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FIND ME ON SNAPCHAT - itsfoamie FIND EDDIE WIN HERE! - http://bit.ly/1R9d9l9 FIND JOHN SMITH HERE! - http://bit.ly/1ZCundA This is how I tailor my pants to wear with sneakers. The ankle on both pairs was around 8.5 inches and we tapered it down to 6.5. The fit of the jeans and khakis were really good minus the ankle and thanks to my man Mike that is now fixed! Thanks for watching! Like, Comment, Subscribe & Share! Find Foamie on Social Media: IG - http://full.sc/1b2RF27 Twitter - http://full.sc/H8tB5t Facebook - http://full.sc/H8txms Music: Jazz Cardin - Days (Instrumental) Soundcloud - http://full.sc/1s2blQZ YT - http://full.sc/1gnDDcj IG - http://full.sc/Pgz9ik
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Text Comments (698)
c 83 (2 days ago)
thank u, so simple but it I needed to hear this bro. thax
Super Man (5 days ago)
It’s funny how this guy tries to act black lol
megaSTAPLEGUN (21 days ago)
Where did you buy that hoodie, their entire website is sold out
II Mxps (1 month ago)
What the fuck do I ask the tailor to do
Ediri Ogbojo (1 month ago)
Great tips here bro.
D'Ajahni Estrada-Petersen (1 month ago)
Exactly what I needed to know. This video earned you my subscribe.
castillo alex (1 month ago)
Video starts at 2:17 thank me later
Darth Alba (1 month ago)
Man this is gold
Martyn Af (1 month ago)
Ever heard of carrot fit?
Larz Man (1 month ago)
You guys are just copying the 80's. Pegged Levi's 501 buttonfly
Juan Bermudez (2 months ago)
They look better before
Cerqz (2 months ago)
Ayo where can i get that khakis.Send a link or something
beast mode muscle (2 months ago)
Dope bro
EAGLE___EMPIRE (3 months ago)
This swaggy/gay era needs to end... If you wear tapered jeans you look gay period.
EAGLE___EMPIRE (3 months ago)
If you're over 30 dont do any of these, complete d-baggery
vertex gamer (3 months ago)
2:26 what are those kind of pants?
Cerqz (2 months ago)
I want to find out too bro
vanny_b (4 months ago)
666 comment😇
tlcmc74 (5 months ago)
0:22 same
Sean Lynch (5 months ago)
Woah bro it’s knicka bockas, 2018 not cool
lalilu lalile (5 months ago)
You dont have to go to the tailor just get yourself jeans that fit proberly
It’s s ya boi Garcia (5 months ago)
Just buy skinny jeans
Adrian Nieves (6 months ago)
Wat if u have a big 🍑
Plrk just (6 months ago)
You look drunk asf
chuchuchuchia (6 months ago)
How inexpensive is it?
MUZZ_TRIX (6 months ago)
What shoes is he wearing in the end
A Black Folding Chair (6 months ago)
White flossy carter
Paul O (6 months ago)
Nailed it with going to a tailored....but you just tapered the bottoms. You could have cut of 3-4 inches on the length. Way too much extra material. You're a freshman on style but still need to graduate. Don't be embarrassed on length and cut. Confidence goes a long way. Good video.
animeme_docter CTR (6 months ago)
So how do you Taylor your pants ???
Jay Dot (7 months ago)
1:58 why you have to do your mans like that
iconik 2333 (7 months ago)
Tight jeans tight bottoms are for soy boy sissys come on guys in mean gurls?
Cuddle plumfish (7 months ago)
Can’t I just get wear skinny jeans or tapered jeans ?
Sai Rams (7 months ago)
Tailoring cost how much?
Jason (8 months ago)
If you cant get that done? I use rubber bands around the bottoms. Just like the fold and roll method. Just easier, and stays all day without any rerolling throughout the day. Get a decent rubber band. A thicker one too. You can get um in packs. 50, 100, ect. I'm pretty sure. They'll hold up for a month or 2.
marco mundo (8 months ago)
Tight pants look bad. Tight legs do not look hard. Cover up the shoe except for the ankle to the toe. Then let the heel hang out. That's why we like jordan 3's. They look hard with wide leg pants.
