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12 of the World’s Most Insane Engineering Marvels

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From Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope to Hong Kong International Airport here are 12 of the World’s Most Insane Engineering Marvels. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 6. Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope Along with the Hubble Space Telescope Chandra is one of NASA’s most advanced space observatories. Chandra has advanced astronomers knowledge of stars, galaxies, black holes and the origin of life inducing elements. It was appropriately and fittingly named after Indian-American astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, whose work on black holes earned him a Nobel Prize in physics in 1983. Originally launched in 1999 the observatories longevity and scientific value has made it one of NASA’s most successful missions. In 2014 Chandra observed the awe-inspiring Tycho supernova remnant, which was created by the explosion of a white dwarf star. 5. Shasta Dam Stretching mightily across the Sacramento River in Northern California construction of the Shasta Dam took place from 1938 to 1945. Once completed it would back up water for over 35 miles to form Shasta Lake, California’s largest reservoir and a place that is visited by millions of vacationers annually. Frank Crowe, who had just helped finish the Hoover Dam oversaw the entire project, which included 4,700 workers building what was the second largest concrete dam in the country. Twelve million tons of gravel was needed for the project. Luckily a substantial supply was located in the nearby city of Redding. To transport this large quantity of gravel the world’s longest conveyor belt was constructed. It was 9.6 miles long and operated 24/7 for several years. 4. Millau Viaduct Soaring high above the clouds, the world was captivated by the Millau Viaduct when it opened in December 2004. The idea that the viaduct only took three years to build is almost as astounding as the bridge itself. Towers on the incredible structure rise to a height of one thousand one hundred and twenty-five feet, making it the tallest bridge in the world. Seven pillars weighing 700 tons each were built for the project that had to be placed in exactly the right place for the bridge to be a success. Multiple satellite signals were used to help pinpoint the right spots for the pillars to be placed. Bridge specialist Michel Virlogeux and renowned British architect Norman Foster were employed to design the Millau Viaduct which is widely regarded as an engineering marvel that has no equal. 3. Hubble Space Telescope Anytime you hear news about a new distant star or planet found in outer space it was likely discovered with the use of the Hubble Space Telescope, which has rested in low Earth orbit since 1990. It's named after Edwin Hubble, who took the largest telescopes of his day to the Mt. Wilson Observatory near Pasadena, California and discovered countless unknown planets and galaxies in the 1920’s. Experts have published over fourteen thousand scientific papers using data from the space telescope, making it one of the most productive instruments of science in history. At launch, it weighed twenty-four thousand pounds, and today it is twenty-seven thousand pounds and 43.5 feet long. 2. Hong Kong International Airport Though the Kansai International Airport in Japan was the first to be entirely built on an artificial island when it opened in 1994, it lies on soft land that has been sinking much more quickly than anticipated, ultimately making the project a potentially colossal failure. The Hong Kong International Airport went a lot better. The project took six years and around twenty billion dollars to build making it one of the biggest projects in the aviation industry. It lies on Chek Lap Kok, an island that is mostly made of land reclaimed for the construction of the airport. The 24-hour airport is one of the busiest in the world and holds one of the Earth’s largest passenger terminal buildings 1. ISS The International Space Station is not only the largest human-made object in orbit, but it also represents a collaboration of nations around the world. Five space agencies (NASA, Russia’s Roscosmos (ross cosmos), the European Space Agency, The Canadian Space Agency and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency) representing fifteen countries were involved in constructing the one hundred billion dollar station. The structure was taken and built piece by piece in orbit and has been continuously occupied since November 2, 2000. Current plans call for ISS to be in operation until 2024, by which time some of its first components will be nearly three decades old.
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Brandon Pastras (1 day ago)
You got it wrong about how America started the Panama Canal first. That is not correct. They picked up after the French failed. Mention the French!! God lol
William Battermann (3 days ago)
It should be Grand Coulee Dam not Shasta. They did not do their research.
larry derkach (4 days ago)
Very interesting content. But I can't convert the units into SI quickly enough to appreciate the enthusiastic exclamations about dimensions. Perhaps this is aimed for a limited audience that excludes most of the world.
gustavo arturo gonzález (13 days ago)
Itaipu Dam? ???
R. B.L. (15 days ago)
The Panama Cannel was begun by the French
Super Trump (18 days ago)
Why are you sayin bad things about the Three Gorges Dam? Are you racist? Are you prejudiced? You know it takes a lot of work to build those things right? This is a big electrical power leap for them.
