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SIGN UP TO THE MAILING LIST FOR EXCLUSIVE ACCESS! ► http://bit.ly/2vnIxFg the (almost) DAILY VLOG - ep 230. Jordan Brand sent us the MOST INSANE sneaker package. A super dope package with super dope Jordan sneakers. As you can see from the thumbnail this is one of the Jordan 1 Like Mike from the Gatorade Pack. Check it out and see for yourself. Thanks for watching as always. Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share! WANT TO SEND US SOMETHING? FOAMER SIMPSON PO BOX 5513 CLEARWATER, FL 33758 CONNECT WITH FOAMIE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/itsfoamie IG ► http://full.sc/1b2RF27 Twitter ► http://full.sc/H8tB5t Facebook ► http://full.sc/H8txms CONNECT WITH BUCKETS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/thouartbuckets IG ► http://bit.ly/2pIaGW8 OUR CAMERA EQUIPMENT: Canon 70D ► http://bit.ly/2iBV3if DJI Phantom 4 ► http://bit.ly/2iBQ7da Tascam DR-40 Audio ► http://bit.ly/2iBUbdD Canon G7X ► http://bit.ly/2iBYcyu Rode Shotgun Mic ► http://bit.ly/2iBKYlA Tamron 24-70 MM ► http://bit.ly/2iBXVMh Sigma 105 mm Macro Lens ► http://bit.ly/2iBYDZE MUSIC ► CARDIN - PLAY
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Text Comments (187)
Armike Bengco (2 days ago)
like mike
Armike Bengco (2 days ago)
LOLed immediately when Buckets said spray-tanned meerkat! LOL
Tambo Landia (15 days ago)
Got them yesterday and I'm happy with the materials. Dope. Like Mike
Mike Wang (20 days ago)
like mike
YoungKBandz (20 days ago)
like mike
harry thomas (20 days ago)
This echo noise is so annoying, please fix for the next video guys. Makes you want to turn off. 😫
Thebasketballsloth12 (20 days ago)
Like mike
Michael Okoro (21 days ago)
like mike
Hackel (21 days ago)
like mike
Rafa Lol (22 days ago)
You dumb fucks talk to much dumb shit meerkat wtf
Roy Jimenez (22 days ago)
Why do the lemon limes have raw leather showing on all edges and the other Colorway don't? Is it a mode premium leather?
InZaneKicks (22 days ago)
Buckets getting in on the references,must be the studio. like mike
Van Willjamz (22 days ago)
like mike
Kamahni Kinley (23 days ago)
Worlds longest sip
Tyius Mckinney (23 days ago)
like mike
Corb Absorb (24 days ago)
I like the light blue 1s the most
Trust the Process (24 days ago)
LiKe MikE
Desmond Bradley (24 days ago)
Like Mike
Sneaks 808 (24 days ago)
Dope vid as usual. Finished off the year with the lemon lime & orange peel 1’s, obsidian AM1, Blue tints, and country camo 97’s. Congrats on the studio. Like Mike
Kick Head (21 days ago)
Sneaks 808 that’s dope I ended up with uptempos, alpha bounce, jordan 11 win like 96
Lucky2.3 (24 days ago)
I will definitely be down to travel and visit the studio
Nigel Arokiya (24 days ago)
You guys need to fix the acoustics of the studio before making any more videos
Julian Magdaleno (25 days ago)
Like friggin mike.
stephentherarabear (25 days ago)
That Bob Ross is straight 38 fire emojis
Frank Prokop (25 days ago)
Like mike
23tetus (25 days ago)
Like Mike. Congrats on the new set! Keep the good work, always!
SoleyGhost24 (25 days ago)
Like Mike Btw I'm liking lemon lime and grape and blue. I might try for them if not I finished off the year with human race, yeezy beluga 2.0, Kobe 8 be Nice beach, win like 82 and silver bullet og I had a great year In sneaks
Ryan Kelly (25 days ago)
Like mike!
Franco Cerella (25 days ago)
That gift is fire... I wish they sold it..I'm a big Jordan, Gatorade era..
Shawn Dailey (25 days ago)
Like Mike
jaythebest1115 (25 days ago)
like mike
Jeremy Newman (25 days ago)
Like Mike. The Tan, Jersey shore juice head analogy was insightful, fellas 👌🏼😂
Austin Kliewer (26 days ago)
Like mike
Eric Esterline (26 days ago)
Like Mike
MM Filters (26 days ago)
Like Mike and my last buy was the blue tints if I'm not gettin the jays
Orion Giff (26 days ago)
When will you guys be opening up, I’m coming down to Florida this summer to celebrate me graduating and getting into the U of Oregon
MrSelby28 (26 days ago)
It’s about time they got away from the retros and tried something new. They have a nice range of colors for these. I might get my hands on those footscape utilities 😬
Blueprints Sportz (26 days ago)
like mike
Blueprints Sportz (26 days ago)
whens that shirt releasing
Jake Skinner (26 days ago)
like mike
Jordan Mitchell (26 days ago)
Love you guys. Not so much the sneaker pack.
Judy Panda (26 days ago)
when will you upload the video for the jordan 11s from Yeskicks.cn?
