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UPS drivers tackle holiday week

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CNNMoney spends the day with UPS as they deliver hundreds of thousands of packages in the final days of the holiday season.
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Text Comments (20)
xxSavagexx Xx (7 months ago)
Immediately go into driving without having to wait ? Must be nice
Ron Don (8 months ago)
I dare you prick at CNN to do a video about the part time seasonal bitches that have to work for 10 bucks and hour doing slave work. Hahaha they only show the old timers that have made it already. Typical bullshit.
Alexis Javier (8 months ago)
lol true, but hey, being a seasonal driver helper is fucking easy as fuck compared to a fastfood rest.
Ron Don (8 months ago)
Yo man I am supposed to do an interview with UPS and fuck it man Im gonna skip that shit. Fuck my life I got enough saved to live for about 2 years I might just wait until I can get a factory job around here from a new factory coming in to town. Fuck man. Im a bit of a fat boi but mah man I can hit up a gym every morning. Idk man tough times for capitalism because of all the addiction to technology and other things. Greed etc... Whatever happen to making a quality product with pride and knowing your neighbors and farming our own food. Now we are only focused on profit, hate or dont know our neighboors, and we eat poison. Fuck this life man. I might hide out with my 35k I got saved that will let me live for 2 years hopefully Jesus comes back by 2 years man.
Eddie Guizar (2 months ago)
Ron Don Lol gotta work somewhere man. I just started part time as a package handler and the drivers at ups got a lot of shit to do but the pay is great, most look miserable though honestly and I'd probably be miserable too.
Bikash Rai (11 months ago)
UPS is not just a job is career
Labinot Elshani (1 year ago)
Their drivers are thieves they steal packages left and right
ghayath2011 (1 year ago)
What is the average starting salary for a UPS driver?
Larry Martin (7 months ago)
the average would be about 70-90k a year.
Alexander Edward Pytko (1 year ago)
+Andrew Taylor No, I think that's the starting salary for part-timers. UPS is more than just drivers, they have package handlers (loaders, unloaders and sorters). I think with drivers, the starting salary is like $16.50.
Andrew Taylor (1 year ago)
I think Like $9.50 depending on what state you are in.
clonewars22 (1 year ago)
How was he a driver for his entire UPS career?? Everyone starts as a preloaded, local sort or supervisor.
James Scott (10 months ago)
Street hire
Randy Fields (2 years ago)
I delivered 977,six bulk stops and then did 7misroutes then at 300pm grabbed my their car of the day and did 97 stops of res.Yeah today.in July lol
tacoburger5 (3 years ago)
My dad offers our garage for ups every christmas . They store packages there and deliver by foot
Travis Kono (3 years ago)
Im a UPS Driver helper I did about 456 pieces today! It's insane!
RzVids (7 months ago)
Eggerman Julianne impossible, that can't fit on one truck.
Eggerman Julianne (2 years ago)
I did over 1,000 in one day
Ryan (5 years ago)
it's nice to see a good video for ups.. instead of all the crap being posted over the past few weeks.