Biga173rd (9 months ago)
I know this video is two years old. I live in Tampa is he still in buisness?
beyondsnoops (9 months ago)
miss vicious (9 months ago)
unnecessary ass video. no shit i could just go to the store, mf i wanted to see how to fix the shit myself
AceLoochiniTV (9 months ago)
This is all I needed to hear. Definitely getting my pants tailored now.
raylayrr (9 months ago)
Where did u get those khaki pants?
Watts Goodie (10 months ago)
i have to do this with all my pants my thighs are huge lol
Bigzell (10 months ago)
I dont feel like spending money so all i do is fold the bottom legs of the pant and just sew it together
Shotto Head (10 months ago)
Viktor Alvarado (10 months ago)
Pointless video lmao how is this a "how to video" homie?
GT 210 (10 months ago)
What are the grey shoes in the thumbnail called??
The Thunder (6 months ago)
Nike Air Jordan Retro 12 PSNY Public School Grey
John Finigan (10 months ago)
psny 12s (I was looking for this as well)
ACE 6 (10 months ago)
How much did it cost
RealFaithLife (10 months ago)
Just did this on 2 pair of jeans and it made a world of difference. For real.
LAKSHMI KRISHNA (10 months ago)
I have the same hat
Stephon Hines (10 months ago)
What size are you
David (11 months ago)
Hayden Fish (11 months ago)
What are the shoes in this video?
The Rap Man (11 months ago)
How to tailor your pants...... Take your shit to a tailor and pay them to do it for you
Yungdaggerdick (11 months ago)
What style did you get them tailored to?
Jamari Mcgaha (11 months ago)
His 12 fake because they dont got the gold buckle
Angel Martinez (11 months ago)
Were u on stock x commercial
Matthew Vincent (11 months ago)
They also ruin your pants if you’re gonna wear them with anything else
Cesar Fournier (10 months ago)
Matthew V I agree also I had issues taking mines off it was difficult if they’re not stretched material. Had to switch to 7 instead of 6-or 61/2
Justiiiin (11 months ago)
What kind of Jordan's were in this video?
Faris Hawwari (11 months ago)
how can someone not laugh when this guy says "knickerbockers" (not in a racist way)
Zilla Nilla (11 months ago)
Are bicker jeans able to be tailored?
PRXDIGY (11 months ago)
Just put your pants behind the tongue n tuck em In the shoe
LM (11 months ago)
Is tailoring the same as tapering?
PlanesTrains Automobiles (10 months ago)
NIGGA WHAAT?? Yes, bcuz the tailor will taper your jeans to your liking. So, they'll be "tailored" or "altered" to your body & personal preference. The taper is from the knee down.
LIL JAY (11 months ago)
Your the dude in the stock Commercial
gucci lyrics (11 months ago)
Or buy joggers
MGOFor3ver (1 year ago)
I think it's cheaper to buy the correct pant for your style of sneakers, or your style as a whole. Didn't watch your channel, but as gamers have gamers stuff behind them in any video, you have sneakers boxes haha, nice.
Joshua Griffen (1 year ago)
Joshua Griffen (1 year ago)
I agree
Kid_Trill (1 year ago)
Major Key DJ KHALID!!
Dayroom Brian (1 year ago)
Ivan Maldonado (1 year ago)
How many inches for big guys
climentime (1 year ago)
I like that you don't curse for some reason
Spookaloni (1 year ago)
So I wear size 14 for my jeans. What should I ask the tailor or whatever for my measurements?
Alijah Lassiter (1 year ago)
What shoes where they
ックスフェニ (11 months ago)
Alijah Lassiter np
Alijah Lassiter (11 months ago)
ックスフェニ (11 months ago)
Alijah Lassiter Air Jordan Wool 12s
Produce Pehsy (1 year ago)
I know this is an old video, but if anyone sees this, how much would it cost to tailor a pair of jeans?