Andrew (20 days ago)
Background music is too loud and annoying.
Alexander Zacarias (23 days ago)
Dustyn Miller (25 days ago)
Anyone else think somthing is wrong on earth??
Owen Picton (27 days ago)
Can you get rid of that stupid noise or music in the back-ground?   It's VERY distracting.   Let us hear what the speaker is saying without that STUPID noise   in the back-ground. He is a good speaker speaking on a good topic.   Please Just leave it plain and quiet in the back-ground.   NO NOISE OF ANY KIND. PLEASE, PLEASE, Thank You.?
Puranjai Singh (1 month ago)
Anybody has the song name ?
Darrin Fraser (1 month ago)
Great video but the music track is way to loud and hard to hear the voice. I actually stopped listening....
Rogue Khan (1 month ago)
Are u trying show the marvels or trying to prove they were a bag joke??
pold (1 month ago)
1:52 its the wrong map. Its not Basel it’s Genève.
Stephan Wölcher (1 month ago)
Please, please, please make sure to research the topics you are talking or let someone check the script with your reach its even more important to make sure what you say is based on facts
David Strickland (1 month ago)
My phone
Nameunderscor (1 month ago)
Panama Canal was started way before then by the French and completed by America, so many factual errors in this video too it’s like you didn’t even do any research
João Paulo Almeida (1 month ago)
Hong Kong its not in JAPAN. Not even close.
Michael Brennan (1 month ago)
Yellow fever
bob mar (1 month ago)
This is a pretty lousy video. Don't waste your time watching it.
Kiso Hinoki (1 month ago)
Please dont talk about CERN and its physics if you dont have a clue. What is a "mini black hole"? It is a made up pseudo science mumbo jumbo.
Zeg Zeazon (1 month ago)
_I don't understand the _*_rankings!_* Moreover, *commentaries* are not only *_parroty_* at best, like reading nonsensically to some gibberish. Worst, the *substance* we are getting from this video is no more than what an *ignoramus* could muster! 👎
Robert Holland (1 month ago)
In straining to hear the narrator over the music, I find it funny that he seems to suggest that anything that was built in the U.S. is good, but if it was built in another country it causes environmental issues or is badly designed.
Anibal Carranza (1 month ago)
Great video but #1 is fake
M5S (1 month ago)
Ma in fondo cosa intendi? stai cercando i capelli nell'uovo su opere che sono l'estrema forma di miglioramento e avanzamento della scienza umana. Ma non hai nient'altro da fare? ci sono molte terre incolte, forse questa è la tua motivazione ideale per la tua esistenza sulla terra.
casey m (1 month ago)
It was yellow fever, not malaria
Vinay Achutuni (1 month ago)
Buff Barnaby (1 month ago)
Large Hardon Collider...my wanger.
Buff Barnaby (1 month ago)
Melting ice caps will drown those islands LOL
Dung Tran (2 months ago)
China Damn #1!
Isaac Huege de Serville (2 months ago)
Two particles does not a black hole make.
jim vftynbh (2 months ago)
MUSIC TO LOUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oldodger gray (2 months ago)
Great facts but the "narration" sucks. It must be a computer talking.....NOT Subscribing
Amdyaz (2 months ago)
The video presentation was a bit off tbh could finish through it barley I think it's due to your fast paced voice and lack of information you provide you failed to mention the countries of some of the marvels if you gonna present an info pleas do it fully and correctley
Qing Wang (2 months ago)
An American dam is so damn different with a Chinese dam.
Jakob Mikkelsen (2 months ago)
Am I the only one getting tics about him saying KERN and not CERN?
Eros Angelos (2 months ago)
robot talking with nonsense music ,who cares about it ,,I am surprised some individuals had a weird imagination when making a video for all to hear and watch ,I guess they never watch and listen themselves before to put into the Youtube air ,,sad but true,, I like the wonders and so I watched with Volume shut )) thanks for the video anyway.
Donavan LoForte (2 months ago)
Facts!!!!!! Now I remember why I unsubscribed. False Facts!!!!!!!
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sarcasmo57 (2 months ago)
No competent physicist is worried about the LHC creating a black hole that could destroy the Earth. I have stopped watching.
Will Lockwood (2 months ago)
Rising seas are starting to reclaim this land
Ken Nickels (2 months ago)
Please lose the music. It's annoying and serves no purpose whatsoever.
