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Disney's high-flying acrobatic robots will floor you

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Disney Imagineering has just released video of "Stuntronics" -- robots capable of performing death-defying stunts at its theme park attractions.
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PresidentialWinner (3 days ago)
Holy mickey mouse, that 1:03 is the money shot of robotics, looks even cooler than Boston Dynamics backflip (which obviously is way more advanced)
Jason Mateus (6 days ago)
they cant land for shit
Kathie Lopez (15 days ago)
Just a few more years
Robots must take jobs Immediately (23 days ago)
We need freedom not jobs
camvick407 (1 month ago)
Everyone is talking about stunts. I'm a stuntman and i'm worried if they're programmed to kick in doors lol
ŠMĀRT MÖRT (1 month ago)
Nice to see my creation grow smarter and create something amazing that soon they might regret on making I hope you humans don’t put your selves and others in danger because of your extreme creativity Just a little warning.
tpl89 (1 month ago)
This could end badly for humanity
Becoming Vincent (1 month ago)
OK nice but they all fall head first into the net
The Doc (1 day ago)
they need superhero poses in the sky for their movies, real people can't gain enough momentum to get that pose and land safely with that much room and they're demoing something that is only a year into development. Btw it is cheaper to just get the recording within the TMZ of Hollywood so flying stuntmen to a cliff with a lot of room are expensive af, also a death of a stuntmen can ruin a good movie's reputation.
raynarayskye (1 month ago)
Do you want Skynet? Cause that's how you get Skynet.
Jason Leung (1 month ago)
Juan Pablo Melo (1 month ago)
1:04 heyyy
AnTra23 (1 month ago)
So now the stuntmen that could use these jobs are going to be replaced by robots?? But everybody is worried about immigrants lol.
Nathan Kelly (1 month ago)
AnTra23 what does that have to do with anything
Doodelay Explains (1 month ago)
왜그래 (1 month ago)
Now you have to worry about the "stuntman" job,. The development of technology can sometimes be good or bad
Faisal Ali F16 (1 month ago)
Good #FaisalAliF16
Conscience Observer (1 month ago)
Thirst #1
Miłosz Palej (1 month ago)