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Text Comments (59)
jeff lee (2 days ago)
Here in the States we have, at minimum, gravel shoulders
Residential Dirt Work (4 days ago)
Why do I never see this machines in the USA? We always seem to be behind when it comes to infrastructure and construction equipment.
Becky Watt (9 hours ago)
Residential Dirt Work Rewilding is what they call it.
Elizabeth Britton (3 days ago)
UK says hold my beer on that one. Even back before 1770 Brits were whinging about the shitty state of our roads. best answer is there's not enough tax investment into infrastructure to fund these vehicles. Taxing the rich properly would fix that for both countries.
TheWelshy83 (10 days ago)
The narrator sounds the smarmiest cunt going. Bet hes got a fucking quiff comb over with 'trendy' thick rimmed glasses
Hartmut Wenzel (11 days ago)
Gibt's das Video auch auf Deutsch?
Dwight Arnold (15 days ago)
Pennsylvania is to cheap 2 even watch this video
Michael Washington (16 days ago)
Great video 👍 at first I thought it was RC scales. LMAO 😂
Steffen Reimer (17 days ago)
fake movies, just copy/paste:......why this kind of stupid people fill YP with garbage?
john turner (17 days ago)
500 meters of road, repaired in 30 minutes sounds better than 1km per hour.
XxTransferxX Q LCL (20 days ago)
NY uses those sweepers lol but a different vehicle though
Colton King (20 days ago)
Omg everything is on another level
Gajendra Kumar (23 days ago)
Hey, don't mind but could you please tell me the name of the first music in the video during roadside milling machine
iTz_Adrian _ (19 days ago)
Sturati le orecchie - Fratelli Stellari
forbidden pollo (23 days ago)
3:19 how is that a problem?
armyoftwo 395 (16 days ago)
Problem is it will take people jobs
me999 (24 days ago)
Too many ads. Downvote.
Albion Misini (26 days ago)
Иначе е много трудно да намеря решението за това как да не е така че няма проблем с компютъра ще ме до хотела и намерихме барчето в момента се намира в близост до хотела и намерихме съвсем скоро ще се възстановят и да е така е много трудно да се определи дали е много трудно да повярваш в себе съм убеден и намерихме съвсем скоро ще се възстановят на.
Leo Lemieux (26 days ago)
please change the intro music every once in a while please. its starting to get annoying
Mandy Davis (26 days ago)
so cool
Chad DeVerger (1 month ago)
That 3rd one with the snow, those track wheels are terrible for ice and snow. It's very easy to slip and lose controls. Every big snow plow guy I know all said the same thing.
Pringles (1 month ago)
7:16 Bayareabuggs throwback anyone?
Bryce Kallenbach (2 days ago)
When times were much simpler
westsideofNorway (21 days ago)
ha! yeah
forbidden pollo (23 days ago)
bigboybev (1 month ago)
Does the US not have any equipment that is ingenious or incredible or anything close? All of these videos are from Germany or Italy or where ever.
bigboybev (1 month ago)
Austin T. -Good point!
Austin T. (1 month ago)
We have spaceships.
Penguins (1 month ago)
30 and 65 centimeters. Screw you USA you have failed me with this crappy measurement system.
Tomato Headed (23 days ago)
Penguins blame it on orange man
J Haugh (1 month ago)
too many ads
ME GUSTA (2 months ago)
I need the skid mark machine for my underwear
Ronald Allen (2 months ago)
BiONiC_Dave (2 months ago)
Excuse me but there seems to be a video playing on your 7 ads.
William Baynes (2 months ago)
You'd think with all this modern technology for road repairs etc our roads would be in good shape! Well not in UK I drive a lot in Hampshire and Dorset. Pot holes are everywhere! Thousands of them!
sarah tompkins (2 months ago)
melissa newman (2 months ago)
Techzone, Please do a face reveal!
Chase McNeil (2 months ago)
Finally a tech zone video that's not just workers and there tools!
jordan bailey (2 months ago)
I thought the machine to remove skid marks was the washing machine
Kyanberu sama (2 months ago)
I swear someones aaaaalways got their dog in a robot video
chaya c (2 months ago)
It’s nice idea it will be in India then it’s too good I don’t no when India will clean like this ?
Atta Atta (2 months ago)
Atta Atta (2 months ago)
SANDIP NIKAM (2 months ago)
Grand Man (2 months ago)
Robot good and well which takes People’s jobs so I take i5 the Robot has new jobs for the people it has made redundant
Russell Anderson (2 months ago)
Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up
Kurt Capistrano (2 months ago)
the future is coming
Woodytv (2 months ago)
Woodytv (2 months ago)
Stan Horden (2 months ago)
Khalique Prescott (2 months ago)
Rogue Anime (2 months ago)
I want the snow-bot & I live in FLORIDA!! lol ~V~
The Protocol (2 months ago)
NASA had this already in '69 when they landed on earth....
Shadow Gaming (2 months ago)
все умрут а я ГРЕЙПФРУТ (2 months ago)
Timothy Park (2 months ago)
Hypernova (2 months ago)
Omg i lv your vids
Hypernova (2 months ago)
This world rlly is amazing
Shahbaz Shiralkar (2 months ago)
Amazing 😍