Renaissance People NYC (2 months ago)
Horrible music and annoying voice...UGH!
jaeden Drake (2 months ago)
No scientist is concerned about the LHC creating an Earth-destroying black hole.
helena russel (2 months ago)
DRS (2 months ago)
It did not take 200 years to build the channel tunnel! They started work on it in 1988 and finished it in 1994... Also your video depicts someone cycling through what you imply to be the channel tunnel. However, it is only open to trains and maintenance/emergency vehicles.
M Ray (2 months ago)
Thanks, very interesting.
John Cass (2 months ago)
B O R I N G!!!!!!!!!
Russ Gallagher (2 months ago)
LHC is the world's most powerful particle accelerator? You haven't seen Chuck Norris FART!
wodan74 (2 months ago)
jeeeeez, stupid jump cut montage! Add pause between sentences.... longer pause between chapters...
Pablo Aguila (2 months ago)
Carlos J. Finlay, a Cuban, discover the transmission of malaria by a mosquito. Read all about it and how the USA, later on, recognize how the American historians ignored Finlay for decades.
Grafton Hale (3 months ago)
The Millau Viaduct looks quite impressive.  The part on it would have been more informative if you had mentioned exactly where Millau is!
GranddadTed Indy (3 months ago)
Good content, but impossible to hear over the "noise" that probably passes as music to someone. Had to stop before finish. Totally annoying.
Triplex Longueuil (3 months ago)
It's nice because huge dams in China create all sorts of environmental problems ..... but not in the U.S. of A. :-)
Lin Y (3 months ago)
It's funny people brag about the LHC firing protons at great speeds, um I can turn on my flashlight and go faster
Dale Parker (3 months ago)
Maybe get a vocal coach to teach you how to read your script, and/or an editor to tell you when your narration is weak. Plus some fact checkers.
thomas (3 months ago)
That ship Ferrell wheel moving the ship to another close Chanel. Is impressive, Probably diffrent water heights.
SMaze17 (3 months ago)
How do you not include the Hoover Dam in this list yet you include the Shasta Dam? Ridiculous.
Justice NDOU (3 months ago)
the thing that neil degrasse is concerned about the accelerator creating mini black holes is incorrect
Ironfangzu (3 months ago)
Shasta Damn in USA, wonderful, created improvements, tourist attractions...3 Gorges Dam..ecological disaster blah blah, displaced millions, blah blah.  List the @#$@# Engineering Marvels and leave the political commentary to political channels!!  No one needs your editorial comments.
iumijmk,uji iumijmk,uji (3 months ago)
i hate the way this narrator guy goes all "fifty six t-tTHOUSSANDD" "three hundred and seventy five MMILLIONN" every chance he gets, i couldn't event finish the video
Andrew Kelly (3 months ago)
You are an idiot. And coming from another idiot that means you are double idiot.
ARIC wu (3 months ago)
bias video
Morten Jensen (3 months ago)
Regarding the malaria program that saved the Panama canal project. Here they poured oil into lakes, swamps and rivers. So with all you talk about the environment...... I think The Transsibirien Railway is missing in the lineup.
Steven Shull (3 months ago)
By the way, I checked out the rest of your videos...you should really think about getting rid of your whole crappy channel. If you're looking for attention, you should maybe try going out in public, during daytime
Veritas Est Lux (3 months ago)
*As usual: Only Whites and Asians around the world manage to engineer such great things. Africans and the others are left sucking their thumbs like retards because of their ultra-low I.Qs.*
Scooter (3 months ago)
Maybe just talk about the engineering marvels next time instead of preaching how horrible they are for the environment. We get it. Human construction projects are bad for the environment. We get it, okay? Got it. No need to keep repeating it again and again. I'm here because of your misleading title, I want to see some insane engineering marvels, not be preached at how bad everything is for the damn environment.
Luis Bernardo Monroy Jaramillo (3 months ago)
Interesting, but there is an annoying bass line in the back
Heli Heli (3 months ago)
Converting metric to imperial units is easy, I don't understand why people complain, especially when this is an American channel.
Douglas Skaalrud (3 months ago)
Hey Talltanic, can't read history? The French started the Panama canal but failed to solve the problem of flooding from the Chagres river. Only after the French lost financing did the U.S. buy up the assets and start to finish the canal. Get your facts straight.
Mohammed Mujtaba Ahmed (3 months ago)
How does this dumb channel has 2 million followers 😂
Tricia K (3 months ago)
I thought I'd clicked for engineering marvels, not some guy complaining about them - AND THEN GETTING HIS FACTS WRONG!😒
Andy Hay. (3 months ago)
Whats with the hangman music . Leave gaps between sentences, you sound like a malfunctioning robot.
