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Bad Day at Work Compilation 2018 - Heavy Equipment FAILS

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Text Comments (146)
You Tube (1 day ago)
12:15. Omfg ... that was the worst
You Tube (1 day ago)
9:20. What a fuking mess ....
Bear Bones Productions (4 days ago)
@1:11 -- "RIP", wtf?
DarKx Slay3Rx (4 days ago)
What's with the severely overfilled trucks lol, like how stupid can you be
Hugo van Gogh (11 days ago)
Laughs like a stupids idiots
John Worley (18 days ago)
Note to self don't hire Mexicans and Russians for a serious job. Lol
John Worley (18 days ago)
Its always Mexicans and Russians what the heck ! Idiots. No engineers will come out of them. Lol
Spam Mouse (19 days ago)
The people that failed to study at school etc end up working with heavy machinery and have to learn about levers and gravity at the expense of increased insurance premiums.
D Hoffman (19 days ago)
7:55 The guy lost control of his riding lawnmower. LMAO!!!
Jon Keil (19 days ago)
All I seen was a bunch of third world trash
Ken Clouseau (20 days ago)
It seems that some are completely unaware of how physical forces affect objects. Some people seem to be on the verge of madness. Whatever, it is sad too see people when they or their material become damaged.
jim h (20 days ago)
Just a whole lot of unqualified dumb asses
ohla300 (23 days ago)
This goes to show good worker is hard to come by. Some of them are so lazy and don't know how to properly use their tools. Smh lol
Entertainment Trendz (25 days ago)
Oh shit.. Should have handled well..
hic at nunc (27 days ago)
Mostly stupid people
Steve Franklin (28 days ago)
I don't even know how many times I said O MY GOD!
tundratomo (1 month ago)
ho lee fuc at 3 40
fcz (1 month ago)
9:20 ne mogu da verujem majku ti jebem u pićku hahahahahaha
Dave C (1 month ago)
6.53 mark. WTF did they think it was a float parade.
shawn allen (1 month ago)
It's so funny. Giving people third word people million dollar equipment. Some of these people just learned how to use fire.
AllAroundBang (1 month ago)
9:12 "Do Not Stack"
Камал Сулейманов (1 month ago)
С чего некоторые смеются , с чужих бед??? Не понимаю....
MrYfrank14 (1 month ago)
last one. the company that made that section knows what it weighs. the company that made the crane knows what how much weight it can lift. you might want to ask how much it weighs next time, and ask what the crane can lift. physics is a bitch when you overload a crane.
MrYfrank14 (1 month ago)
3:07 - they make protective caps for the valves. they screw on. you might want to buy a few.
Michael Teeple (1 month ago)
If you are driving interstate speeds and cant tell that your PTO is engaged you have no business on the road with any vehicle. Brain dead fucks. I drive around them every day. Should be put in jail cause taking out an overpass isnt an accident.
Terrance Adrian (2 months ago)
Some peoples stupidity knows no bounds.
Na powaznie (2 months ago)
0:29 Kurwa
Navruz Ashurov (2 months ago)
Нахуя таким долбаёбом дают прав.
ion rusti (2 months ago)
Cata prostie nam vazut asa ceva
TexanerinLondon (2 months ago)
Heavy equipment + sh*thole = happy time for accident lawyers.
Suliman M F (3 months ago)
8:11 *007* 😅😅😅
Jack Cade (3 months ago)
3:20 is special and so is 11:24.
DownsviewD (3 months ago)
3:45 how do you clean this up?!?
Chris Bishop (3 months ago)
2:15 that'll buff out kid! That "operator" is as uselful as a sack of meatloaf! Why not move the damn bucket and prevent the fall?
