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Inside a $5.5M Floating Mansion in Miami | On The Market | Architectural Digest

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Today we take you to glamorous South Beach in Miami, Florida to tour a truly one-of-a-kind offering. At 400 Alton Road sits the Arkup, a $5.5 million yacht house powered entirely by solar energy. The floating villa has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, an extendable deck for entertaining large groups, and a full kitchen - all with the freedom and functionality of a yacht. Feel like a quick trip to the Caribbean? Take your house with you. Some rough waters in the forecast? Elevate the entire yacht with the custom hydraulic system. If you’ve pondered what the evolution of luxury sustainable living may look like, the Arkup feels like looking into the future. For more information visit https://arkup.com/ Still haven’t subscribed to Architectural Digest on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2zl7s34 ABOUT ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST The leading international design authority, Architectural Digest features articles and videos of the best in architecture, style, culture, travel, and shopping. Inside a $5.5M Floating Mansion in Miami | On The Market | Architectural Digest
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Text Comments (4667)
MrLeading Entertainment (1 day ago)
Noah and his Ark are Jealous
Salome Fernandez (1 day ago)
Here is where i had my swim week castings🤩
naomi hollywood (1 day ago)
my house got pulled over
Lee G (2 days ago)
Can you say sea sick? Can you imagine going through the Panama canal with this thing?
Chloe Dorsainvil-Stubbs (2 days ago)
climate change looking at this like haha right...
Valerio Maffezzini (3 days ago)
0:09 Harmony Of the seas cruise ship
Aliyu Shagari (4 days ago)
I think this is an absolute steal at 5.5m compared to those $400 million yatch’s
Elaine D (4 days ago)
I'll be happy when Mother Nature flicks humans off the planet like fleas.
Matthewjim (4 days ago)
I live in Miami
Pop Korn (4 days ago)
For sale : beautiful house, in good sailing condition, speed of up to 50 km/h with only 1000 km mark.
Willy Milano (4 days ago)
The only thing you can have more burdensome than a luxury home is a yacht. With this thing you get all the troubles at a high, high price.
Ms. Aquarius (6 days ago)
I just wanna rent it 1 weekend next summer💁
Alpin Art (6 days ago)
seems like a bad housing choice considering the location. because, you know, hurricanes
leelandric (7 days ago)
How would wifi work?
Mel M (8 days ago)
Now we are talking😘👌,class, views, perfect, I am in love x
None Applicable (8 days ago)
hahahahahahaaaaaaaa 5.500.000!!!!!! Without all these luxury it cost less than 100K
ITouchPandas (8 days ago)
Next in recommended: How poor people survive in the USA - DW Documentary
Evelyn Patricia (9 days ago)
What a fun toy
Jared Dixon (11 days ago)
This home was on “building off the grid” tv show. Why is it for sale now. I thought a young couple built it for their personal home?
Joseph Coluccio (12 days ago)
Akshay (12 days ago)
"I'll pick you up in my house" "Your car?" "My house"
Morvan Mitchell (13 hours ago)
Akshay 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MrBluYoshi (13 days ago)
"Hey man where you at?" "Hmm, one sec. I can't quite tell what Longitude my house is at right now"
Hypno Coosh (13 days ago)
So global elites get these and peasants get a pod, insects for food and cats for offspring in an effort to save the world in 12 years. Sounds fair.
chancy319 (14 days ago)
0:09 "400 Alton Road". "ROAD"
Sridevi K (14 days ago)
Guy: *Yo send me your address* Other Guy: *I-uh-uh-uh* Guy: *Don’t you live in like the suburbs?* Other Guy: *No, I live on water* Guy: *well that’s gonna be hard to drive onto...*
Ahmed Osman (14 days ago)
Where does the 💩 go?
The Realmapa (15 days ago)
now imagine the kitchen catching on fire..
Cereal Killer (15 days ago)
I’m in the navy and I think this is awesome, but I travel waaayyyyy to much for this to work for me.
