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How Disposable Nappies/Diapers Are Made

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The production process of making disposable nappies or diapers. Most parents can't do without them but at what cost to the environment?
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D G (6 months ago)
This video is obsolete, the only reason P&G allowed it to be filmed was because the method used to make the diapers is antiquated. They have newer machines that use totally different methods, and materials, can accommodate a ton of new diaper features not possible on machines like the one shown here, and they move at about 10 times the speed shown here. They produce diapers at SUCH a high rate of speed, that much of the process can only be seen when filmed and slowed down many times.
rishi rishi (1 year ago)
I made diper
Mark Lin (7 months ago)
I made diaper machines in China. Can you contact me for machine? My what's app number is +8618759907603
Varun Garg (2 years ago)
Interested can anyone guide me
Nate Krieger (2 years ago)
Wish they still made diapers the classic, vintage plastic way...w.designs just on top of diaper!!!!!!! NOT like they do now w.designs all around the diaper.
Laurel Cook (2 years ago)
Well at least you don't have to wash soiled rags.
ReRe K (2 years ago)
a mother just curious abt how nappies are made. thankz
V Vegan (3 years ago)
can you send me the full video from Nat Geo? Also do you know the manufacturer of this machine?
raaga puo (4 years ago)
Good stuff
charles daher (5 years ago)
Hi, Please advise on the equipment for a complete diaper line. Please send me the specifications ant the costing of the equipment. Thanking you in advance.
张欢 (4 years ago)
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Nick Qiu (4 years ago)
@张欢 jiayou xiaopengyou
张欢 (4 years ago)
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Nick Qiu (4 years ago)
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BloodSwiper (6 years ago)
Soo.. As child i weared wood... :0
Ravi Sheopory (6 years ago)
Hi Fi Diappers in this 21st Century !!
Brad Sullivan (8 years ago)
HAHAHHA in Northern Canada where im from a "Nappie" is a black person LOL
Alex payton (8 years ago)
can i have the whole pack!!!!
Marie-Hélène Bilodeau (8 years ago)
Thanks! I'll never use these though! So much waste!
Anna (8 years ago)
I don't mind any type of "How its made" :D Even if its disposable diapers!
Vuong Ho (8 years ago)
triwood upload more please :)
NaturalRights (8 years ago)
Bonnie Hanna (8 years ago)
YAYYYYYY :) I love these videos. They're always so interesting.
Maryanne M (8 years ago)
interesting... there's another "how it's made" of diapers... this is a different way... thanks for sharing :D
Walter Edmund (8 years ago)
Thanks for the upload Triwood!
LegendaryWaterBottle (8 years ago)
Patrick Johnson (8 years ago)
Gotta love How its made.. =]
IMTIYAZ GJ (8 years ago)
atlast after years