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UPS Workers Delivering Overtime To Meet Online Purchasing Demands

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UPS workers may have to work up to 70 hours in an eight-day period in order to deliver products purchased via the Internet over the holidays. Susie Steimle reports. (12/4/17)
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Binvesting Multfamely (18 days ago)
Not safe
stan blank (2 months ago)
I used to work for FedEx ground and we would get pretty busy but I really felt sorry for the UPS guy's you would see them out there 9 at night still delivering but they do make damn good money but you still got to get your rest I think them guys are way over worked
Hei Hei (5 months ago)
This was all done intentionally so UPS could justify the new 22.4 drivers in the new contract.
BigBuckGetter (1 year ago)
UPS worker was killed on December 15,2017 at the Doraville, Ga. hub.
Ricky Ricardo (1 year ago)
And you'll get fired if you have an accident, even if it wasn't preventable. Tired drivers are a huge hazard to the public. I think all drivers should go on strike, for un-safe working environment and work place harassment.
Cricket Cricket (6 months ago)
Ricky Ricardo ....Amen!
Alan Bang (1 year ago)
amazon contract drivers are the worst freaking speed racer parking illegally and speeding.....👎👎👎
723lion (1 year ago)
UPS people work hard, but 70 hrs in a 8 day duration is nothing and meets code.
UndergroundTechnique (8 months ago)
723lion Have you done it?
Huevo Duro702 (1 year ago)
Yeah here in Vegas we're being forced to work 70 hours
Ryan Giron (1 year ago)
on top of that Bay Area traffic. i feel bad for these guys.