YNG 101 (15 days ago)
I’m Justarandomdoggy (15 days ago)
Dan that’s cheaper than many luxury apartments in NY
Sponge Bob (15 days ago)
Amazon Prime better work here
Sponge Bob (15 days ago)
how does it float... we all float
Mark Mool (16 days ago)
for that price i bought a real yacht not that floating brick
Theo Thistledon (16 days ago)
What a waste of money. 😂👍
Stefan Venus (16 days ago)
Wehen you don't like your neighbours, just float away.
alex caimi (16 days ago)
here is a thought....this house is actually a boat therefore its hull should be cleaned once a year from sea weed, marine bacteria to prevent damages and rust. How are they going to do that once settled in? I just wonder.....
Dzie Kuje (16 days ago)
This is amazing, except its white
Salish Sea Sailor (16 days ago)
Wow! They actually built it. $5.5 million is not what I would call “sustainable”
Brittany Reed (16 days ago)
I was literally just in Miami last week and saw this house, we stayed right on Miami river and it was stopped right by where we were staying I have pictures on my phone..we even saw the green and orange jet skis
/ / mariohasmemes \ \ (16 days ago)
where da poop go???
Marc G (17 days ago)
If only they had this on fear the walking dead xD
Morenita verde (17 days ago)
I wonder if the cost to insure is another $5.5 mil.
Soul Glow (17 days ago)
that's is amazing and honestly... the future for miami residents
serjio sarkuni (17 days ago)
Noas arch??? Where the animals????
Eagle 130 (17 days ago)
the waves said: /\/\/\/\
Reid Jordan (17 days ago)
Saw this on a show about off the grid houses, real cool.
Traveler Of Earth (17 days ago)
where do the poop goes
Slendy (17 days ago)
Ege Konuk (18 days ago)
everyone who watched this video could give a dollar then we might have change on this.
Emil Alcantara (18 days ago)
I can find 1 billion things to do with that money other than buying some floatable apartment. they TRIED that. :)
Guy Patts (18 days ago)
That stupid massive wave comes it's gone f stupid
jimmy Ryan (18 days ago)
Not a yacht.
Gray (18 days ago)
Imagine being a billionaire, wanting one of these NOW !! and being told "I'm sorry, there's a 12 month waiting list right now" 😄
Gray (7 days ago)
IF i had the money...of course i would want it custom, so i'd still have to wait 😂😁
Gray - you can buy this one now - or DM us for custom order 16-18 month;)
Jan Brennan (18 days ago)
Only thing missing is a *bumper sticker* _"I left my other Yacht at home"_ 🚢
0001000 (18 days ago)
*global warming joined the chat*
moalt wisp (18 days ago)
another 5 millions for maintenance and service
Vaterso (18 days ago)
Kid: Lives on boat Also Kid: Has to bike to school, aww **** here we go again
John Rodri (18 days ago)
That's foolish 😒
cupcakepower (18 days ago)
"Mom, Dad, I'm heading to school" 20 secs later...
David 'DRX' Rebel X (18 days ago)
That’s it 5mil ? Ok 👍 😂
Ju Uva (19 days ago)
Truth Lover (19 days ago)
Y. Sosa (19 days ago)
My literal fear in a nice home
Gaby Pinz (19 days ago)
Why does this dude look exactly how a Bond villian would..is this his evil lair?
Daniel MF (19 days ago)
A hurricane is gonna ruin this house
Magos Dominus (19 days ago)
hmmm I'm pretty sure a hurricane would give that a good seeing too.
apallo knox (19 days ago)
Glass floating house Hurricane - am I a joke to you?
woopwoop (19 days ago)
This is more worth-it than many of the other million dollar+ homes ive seen here
iTznuk Time (13 days ago)
Madeline Jennings (19 days ago)
You know that whole drone delivering service that's in Sam and cat... yeahhh
DAVID (19 days ago)
Awesome Love It ! Great Idea
D34DF0X17 (19 days ago)
my mansion is worth 19 million and is not surrounded by water
Triple Digit (17 days ago)
Ok calm down
Jeremiah Cuellar (19 days ago)
How does it float/drive in open water
paisa007 (19 days ago)
5.5 million home without any land value?!
