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Virgin Galactic may (finally) make space tourism reality

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CNN's Rachel Crane gets an exclusive look inside Virgin Galactic as the team attempts to become the first private company to send an astronaut to space.
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Nuraiya Diya (16 days ago)
Regular people? Your middle-aged neighbours ain’t getting millions of dollars to go to space anytime soon...
Daren Schmaus (18 days ago)
Why is it every time a big Corporation like NASA and others go into so called space. We see earth differently every time! Some the earth is spinning. Some times its stopped. Some times it slows down and then speeds up. Then theres the color! Colors are change, are different every time. If they all hafto be doing 27000 mph to stay in orbit. You would think nothing would change. Why is that? Maybe it's something to do with the gopro they us? Did not no gopros are made for outer space and the water proof case don't implode is beyond me!
margus kiis (20 days ago)
SpaceShipOne did it already 2004, hit altitude 100 km. So?
8Keal0akai8 (28 days ago)
F*#k CNN
shlubydub (30 days ago)
Everybody says that anyone can see the curvature of the earth for themselves from a commercial plane flying @ 35,000 ft.  Why does the horizon look flat @0:17; if the craft is 50+ miles up!?
shlubydub (30 days ago)
when they see how flat the horizon really is; it blows their minds....more people need to comprehend what that really means...It's also interesting that much of the world is now rising up against Globalism...POTUS outright rejected Globalism...the global projection of earth is failing thanks to #GlobeDeniers!
50,000 Subs with crappy vidoes? (1 month ago)
Ron Davin Divina (1 month ago)
Not Virgin anymore
Ron Davin Divina (1 month ago)
Not Virgin anymore
David (1 month ago)
Maybe the flat-earthers will see that the world is actually round .
Kimmy Kat (1 month ago)
this is a recurring thing every.3-4 years. what's up with that!
Alex Proto (1 month ago)
I was born when it was already developed year 1985. Not on fossil fuels
Kirti Chabra (1 month ago)
What's the use as only the rich could afford it😔😔😔
Fred Cink (1 month ago)
Only the rich could afford eyeglasses when they were first invented... only the rich could afford running water when it was first developed... only the rich could afford air conditioning when it was first invented... only the rich could afford air travel when it was first offered... only the rich could afford cruise ship vacations when they were first offered... only the rich could afford automobiles when they were first invented... only the rich could afford TVs when they were first invented... only the rich could afford computers when they were first invented... you IDIOT.
Dwaipayan Datta Roy (1 month ago)
Pacx xD (1 month ago)
Someone need to send B.o.b
Himmat Pahal (1 month ago)
Rip flat eartherez
Fred Cink (1 month ago)
Those shamefully uneducated, abysmally ignorant, LAUGHABLY STUPID and hopelessly delusional morons would still believe their demented delusions if you hauled their mentally defective asses to orbit or even the moon.
Nadim Farag (1 month ago)
I am dying at the astronaut voice 😂
lang1031 (1 month ago)
Hope it happens if anything just to shut up the stupid flat earth believers.
Fred Cink (1 month ago)
Those shamefully uneducated, abysmally ignorant, LAUGHABLY STUPID and hopelessly delusional morons would still believe their demented delusions if you hauled their mentally defective asses to orbit or even the moon.
Jonathan Hankins (1 month ago)
Who even cares at this point? They are still working on the same POS spacecraft they had 12 years ago. They should just donate their assets to SpaceX or Blue Origin.
Tech Giveaway (1 month ago)
When I'm in water it's becomes space for me.
Jeffrey Williams (1 month ago)
Selfies from space & Space Vloggers, even more useless content coming your way soon.
Donny tello (1 month ago)
At least they have a Virgin
Pan Wrebski (1 month ago)
Still suborbital, not even the low earth orbit. Same news as six years ago. No, thank you.
Christoffer er meg (1 month ago)
Fake. The earth is flat. 😂
Saturn's Block (1 month ago)
This makes me so Fu**ing depressed.. I have wanted to be one of the 500+ people to go to space... But Virgin Galactic broke my dream F**K
Erman D'Alesandro (1 month ago)
All the Flatties having panic attacks watching the video!
shon evans (1 month ago)
This space stuff is taking way to long . Can't afford it anyway im waiting for the economy seats I'll be freaking old and grey by then . Maybe if i offer to wash it down after flight I can cut a deal 🤔
DRAMA L!VE (1 month ago)
Elon Musk needs to team up with Charles at virgin and bring virgin space together with SpaceX. They can call it,........ VIRGIN SPACE SEX
Swag Android (1 month ago)
Flat earthers are quiet...
