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Sydney Runway Closure! Qantas A330 turbulent landing. East / West Runway 25 in heavy wind.

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High winds have led to the closure of two runways at Sydney on 22/11 and 23/11/18. With the main runway and the third runway closed, flights were directed to the East West runway. There were a lot of flight cancellations at Sydney on 23/11 but luckily Qantas QF574 landed on Runway 25. This is 9 minutes of that flight including the flight path, holding, flying over Sydney Airport, approach and a windy landing! A bit turbulent too! Enjoy the engine spools and a few bumps!! About Me: https://chrisframe.com.au/chrisframe Follow -- Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/chriscunard Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chriscunard Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chriscunard Subscribe to my YouTube so you never miss a video: https://www.youtube.com/chriscunard
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Chris Frame (3 months ago)
Wow! Half a million views 🙌 Thanks so much everyone for all the love for this video! It was a very interesting landing that’s for sure! If you liked this one you might also enjoy: Boeing 737 stormy landing: https://youtu.be/RXMQewYYfwM Cathay 777 turbulence: https://youtu.be/USZCPUmn2YU
Ghulam Abbasi (2 months ago)
Love you from Pakistan
ایران سربلند بمان. (2 months ago)
Ronald Simmons (2 months ago)
The A330 is one of modern commercial aviation's greatest failures. Many airlines have crossed over to the A350 or B787 because they are more efficient time-wise. Qantas still flies them because they are a cost-saver, but at least they're made of largely recyclable material so after a few years they can fit in your yellow bin...which is where they should have stayed.
Dave Elmy (3 months ago)
ho hum,,,boring as hell
Chris Frame (3 months ago)
Dynamic Solution (3 months ago)
How did you keep it steady during all this wind, your a hero
Chris Frame (3 months ago)
David Cooper (3 months ago)
great video
Jamie Kirkland (4 months ago)
Awesome sights.
Michael Catbagan (4 months ago)
Wow. The reversers stayed on for a long time...
richpea2 (4 months ago)
He nailed that.... great landing!
Popiastral (5 months ago)
what could be more natural ?The plane is sure with the crew, under the great Sydney
Paul Sale (5 months ago)
Did they edit out the "turbulent landing and heavy wind"? LOLOL
Chris Frame (5 months ago)
It’s pretty clear from watching that the wind was heavy. Turbulence is not quite as obvious in the video as it was in real life but you can see how the aircraft was being moved about by the wind and hear those engines compensating for the various changes in wind speed and direction.
Shaun81000 (5 months ago)
Were you expecting barrel rolls?
Peter Colt (5 months ago)
Gut eingefangen,aber einfach Mal 4 Minuten zu lang und hirnrissige Untertitel
Larry Toporek (5 months ago)
A bit long mate
Larry Toporek (4 months ago)
@Chris Frame how bout no thanks C-Money? Sorry mate, I gotta motor - wouldn't want to burn my shrimp on me Barbie. " You can step on me Richard, but don't step on me Dick." --- Esté Von Middlebelt 1619 Settled in Michigan and discovered hang gliding while trapping Beaver near Grosse Ile, Michigan. He also invented the outboard motor, A,C, (alternating current), and sunscreen. Esté's favorite quotes: "When in doubt X = 8" as well as this classic: "Don't let your meat loaf! Cheers Chris
Chris Frame (5 months ago)
Hey Larry. Try playing the video on 1.5x speed next time that might help reduce the time for you 👍
Yangchin Paima (5 months ago)
Nice landing not bad👍👍👍
Mike Henshaw (5 months ago)
top stuff mate. thanks
Marco Bephage (5 months ago)
Good filming 👍👍
Keith Smith (6 months ago)
The computer does a lot of the 'triming', power etc adjustments but yes the tech crew are great :)
Hassan Kamal (6 months ago)
Skillful landing... the video gave feeling as if was also on board. QANTAS is no 1 carrier.
Steve Rowell (6 months ago)
Too much chopping and changing
Chris Frame (6 months ago)
@Steve Rowell I was just joking too - all good thanks for the comment! 👍
Steve Rowell (6 months ago)
@Chris Frame Not knocking it I enjoyed it just suggesting its a bit over edited
Chris Frame (6 months ago)
lol try holding your camera stable up against the window for more than 15 mins and then let's talk :)
Nick Coudounellis (6 months ago)
I love the sound of those motors
Philip Dartnell (6 months ago)
Nice video, thanks for posting. A great place to watch the planes coming in when they're landing to the west like this is the Flower Power nursery/garden centre at Mascot. You pass over it in your video at 7:36 just prior to crossing General Holmes Drive. You get quite a good view of them coming straight at you and it makes the visit to a nursery to buy plants somewhat more interesting (Lol!)
reaktor TuT (6 months ago)
I'd call that a gentle landing. Try landing at Sydney in the midst of a thunderstorm. Most scared I've ever been in a plane. 1st landing was aborted. 2nd landing was wild and then we had to stay in the plan for 60 minutes due to lightning risk.