Gregory J (19 days ago)
Life Boats ??????
Viv Lucina (20 days ago)
Will you take $10?
spankkky beast (20 days ago)
Ill still ding dong ditch it
Fun Cat (20 days ago)
so a $5 million money pit… Well if I had $1 billion I'd buy it… It's going to be nothing but trouble in the future. Give it 10 or 20 years I wonder if it will even exist. Then try selling it.
fadedP (20 days ago)
I hope who’s ever in it dies in a crash
ana sophia Kostallas (20 days ago)
I see this house pass by sometimes. Couldn’t believe it
John Kimble (20 days ago)
And then every year you have to send it to some shipyard for maintenance
lildoc (20 days ago)
What about toilet waste? Where does that go? Is it broken down chemically and released into the water? Do we need approval from local city council before we anchor and park? Not that I have $5.5mil spare to buy this floating house but somebody gotta ask!
Bryan Chen (20 days ago)
What is maintenance cost per year?
Emalee June (20 days ago)
4:18 “when you purchase this yacht fully furnished,” ...you talking to me? I can’t even afford dinner
Yuliya (20 days ago)
Ok Florida gets a lot of hurricanes so would a floating house be that much of a good idea ????
Medard (18 days ago)
you can get away to safety
Leia Jiang (20 days ago)
Id rather have a mobile house
Rudolf Hess (20 days ago)
Why do I watch theses video I can never afford this
Ben B (21 days ago)
just white people tings
Gina Mindock (21 days ago)
Gorgeous! I would definitely redecorate it; too much white, but other then that how fun would it be to live in that house?
Daniel Szabo (21 days ago)
$5.5M and it doesnt even have a swimming pool
Lt Jakeson (21 days ago)
I see that thing all of the time
Hello Hello (21 days ago)
"Here is the beautiful bathroom... I think you can hang out here all day if you like!"
linolino (21 days ago)
It'd be so easy to get murdered there. Someone just drives on their boat to your house, climbs in through the window, kills you and then tosses your body into the water. There'd be no trace of them coming to your house, and your body would decompose quickly.
wilson rosas (21 days ago)
I can't believe they throw money at something so stupid.
Dion Lopez (20 days ago)
Pardon? This is a masterpiece, and if anything, you probably aren’t even one.
Billy Howgate (21 days ago)
The guy would be a perfect Die Hard villain
The Cool Nerd (20 days ago)
anotherbuffer account (21 days ago)
This house is it's own country
boxertest (21 days ago)
Is this a one off build or are they more?
Mr McBeardy (21 days ago)
What a truly clean and ingenious design. Although such a residence would be out of reach for many of us, I really do love the way the architecture and design has incorporated so many ergonomic and environmental advantages. Being completely self-dependent on its own solar/battery setup is amazing, the fact that you can raise it, pilot it, and indeed run the entire crib with the solar generated power is a very powerful selling point. What really sells this property though, is actually the host. I'm not sure who this gentleman is, but his charisma, calmness and clear concise method of speaking is definitely 100% class. He points out everything a prospective buyer would want to know, yet also gives us the juicy little tidbits, as well as some stylistic flare here and there... All the while being very eloquent and easy to follow. I love the boat-mansion... the design, execution and delivery, all perfect 👌🏼and the host is absolutely outstanding 💯 Cheers! 🥂
a c (21 days ago)
So, we are getting House insurance or Boat insurance? Why not both?
Guido (22 days ago)
im buying this.
reallorn (22 days ago)
that's not a mansion it's just a luxury floating house lol