 days ago)
Absolutely fantastic. Very Artistic indeed!!!!
LaRegiaBella (7 days ago)
Khoukha Yassinouche (7 days ago)
Wawwwwwwwwe🇲🇦 روعة
Karol Perez (7 days ago)
Aynur Elmemmedov (8 days ago)
Chandra M Craft (8 days ago)
trikar08 (9 days ago)
each video is amazing, you are amazing, 1000 times bravo
protector lnqcd (9 days ago)
A real job. Bravo madame.
Vern Hestand (9 days ago)
Congratulations!! You have reached crafting level... INFINITE
jim Moore (9 days ago)
Should have played some swashbuckling music for the tutorial on this ship
Motasem Atoshi (10 days ago)
Dandy Nalla (10 days ago)
Its a ... Wowww... Again👏👏👏
linda lamb (10 days ago)
You are amazing!!!!
CProton69 (11 days ago)
juan pablo pérez rojas (11 days ago)
Muy bonito, solo le faltó agregar la torre del vigía y unos cañones es un galeón... O una carabela española....
cigano (11 days ago)
Muito lindo.
jiggypopsauce (11 days ago)
I think this is absolutely amazing looking! Great job!
Stepphen Wolf (12 days ago)
I think Christopher Columbus travelled in this ship.
Isabel Springer (12 days ago)
Hermoso como todo lo que nos enseña
Rölyef Atölye (12 days ago)
Harika ellerinize sağlık
Decoration Ideas (13 days ago)
Thank you...i love video
Archana Tiwale (15 days ago)
nice pirate ship I am made this model today this very easy
Eman Fathy (15 days ago)
Thanks ! Excellent job
Bianchi Patrick (16 days ago)
100/100 good
NACEREDDINE2011 (17 days ago)
nice and clean job, next level try to made it with wood step by step
Eduardo Carillo Jr (17 days ago)
Exellent i love it
LagiNaLangAko23 (18 days ago)
Would illustration board work?
anupam singh (18 days ago)
can you tell the accurate measurements as it is very diificult to understand
MARIPOSA (8 days ago)
This is not a tutorial video, she's just showing you how she made it and for you to get some ideas . . .
Michael Wilson (18 days ago)
Wished I'd seen this a few years back when I was building a boat for an RPG - I ended up using foamboard, dowels, posterboard, and foam sheets. This is vastly cheaper and looks as good.
Meabh_m (19 days ago)
Does anyone know what kind of cardboard she used?
Meabh_m (18 days ago)
@Citlalin Zúñiga Thanks!
Meabh_m (18 days ago)
@Michael Wilson Thanks!
Citlalin Zúñiga (18 days ago)
in the description says "cardboard from pizza boxes"
Michael Wilson (18 days ago)
Looks like an "E" or "F"
Strawfoot (20 days ago)
lovely, thank you for sharing!
Adi B (20 days ago)
518 Idiots who dislike this. Excellent hand work !
jay limbo (20 days ago)
hi folls this is link how to make and measurements https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Cardboard-Pirate-Ship/
Rafael Benavidez (20 days ago)
That music got annoying after 2 minutes
EchoPaints (20 days ago)
I swear this person must have been an architectural major or something
Satyajit Sardar (21 days ago)
Cristian Marquez (21 days ago)
nice, next a pirate ship
VANDPAMP (21 days ago)
M.Taylan Evren (21 days ago)
soot 710 (22 days ago)
Enjoyed your creation
what ever (23 days ago)
If I'm going to make that kind of art work and sell it, how much will it cost?
minh thuong do (23 days ago)
Evil Bob (24 days ago)
How did people not like this?
Анастасия Таракановская (24 days ago)
АХРЕНЕТЬ!!! Вот фантазия отличная!!!!
Melody Gangte (26 days ago)
tell us the measurements.We want to know
Sammie Pearson (27 days ago)
I just have one question.. Can you show how you made your sign??? 😊
Mostabcher * (27 days ago)
summit Creative workmanship   Dazzling. Thank you Madame I really enjoyed watching God bless you
sowdha sidheek (27 days ago)
Show the measurements...and everything perfectly
Андрей Гагарин (29 days ago)
Потрясающе красиво!!!
Jillian Beach (29 days ago)
Beautiful work, but you forgot to hoist the colours! A pirate ship always needs a pirate flag! :)
Colin Mclaughlin (29 days ago)
Beautiful work
Josue Roman (29 days ago)
Very nice I'm going to try to build it myself great work
anita bhatterjee (1 month ago)
Magically artistic.
Jerald Abrasado (1 month ago)
Wow, can you make also the going merry in anime one piece. Pls
sowdha sidheek (1 month ago)
Excellent creativity..but let us also knw the measurements too...cz we also wanna make that
Billy TK (1 month ago)
Very nice, you could have also painted the stand to look like ocean waves too. :)
omkar (1 month ago)
Can we buy these products from you?
Saleem Khan (1 month ago)
Amazing, thank you I'll try o make it myself.
Ashiqur Rahman (1 month ago)
So cool you creative mom.😊😊
Rogelio Huerta Martinez (1 month ago)
quedo muy bien solo que es mucho problema yo sin ofender los ago apura imaginación y no presumo quedan mejor ya les pondré un video pero felicidades x su trabajo
ام حسين (1 month ago)
رائعه بعد قليل سوف تبحر
Diomelinda Cerda (1 month ago)
Paul Paulsen (1 month ago)
MUSIK is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg773vdzru4
John Waters, Jr. (1 month ago)
This is really amazing. Can you tell me the name of that melody?
S Moussa (1 month ago)
تسلم إيدك عمل فني رائع جزاك الله خيرا 👍
Ahmed Badr (1 month ago)
Woooow 😍😍😍😍
soylu soylu (1 month ago)
You are talanted.Keep it up👌
Alone Spirit (1 month ago)
Interesting how the sails were laminated then formed. Expect that makes the quite durable.
joseph joe azul (1 month ago)
wow! your amazing good job.
Sheila Dodd (1 month ago)
So amazing!
Гурам Бжалава (1 month ago)
Eric Allen (1 month ago)
This is awesome!! Thank you.
Darren Francis (1 month ago)
Omg. So amazing. Will any acrylic paint work for this?
Chad Caughmann (24 days ago)
Yes. You don't need anything fancy. Cheap craft paint will do this job just fine.
Revilodee Seredica (1 month ago)
Cool! I’m gonna use these ideas to make a serpent A ship from Tradelands
zêtâ (1 month ago)
Can I take these measures for me this ship and thanks
Аслихат Багандова (1 month ago)
По морям по волнам плыл корабль из дальних стран. ❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Baran pınar (1 month ago)
Cardboard hobbit house plss
tasher Slay (1 month ago)
What is the measurements of the deck and the ribs of the ship and the keel or the back rib thank you kt for project
swati kundu (1 month ago)
It really nice ship (Best)
Simeon Hart (1 month ago)
Love it
cgi creations (1 month ago)
Now all you need is a Kraken tenticals , I can show you how to make and animate them.
Евгений Котельников (1 month ago)
Sethu Madhavan (1 month ago)
Excellent creativity and very good detailed description.
J S (1 month ago)
Base should have been like water not rocks.....
Chou Ch (1 month ago)
Doug Furman (1 month ago)