Milorad Mirkovic (6 months ago)
What's so fascinating ? Lending with wind . .
Kushal Dave (7 months ago)
nice 1
paul druyts (7 months ago)
yust love it when they play with the engines . shame no go around . 5 star movie
Riley Raine (7 months ago)
@4:26 That's a lot of water
Justen Psenicny (7 months ago)
Wow!! That was some serious gusts of wind! Hear the engines up and down in power.. Awesome!!
ANNIE H. (7 months ago)
What a neat video...like you said the water looked quite choppy, I bet you were happy when the plane finally landed however,, the pilot did a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing this video.
sunking2001 (7 months ago)
Nice landing, Captain!
Christopher Hadsell (7 months ago)
Downwind seems safer. I watched the trees... but it doesn't take too much wind to make things uncomfortable on a plane!
George Gamez Everything (8 months ago)
In fact yesterday I landed in Sydney on a Qatar Airways Airbus A380 and it was a windy day! But all runways were still open (im pretty sure).
Bea (8 months ago)
yes, good video,good pilot skill no background music,no loud voice,..thanks!
Mika Lawrenz (8 months ago)
Runway 25 is open
Mika Lawrenz (8 months ago)
Cool 😎
Captain Steven Markovich (8 months ago)
Excellent 👍👍
Musharraf Alam (9 months ago)
Nice video
cbc cnc (9 months ago)
Smooth as ;they make it look easy
Steve Harris (9 months ago)
Crap , staring at an engine?
Tamil Selvam (9 months ago)
Beautiful video done by you bro, keep it. And also we remember to thank our Pilots and Co for their 200% involvement in safety of our lives... Keep it...
DAB (9 months ago)
I see no kangoroo from the window
Mark Lawrence (9 months ago)
So....yeah it looked kinda windy, probably quite uncharacteristic for Sydney. But hey, I live in Wellington, New Zealand and I gotta say...you want turbulence, come over here and see what we've got, mate!!!
Chris Frame (9 months ago)
I’ll be sure to have my camera on me when next at Wellington! It sure is turbulent.
Ade King (9 months ago)
Jeez! I enjoyed that. The flexing of the wings, that touchdown on the black stuff, the deployment of the spoliers which always indicates one is home and the music from the engines in flight and thrust reverse makes it an amazing video. Thank u.
Iain Marshall (9 months ago)
Smooth as silk. Overhyped!!!
sunil sethi (9 months ago)
I was in the same flight.. It was really turbulent lending.. but you missed the view from the other side.. it was beautiful sydney harbour
Vandana Thorat (8 months ago)
bradley c. (9 months ago)
Wonder if the east west runway is long enough for the A380 or 747 ? Yeah the white caps in Botany bay were big, that westerly was strong, would be quite unnerving landing on the other 2 runways , glad they closed them.
Chris Frame (9 months ago)
Yeah it can handle B747 and A380 there’s some videos of it on YouTube 👌
Benjamin Gygi (9 months ago)
I was landing in Sydney on that day on a Singapore airlines Boeing 777 at midday and I had to do a rotating loop around the airport and waited for 1 hour to land
Mark Pittendrigh (9 months ago)
excellent landing QANTAS pilots
Janine Bell (9 months ago)
Great work.
Erich Weiler (9 months ago)
You have to give these pilots respect. They came in wings level in turbulence-which is what any experienced pilot will do, but that's not to say it's all that easy. I'm not the biggest fan of Airbus, but the A330 is a great airliner. This wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be. Try landing in Salt Lake City with updrafts from the mountains. I was flying on a 737 into SLC and the turbulence was severe. Much worse than this but then again, with great pilots like Qantas' crew, they can make severe turbulence look like a piece of cake! Great video and cudos to the Qantas A330 crew!
Mark Argent (9 months ago)
Nice video, probably doesn't do it justice. We flew in to Sydney from Auckland on the 23rd, same gusty conditions, same runway. Smooth flight until about 10 minutes from Sydney, then very up/down turbulent, with some side pushes for good measure. We had to slow down and zig-zag a bit to join the queue. Lady next to us used the vomit bag. Landing was not quite level (one wing lifted as we touched) and caused a bit of a bounce, and a "solid" touchdown. Full kudos to the flight crew on all flights landing those days. Once we were on the ground and slowing down, I called out "Again!".
belfastlad55 (9 months ago)
Nice Video.
Sam Turner (9 months ago)
Good shot of my house :)
carole wilson (9 months ago)
That sir one best vids on you tube I really felt the sensation of that landing
Chris Frame (9 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words.