MC Vitus (3 months ago)
world championship of the best destroyers or what? And the winner is poolmaster splash, very elegant
William Jang (3 months ago)
So funny
Jonathan Ireland (3 months ago)
7:20 Great filming skills you got there
6r4metroman (3 months ago)
This had lots of clips from the previous videos. :-(
6r4metroman (3 months ago)
As for the aerosols that are laughing, go find a new job... DICKS
Stormy (3 months ago)
3:24 That was painful
Scania v8 woud (3 months ago)
Stormy Luckely no one died
F**ck Up (3 months ago)
Really hv a bad day. ...
Arc Knight (3 months ago)
3:30 You can still hear that annoying lady screaming from the other video of the same event at another perspective.
Damian Morgan (3 months ago)
That last one was a bloody expensive fail!!! Still, iron can be replaced, lives cant.
john Barry (3 months ago)
You can't fight simple physics....measure twice, cut once.
ddoyle11 (3 months ago)
Load charts, fellas. Use them!
ZildjianGuy Man (3 months ago)
Notice how none of those major events are in US? It's called engineering and proper calculations.
Scrotum Monster (3 months ago)
7:29 - 7:38 is a prime example: I despisewhen a big pallet of heavy freight is being delivered from a truck or trailer (which is 4-5 feet up in the air from ground level). The pallet is usually 4'x4' and the power liftgate is only a max of 5 ft long. Hmmmm, let's see how this can pan out. The driver tries to push the pallet of freight onto the liftgate with their little pallet jack and it almost ALWAYS rolls off. I do this daily (as a driver) and it is dangerous. I think it should be the LAW that every business that receives shipments on a pallet NEEDS either a forklift or a facility that has a dock for receiver this type of freight. The driver should not be responsible for uneven ground, potentially hurting themselves or damaging the freight because of an inadequate receiving facility. Makes me mad to see some of these videos.
FREE STYLE (3 months ago)
1'12" I like the truck, the handbrake is not tight, once straightened, he goes away alone and the two cranes are reversed, he wrote on the truck RIP "rest in peace" !!
Lyle Waller (3 months ago)
No wonder there's so much hatred for "White Privilege"©®.
Bruce Banner (3 months ago)
This is internet gold. I had no idea Russians were as dumb as niggers or the camel-fuckers at 11:00
Bruce Banner (3 months ago)
0:20 - Russians cannot even get cars onto transports, yet we are supposed to believe they rule US elections? What a laugh!
PHILMKD1995 (3 months ago)
There is a major difference between, work safety, logistics, technology, economy and politics, they completely opposite things, just don't try to make a biased nonfactual statements while you mix those things up, cos they do not add up being valid in conclusion. And no, i do not believe the lies that the western media is trying conjure up and force in our heads, i don't think that the Russian Federation Government or the president had anything to do with the supposed rigged or tampered elections, instead of trying to raise tensions between the US and Russia to the point where it'll lead to a WWIII, i most would certainly investigate not only the government, politician and the agencies who claim these very early and unproven false flag accusations towards a nation with little or no hard evidence, the multi-national corporations and companies that are constantly lobbying bills and reforms that undermine the very foundations of the constitution and democracy itself of said government, they are biggest threat towards democracy, not nations like Russia, China or North Korea, it's those who have connections in the congress are the one's who should exposed to the public and brought to trial for internal corruption, before the escalation between the two nations becomes irreversible and which will possibly lead to all out war. Like what happened to Iraq in the Gulf War, they BS lied to the world about Saddam Hussein and his army having an arsenal of WMD's at his disposal, even though there was no hard evidence nor the Intel to back this false claim to convince the public, it's allies and the UN, but despite the military and political experts saying that this is a very ill advised approach and they should not intervene the US government and it's allies still went on the operation, overthrew the Iraqi government and leadership, killed the dictator and left the nation in such a vulnerable state, that post-war Iraq could not cope with the aftermath of the war and spawned a Islamic caliphate what we know today as ISIS that has the majority of Syria and Iraq.
Scott Carriere (3 months ago)
9:44 I wish that fucking bridge would have fell on those IGNORANT fuckers; that even when they see it's going to crash. They still keep their foot on the gas. They ended up right next to him. I wish the bridge would have fallen onto their head.