Cutiepop (26 days ago)
Like mike
Pancho Rojo (26 days ago)
All the gatorade pack is trash except for the Jordan 6's
R Russell (26 days ago)
i mess with those
Jonathan Penister (27 days ago)
A Dunn (27 days ago)
Those actually ok 🤔 but those 6s are 38 🔥 going after those first before anything else. Thanks for the video and as always Salute bro 👊🏽 and salute to young buckets esquire aka hype beast killer 👊🏽 Like mike
Bdk2036 (27 days ago)
Curious as to which one of yall parents is the ginger
Green Pig (27 days ago)
Nikola mirotic
thatgiant (27 days ago)
Sound is pretty awful in the new space, I hope you guys do something about it
peter Andrade (27 days ago)
Ayy It's Jay (27 days ago)
Like Mike, I'm trying to see if anyone wants to help me aquire the green suede gatorade 6s. but if not the yeezy beluga 2.0 was my last purchase for 2017. although the grey calabasas are sitting in NY.
Ayy It's Jay (27 days ago)
Happy Holidays btw.
_Shooter (27 days ago)
This Video Was Sponserd By : Echo Unltd. (^^)
_Shooter (27 days ago)
damn they sent you those instead of the 6s! what did you guys do to piss of champs / Jordan brand lol
Raul Dingle (27 days ago)
OMG!!!!! I NEED that Bob Ross shirt!!!!!!!! That releasing soon!?!?!?!?
Dillan Krohn (27 days ago)
You guys will have to work on that echo for sure.
Lars Young (27 days ago)
This is actually my favorite Colorway in the Pack. I was about to Cop early on the SNKRS App. It was a great experience walking in to the 7/11 and getting these joints. 💯👊🏾
Jennifer Beach (27 days ago)
Like Mike
sparkes44 (27 days ago)
Wow echo
Josh Feola (27 days ago)
Like mike
WIKDPISAKIX (27 days ago)
NOT MY FAV. COLORWAY OF the Bunch,but they are DOPE I didn't know they dropped Tue.,I just New 13's I might have to return them not sure yet?HOPE YOU GUYZ HAVE A MERRY XMAS 🎅🎅🎅
Christopher Miller (27 days ago)
Like Mike
JC Zushi N.K (27 days ago)
Like mike
Gage lambeth (27 days ago)
Like mike
Al Guapo (27 days ago)
"like mike"
Gage lambeth (27 days ago)
I think the sneaker is dope but I don’t really see myself wearing them
BUGGN 413bK SAVAGE LYFE CUZ (27 days ago)
BUGGN 413bK SAVAGE LYFE CUZ (27 days ago)
brian12ish (27 days ago)
Just snagged the Stash Spiridons for under retail, but my last purchase of the year might be the green suede Gatorade Jordan 6, if I can get my hands on them.
Mister T (27 days ago)
I don't like outside YouTube, because otherwise I will loose more of my anonymity, period
William Cooks (27 days ago)
Cool to see you guys evolve over the years, keep up the good work
Juan Sosa (27 days ago)
Those retarded thumbnail faces foamy makes make me want to kick him in his face
Rod Steele (27 days ago)
Like Mike, and the Green Gatorade 6s will my last cop of the year💪💪🔥🔥
Chad Adams (27 days ago)
Like Mike
David Taylor (27 days ago)
Initially wasn't sure about the colour, but they look dope on feet.
Jerz2392410 (27 days ago)
Like mike
Oscar Silva (27 days ago)
Like Mike.
Alexander Perez (27 days ago)
"like mike"
Mauricio Agurcia (27 days ago)
Be like mike? Nah. Be like Foam!
Turd Ferguson (27 days ago)
Growing up in Brooklyn playing sponge ball and rough tackle football Gatorade orange was my lifeblood these will be copped
Kyle Claxton (27 days ago)
Like mike
DGMrpoetry (27 days ago)
Buckets face 😶 when Foams took mad long on his sip, lol.. priceless... “that was one hell of a sip. Lol
Lance Morrow (27 days ago)
freeze or frost are the Gatorade goats
The Sneaker Sergeant (27 days ago)
Video was hilarious!!! Love the studio!
T Jack (27 days ago)
That Bob Ross shirt is so dope!
James Hill (27 days ago)
Like Mike
Morgan Condon (27 days ago)
"Like mike"
Wally Callam (27 days ago)
Like Mike. That pack is dope
Toxic Hazmat (27 days ago)
Honestly these just aren't for me, and they still wouldn't be even if they were a lot cheaper. I can't wear them with anything and they're all too loud.
JR Hernandez (27 days ago)
Man!! What if they did a all red Fruit punch flavor!!! Technically they should have since they only had three flavors before 1988.
Eric Miyamoto (27 days ago)
Like mike
Cody Cumberland (27 days ago)
You guys should do an "On Feet" at the end, whenever you are reviewing sneakers. Just a suggestion. You guys are awesome.
Jonathan Schuessler (27 days ago)
Through out the video
Jonathan Schuessler (27 days ago)
Cody Cumberland they did
MR.NC-STAND-UP VLOGS (27 days ago)
Like Mike
Adam Brown (27 days ago)
Babertus Maximus (27 days ago)
My final pickups of the year would be 1 of the 4 of the pack and maybe the green 6s..."like mike"
Kevin Kuang (27 days ago)
like mike, cant wait to see what y'all brew up
jrwideman (27 days ago)
Like Mike
MORE 888 (27 days ago)
had no fucking clue what you guys were on about during the animal analogy :D
CJ Vazquez (27 days ago)
When ya dropping den bob ross t's
stephentherarabear (25 days ago)
I need one
CJ Vazquez (27 days ago)
AoMaRu_Kx (27 days ago)
Your project arrive on point for Xmas, congrats guys really, for the js1 "Like Mike " the colorway pops, i really dig it .. FiGaRoOooOoo...!!
Gia 28 (27 days ago)
Out of the four... this imo is 38🔥 Im gonna try to pick them up from snkr app