ETS MINOR (1 year ago)
I Have A Pair Of Tailored Mk Pants I Wear With My Jordans . Ive Been Tryna Find More Tailored Pants
Lil Ched (1 year ago)
I just wear joggers because my pants cover my shoes sometimes but then I can’t wear a belt
XD :v (11 months ago)
Shouptie TV lol
Pricelessly (1 year ago)
jus get tighter pants....
Don't read my profile pic. (1 year ago)
How much did it cost tho?
ックスフェニ (11 months ago)
Don't read my profile pic. Indeed But on a average it depends on what type of Tailor you go 2 tbh
Don't read my profile pic. (11 months ago)
Zeyon The Saiyan ooooh not too bad
ックスフェニ (11 months ago)
Don't read my profile pic. 4 him his Tailor charges him $10 a pair
C J (1 year ago)
thats y i wear joggers
G.O A.T (1 year ago)
You live by Clearwater right because I live right next to an Ermira's Alterations that looks exactly like that place
Fenticthefox /SpicyJoeyRB (1 year ago)
2:26 dang those lookin fly tell me which Jordans those are I lost track of remembering shoes like dat XD
Fenticthefox /SpicyJoeyRB (1 year ago)
Thx dude
Yung Pillowcase (1 year ago)
Fenticthefox /SpicyJoeyRB psny 12s (public school new york)
_iams1kand3r _84_ (1 year ago)
I thought I’d see a million comments about mikes shoes
Typreme Kicks Tv! (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tips bro!🔥👖
Jane Buchanan (1 year ago)
Some of the better department stores will tailor your jeans for you at no cost.
JayFilms (1 year ago)
Just buy skinny jeans
DjThaGoat (1 year ago)
What’s the price for 1
ックスフェニ (11 months ago)
Corey Jones depends on what Tailor you go to
Fornite Clout (1 year ago)
1:56 lol
MonsterCoq (1 year ago)
Don't this guy look like stitches
Miguel Josh Manansala (1 year ago)
Helpful thanks👌
Matt P (1 year ago)
One question? Does he just alter the leg part? I love how they turned out at the bottoms. Can tailors take a little of the baggy-ness around the rest of the jeans look more slim too? Like I'm imagining them looking great at the bottom but maybe a lil weird up top near the crotch n the back pockets since they were bootcut originally or is it a minimal or not noticeably different ?
Fluid vFades (1 year ago)
Rip true religion but it’s for the best
UncleJu NobodyLikesJu (1 month ago)
Fluid vFades 🐎 shoe gang
James Blond (1 year ago)
1:56 m8 WHAT ARE THOSE!!!
SpookyCrab (1 year ago)
bro where can I get one of those Fat Kid Mafia hoodies I'm living the chunky life rn and I'm down for one
jbeast1243 gaming (1 year ago)
0:08 wow watch your mouth
Faris Hawwari (1 year ago)
jbeast gaming ??
Angela Barone (1 year ago)
Shamus 31 (1 year ago)
Just cuff them bruhh
CoasterNite (1 year ago)
My favorite jordans too but don't have a dang pair
Elims Yldog (1 year ago)
Yo, what is Foamer's shoe size?
Allan Alvarez (1 year ago)
lmao niggas that wear baggy pants look bummy asf bro. Then they be saying shit like "better then wearing 'female' jeans". i want to know how tappered or stacked jeans look like "female" jeans. y'all niggas have no fashion
Hollow 400 (1 year ago)
i thought this was a how to tailor your pants video he didnt do that
Santiago Garcia (1 year ago)
We're can I get that sweatshirt
faultyJACK (1 year ago)
I'm only 14 and so I'm still growing so if your like me I would be careful getting pants tailored because they might get too short. I'm short so my true pant length would be a 28 or 29, but since I am still growing I get a 30 length and I Pinroll all my pants.
Joseph Smith (1 year ago)
What Jordan is that
ックスフェニ (11 months ago)
Joseph Smith Air Jordan Wool 12s