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WPAFW 2012 - Fender, Kyote and Mystery Otter

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Short footage from Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend with Fender, Kyote, and Mystery Otter, who later that evening let Spats nom on his salmon hehe. Recorded on a Samsung Galaxy SIII.
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Text Comments (15)
Acid"Dolfy"Reign (5 years ago)
yayayay! i am gonna be at WPAFW dis year! its gonna be my furst furcon eveh!
BloodySpeakout (6 years ago)
I just dont know
BecauseDragons (6 years ago)
where was this filmed? That park looks mega familiar!
Espyrooroo (6 years ago)
Fender wants a bigger Fire trUCK. ;)
EatenSniperGuy (6 years ago)
Lol. It's not easy finding fursuit makers on FA. I know that a lot of people take pictures of themselves in fursuits, but nobody really takes commissions on them anyway. (Besides, FA is my least favorite site due to false banning and cruel admins)
RaccoonFox186 (6 years ago)
furaffinity (dot) net
RaccoonFox186 (6 years ago)
Go to "furaffinity" then "fursuitmakerreviews"
aldiakaroofus (6 years ago)
So cute and funny!
Trance88 (6 years ago)
I love how Fender's mouth moves as he talks. It just adds to the animated-ness of his character.
EatenSniperGuy (6 years ago)
Thank you Spats!
Spats Bear (6 years ago)
There are a lot of fursuit makers out there. I had both of mine made by Roofur (roofur dot com) I can't find a single dedicated list off hand, but this is something I could help you research other fursuit makers. And you can make your own. There are some tutorials on YouTube from Matricies, user is MatricesOddity.
Zane Wuffy (6 years ago)
incredible video quality dood~
Spats Bear (6 years ago)
I love the S III. I just rooted it the other day. Still playing around with it. There were 3 furry conventions this weekend. One right here in Pittsburgh, one in Columbus, OH, and one in Seattle, WA. Mystery Otter here made it to 2 apparently in one day.
EatenSniperGuy (6 years ago)
Love the video spats! Any tips on where to find a fursuit, or how to make one?
Ryanny Dragonwolf (6 years ago)
i like fender he is funny