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What Is Going On With Trump's Hair? | The Daily Show

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A homeland security employee just admitted that an exceptionally small number of states were successfully penetrated by the Russians during the 2016 presidential elections. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: http://bit.ly/1gaKaZO Check out the Comedy Central UK website: http://bit.ly/1iBXF6j Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComedyCentralUK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comedycentraluk
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Text Comments (303)
Shades Eh! no one cares (1 day ago)
That's no ordinary hair, it's a chicken's bum during a tonado
TheGrandy123 (2 months ago)
They should use the 5 billions of the walls on informatics security
Spectre Gamers (2 months ago)
The back of Trumps head looks like when Darth Vader first removes his helmet.
Gloria Kirabo (3 months ago)
Trevor keeps teaching me about politics,this is edutainment!
Nicole Wulff (3 months ago)
Her IQ 😂😂😂
mbugua S (3 months ago)
Why do u take democracy to the world when even u for over 200 years with all the money in the world havent manage to tame democracy demon
atinis (4 months ago)
😂He can use hair clips like the 80's *LOVE IN TOKYO*
Zawn Kostean (4 months ago)
Does Noah have a GF or a wife?Or is he single...curious
anlizet combrink (4 months ago)
The New style of USA loool Tml
Julie W. (5 months ago)
They don't care because it helps them. So Americans, if you don't have a Blue Wave this election... You know why. In addition, it is easy to stop them. Don't use those machines. Go back to paper ballots. It's not rocket science.
Paradise Soon (7 months ago)
None of them know what there about 😂😂😂😂all gibberish to me
Daisy Mberwa (7 months ago)
Trevor Noah you are crazy!!!!!
stratosfearless (8 months ago)
Trevor, why don't you talk about this one: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/07/08/health/world-health-breastfeeding-ecuador-trump.html
Thick SunRoof (8 months ago)
Faaaaake newwwwws😂
Japie Mosiea (9 months ago)
It's like an alien when a thing does that thing.
Joe Sydow (9 months ago)
trump is America and America is trump
monita magnatic (11 months ago)
I'm sorry I just can't get over those dimples 😍😍😍
worldlyviewer (11 months ago)
hacking the elections ? proof? or just accusations as per usual? funny how you guys always accuse everyone of what you have been doing for years all over the planet.
Aleksi T. (11 months ago)
Did you even watch the video? The allies of people with close ties to Russia admitted it. It makes them look bad obviously, but they told the truth about a bad situation.
Sulim Chew (11 months ago)
Do u hv other topic beside trump hair ??cant wait how u will look at his age ??beg u will look worst if u keep criticism people! Kamer !
Nishant Patar (11 months ago)
I love that hair 😂😂😂...
Lee Cortez (11 months ago)
Trump hairs is disgusting didn't know it was like that.. ..
Johan Phillips Vlogs (1 year ago)
Isn't that clip edited?
H (1 year ago)
Americans blame everything to some other countries all the time. It's funny that they didn't bomb Russia like all other countries they did. Oh, wait, they got even stronger nukes than the US lol
Khetam Alfaraj (1 year ago)
Invite Gloria Allred as a guest to the show!😍😍😍
TheFourthWinchester (1 year ago)
If they could hack one site, then would have hacked all voter sites and the election commission or something would have been all over it. This is more bs. No wonder trump is right in calling most of u as fake news and I hate this trump guy.
Langdon (1 year ago)
The whole current US administration may as well be called the Russian Administration.
William H. Baird (1 year ago)
Tillerson is a fool~
Hervé Diedie (1 year ago)
Hair force One
Karla Crous (1 year ago)
"I was elected to lead, not to read" - Simpsons Movie
Hamberder King (1 year ago)
It's very easy to keep the Russians out. Stop using computers that are connected to the internet.
to know (1 year ago)
Valerie Paulsen (1 year ago)
When I see that picture of (and I AM borrowing this) shitler's head, I do feel as though I am 11 and seeing my first Hustler mag.
Eric C (1 year ago)
Interesting first part. Americans complain about Russians hacking their elections while America is illegally in Syria arming a rebel force and forcefully trying to take down the internationally recognized Government of Syria. Oooookkkkkkkay.....ummm.... hippocracy seems to weak a word.
Black Knight Fool (1 year ago)
Trump has many issues but having an unstable ego probably not one of them. This sounds more like projection. Most of the left is literally mentally unstable
Zac (1 year ago)
you capitalist swine, I'll crush you!
TheNextTurn (1 year ago)
Except when you look at internet media ... this Hack was a spider web gathering publicly accessible info. Russia is the new scare to keep military spending high since Islamic countries have stopped bombing places no matter how many times the US bombs them. Dont fall for it left .... its a ll a show. And this media company that runs comedy central is doing the bidding of US corporations.
Mwamba Kandimba (1 year ago)
This russian hack hoax is getting more and more ridiculous! If Russians hacked the USA elections in favor of Trump, then all his administration, including Tillerson must be dismissed or invalidated! What is the justice department waiting for? When will the evidence be presented? In 9 years? Zionists who rule USA know how to fool the American people! Trump was the foremost choice of the zionists ruling elite in USA and around the globe! He is doing the most important things they expect him to do, such as the recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of the Khazar Empire, commonly known as Israel!