Ho SC (1 month ago)
They are one of first clients because they need to prove to us that Earth is flat.
Nhlonipho Ngcobo (1 month ago)
When you have too much "X" you don't know what to do with it. ?
Totally Me (1 month ago)
BTEC Space Travel
Display Name (1 month ago)
The first private company to blow up an astronaut to smithereens in space.
Adam D (1 month ago)
Something people don’t get is that’s not space, it’s just the upper atmosphere. SpaceX will likely be the first to do real space tourism around the moon
Fred Cink (1 month ago)
Seven different tourists from all over the earth have already visited the Space Station... one guy even went TWICE.
row hew (1 month ago)
What scares me is the fact that people think they can ditch the planet and all the problems on it as heavyily implied by one of the people interveiwed he says, "all our problems as a species are on earth" I think is an awful mindset to have.
Jusu (1 month ago)
Flatearther tards now go and buy 1 ticket
Okvideos (1 month ago)
Rip flat earthers
Raging Ryan (1 month ago)
This goes out to all flat earthers! Buy one of these tickets!!!!!!
william D Ayers (1 month ago)
Im sure it cost s pretty penny
Spino2Earth (1 month ago)
krisTbolt (1 month ago)
time to teach those "flat earthers" a lesson
guyxangel68 (1 month ago)
When you get behind the wheel of the “vehicle” smh it’s a aircraft!!
sin cara (1 month ago)
I hv seen that lady on pornhub..😵
Jason Chow (1 month ago)
virgin galactic logo is an all seeing eye. illuminati confirmed
Joe Matthews (1 month ago)
First flight by Christmas? Really?? I bet my left nut that won't happen.
Lewis C (29 days ago)
+David https://youtu.be/h8T9mVkGh3s
David (1 month ago)
He means before Christmas as in the coming years. Prolly like 2038
R Coyote (1 month ago)
+Joe Matthews I would not get on that thing even waging you nuts!😂
Joe Matthews (1 month ago)
+R Coyote has there being a proper flight?
R Coyote (1 month ago)
I think you lost a nut! Care to wage the next one?
Joe Matthews (1 month ago)
It's a shame that the tiny windows ruin the view.
imp3r1alx (1 month ago)
NICE~ maybe there will be some space on the top seat".... just so you know, our aircraft got so high-tech and safe these days cause of ............. on past flights~
AWSOMUS LATEST (1 month ago)
250 thousand for 9 minutes in space......
margus kiis (20 days ago)
not even in space
311kratos (1 month ago)
If i was rich enough I'll gladly pay that price.
Owen Harris (1 month ago)
BULL SHIT..CGI mean nothing.
Fred Cink (1 month ago)
Are you ever embarrassed about being SSOOO shamefully uneducated, abysmally ignorant, LAUGHABLY STUPID and hopelessly delusional? Ask mommy to change your diaper you pathetic MORON, you absolutely STINK of stupid.
Carle Gorck (1 month ago)
Mr. President (1 month ago)
It's like gintama series.
Christopher's old Electricals (1 month ago)
9 days and still no tourist??
sean and ryan channel (1 month ago)
I thought it crashed
Nicholas Ho (1 month ago)
Why not he just invest his money into SpaceX?
JaKKeL (1 month ago)
I'll stick with my oculus rift for now 🖐
Australian SkyWatch (1 month ago)
NASA are useless, once they've accomplish something why bother doing it again right?
Minoan Light (1 month ago)
Flat Earthers, book your flights! And do not make an excuse that it’s too expensive, I have seen several celebrities and rich individuals who are flat earthers. So, go on... see how ridiculous you have been all along.
Pacx xD (1 month ago)
Minoan Light nice dude
Blue Sky (1 month ago)
Well said.
TIlak Sevak (1 month ago)
Well well well, the idea was given by the one and only ELON MASK!!!
jackpotsearlytapes (1 month ago)
Overated highly expensive high altitude flights. Since 2004...😂
MarkEz DEZ (1 month ago)
What’s my phone plan doing up in space?
Carl G (1 month ago)
Cough, cough, bullshit, cough.
