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250,000 Dominoes - Incredible Science Machine: World Edition

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Zeal Credit Union's Incredible Science Machine: World Edition Featuring a US record of 242,518 total dominoes toppled and a Guinness World Record for the Largest Domino Circle Field! 18 Builders from the US, Canada, Germany, and Austria spent 10 days building the Incredible Science Machine: World Edition, their 2nd annual event. The purpose of the event is to introduce chain reaction and domino building as a hobby and inspire kids' interest in STEM subjects. This year's theme incorporates the world's greatest cultures and has a domino and chain reaction section representing each continent. The chain reaction sections are risky by nature and during the live event some of them did not work. Luckily, backup pendulums are used to continue the action to the next section, so there were no breaks in the fall down. For the failed machines, test videos were used as replacement footage for the purpose of having a more complete video. BUILDERS Sprice Machines ► https://bit.ly/2FaA8LS Hevesh5 ► https://bit.ly/2CCy3e0 jackofallspades98 ► https://bit.ly/1RVcuqy MarDominoes ► https://bit.ly/2FVLMi6 DrComplicated ► https://bit.ly/2O99Lda SuperDominoJoe ► https://bit.ly/2yL36QL Berlagawesome ► https://bit.ly/311TkFB FlashDomino ► https://bit.ly/2YvLtyv TheInvention11 ► https://bit.ly/2uqbmT5 Austrian Domino Art ► https://bit.ly/2GhfcpH StickTrickDominoDude ► https://bit.ly/2E1W3Y5 bpdoles ► https://bit.ly/2KbNYAN TheRGMGuy01 ► https://bit.ly/2KjYcPM Dynamic Domino ► https://bit.ly/2OrWpNL E VoltageRGMs ► https://bit.ly/31bf2Hn dominofan0803 ► https://bit.ly/2YrAmur Jdman1699 ► https://bit.ly/2SV4ZmD DominoERDMANN ► https://bit.ly/2KbO8bn ABOUT Sprice Machines is a chain reaction machine and domino art company. We design and build custom machines and domino projects for advertisements, TV & film, and live events. We work with creative agencies to design the perfect project to meet their client's advertising goals. Sprice Machines organizes a team of talented artists for each build. Business Inquiries ► steve.price@spricemachines.com JOIN THE REACTION Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/spricemachines Twitter ► http://www.twitter.com/spricemachines Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/spricemachines Website ► http://www.spricemachines.com BUILD YOUR OWN Machine Materials ► https://amzn.to/2JDZgP7 Domino Supplies ► https://bit.ly/2GjGnz8 Domino Planner ► https://bit.ly/32G4UrI CREDITS Logo/Intro/Outro ► https://bit.ly/2JWbcuD Music ► Tobu - Damn Son SmK - Activate
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Text Comments (1419)
Renea Taylor (6 days ago)
Sang-Hoon Park (10 days ago)
We knew the new techniques! Subscribe the chennels!
Sang-Hoon Park (10 days ago)
I think such fjfj yesssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!
Kris Kuehn (14 days ago)
Pretty amazing, there is hope for the future! Genius and genuine!
조주하 (19 days ago)
Lorena Govoni (28 days ago)
Alison Brann (1 month ago)
Now that's a lot of damage!😶😶😶😶
S AHMAD (1 month ago)
I KNOW HOW TO MAKE A MACHINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Communist (1 month ago)
Shows EU flag *Brexit intensifies*
Ruby Matrix321 (1 month ago)
4:45 i have that lizard :) not that exact one but the same one
Heidi Rucki (1 month ago)
Simply amazing and impressive as hell
Martijn Scherps (2 months ago)
Imagine someone from the audience throwing a tennis ball in there
SovietWolf1 (2 months ago)
Fuck your shitty intro music
Random Videos (2 months ago)
I watched 5 minutes and I thought it was the end when I realised it's 20 minutes
Eunae Kim (2 months ago)
Seems like every world record in domino toppling is set in either Germany or the US, so it is hardly surprising to see this group set a world record!
BangerBee (2 months ago)
I almost watched 20 minutes of dominos falling over thinking that it was going to end soon😂
Kevin Counihan (2 months ago)
And this, folks, is exactly how the US government works. Overly complex, showy, and in the end nothing really gets done. Other than that, pretty impressive. 08-10-2019.
