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clear Buckhaven Fife

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Music by Lost shores I permission to use there music in this video CLEAR Buckhaven is a local community group, formed in 2007 by local residents. It stands for Community-Led Environmental Action for Regeneration. Our aims are to: a) improve the local environment in Buckhaven and Levenmouth b) build civic pride and engagement by local residents We carry out a range of activities, more info at http://www.clearfife.org.uk/
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Text Comments (2)
rolf sinkgraven (2 years ago)
Nice music and video, we dont have a community garden here just private ones but it looks great, well done.
URBAN harvey exploration (2 years ago)
Thank you for comment. I have more short videos from this place to go up soon and I still have a ton of videos I shot some time ago I just never got back to editing them due to lack of get up and go and not being my self. I hope to get back out to explore some time soon. take care.