Craig Willis (9 months ago)
How skilled are the Tech crew!! Brilliant!
AV8R Jerry (10 months ago)
Runway 16s/34s isn't closed, you will see some aircrafts will use 16R/34L. If a runway is close it will be maked with a "X" on both end of the runway.
Chris Frame (10 months ago)
It was ‘closed’ during that period of time. The airport was using single runway operations on RWY25 for most of the day.
belfastlad55 (10 months ago)
Great Job by the aircrew . Nicevideo.
john calladine (10 months ago)
bit wobly not that bad though
KMF Haque (10 months ago)
excellent.i am an aviation senior instructor.
Emmett Cunningham Jr. (10 months ago)
Tim Duggan (10 months ago)
Runway 2. 5. We never say "twenty-five". Other than that....well I am a retired airline pilot......OH, I just saw the comment post below me 4 days ago......Oops. Still, gusty winds, especially cross-winds, can be challenging BUT? That's why are trained so well. In an effort to redeem myself? I can hear the engines, as the pilot is using the thrust levers to control airspeed...very common under such conditions. BTW, this pilot is hand flying, the A/P (autopilot) is really useless in gusty winds.
Chris Frame (10 months ago)
Yes I stuffed up the voice over 😕 - thanks for the comment - interesting to hear it was being hand flown. Do you fly the A330?
DerRobMann (R.T. West) (10 months ago)
Is this a rare or rather common occurrence to have such high winds and runway closures for more than a day or more? Saludos, desde Colonia Centro Historico, Puebla, Mexico, DerRobMann sends...
supergran62 (10 months ago)
Much better than my landing - same airport - same day - but we landed like a lead weight.
Bernd Klüver (10 months ago)
You can be glad to land at all in Sydney at that time. They were close to a complete airport shutdown.
Chris Frame (10 months ago)
Yes! Had we been on a 737 I think it would have been diverted there didn’t seem to be many 73’s or 71’s flying into Sydney that day.
Sandy Sutherland (10 months ago)
Old aviation dictum: Any landing that you walk away from is a good landing!
3506Dodge (10 months ago)
There's a "network"?
Chris Frame (10 months ago)
Sure is. Qantas and Virgin for example had significant interruptions across their networks due to cancellations and delays from the Sydney runway closures. Took a few days to clear.
TerryAnn Dowling (10 months ago)
Hectic! Pilots and plane all had to work hard there! Must've been a huge relief when plane came to a halt..
happy wheels (10 months ago)
NICE but normal landing
Blue Marshall (10 months ago)
Yea it was Windy alright...... But before that there was Dust Storm...... then days later Heavy rains at Sydney....... Whats next????? Anyway, The Pilots know what their Doing.... They Care for their Crews especially their Passengers Wich their Love ones are Waiting.
Edward Catton (10 months ago)
Flew this year for the first time since 1989, flew to Hervey Bay QLD, loved every minute of it, only problem is when coming in for landing the cabin pressure really gets to me, Least I saw my house in Sth Coogee on this video. Cheers.
peter glauser (10 months ago)
Auto throttle was working well to maintain air speed for approaching runway two five eg: runway number compass degrees heading for runway approaches
Ade King (9 months ago)
Hmmm! I was wondering how the pilot was able to manage the throttle with all that frequent thrust changes on short finals. I thought it would be manual input assuming autopilot is disconnected if not on autoland which I assume not in this case. Can autothrottle still function with autopilot off prior to landing?
den52 (10 months ago)
If you think that rough try land in Wellington NZ on a windy day
Roy O'Donnell (5 months ago)
Or on a calm day....
camoogoo (10 months ago)
2:49 i can see my house.
Blue Marshall (10 months ago)
And your neighbor too...
MOONLIGHT SHADOW (10 months ago)
Another happy landing.
angelo t (10 months ago)
Bush pilots get very little recognition. Try flying through heavy snow, rain and a challenging terrain. all that and landing in a parking lot in the middle of the Forrest.
Jose Manuel Cristovao (10 months ago)
Great and skilled landing according to weather condition.
Eric Giddio (10 months ago)
Pilots earn their keep on days like this...
Surfer at Apollo Bay (10 months ago)
Lot of throttle variations!!
tyredlie (10 months ago)
Nice squiggly flying over Wollongong.
Dave Elmy (10 months ago)
Sorry for the delay. turned this on about an hour ago, but just woke up
Incog Nito (10 months ago)
No music? No babbling commentary? You, sir, may be the finest videographer on YouTube.
bug productions (5 months ago)
I also agree.
itsmycontact (7 months ago)
i second that...
Chris Frame (10 months ago)
Thank you!