CLEnforcer (3 months ago)
0:35 most stupid idiot i ever have seen. The world would be a better place without him.
Shut up and take my likes! (3 months ago)
In the last clip, was that guy drinking on the job? If so, I can see why the crane tipped over. Poor exercise in judgement. Then again, I don't know if he was the crane operator.
Walking Zed's Push Bike (3 months ago)
Shut up and take my likes! You are so right there. 😉
Shut up and take my likes! (3 months ago)
Walking Zed's Push Bike That's a fair point. With the camera being so far away, we can't quite see what exactly the guy is drinking. I was just pointing out how alcohol tends to seriously impair one's judgement.
Walking Zed's Push Bike (3 months ago)
He could have been drinking but they are allowed to drink water and things like that to keep themselves hydrated. He was not the operator, you can see the tracks of the crane moving as he is standing and walking away.
Phoebe Shadows (3 months ago)
you had one job
Andreo Milano (3 months ago)
Бля нахуя смотреть как самосвал с открытым кузовом въебеться в мост или что-то ещё? Нет блять, надо достать камеру и снимать что будет, вместо того, чтоб предупредить водителя об этом.
Sight Beyond Sight (3 months ago)
It's like a train wreck. You don't want to watch, but you cannot look away. These were some expensive mistakes...
MADBADBRAD (16 days ago)
Sight Beyond Sight especially that last one... man I don't even want to imagine me doing something like that.
Android Man (3 months ago)
That last one shouting "NO!" was the owner of the crane?
indahooddererste (3 months ago)
i think he lost his job that day
Kevill (3 months ago)
That last one hurt. Hopefully everyone was at least mostly in tact.
Brian Seas (3 months ago)
12:20 - even with hard hats, still, too busy picking their noses to comprehend the load is way too heavy for the crane.
Brian Seas (3 months ago)
You could rename this, Stupid Human Tricks. Literally, millions of dollars down the drain.
Junior Punk (3 months ago)
That make sick!!
Brian Seas (3 months ago)
5:32 - one dead crane operator
Lilla-My Smith (3 months ago)
Brian Seas he didn't get out!?😨
Brian Seas (3 months ago)
This is what happens when you hire workers NOT trained to USA Licensed & Insured standards. Inexperience, hiring illegals, substandard training, ... Insurance Adjusters won't allow payment unless they insane and/or paid off.
Brent W (3 months ago)
8:57 OOPPPPPPAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mahesh Odedra (3 months ago)
Wow it's funny
Tina Kraan (3 months ago)
And everyone of them a genius. *Ahem*
Mervyn McCaughey (3 months ago)
Repeats 😫😟
DoctorBohr (3 months ago)
5:00 big flashing lights saying "low clearance", but the driver's like "she'll be right if I go really slow."
pholtos (3 months ago)
0:35 Argh that guys legs. Ow. Ow.
adam ben (3 months ago)
do some math motherfuckers
Swift Gearheart (3 months ago)
Why do dump truck drivers insist on going down the highway with their dumpers up?! Also, why the heck do these people in other countries greatly exceed the maximum capacity of their cranes and trucks? Dear God... do they rip the warning labels off everything?
Swift Gearheart (3 months ago)
Yeah, you'd think. lol Thanks for the info. :)
Masta Blastya (3 months ago)
Swift Gearheart To answer your question about the dump trucks. There's a series of switches inside the cabin and sometimes most are unlabeled or not correctly labled. When a driver has to use a truck he's not used to, he may mistakenly or accidentally hit the wrong toggle switch. Also older trucks are not maintenanced like they should be which results in electrical malfunctions. But you would think that any self aware driver would notice if the back was up. 🤔
T Zinot (3 months ago)
That last one was a huge loss
Aristeo Juarez III (3 months ago)
I like repost because it reminds me that it’s been posted already.
Steve Franklin (28 days ago)
Aristeo Juarez III huh?