Walter Wilkins (3 months ago)
Gotta agree with the call for metric; keep it clear, simple and as universal as possible. I’ve been to a few of these engineering “marvels” and I have to ask: Why is big so easily equated with marvelous? Anyway, one more “big” project worth a mention is The Confederation Bridge linking Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick, Canada. Google it - quite amazing.
Thomas Mathieson (4 months ago)
I am blown away by the stupidity of having the throbbing noise in the background while we are trying to hear the speaker.
Misfits74 (4 months ago)
The model to test if the Falkirk wheel would work was made from the Lego of the architect/engineer's children....brilliant eh!?
chazz Lucas (4 months ago)
LOW EARTH ORBIT IS 4,500 TO 6,000 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT ..... SO WHAT THE HELL IS THE HUBBLE TELESCOPE MADE OF ? LOL... And what about the Panama Canal or the Suez Canal ? Retard
chazz Lucas (4 months ago)
Armadillo (4 months ago)
music is unbearable
Rogier is hier (4 months ago)
you are really forgetting the Dutch delta works...
Webb walle (4 months ago)
IPconfigEARTH (4 months ago)
Brendan Walker (4 months ago)
Literally every single thing you just pointed out issues that you thought of yourself. Instead of mentioning the positives of three gorges damn for example you literally only mentioned the downturns. Dickhead
chazz Lucas (4 months ago)
Hey Brendan Walker did they have to tear down your house and neighborhood to build that dam ?.... If not than you know what you have to do .... RIGHT ???????
Chem (4 months ago)
Use metric units, you monkey!
Ásgeir Loftsson (4 months ago)
leave out the environmental crying
alastair john (4 months ago)
don't take the products of great scientific endeavour and dishonour those involved with lazy cometary just to rip people on this poorly researched parasitic populist click bait. shame on you!!
alastair john (4 months ago)
tyson and hawking were NOT concerned about the lhc creating a black hole don't lie!
nabzim (4 months ago)
Shasta is pronounced "shaw-stuh" not sha-stuh (like the 'a' in "ass"), its Shasta where 'a' sounds like the 'o' in "rock lobster".
DEVARMONT7 (4 months ago)
$100B on the ISS and morons still think the earth is flat. Looks like they didn't spend enough.
MariaOcto (4 months ago)
Title needs to have "Modern" added to it. Otherwise, the Great Pyramid of Giza is definitely missing from the list. Even today, it accounts as an insane engineering marvel that surpasses several on this list.
Nathanael McCooeye (4 months ago)
I love the music!
wakeer100 (4 months ago)
We get it. Every single project destroys the earth. This is just propaganda.
Jorge Manso (4 months ago)
We should need nothing, these Engineering Marvels are all bullshit as we could all be God. perfect, eternal... Let us out of here... Over infinite time, Physics and Chemistry created biology.. biology created us, after 4 000 000 000 years of evolution... We are the victims, and victimizers of that UNINTELLIGENT process, as we were created IMPERFECT, in an IMPERFECT environment for us... We are the prisoners, rapists, orphans, murderers, blind, drunk, retarded, homeless, losers, sick, of this reality that we do not control nor understand totally... We are IMPERFECT, because our design is so, not because we want to be IMPERFECT... We are a problem to ourselves...as we create all our sickness and misery!...by PROCREATING...is that not idiotic, ridiculous? There is PERFECTION before we are born!.. Please understand this: There is PERFECTION before we are born!.. Do not impose this stupid life on others, be kind, intelligent merciful... End imperfection...create perfection.... Let's be The Savior......Let's be perfect... If you liked this message, pass it on, show others what life is really about, copy, then paste this message, make your own, post them on YouTube comments section.... Became a fighter for the ultimate cause...PERFECTION.... Welcome..... . Learn the facts, watch the playlist... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivUMiPq1-Qo&list=PLEY-6zOqLhRH71MWn_Q9pQjEExznjsHMK&t=150s&index=1
Janus Wrangel (5 months ago)
Metric please
abidin hossini (5 months ago)
Ass hol Arab terrorist
Kevin Michael Callihan Sr. (5 months ago)
Strategy architects at work via naamm.org/emma. A nice advert.
Nirmal Rana (5 months ago)
please change background music...It's drawing down my energy.
J F (5 months ago)
Nice video but next time, please use the metric system
1000 subs with no videos challange (5 months ago)
2:06 rip Hawking
HuntedRanger (5 months ago)
"largest man made island" what about flevoland in the netherlands