Straight Path (1 year ago)
What’s wrong with Russia interfering in US elections. Remember people what goes round comes round too. US has been interfering in elections in different countries around the world too. Clear cut
Andrea Cane (1 year ago)
I'm watching late shows after they aired, I don't live in the U.S. So i don't know which air first but a lot of times i find that Colbert and Noah has veeeeeeeeery similar jokes. NOt saying plagiarism, more paraphrasing. Is it just me right?
Brian Marrian (1 year ago)
Henry M (1 year ago)
you are an idiot. as an outsider u should stick to comedy and not politics
Padma priya (1 year ago)
Noah... You are just awesome :) keep up the good work man....
trimer (1 year ago)
Trump and is a walking lie, and a living fraud. A big deception just like the fake christian evangelicals and the fake patriots whites supremasist.
fugooglestupid (1 year ago)
Next, will the daily show and other supposedly 'good guy' medias start exposing the US meddling in elections around the world since they consider this act so outrageous? One can only wonder.
Preview43 (1 year ago)
If you've been wondering if there's anything under the hood... the answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind. The answer is blowin' in the wind.
Dennis Menace (1 year ago)
what hair?
Sophistique (1 year ago)
A heartfelt welcome to our Carnival 2018...wish I could have met you as I am such a big TN fan.Be safe and have a blast!Come again next year.
Best Qoqok (1 year ago)
The first come...
Backup Boulanger (1 year ago)
All his men are wife-beaters?
Huskylover123 (1 year ago)
yellow belly wife beaters that's what trump means when he says he's going to have the best people maybe he meant the best dirtbags
Jedd the Jedi (1 year ago)
It looks like the Phantom of the Opera during Final Lair.
Darryl de Swart (1 year ago)
ahh the retards are very entertained by you hair jokes
Gold K (1 year ago)
While Murica is distracted by this nonsense, N. Korea and S. Korea are now meeting and getting along with each other. That's what happens when Murica is left out of the picture.
Dexter Wilkinson (1 year ago)
Discovery candidate apple mood although Congress ownership famous scared excellent hardware.
shi tan (1 year ago)
Tillerson response is shocking and it was like he has given up America.
7/11 Was A Part-Time Job (1 year ago)
This is truly pathetic. Liberals are such losers.
Amber Stone (1 year ago)
Use some UHU
Elisabeth Arana (1 year ago)
Here's the prove! His not a human being he is a monster. Note: To fight a Monster you have to think like one. I wonder if the Third World War is coming because of him, and if possibly he has  already done the war profits calculations. Huge business, big numbers (Mexican wall is a poor little tinny thing... If we compare).
ChuckaNewt (1 year ago)
It was a scheduled hair flip so trump walks away with no one acknowledging the thing the FBI was PAYING attention to for the last ... omg it doesn't even matter he's getting away with it either way.
Nãdâ Głåmbęrt (1 year ago)
Andrew Simone (1 year ago)
Soros voting machine clearly voted Killary over trump even if you voted Republican. PS. Assets Frozen = no more antifa and BLM.
1mezion (1 year ago)
What's going on with Trump hair? the answer is blowing in the wind.
Sambhranta Gupta (7 months ago)
Oh boi,you are a poet man!!!!
Maja Stenstam (1 year ago)
I applaud you.
sin bad (1 year ago)
If Russia did intervene you yanks should thank them Hillary was ready to go to war is that what u all wanted?
Audrey Dunham (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1RR8-MyB3k MUST PASS ON. \
barnaby campbell (1 year ago)
you're all hypocritical and you dug your feet in so hard so early that now you're just left with rude jokes to make yourself feel better and help forget the facts, he's doing an amazing job FOR YOU
Yo Yo (9 months ago)
barnaby campbell Thats the stupidest thing i've read today😂😂
barnaby campbell (1 year ago)
what's going on with Trevor Noahs voice? and his hair? and his mum? and his mum and dads hair? and their voices and his face?? and what about the amount of times he moved before he found a team of writers that write everything for him otherwise he would be getting 1/2 panel shows a year.... you're sad
Karen Nichols (1 year ago)
barnaby campbell o
Zephnia Mukwa (1 year ago)
It is a perfect STORM, Trevor
Denise Numby (1 year ago)
This is fake news 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ned Thumberland (1 year ago)
"This is something they're going to do....very difficult to" do anything preemptive? REALLY? This spirit of defeatism is what Trump's cabinet of "best people" can bring to this country? I think America is really becoming GREAT again. Don't you think?
TheFunktipus1 (1 year ago)
Dear comedy central. How about showing comedy programmes that are funny rather than political propaganda masquerading as comedy.
Mary Hunter (1 year ago)
What exactly is the propaganda message you heard in this clip?