Lemon Puff (3 months ago)
I'm that one person that sees someone making a domino contraption, and then walks over to then complements it and then knocks it over I'm not ashamed of my actions
Emiq q (3 months ago)
I heard one guy said fortnite and now I’m disappointed
Zyn Aisha (3 months ago)
make more ok
Lamond Jay (3 months ago)
People who thumbs down these videos should be shame of themselves, I would rather see my kids being creative like this and using their brain to do something so mindblowing, rather than in a phone or in front of a video game... thumbs up all day👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Chris Cross (3 months ago)
Multiple people on this planet got senselessly murdered today. I just watched 20 minutes of dominoes falling over. I guess some people just have different priorities in life.
Pushkar Sharma (3 months ago)
Aah the satisfaction
Junior Alonzo (3 months ago)
Le salió algo mal
Simon Says MC (4 months ago)
0:34 nice cameraman you got there xD
Eunae Kim (4 months ago)
I have to admit that in some sections I was more impressed by the chain reaction that ended up setting the dominoes falling than I was by the actual domino falls! And that's saying a lot!
iiwinterfrost3 (4 months ago)
way panit
iiwinterfrost3 (4 months ago)
way unud
Leandro Loras (4 months ago)
Que cul
Mr Breeze (4 months ago)
Mr Breeze (4 months ago)
И никто не понял, что я russian
Danny Sullivan Music (4 months ago)
How it feels to chew Five gum
LXYKE (4 months ago)
Watch this at a higher speed setting of course
Dirpy Playz (4 months ago)
Me: hits domino on accident on last domino: Annoying kid: woah!
Randy Jraughtjr (4 months ago)
Im proud of all intielspated in this thank you all , thank you for having the understanding of the domino effect really ment so thank you n HV a great yr
Jo Boring (4 months ago)
What is 250,000?
shalu jaiswal (4 months ago)
Are the kids here overly annoying or are all kids like these?
blink Army (5 months ago)
Go listen to black pink dududu everyone
setphaser (5 months ago)
that field! my fave kind of domino fall!
Eddiebnyc1990 (5 months ago)
awesome video
bartsshorts (5 months ago)
fucking sad childrendults
Vietcert Trung tâm (5 months ago)
holy shit
ILaysEggs - Richexthe3rd (6 months ago)
*sounded like everyone getting snapped..
phate25 (6 months ago)
Who clicked on dislike????
Female FellSwap (6 months ago)
Trying to run from mom :
Momo The Clown! (6 months ago)
NASA budget < this video's budget
Cielo May (6 months ago)
Muhammad Muqoffirido (7 months ago)
Share ilmunya dong,saya pengen tau ilmunya. I'am from indonesian
ElectroGaming 10392 (7 months ago)
Me:*finishes the best domino chain reaction ever* Mom:*walks in room* Hi sweetie! Me:gah! *tips over domino and ruins the whole thing* Mom:Now clean it up Me:frick u too
Blossom Belle (7 months ago)
I don 't know why people have unlike the vifeo this is the best video It requires a lot of effort
Erin Wells (7 months ago)
Hello! My 4 year old son trys to make rube goldberg machines. I would like to help and encourage him but I am not very good at this sort of thing. Any suggestions?
Renee Yap (7 months ago)
minecraft guy (7 months ago)
Oops forgot to press record
Olwen Morgan (7 months ago)
There are two types of guy who do domino toppling: Those who desperately need to get laid and those who desperately will need to get laid when they're a bit older.
Вадим Шлак (7 months ago)
спасибо что зделали русский флаг больше спасибо 😄😄😄
Black Fennec (8 months ago)
А где Россия или я её не увидел?
Jidong Guo (8 months ago)
*“Oops, I forgot to press record.”*
drdassler (8 months ago)
Dominoes are such a pleasing medium for art but all that 'ball on track' stuff is, quite frankly, tedious.
глеб землянский (8 months ago)
Jidong Guo (8 months ago)
When you literally have no internet...
高下哲也 (8 months ago)
Music and Me (8 months ago)
I am the Cat Human (9 months ago)
Good old South America. I love that country.