Sea Pilot (10 months ago)
Good JOB, Great footage. Knowing when to stay with the shot. You should send some of your pictures to www.airliners.net, I'm sure they will be well received
David Mulligan (10 months ago)
Forgive me for the noob question but what is with the continuous increasing/decreasing of the throttle? Does it just sound more dramatic than it is? The way the throttle increases makes it seem like the plane was about to fall out of the sky. Great video
David Palmer (10 months ago)
It appeared the wind was very gusty on the approach to land meaning it wasn't a continuous, steady windspeed the aircraft was flying into. The changes in engine thrust is made to compensate for the gusty conditions so the plane can maintain a steady approach speed until landing.
Vish (10 months ago)
It has to do with maintaining the landing glideslope and landing speed. Each plane (with a certain weight and body) has an optimal landing speed, say 180 knots, and the landing glideslope is usually a few degrees, say 3. If the plane is descending too rapidly, altitude can be increased by pulling back on the sidestick/column but that will cause the plane to slow down and the pilot flying will increase the throttle to maintain speed (and vice versa). On a clear day like this, the pilot is likely landing the plane manually (as opposed to using autoland etc.) and so has to constantly perform minor corrections to the throttle and controls to maintain airspeed, maintain runway heading and descend at the correct glideslope. It is true that on a windy day such as this, more such corrections are probably required, but they are a normal part of nearly every hand-flown landing.
Chris Frame (10 months ago)
David Mulligan Some others who have commented will have more flightdeck knowledge than I do but from the passenger seat it felt as if the winds were were pushing us away from the course needed to land on Rwy 25 and we seemed to periodically lose perhaps a bit more altitude than was desirable. Each time that happened the engines would spool up in resistance. The winds were very strong it caused the cancellation of many flights particularly smaller aircraft (many of the 717s and 737 flights seemed to be cancelled). But that’s definitely a layman’s terms explanation. Perhaps @Tony Morris could elaborate a bit more?
Leonard Conlan (10 months ago)
Piece of cake mate!Landed yesterday in Funchal,Madeira.Try that one!!!
12barmac (10 months ago)
Leonard Conlan (10 months ago)
@Blue Marshall No,Airbus 321.Porto is in the top five most dangerous airports in the world.Don't know what all the fuss is about.Piece of cake!!
Blue Marshall (10 months ago)
With a Kite?
Aviatorspot (10 months ago)
Great catch!
Jamie Kirkland (10 months ago)
Shite. Those engines sound a little scary.
Ivan Blakely (10 months ago)
Sydney just copes in ideal conditions. When the wind blows the wrong way it is a basket case. Lakes golf course looked nice.
Elizabeth Hemmett (10 months ago)
That was horrific!!! Those poor people
naynay& adele vg (10 months ago)
Good landing despite the turbulent weather .The pilots had a heavier than normal workload with many power setting changes during this approach.
Sideslip (9 months ago)
On an A330? Meh, autothrottle and fly the needles.
Paul Phibbs (10 months ago)
Normal landing. Shows the usefulness of the cross runway to cover wind conditions.
Tony Morris (10 months ago)
FWIW, I flew a 560kg aircraft that day and the next day, in Queensland. Wind was 40kt on the nose!
Geertje Hiemstra (10 months ago)
Tony Morris (10 months ago)
Mate, nice video! But I am going to be that guy and I hope that's OK. FYI, in Australia (and all ICAO countries), we don't call it runway twenty five. We call it runway two five.
Tony Morris (10 months ago)
@Chris FrameHaha yeah I noticed that too! We cool mate. I was just FYI for you and look forward to more interesting stuff! If you're really keen, I can send you to the documentation for this kinda stuff.
Chris Frame (10 months ago)
Thank you. I did know that and I should have known better with the audio but was rushing to get the video up and didn’t check it properly. I also said ‘finals’ rather than ‘final’ - oops 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
M (10 months ago)
It's "final", not "finals"
Chris Frame (10 months ago)
Thanks Miles.
Operations Computer (10 months ago)
he was heading straight for the numbers and ground effect got him and held him aloft for another 350metres
natskicakes (10 months ago)
Hey.. great video. Just wondering what you use to record? So clear!!
Chris Frame (10 months ago)
An iPhone 7 if you can believe it. 📱
Gerard Langton (10 months ago)
Mate you seen nothing yet Wellington N Z is the aviator ride theme park .
endwood (7 months ago)
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endwood (7 months ago)
@Gerard Langton missed a few English school classes did we?:-)
I LIKE (7 months ago)
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Gerard Langton (10 months ago)
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Thomas1980 (10 months ago)
wow.... very nice video!
Kate Ford (10 months ago)
Very cool
Robert Coleman (10 months ago)
Thanks chris,Wonderful vid,I love to see the wings flexing,Cheers bob.
bar10 ml (10 months ago)
Excellent. I would not have enjoyed being on the plane.
Deputy Executive Engineeer RWS & S Nrpm (10 months ago)
nice video