TheFunktipus1 (1 year ago)
Trevor Noah is an unfunny tool. Making fun of his hair? Again? Hmmmm that will show them. Idiots The lot of you. Low IQ comment section as per usual. Fuckheads. Each and every one of you. Dislike
catrionaakacat (1 year ago)
Kevin is a good actor and has been in many great rolls ... Come on 🙂
Lumby1 (1 year ago)
Looks like he got run over by a combine or a lawnmower while face down in a rut.
Merkaba Carpet (1 year ago)
You propagandists are pathetic. Just totally brainwashed - Ideological subversion zombies... You don't know what ideological subversion means... do you? Ya exactly!
69LOLIN (1 year ago)
Trump could wear a hat, or a cap or a band around his head....whatever....but THAT , can't be seen ever again. For Gods sake! 😨😨😨
Lamont Coleman (1 year ago)
I feel like it’s too cheap and easy to go at Trump for his appearance, of all his flaws trying to expose him for having a birds nest is weak man
MatchstalkMan (1 year ago)
Trump has a permanent wave in his hair, it’s permanently waving goodbye to his head!
rockie0708 (1 year ago)
Trump is great.
Undrave (1 year ago)
Nothing to do?! How about going back to analog voting? Can't hack a box of paper from Russia!
Undrave (11 months ago)
How do you think paper voting works? You don't just bring your own paper, you get a specific one at the polling station, signed by the polling station staff.
OsisiZZ (11 months ago)
Yeah, instead you can just put MULTIPLE BITS OF PAPER IN
Cem Dogan (1 year ago)
Undrave thats not the definition of analog, analog doesnt mean non-digital it means frequency based
SueLyn Cheang (1 year ago)
Rex is probably the only honest politician left...
Carl Bayly (1 year ago)
Crazy that the comments are about his hair and not the election hacking!!!!
Joe Goulart (1 year ago)
What a native Pawnee, Sioux and Cheyenne said when they saw Trump? "Fake scalp"!
Johan MB (1 year ago)
And people wonder why the UK still uses the old pencil and paper, put cross in box fold paper and put in ballot box
Rtee Tfghhv (2 months ago)
Johan MB who told u this 😞😞😞😞
Barry Magrill (1 year ago)
clearly Porter's job is to turn the channel on the TV. That's all.
Karrie pink (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but Kelly has always seems off to me wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him
Ciara Clarke (1 year ago)
Fake hair news
Paul G (1 year ago)
The cold war ended decades ago... the world needs peace, and no meddling from the industrial complex looking for new conflicts
James Ward (1 year ago)
Paul G till the racism stop ...not ending yet
H Egeh (1 year ago)
Dear leader is losing wat is left of his hair. Anyone with a full set of hair is now a traitor.
Ste H (1 year ago)
So that Trump, which of the Hair-Bare-Bunch was he? Oh, it was the Hair-Bear-Bunch, sorry about that.
John Ransom (1 year ago)
Why not keep a paper list?
Zephnia Mukwa (1 year ago)
TRUMP’S HAIR is falling out VERY QUICKLY , you will soon SEE HIM the way HE really IS.
steven haring (1 year ago)
I love you Trevor Noah but i dont love Trumps Hair he look like darth vader man
muuri psoras (1 year ago)
Why is Trump the president of USA with his insecurity issuies?? Shouldnt americans have their president to be go through mental exams b4 coz they are taking up some seriouse jobs to take up??
adam jacobs (1 year ago)
Priest fluid genius weakness stage trigger condition senator attorney reach orange lens.
Bob Bulsara (1 year ago)
Gregory Anderson (1 year ago)
Allegations mean innocent until proven guilty. How can they "take action" at that point?
Esther Bermúdez (1 year ago)
All of you are a bunch of warmongers sellouts!
Christian O. Holz (1 year ago)
No wonder that Melania always looks so serious. She probably is forced to touch that thing of a scalp called Trump's hair in some sort of weird daily ritual
Dead Inside (1 year ago)
Didn't Melisa Ethridge once make a song called "I wanna comb over"? Good grief America, go back to pencil and paper voting sheeesh. Either that or hire some anti hacker hackers to secure your online voting. For crying out loud, even double agent forty fives hair is so embarrassed, that it's actually trying to escape from his head. The bald eagle is so embarrassed it only wishes it had the choice to have its face removed from American currency. The statue of liberty is so embarrassed, she's always contemplating jumping off into the ocean and swimming back to France. Most of America is so embarrassed that a dictator government outsmarted their own from within and hijacked it. When are you guys going to do anything about this? Will it be too late when you finally do? Your own government laws are not helping you to absolve what's happening because those in power of your laws now, are the ones condoning this nonsense and allowing it to carry on and get worse as time keeps ticking by. Ever heard the saying "Too little done, too late"? That's what you're allowing to happen. If it keeps up, you're likely going to have to pick up a couple other languages and have all your rights and your way of living taken from you.
Sterling Pound (1 year ago)
I'm baffled by the way this story of Trump's hair has taken off (ha ha!) as images of it in all kinds of wayward and embarrassing states have been available on Google for many months.