Blue Sky (1 month ago)
K o m o r e b i (1 month ago)
Break the virginity!
Omar Kiani Shafiq (1 month ago)
So much money so brandson doesn’t know what to do with it so he did this lol
Matisse Vlogs (1 month ago)
Oh no. The virgins are teaming up
Jack Booted Hug (1 month ago)
cool we need a other hindenburg or titanic disaster to weed out the obscenely rich
froilan anthony (1 month ago)
Virgin galactic Spacex Blue Origin
The Mysterious Guy (1 month ago)
This is new
dsgregg (1 month ago)
Regular people? I think she meant to say regular millionaires.
Blue Sky (1 month ago)
So 600 000 dollars is a million dollars now? Damn time runs fast.
Bullet-Catcher (1 month ago)
We go into space, because we do not want to sort out Earths problems
Bullet-Catcher (1 month ago)
Regular people in space - Hmm - don't think so.
FE Aruba (1 month ago)
Another money laundry mafia in the making.. are you americans going to stand up for these shitz or not?
Bert The Avenger (1 month ago)
Explain yourself as this has been airborne more than once and get used to seeing the curve 🤓
Sinjinbin 64 (1 month ago)
I wanna join the Space Force!👽
Chris Griffiths (1 month ago)
The Media will have to Keep up the monitoring of these types of Ventures. Mostly because Deaths are Inexcusable. However I like the Concept, Maybe Branson has to Partner with others so that More Money and Resources can be Put to the Task. Overall Well Done.
Yasser Masood (1 month ago)
Bert Rutan the American spade scientist developed this plane and won the privately funded mand race to the space. Richard Branson????
The VibeGod (1 month ago)
but a nigga smoke menthol :(
Flat Earth Debunker (1 month ago)
No flat earthers will go. The scam will be over then
Bert The Avenger (1 month ago)
Flat earthers will say they aren't allowed by Virgin 😂
DarkWarrior 2007 (1 month ago)
Before Christmas he said, ten days until then. May want to rethink that date Mr Branson.
DarkWarrior 2007 (1 month ago)
Oldinea Miller fair enough
Oldinea Miller (1 month ago)
He didn't mention which year.
Games TV (1 month ago)
Next week Mars?
Blue Sky (1 month ago)
No, in 2024 actually, that's confirmed.
citoxic (1 month ago)
can t wait for flat earthers to SEE A ROUND GLOBE HAHAHA
flopez425 (1 month ago)
It will reach the outer edges of our atmosphere for a few minutes where i can get the view from space and float around before coming back down it will not actually go onto orbit that would be way more expensive
Justin Mills (1 month ago)
Thing looks unstable as fuck every time I see it fly. It’s a million dollar view because it cost a million dollars to get up there.
Zyipitoe (1 month ago)
Only fortnite players allowed
RustyIron 7 (1 month ago)
Now THIS is awesome!!! People can finally go to space in a really cost effective way. That's it, Imma booking a flight on this thing sometime in the future.
Josh Williamson (1 month ago)
... you're one of several companies and billionaires looking to put "regular" people in space. Okaaay.
G-One Kadel (1 month ago)
What Happened To Flat Earth society? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
SdS (1 month ago)
Don't clap too loudly 50 miles up is not such a great feat when craft having supposedly travelled 250000 miles in the sixties Technology way way behind in 2018. Eg It's like in the sixties could walk from our back door to very far away to the antartica and now in 2018 only to the end of the porch. No technology has regressed except space travel.
FatalTC (1 month ago)
Virgin has been trying to do this shit for about 10 years , i bet space x can do it in half that time
Forsaken Pumpkin (1 month ago)
So basically the 1% want to quickly develop this technology in case the planet that they are destroying becomes uninhabitable...
D G (1 month ago)
Floating in space in incorrect. You are free falling
D G (1 month ago)
+Blue Sky not falling into the earth dipshit. You are traveling at such high speed you are always free falling. Fuck you for arguing with me fucking goof
D G (1 month ago)
+Blue Sky you are a fucking idiot. Let me guess the world is flat
Blue Sky (1 month ago)
You are not falling, google it.
abrar ali (1 month ago)
Since 15 years I am hearing this news .......from virgin group ....now how many more years ???