Get Schwifty (3 months ago)
That last one was a big mother fooking crane!
Night Falls (3 months ago)
no cranes were harmed in the making of this video :s
Steph MacCormick (3 months ago)
Hard hats optional.
Steph MacCormick (3 months ago)
3:21 Dutch people think that everything can be prefabricated and shipped. Nope.
Steph MacCormick (3 months ago)
No grasp of elementary physics. Like gravity and inertia.
You Tube (1 day ago)
Gravity is fake .. !!
DoctorBohr (3 months ago)
better to crunch numbers than to crunch stuff onsite
poopiebears (3 months ago)
1:10 R.I.P.
Bacek 108 (3 months ago)
Там где просчёты ещё можно понять, например как те два Голландских крана на барже, дело на воде и не учли, что она вода подвержена смещению в открытом пространстве. Но дебилов, которые грузят в три высоты, или забывают опустить кузов понять нельзя.
SophieSophs (3 months ago)
What did I just see at 6:54 😂
Angela s. (7 days ago)
MrYfrank14 (1 month ago)
i would guess there is a scooter or bicycle under all of those boxes.
SophieSophs (3 months ago)
Just some small miscalculations that’s all 🧐
Walter Tomaszewski (1 month ago)
The proverbial, 'That'll buff right out'.
PHILMKD1995 (3 months ago)
That's one small error for man, one giant setback for mankind...
DoctorBohr (3 months ago)
......and some big repair bills :D
lxs242 (3 months ago)
6:59 Could someone please take her camera away and smack her on the head with it?
Michael Frenick (3 months ago)
joe Schlotthauer (3 months ago)
They all must like cleaning up the mess.
юрий леонов (3 months ago)
старье бля
Stefan (3 months ago)
Damn the last one was fucked up
rolf sinkgraven (3 months ago)
Nice video.
Mish ka (3 months ago)
В 3ем вообще идиоты конкретные, нашинковали бы его плиты
Wolf Ram (3 months ago)
Old crapp in new wrapping...dah
Lance Volkenant (3 months ago)
Already saw this exact complilation of work vehicle accident vids just a few days ago, on another channel.
IICLUII (3 months ago)
Crane failures always scare the shit out of me. I worked in an oil refinery a long time ago and we had a guy get crushed by one of the gigantic counter weights from a crane like what was in the last clip of the video. It was pretty messed up to say the least.
IICLUII (3 months ago)
Michael Frenick You too bud.
IICLUII (3 months ago)
VetteMaro86 Damn.
Michael Frenick (3 months ago)
Very Sad that happen I did work in the mines in the early 70's I have seen what can happen. I Was in sales all my life seen a lot of strange things that happen On the road. Have a very nice day and good luck to you.
VetteMaro86 (3 months ago)
IICLUII oh ok. That sucks, happened in Oman a few years ago, terrible. The guy was pulverized
IICLUII (3 months ago)
VetteMaro86 No, it was in Port Arthur, TX. Back in 2011.
You Make Me Laugh (3 months ago)
Laugh cleaning that shit up.🤣😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
UNdashcamNRW (3 months ago)
*_E like Expensive_* ... ^^ LIKE #123 😎
David Gulliver (3 months ago)
*E is for Expensive* *F is for Fuck-up* Bad Day at Work Compilation 2018 - Heavy Expensive Fuck-ups
Michael Vechnak (3 months ago)
Stupid people are funny, as long as you can watch them from a safe distance!
jack shit (3 months ago)
if you look thru the forklift just above the driver seat at 8:40, it kinda looks like the pallets just beyond... are smiling, like they know what's coming. "keep the faith people, and keep on keeping on"
Michael Vechnak (3 months ago)
I'm glad most of these dumbasses don't live here!
Danny Meijer (3 months ago)
Clip on 3:21 happend in The netherlands...a Bridge collaps on buildings no injury's
SmokeDogNY420 (3 months ago)