نور الغزاوي (9 months ago)
برافو جميلة بس في شغلات فشلت للأسف بس،مابيمنع انكم مبدعين ودرجة اولى👏👏❤
MrTG44 (9 months ago)
Congratulations, simply amazing. Talk about steady nerves, no shaking. Everyone of ya'll should be very proud of this accomplishment. A little late but, I just seen the video. WOW.
Jetiel Torres (9 months ago)
Dawn Baker (9 months ago)
Natasha 'BlastBurn1099' Winland (9 months ago)
Fun to watch it all work. Even the fails I ignore them and admire the time it took to make it. Artistic is what it is.
Angel. avaX (9 months ago)
Did you guys mess up one time? If so it would take a while to place them all up again. That would not be good
Ximena García Sánchez (10 months ago)
Hola buenos días le escribo por qué el día viernes se me olvidó que tenía pendiente enviarte el correo electrónico
master of disaster (10 months ago)
Crap,i wasn't recording!
bob smith (10 months ago)
get to work fam
Drick Daniel Marino (10 months ago)
Just like in real life, every decision and actions affect the outcome hoping that everything goes well
Xxlocful (10 months ago)
Ecuador <3 5:45 It's great to be taken into account.
SociallyAuquard (10 months ago)
All it would take is an evil person and a throwable object and all hell would break loose
Bear Bedazzled MSP (10 months ago)
the littlest touch the biggest effort
hirokazu (10 months ago)
1:48, 15:39 Oh too sad
John Perry (10 months ago)
great video......but.... I wouldn't want to be the guy who has to clean up all those dominoes....
Grace Mugoli (10 months ago)
And by the way never ever play with my surname Safari
Grace Mugoli (10 months ago)
Why do Americans think Africa is a big jungle ,so how do u think we ,do u think we live in the brush ,no we also have homes and houses we sleep here we don't spend our time in the brush okay there are humans who live like me , sorry if I am being mean but I had to say the truth
Hyper Waffle (11 months ago)
Murmurations (11 months ago)
Thing o' beauty.
Janet Wilson (11 months ago)
would you rather knock down a domino when your at the last domino or knock down a domino{your showing a audience}and it fails
VasFro - live (11 months ago)
It's super! I like dominos wery match! Super video! I don't no English. I am learn it. Sorry...
Luvias (11 months ago)
the most complicated Rube Golberg Domino contraption I have ever scene!
L Lawliet (11 months ago)
Turkey ???
Олег Соколов (11 months ago)
Это очень кропотливая и долгая работа. Но она стоит того. Офигительное зрелище!!!!!!!
TOTransitGuy7755 (11 months ago)
Holy shit! That’s incredible! It’s impossible for me to do this such project!
Bob Ross (11 months ago)
If any of you have ever seen that movie Robots...You know what I'm thinking about...
Amazing Mations (11 months ago)
Imagine if they knocked it all over while building it.
LivingFree365 (11 months ago)
Looks like the video has been mixed with official and practice runs. 11:09 orange ball that fell into the "V" wedge ended up rolling on the floor but, 11:12 it was back in the "V" wedge part. Other than a couple spots this was cool. 👍
manuella fernanda cassimiro (11 months ago)
Eu amei
Unai M. (11 months ago)
Zeal Credit Union's Incredible Science Machine: World Edition Featuring a US record of 242,518 total dominoes toppled and a Guinness World Record for the Largest Domino Circle Field!
Lazy Ro (11 months ago)
Props to the camera guy for not tripping over and accidentally topple the dominoes and stuff
Rachel Stone (11 months ago)
Brandon Lewis (11 months ago)
that was amazing
Brandon Lewis (11 months ago)
Why so many dislikes for this awesomenis
Luis Alfonso Navarrete Chavez (11 months ago)
Me encantó mucho le doy un like por el trabajo que hicieron
Matthew Laverde (11 months ago)
You people are GODS! (And apparently as OCD as me X 1000000000 XD)
Eunae Kim (11 months ago)
10:50 was that supposed to happen?
Ryan Oskandar (1 year ago)
Good job....
Nicole Dodson (1 year ago)
I like your vedioes