A v A (1 month ago)
The F35 has been going on for way longer and at a much greater cost....does that do anything that hasnt been done before? Nope. Atleast Virgin is trying something novel
Enzo Yuzuki (1 month ago)
centuries. Space is not a high tech for today. We are far far FAAAARRRRRRR away from that.
Milo Morrone (1 month ago)
The crash set them back
Gus Jackson (1 month ago)
They go up 51 miles. Not legally space. Mr Musk is further ahead.
mike Kalynowski (1 month ago)
Can't wait for them with pasengers see UFO'S FLY BY or follow along side, then we will finally get disclosure.
Whole Some (1 month ago)
I’ll only go up there is Rachel Crane goes with me and holds my hand.
Daren Schmaus (1 month ago)
Propaganda bullshit it's all so fake they can't even leave the Earth
mike Kalynowski (1 month ago)
+Daren Schmaus fuck you make me laugh. No use commenting, you can't be helped, it's just to late. Can't save them all.
Daren Schmaus (1 month ago)
+Hayden Case the only people are in on it is a hand full. That's it. The rest are doing there job and don't no any more than that! Buzz all ready admit he never has gone to the moon. Even he wants to no way! Gopro is all fisheye lenses. We never will go. Startrak all space storys NASA are one in the same! Fake Programming!
Hayden Case (1 month ago)
Well you got to understand that the clouds are moving it isn't because they don't look like they are moving, it because to our subjective perception earth from space it's look like it moving so slow or not moving at all, if it was fake, then it has to have a lots of people to keep it a hoax, I mean of people, you need to know that if you have such a large number of people that make it most likely hard to keeping something like the shape of the earth or space being fake a secret, because if you have a lots of people it would get out to the public very fast, let's face it, a large number of people aren't that good to keep such a secret.
Daren Schmaus (1 month ago)
+Hayden Case good you ask! Why would they put poison fluoride in your water? You need to start seeing the bull shit before you will believe the true. Here's a simple one. Tesla so called space car was orbiting the fake planet. The clouds never move or just change shape after orbiting 3 4 5 times! Haha! Startrak starwars NASA are one in the same! Fake stores made up. Programming that's all. Planes fly. But what goes up must come down. Research to see. Only you can open your on eyes. Good luck bro!
Hayden Case (1 month ago)
But how and why would anybody make up such a hoax for what reason exactly and what kind of benefit would they get out from such a lie anyway?.
fat thar (1 month ago)
Space trash taxes going to kill it
Чак Норис (1 month ago)
where is the space vacuum?
mike Kalynowski (1 month ago)
+Чак Норис 😂🤣😃😀🤣😂
Чак Норис (1 month ago)
+mike Kalynowski 💪
mike Kalynowski (1 month ago)
Well if you can't find the space vacuum. You can go to Walmart and buy another one. 😂🤣😄
Blue Sky (1 month ago)
Space vaccum? Space is basically a space with vaccum because there is no atmosphere to create anything else.
Incognitwo (1 month ago)
Flying coffin.
mike Kalynowski (1 month ago)
So a car is a rolling coffin. Duh
Triggered.jpg (1 month ago)
How does that make any sense?
Andy Holmes (1 month ago)
Best comment.
Kenneth Reynolds (1 month ago)
cgi that’s all it is....flying leaders into space? Who’s that then because they’re not leading me...I don’t need them for anything thanks.
Fred Cink (1 month ago)
Are you ever embarrassed about being SSOOO shamefully uneducated, abysmally ignorant, LAUGHABLY STUPID and hopelessly delusional? Ask mommy to change your diaper you pathetic MORON, you absolutely STINK of stupid.
Aymen Belkacemi (1 month ago)
Remember in 2012 when it was a dream how time flies
Unpredictable (1 month ago)
But my WiFi is still shit
Philip Burke (1 month ago)
Except its the upper atmosphere, not space
Rozza43 (30 days ago)
+Dan Ordel I have not heard of them wanting to go this high for tourism...from what i read, they are shooting for just over 100km.
Rozza43 (30 days ago)
We define space as beginning at 50 miles up....that is why they call it the "edge of space".
100 subs without A video (1 month ago)
iiiDartsiii a majority of the population would still consider that space.
AWSOMUS LATEST (1 month ago)
Get thecsame view with a balloon
WILLS (1 month ago)
Dan Ordel space begins at approx. 100km not 1100km... ISS orbits about 400km high?